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Interview Transcripts of CSE/IFoS 2022

Please post interview transcripts of UPSC CSE or IFoS 2022 here, so that all can access and get benefitted from them.

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Date and session of interview-16 feb , morning
Board- RN chaubey
Optional-hindi lit
College- vksu
Profession (if any)-
Hobbies- bhojpuri folk songs
Your experience in interview-it was very calm and co-operative, they were very humble and simple, No major ques from daf
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)-confidence ke liye thik hai
1- introduce yourself
2-what is black money
3- if anyone earns money from illegal gambling and he is paying tax, could we say it black money
4- need of border forces, name ,
5- if we have army to save our territory than why we need border forces
1- if have mistakely told spg in previous ans, i said sorry here when they asked
2-question of international hindi conf. in fizzi
1 question on student politics, should we continue it
2- sdg goal and target, are all target have same deadline
3-name of long term strategy
4-is history rewriting is good and many quetsions
5-name freedom fighter from north eastern states
1- need of long term policy and their role
3-many facts , i said sorry
4-vksu establishment
1-name border's neighbours of India
2 all border's states of india
3-Vibrant village programme
3- actually I have guessed in last ans, so mam told me to make a strategy to build these village
CP- from when you are living in delhi
what is per month cost
if you have any question to ask plz ask from us
   thank you ,you can go now
      almost 40 ℅of my interview was on fact and very few questions were from daf and very few scope to drive your interview... so, plz keep kalm while you go for interview and never expect about questions
दिनांक- 14.02.2023 (दोपहर बाद)
बोर्ड - प्रीति सूदन मैडम 
वैकल्पिक विषय - इतिहास
DAF कीवर्ड्स - कृषि, कोविड- 19

COVID -19 और इससे संबंधित प्रश्न - इस दौरान आपने क्या कार्य किया था, किन चुनौतियों का सामना किया था, भविष्य में महामारी प्रबंधन लिए क्या उपाय किए जाने चाहिए।
आपका पसंदीदा शासक कौन हैं?

पाक सीमा और आतंकवाद पर आधारित कई प्रश्न
भारत को क्या रणनीति अपनानी चाहिए।
विमुद्रीकरण के उद्देश्य, क्या ये प्राप्त हुए है?

हमें इतिहास क्यों पढ़ना चाहिए.
स्वतंत्रता आन्दोलन में अहिंसा का महत्व समझाओ 
गांधी आर्टिकल 47 और शराबबंदी की नीति 
ड्रग एब्यूज की समस्या का क्या समाधान किया जाना चाहिए 
भारत में इस्लाम के आगमन से जुड़े प्रश्न 
पानीपत युद्धों से सम्बन्धित प्रश्न 

कुछ शासकों को महान क्यों कहा जाता हैं?
अकबर कैसे महान था?
जिला कलेक्टर के रूप में आप कैसे ' महान' बन सकते हो?
DM बनने पर आपकी क्या प्राथमिकताएं होगी?

G20 से जुड़े factual प्रश्न और आगामी सम्मेलन में भारत की क्या प्राथमिकताएं होनी चाहिए? 
Global recession 
चीन और रूस की बढ़ती नजदीकियां भारत को कैसे प्रभावित कर सकती है?
Agriculture Infrastructure Fund

बोर्ड का व्यवहार काफी सौहार्द्रपूर्ण था और पूरी प्रक्रिया सहज रही। यह एक शानदार और अविस्मरणीय अनुभव रहा।

मॉक की उपयोगिता - संकल्प, दृष्टि, KSG में दिए मॉक आंसर को अच्छे से स्ट्रक्चर करने, confidence building और तैयारी में कुछ gaps को fill करने में उपयोगी रहे। परंतु वास्तविक इन्टरव्यू मॉक से अलग रहा।
R N Chaubey Sir
Sociology, movies, Bihar, Gujarat

Chairman: Situation based- if heading an operation as IPS in naxal area of Chhattisgarh and asked everyone to gather in a ground but someone is running with a child in arm..will you shoot? ( Orders are given to shoot naxals)
Some follow-up questions

M1 : Art 19(1)(a)
Your view on BBC case
Name some act to tackle social issues
What is violence under domestic violence act
Can a mother be arrested under child marriage act
Why women of Gujarat are entrepreneurs

Even if the soil of Gujarat is not that much is it flourishing in agri and milk production
How movies are protected under IPR
Dam on Narmada - environmental impact - probability of siltation

M3:Your views on reservation esp women reservation
Should we continue with reservation or the purpose has been fulfilled?

M4: Women safety on social media like FB

Some more questions were there..not able to recall right now
As always board was cordial , smiling and nodding
Board - Priti Sudan Ma'am
Date - 16/02/23
DAF- ECE branch , Hindi lit , Department of commerce and industries, mandala drawing,Table tennis, Jhunjhunu ,parents background is education
Chairwomen -
1. Civil services ko pursue karne ka trigger point kya tha aapka?
2. Aap already state service me hai ias me to aapko north east bhi mil sakta hai tab kya karengi ?
3. Gargi puraskar k baare me bataaye
4. Mandala drawing kya hoti hai ?

1. What is GIS ?
2. How it can be used in administration?
3. How in flood management GSI used ?
4. What other geological survey related program of Govt?
5. Agar aapko DM bana diya jaaye to GIS ka use kar k kaise monitoring karengi ?
6. Agar GIS k through ghar baithkar bhi decision liya ja sakta hai to what is need of panachayat and all ?
7. Qus asked about walkie talkie communication
8. How will you use knowledge of your branch/Engg in administration?And follow on qus.
9.Hindi sahitya ne aapki personality me kya change Kiya ? And how will you use it in administration?

1. Violence against women k liye Govt k steps ? And follow on qus
2. As a DM what will you do to reduce violence ?
3. Have you use GIS based app for topography analysis?
4. Jhunjhunu k baare me batayen

1. Elementary education kya hoti hai ?
2. Kaunsi skills par hum isme focus karte hain?
4.NRF ?
4. Foreign universities in India what are your views on it?
5 What are msmes ? Ask for a detailed answer about facilitation of msmes.
6.Give examples of each micro ,small,medium enterprises ?
7. Issues faced by msmes?Solutions?

1. Women players of table tennis in India ?
2. TT India me itna famous kyo nahi hai ?
What need to be done in this direction?
3. EVM related qus
4. online voting par views ?
5. Which social media platform do you use ?
6. Do you think a civil servant should use social media ?

Experience - Daf based tha mainly and board was cordial .
Utility of mocks - Helps in building confidence and handling qus outrightly.
Board : Smt. M. Sathiyavathy Ma'am
Date :30th Jan 2023
Keywords: Chem eng ,IIT background
Hobby: Cricket ,Interest in affairs of national and global importance
Chairman : read out daf
1) What have you been doing since then? (any freelancing/teaching/..)
2)What and to whom do you teach?
3)What kind of general interest do you have in global affairs ?I mean if you get the newspaper which part of newspaper would you prefer reading( ans political news and also follow global economic issues)
4)Tell me what are the expectations from upcoming budget.
5)interrupted and said you are FM ,Now tell me what would be there in budget ? (Some supplementary questions on economy and global shocks)

1)since you mentioned about increasing capital expenditure don't you think that revenue expenditure would get reduced .
2)Do you still play cricket? Or just watch it.
3)do you think IPL has led to declination of Indian nationalism (from sports point of view)
4)Impact of money coming into IPL on players
5)What is green hydrogen mission (some supplementary questions)
6)electrolysis process (some follow up questions)

1)tell me everything about GST (constitutional provisions, and structure, etc )
2)tell me composition of GST council
3)tell me about your district?
4)What is difference btw tax and non tax revenue with examples

1)why Srilanka holds significance for India
2)tell me honestly out of all services which one you desire and which one you deserve (but you are more interested in economy (from earlier discussion))
3)situation based question
Two districts one with drug trafficking and another with communal disharmony (which district would you choose to work)

M4(another Ma'am)
1)you have got good percentile during JEE What advice would you give to your juniors preparing for the same?
2)What is BRS?
Chairman Ma'am interrupted What is TRS?
3)What would you do for development of your district?(specific to your district)
4)you mentioned about some mythological event had that taken place in your district ?

Utility of mocks : helps in building up confidence
O2O with Mr. Ravindran Sir was very useful
Others at Chanakya Mandal ,Vajirao and Reddy and KSG all of them were helpful ,Chahal Academy(a bit critical but feedback was helpful)
13 Feb 2023
Name- Pancham magic
R N Choubey
Afternoon 4th to go.
Educational background- BE mechanical MTech Machine Design.
other relevant DAF entries - students council, University topper in Mechanical engineering.

As usual introduction by Sir- this is personality test. We don't expect that you know everything. Even I don't know everything. Tell if you know. We are here to help you. Ask us if you don't get any question.
1) introduce yourself with educational background and work experience, if any.
2) social service and all is great but have not not joined any formal employment?
3)shall we say Naxalites are terrorist?
4) Naxalites also use terror to create fear in people's mind. I don't see any difference between them. What do you think?
5) What's IPC, CrPC, and Evidence Act and their provisions?
6) Is telling lie a crime?
7) ok. Tell me one incident when it's crime and one incident when it's not.
8) Q on spending made on research so there should be strict IPR laws. Your view.
9) what about Pfizer vaccine.
10) So is there compulsory licensing in India.

Member 1- male
1) by advent of AI future of mechanical engineering is in danger. What do you think
2) you were member of students council, tell me should there be involvement of political elements in campus
3) so is there difference in creating future political leaders and politicisation of campuses.

Member 2- lady
1) What's Industry 4.0
2) how will it impact on employment
3) what changes will you suggest in curriculum and overall pedagogy of mechanical engineering.

Member 4- male
1) if Russia Ukraine war broke into 3rd world war on which side shall India join.
2) so that means going back to non alignment
3) what your view about commercialization of sports/ multiple leagues
4) do you know about Somnath Dweep

Member 4- lady
1) you have done engineering now joining civil services, your knowledge is going to be wasted
2) if you have 10 lakhs how you will advise about savings/ investment
3) what's current rate of interest of fixed deposit
4) now suppose if you are district collector how will you spend this 10 lakh rupees in your district

Chairman sir-
It's over from our side. If you think that we have missed something or you want to say something you can share.

2-3 follow up questions were asked by each member.
I might have missed one or two questions.
Chairman sir stand in the middle of interview during second members questioning for one or two minutes and roam around his chair.
Date of Interview: 15.02.2023
Optional: PSIR
Home State: TN
Work Experience: ICMR, EPFO (No Questions)
Graduation: Chemical Engineering.
Board: RN Choubey sir

After greeting chairperson and other formalities, Choubey sir (as usual) mentioned that this is just a conversation, they are not scary people and asked repeatedly if I was comfortable. Thanked him and said I was.

1. Tell us about your academic record and work experience. (Some confusion here as I had only recently joined EPFO and it was not mentioned in my DAF. He was satisfied after I clarified it to him).
2. Long monologue about interstate riverwater linking. Asked whether jurisdiction over interstate rivers should be handed over to centre.
M1. (Female)
1. Can you tell me the difference between GST and VAT?
2. Why was there an urgency to implement GST (Gave a long monologue about how it was a drastic change etc etc).
3. So, is VAT still being levied or not?
4. What is your service preference?
5. Who is the appointing authority for civil servants?
Maybe one other question that I am unable to recall.
1. Can you tell me about B1 - Lancer?
2. Tell me about ‘inferred deposits’
3. What do you mean by national integration? (Follow-up to an answer I gave to M1 about need for GST)
1. So, you are a chemical engineer. How would you handle toxicity in a substance?
2. What about bacterial agents? (Apologized, mentioned bioremediation - he seemed satisfied).
3. Is DDT good for public health? (Discussion ensued and he gave me some info I was not aware of.)
4. So, you like science fiction? Do you think Science Fiction is just fiction or is it wild fantasies?
1. So, you are a PSIR optional person. Can you tell me about ‘area studies’?
2. Can you tell me what is “Eagle 44” (Random change of topic) (I was not aware of this)
3. Can you tell me what Operation Arhaar (?) is?
4. Okay, tell me about cryptocurrency and its implications.
5. Tell me about demonetization and its implications.

Chairperson: Okay, your interview is over now. You can ask us anything.

Utility of mocks - I felt NextIAS was closer to the mark with respect to Choubey board. Vajirao was also somewhat similar in terms of current affairs asked. Overall, with this board prepare current affairs carefully as well as jump at any opportunity to show values and personality.

One on One with Republic IAS (Chennai - based institute) - found it very useful for tackling questions related to hobby especially choice based questions. Found it very good for building up confidence to tackle value based questions + to project one's personality in GS based questions. Would recommend to anyone in Chennai and outside as well
Date-15th Feb,2023
Forenoon Shift
Board-M.Satyavati Ma'am


Optional--Hindi Literature

Keywords in DAF--NCC( C Certificate),NSS,Scouts and Guides,Gwalior,Madhya Pradesh, Agriculture

Hobbies-1) Watching Hindi Movies and Webseries
2) Talking or Interaction with friends

Chairman:-Ma'am ne sawal English mai puchhe(lekin pehle puchh liya tha ki aap English mai comfortable to hai na Lekin mai yahan unke questions ka Hindi Translation bta raha hun)

1) Aapne Masters ke level pr Graduation ka subject kyon prefer/choose nahi kiya.
2) Aapko Civil Servant banne ki prerna kahan se mili aur kab mili.
3) 'Geriatric' ko WHO kaise define karta hai.
4) Big 5 Personality Traits kaunse hai.
5) Psychologist and Psychiatrist mai kya difference hai.
6) Kya Psychiatrist counselling nahi kar sakta.
7) Agar Psychiatrist bhi counselling kar sakta hai to Psychologist ki kya zarurat hai.
8) India mai Mental Health Problems teji se kyon badh raha hai aur ise kaise kam kiya ja sakta hai.
9) Mental Health Sector mai hum itne fail kyon hai aur Govt ko kya karna chahiye.
10) COVID ke time pr to hum ghar pr hi the aur ghar walo se proper communication bhi kar rahe the phir bhi mental health us time theek nahi thi.
11) Psychology ko aapne kyon apna optional subject nahi banaya.
12) Ek situation di aur answer puchha.

Member-1(Sawalo ka medium Hindi rakha inhone)

1) Agnipath Scheme ka main objective kya hai.
2) NCC mai to hum pehle se itni achhi training de rahe hai phir Agnipath jaisi scheme ka kya auchitya hai.
3) NCC ke kya benefits hai.
4) Aap Defence mai kyon nahi gaye.
5) Aapko nahi lagta ki Agnipath Scheme se youth mai Defence ki or rujhan km ho jayega kyonki 4 saal ke liye kaun jaana chahega.
6) Agniveer ke liye after retirement kya provision hai.
7) Ab last sawal agar Agnipath Scheme itni hi achhi hai to kya hume ise Civil Services mai bhi laagu nahi kar deni chahiye.


1) SDG ke baare mai suna hai aapne?Kya hote hai?
2) Hum aazadi ke 75 saal baad bhi Garibi khatam kyon nahi kar paye hai.
3) Kya aaj ke civil servants mai colonial mindset dekhne ko nahi milta.
4) Kayi logo ka manna hai ki aaj ke civil servants mai bhi colonial mindset badhta ja raha hai.aap kya mante hai?
5) Garibi ko khatam karne ke liye naya kya hona chahiye.
6) Kya 2001 ka Parliyament Terrorist Attack Intelligence Bureau ki vifalta thi.
7) Uske baad humne Intelligence Bureau ke level pr kis prakar ke sudhar kiye hai.

Member-3(English mai sawal puchhe)

1) NCC,NSS aur Scouts and Guides mai kya difference hai.
2) Aapko sabse adhik inme se kya pasand aaya ?
3) India mai kya compulsory military service ko lagu karna chahiye ?Jaise ki Israel aur Russia mai hai.
4) Indian Constitution mai compulsory military service se related koi provision hai kya.
5) NCC ko promote karne ke liye naya kya kya kiya gaya hai haal ke samay mai.
6) Kya NCC ko compulsory kar dena chahiye jaisa ki Indo-China War ke baad kiya gaya tha.
7) NCC ki sthapna ka uddeshy kya tha.
8) IB ke secret agents ke kaam koi pehchan nahi mil paati hum unhe kayi baar desh ka gaddar tak declare kar dete hai to kya aapko nahi lagta ki desh apne IB/RAW ke deshbhakto ke saath nyay nahi kar pata.
9) EOL kya hai aur kya competitive exams ki preparation ke liye EOL lena theek hai.
10) India,Israel aur Russia ki intelligence agencies ke kaamkaz ki shaili mai kya differences hai.


1) Gwalior ka Indian Culture mai kya contribution raha hai.
2) Gwalior Gharana ke baare mai kuchh bataiye?Sangeet ka aisa mahan culture Gwalior mai develop kaise aur kyon ho paya?Gwalior ke kuchh mahan sangeetkaro ke naam bataiye.
3) Gwalior mai Braj aur Bundeli culture ka mixture paya jaata hai?Kya aap is baat se sehmat hai?Agar sahmat hai to bataiye kaise?Example dijiye?
4) Aap abhi bata rahe the ki adhikariyon ko aapne karib se kaam karte hue dekha hai to bataiye ki adhikari ke kaamkaj ke tariko mai aisi kya kamiyan hai jo desh ko 2047 tak Viksit karne ke marg mai badhak hain aur inhe kaise dur kar sakte hai.

Chairperson-Aapka interview khatam hua.Sabhi ne All the Best Kiya.
बोर्ड प्रीति सुडान ma'am
दिनांक 17 feb 2023
Shift : morning अंतिम छोर का व्यक्ति
DAF keywords : cricket (hobby) NSS, Hindi साहित्य, राजस्थान
अंदर जाते ही ma'am ने आराम से बैठने के लिए बोला और daf को पढ़ा
चेयरमैन ma'am
1. राजस्थान से दिल्ली आकर कहा रुके (मेरा कॉलेज दिल्ली में था) और आपने हॉस्टल में क्या सीखा ?
2 आप राजस्थान में आईएएस बन कर जाओगे तो कोणसी समस्या का समाधान करोगे
3. इंजीनियरिंग बैकग्राउंड के बाद हिंदी साहित्य क्यों?

सदस्य 1

1. आपके जिले की कोई विशेषता बताइए
2. क्रिकेट में इंडिया ऑस्ट्रेलिया के first टेस्ट मैच से इंडिया को क्या बेनिफिट हुआ
3. व्हाइट कॉलर जॉब और गिग वर्कर
4. ऊर्जा उत्पादन के kon kon se sources हैं?

सदस्य no 2

1. Transport sector me railway me kya नया किया जा रहा है?
2. बुलेट ट्रेन और वंदे भारत ट्रेन के बारे में बताइए
3. Child development and village development

सदस्य no 3( ये महाशय मजे लेने के मूड में थे)
1. NSS क्या है
2. NSS में आपने कोनसी सेवाए दी
3. NEP और चाइल्ड डेवलपमेंट
4. Reserch में इंडिया क्यों पीछे है ? क्या बजट में कमी इसका कारण है
5. आप NSS में बच्चो को पढ़ाते थे लेकिन टीचिंग तो एक committed job है और केवल saturday sunday जाते थे कैसे बच्चो को पढ़ाया होगा

सदस्य 4 random question
1. भगवद गीता क्या है
2. आप क्या सीखते हो
3. निष्काम कर्म योग क्या है
4. बाहर से आई विदेशी जातियों ने क्या हमारे स्थानीय जातियों को अलग थलग कर दिया

किसी प्रकार का कोई मॉक नही दिया ।
निश्चिंत रहे बस अपने पर भरोसा रखे
Board : Smt. M. Sathiyavathy Ma'am
Date :15th feb 2023 afternoon 1st to go
Keywords: computer science eng ; dairy products processor background ; Hindi literature
Hobby: tuition and guiding students, Running
Chairman : read out daf
1) 2019 se ab tk kya kr rhe ho?
2) milk processing ko lekr questions? (I mentioned in previous ans)
3) mp ki global investors summit
4) in sb jrurat kyo h
5) MOU in last investers summit
6) Up ki summit
7) costal states h jo bha kyo nhi hoti h
2nd member male
1) questions related to dairy sector
2) business ko aage le kr jao
3) IIT k student n khud ka start up kia h dairy m aap bhi kr lo bo to successfull h
4) amul itna successful h ?(i mentioned amul in previous ans)
5) india ko mfg ka hub bnana kyo h ?
6) kya hum esa kuch kr pa rhe h ?
7) msme m technology ka use ?
3rd member
1) Indian it industry or sillicon vally m difference
2) hum humare kya efforts kr skte h
3) brain drain ko rokne kya krna h?
4) aap computer science se ho or tution other subjects kyo pdate ho?
5) emerging technologies and humans related some questions
4th member
1) Myanmar k issue ko lekr grill kia bs
5th member
1) hindi literature kmzor kyo ho rha
2) some book jo abhi acchi h (previous ans m bola tha ki hindi bounce back kr rhi h )
3) Hindi jo h usme other languages k words bhi use kre kya jis se hindi or jyada aage ja  ske
4) republic day pr chief guest kon
5) kyo aae the
6) india ko kya benefits is se
Chairman madam - thank you ......
Yours interview is over best of luck
Very cordial board pta hi nhi chla kb Start kb khtm
Sayad avg time fix rehta  beech m mam n mere peeche ki clock ko dekhkr 2 bar isare kiye members ko ki time dekho😂
Only Myanmar issue or hindi literature ko lekr grill krne try kia
Mock se totally different hota h
But mock dena chahiye agr sare batch m 1st jana pd jae to heart beat normal rehti h
And  1 or 2 questions repeat ho skte h.
Date and session of interview- 17/02, forenoon 1st to go
Board- Preeti Sudan mam
Optional- Hindi literature (no ques)
College- IITK(no ques) Computer science
Profession (if any)- Tax department
Hobbies- Folk song especially meenawati song, cricket(no ques), Rubik's cube

1. Tell me something about karauli(district)
2. Meenawati song - kya h
3. Tax related new provisions
4. Why IAS
5. CAPF join ku nhi kiya

Other members -
1. NFT
2. Crypto currency
3. B tech project
4. E -rupi
5. India' s progress from 1947
6. Why be needed to have tax system
7. Tax avoidance and tax evasion
8. IPR ...why needed to have IPR
9. DMIC and DFC good
10. Afghanistan India's policy
11. Neighbouring nations- Border area development -
12. vibrant village program
13. Mnrega - online attandance

Baki yad nhi....
Hon'ble Sathiyavathy Mam's Board
Date - 14 feb 2023
Last candidate to go:) 
Optional - PSIR
Graduation - BA [ Sociology, Economics, History]
Hobbies - Journaling [others didn’t get asked]

1. Mam read out Daf aloud. 
2. What is journalling? 
3. Isn't it same as diary writing? (I said journaling is issue specific and goes more in depth, diary is more time specific and records events, but broad nature is same) 
4. But is there any restrain in diary writing, that prevents you from going into depth? 
[laughed and said - So new things are getting invented.... Anyways]
5. Who was devi ahilya, why was she famous, her contributions. (My university) 

1. U did 12th with science stream, then why you switched to social science in graduation?
2. Asked about MN Srinivas. What is sanskritisation and westernisation.
3. How do you see the two in context of present changes in Indian society. 
4. Why these two happens?
5. What among them is good or bad. 
6. Adam smiths theory. 
7. Free market in India post LPG? 
8. What's is it's impact on Indian society? [member asked me to combine my knowledge of sciology and economics]
9. How role of caste is transforming? Is caste is being replaced by class? 
10. Is this it a good indicator? 
11. Post LPG - class differences increasing, how it is impacting today's society?

1. Recent reports that chinas growth is slowing and it is ageing also, is it an opportunity for India, How?
2. G20 , How India can use its position to its advantage.
3. Russia ukraine war, what is the solution? 
4. As an Indian what makes your heart swell with pride and what disappoints you? 
5. What do you feel more, happy that India is better than pakistan or sad that India not doing better than china? [terms of percapita income, economy, stability etc]
6. China has grown rapidly, Is democracy of india hindering its growth?
7. But if we see parliamentary proceedings it feels like this only…what will u say?
8. What will be your priority if you are appointed as an administrator of an area? [member gave few options like health,education, infra]

1. Reasons for pakistani wconomic crisis
2. Why bangldesh doing so good and pak not so good?
3. Reasons for sri lankan economic crisis.
4. Is pakistan going in the way of sri lanka
5. What is good for India - Disinvestment or privatisation
6. Difference between disinvestment and privatisation?

1. Who all countries have helped sri lanka?
2. Has srilanka got IMF relief?
3. How has India helped srilanka ? 
4. To what countries sri lanka owns its debt and in what order?
5. What is paris club
6. What is OECD
7. Bimstec, what is it, who all are members?
8. It BIMSTEC there to remove pakistan from regional cooperation?
9. What steps BIMSTEC has taken in area of cutoms and anti smuggling?

Chairperson said thankyou, all the best. 

My understanding-
• Very few facts asked, majority of questions were directed to know my opinion.
• Board was very responsive, members were nodding and it appeared they wanted me to speak more and more (and reveal my personality).
• No quesn from state, city, and pulwama etc. 
• Very smooth experience, and the chair they give us is very comfortable though:)
Date of Interview: 15.02.2023, Afternoon(2nd to go)
Board: RN Choubey sir
Graduation: BTech in EE(IIT Varanasi)
Optional: Sociology
Home State: UP
Work Experience: Fintech(currently working)
Hobby: Jogging, Listening to bollywood songs
Other keywords from DAF: JNV, BHU, Maharajganj, Varanasi, Gurugram

1. Tell us about your academic record and work experience.
2. Role of FCI.
3. Why do we maintain buffer stock more than required?
3. Shouldn't we pay for the price difference instead of procuring at MSP and let farmers sell the produce in open market?

M1. (Female)
1. What is Wagah?
   -Have you heard about Wagah Border?
   -We celebrate function everyday in the evening there. Please tell about that.
2. Tell me about Geneva convention.
3. Function and differences between R&AW and IB.
4. Difference between state and UT.
   -What is the purpose of having UT.

1. Have you heard about skyUTM(can't recall exact word). Explain(hint: related to roadways).
2. what is GeM portal?
some more questions...

1. So, you are a Electrical engineer.
    1(a). what is star rating AND upto how many numbers it goes(0 to 5 or 0 to 10) AND what on what parameters it is given AND who give ratings(agency).
    1(b). Under which organisation/ministry/department BEE comes.
2. you are working as a software professional.
    2(a) What is an API(software related) AND how does it works.
    2(b) in how much time API delivers response for a request.
3. What is chatGPT?
   -how does it works?
   -how does chatGPT know that the answer it is generating is correct?
One more question...

1. Reason for Russia-Ukraine war AND why it extended so long AND benefit and loss to India due to it.
2. What are Farmer cooperatives AND are they successful AND in which area they are successful AND are they beneficial to the farmers.
   -Why are they not successful in other states?
3. In which year BHU got established?
   -How it was established?
4. Why you chose Sociology as an Optional despite being Electrical Engineer AND how knowledge of sociology is going to help you as an administrator?
5. How to solve to problem of Beggary?

Chairperson: Okay, your interview is over now. Do you want to tell any thing else.
Date:- 15 fab.2023
Session- Forenoon, 2nd to go
Board :- Smt.Sathiyavati ma'am
Medium:- Hindi
Background :- Graduation(Shastri) in Sanskrit lit. and English lit., B.ed.
Optional:- Hindi lit. (nothing asked from hobby,optional and State)

Chairwoman :- गुड मॉर्निंग हरिराम जी,
(मेम ने अन्य सदस्यों को DAF पढ़कर सुनाया)
1. आपने ऑप्शनल सब्जेक्ट में संस्कृत क्यों नहीं रखा?
2. संस्कृत के decline होने के क्या कारण है?
3. DM के रूप में आप संस्कृत को बढ़ावा देने के लिए क्या करेंगे?

M1:- 1. secularism क्या है?
2. क्या आपको लगता है कि हमारी secularism की अवधारणा सही है?
3. एक औपचारिक मीटिंग चल रही है,जिसमें सभी धर्मों के सदस्य उपस्थित हैं, तो ऐसी स्थिति में किसी एक धर्म विशेष के देवता की पूजा के साथ मीटिंग का शुभारंभ कितना उचित है?

M2:- 1.कल जो एयर इंडिया का विमान खरीद समझौता हुआ था उसे आप किस रूप में देखते हैं?
2.एयर इंडिया के निजीकरण पर आपके क्या विचार है?
3. हाल ही में एयर इंडिया फ्लाइट में जो एक असभ्य घटना हुई थी उससे हमने क्या सीखा?
( मानवीय मूल्यों के संदर्भ में)

M3:- 1. म्यांमार में वर्तमान राजनीतिक स्थिति कैसी है?
2. भारत के म्यांमार के साथ वर्तमान में कैसे संबंध है और आपके अनुसार ये कैसे होने चाहिए?
3. नार्थ-ईस्ट बॉर्डर पर इतनी समस्याएं क्यों है?
4. इस क्षेत्र में कौनसा बल तैनात है?(पहले मैंने गलत जवाब दिया तो सर ने हँसकर मना कर दिया फिर सही बोला)

M4:-1.वर्ल्ड इकॉनोमिक फॉर्म क्या है?
2. हाल ही में इसका सम्मिट कँहा हुआ था और इसके कार्य क्या-क्या हैं?
3.थार डेजर्ट के बारे में कुछ बताइये?
4.चूरू में युवाओं के लिए रोजगार बढ़ाने के लिए आप क्या करेंगे?

धन्यवाद,आपका इंटरव्यू समाप्त हुआ,आप जा सकते हैं।
17 February, Afternoon
Satyavati ma'am
Mirzapur UP
NIT uttrakhand
IPS hun

1- NCC m kya kya sikha
2- IPS ho but mention nhi kiya hai daf m (daf 1 k smay service alot nhi hui thi)
3- Mirzapur ka tourism
4-Carpet industry ki situation
5- Bhadohi carpet aur mirzapur carpet me diff.
6- Kaleen bhaiya kse hai (mirzapur web series)
7- phle aur ab k kaleen production m kya diff. Hai
8- E commerce aur digital payment( carpet aur msme se related)
9- Insurgency kya hai and related issue
10- Insurgents group in north east and kya kya step liya gya hai ise tackle krne k liye
11- India Maldives relation
12- Central paramilitary force, central armed force aur cpo m kya difference hai
13-women nda cds aur other services m participate kr rhi hai kya kya changes lane chahiye unke liye like infra..
14- questions on sardar patel , his contribution
15-Light is the best policeman. Explain
16-Ek BSF ki women border pr night m duty se mna kr deti hai kya kroge
17- Question on commissionerate system aur agar Aap IAS bn gye to support kroge ise

Mock kha dena chahiye - chahal ka panel thk tha
Baki confidence k liye dena ho to de skte hai
Board - satyavati mam
Date -17 Feb 2023 afternoon
             Session last lion🦁 to go
Name _ kuch faayada nahi
                   iss text ko padneke baad
                   bhool jaavoge rehnedo
State - Karnataka
Graduation (Rani channamma University belagavi)
Hobby - reading k p poornachandra tejasvi books on hunting man eaters (translation of Kenneth Anderson's books)
Medium of interview- hindi
asked questions in both hindi and English


1_Do you want to interact in hindi ?
2_Why do you opted hindi as
     medium of communication in
     personality Test?
3- why not your mother tongue?
4- Based on which region these
     books are written?(hobby)
5 -whatever written in these books
     are just stories or based on real
     Experience?(in previous answer I
     referred these experience based
     books as stories)
Mam _Then don't call them as
             stories (I was like bhari galti
             Ho gayi sarkar😀)
6- these books are written in Hindi or
7 - in the context of man animal
     Conflict. who is aggressor? man
     or Tiger.

1. There is rising law and order issue in Karnataka. What is your view?
2. Communal violence in coastal region of Karnataka. What can be done?
3. Why IT industry have strong presence in Karnataka?
4. Is environment may be a reason?
5. Application of information technology in maintaining law and order.

1. Is it temple ?(refering to my name)
2. Where this temple is located?
3. Who was father of k p poornachandra tejasvi?(daf) (answer is kuvempu)
4. Who was kuvempu?
What is the Philosophy of kuvempu ?
5. Vishwa maanav philosophy of kuvempu
6. Comparison between kuvempu and ravindranath Tagore.
7. Famous historical place in belagavi.
8. Who was kittur Rani channamma?
9. Comparison between Rani channamma and jhansi raani laxmibai.
10. Can you tell me the person who born on 15 August and died on 26 January ?(related to previous question)
(answer is sangolli rayanna)
11. Contribution of sangolli rayanna.(based on previous answer)
12. Tell me about coorg region of Karnataka.
13. Tell me any other famous personality of coorg region other than field marshal k m cariappa.(based on previous answer)

1. What is corporate governance?
2. Can you tell me the name of the company which is recently in news related to adani issue?
3. Our economy is strong. But why it is very much vulnerable to external aspects like hindenburg report?
4. There is famous book called man eaters of .........
5. Who wrote that book?(based on previous answer)
6. Have you read that book?

1. What is GDP and GNP?
2. comparison between Indian and American GDP and GNP .in both context which is more and which is less?
3. What are the political and economical implications on china with respect to the economic crises in Sri Lanka and Pakistan?

Experience _very cordial
Mocks _ helps in reducing anxiety and don't take their feedback seriously if you feel there is scope for improvement then only work on that
One on one mock with Vinay sir helped.
All the best
Date : 16.02.23 Afternoon session
Board : Satyawati mam
Name : Lady singham😅
graduation : Computer Application
Optional : sociology
State : Gujarat
work experience : management in Airconditioner company for many years
Hobby : Garba

Chairman :

1. Tell me what is your life story
2. when you decided to join civil services
3. what is your work experience
4. what are you doing since 2019
5. how are you sustaining your self during preparation?
6. how can we increase women participation in education, political and administation sphere ?
7. increasing women marriage age decision is good or not ?
8. how it will help to women ?
9. what is Total fertility rate ?
10. what is total replacement rate ?

M1 :

1. cyber crimes meaning
2. social crimes and cyber crimes linkages
3. how to prevent cyber crimes in india ?
4. Gujarat being a coastal state, what are resources of Gujarat

M2 :

1. what was the matter this year during garba festival ( Navratri)

i said i am not aware about it
again he asked then u should remain aware about this
i again said sorry sir
Then he asked suppose during any festival in india if one religious group is restricted to perform or participate in another religious festival, is it good for society or not ?

but satyawati mam stopped him that leave this matter🙄

M3 :
1. How can we promote small industries, MSMEs, Startups ?
2. how will you promote marketing ? bcz i mentioned marketing in previous answer😅
3. if any disease or pandemic situation happens again what will be your preventive steps ?
4. you are very inspirational personality and role model for many girls but tell me who is your role model ?

M4 :

1. you mentioned gujarat resources but you are missing one resource which is connected to Our national freedom struggle.

i was thinking about 3-4 seconds then i smiled and i said Salt
he said correct😅

2. which gas is being used in airconditioners ?
3. How it works in Acs ?

then he said you are sociology student let me ask some questions about it

4. What is middle in middle ?😅
5. What is better Nature or nurture ?

Then satyawati mam said thank you your interview is over
all the best beta😊

It was lifetime opportunity for me
great experience
History optional
R n chaubey sir board
Duration -14-15 minutes
Chemical engineering
No questions asked from daf😂😂

Chairman - no question asked

Member 1-
1- Nalanda, takshila, vikramshila universities at ancient times their importance and current status
2-agniveer concerns....any suggestions
3-operation Rahat....why India help turkey support Pakistan and it raises Kashmir issues in international platform...

Member 2-
1-industrial we treat them
2-carrying capacity of silishede lake in Alwar

Member 3-
1-india's neighbourhood policy....china dominance on Indian Ocean.....
2-short seller??

Member 4-
1-rte act....any suggestions to improve quality education for poor peoples

2-voucher system in education sector

Chairman - thank you...if u want ask anything else...i said no sir
Date and session of interview- 15/02/2023, afternoon session (Last one to go, taala laga ke aya tha sitting hall me)
Board- Preeti Sudan Mam
Optional- PSIR
Medium- Hindi (Pre+Mains+interview)
Graduation- B.E. (Mechanical engineering)
Hobbies- Reading Romantic Novels😁, Watching Legal Drama On OTT
Your experience in interview- mja aaya or ye mja mai sbko dena chahta hu.

Normal greetings uske bad Chairman ne bola ki bina tension puchh Lena agar kuchh samjh naa aaye.
Questions mere ko chairman ke alwa yad nhi sequence me because of my medical🙄
Chairman- 1.You like reading Romantic Novels to hme bhi koii story sunao short me.
2. You were prime minister of your school, tell us what will be your priorities agr apko desh ka prime minister bna de.
3. Agr apke district ka dm bna de to kya priorities hongi apki
Now other members-
1. What is methane pledge? Is India part of it
2. Global investors summit me itne bde bde MOUs ke bad bhi kyu itna Kam investment.
3. MP ki socio economic profile bataiye.
4. Why is mp lagging in the tourism sector despite tourism Potential.
5. What is the purpose of khelo India youth games.
6. Tigers ki healthy Population kisi ecosystem ke bare me kya indicate krti hai.
7. What is jal jeevan mission.
8. What is rain water harvesting.
9. What is role of forest in Climate Change?
10. Use of mechanical engineering in civil services.
11. What is the role of subsidies in International trade, what is dumping and anti-dumping duty.

Mocks ki utility- apn ne 17 diye. Ab ye result batayega ki shi kiye ya galat. Baki confidence kafi badh gya tha mock Dene se
Name PJ (30th January 2023)
Pune Maharashtra
Mechanical engineering
Optional PSIR
Board Shukla Sir

1. What are you doing since your graduation?
2. Potential of space sector in India
3. Who launched first private Rocket in India
4 difference between private space tech company and ISRO
5 how can we leverage private sector in space?
6 Tell me something about Pune?
7. Compare Pune with Bangalore
8 After retirement where should I settle Pune or Bangalore?
9. Which city has higher potential with respect to ESDM sector

1. Special about Pune municipal corporation
2. How can we increase people participation in municipal working
3. Statutory provisions with respect to town planning
4. GI tags in Pune district
5. What can I expect to see  culturally in Pune
6. Specific about Aga Khan palace in Pune

1. president's speech about prison
2. Should we increase or decrease prisons in India
3. Should we reduce coverage under NFSA2013
4. NFSA shows our failure or success?
5. Issues with respect to social security cover in India

1. Guest in republic day ceremony
2. India Egypt relationship
3. Defence equipment Egypt interested in buying from India
4 specifications of TEJAS LCA
5. India Russia relationship
6 is it transactional or emotional
7. How to leverage potential in relationship
8. Differences between strategic autonomy and non alignment
9. Turkey's non aligned policy in Ukraine conflict
10. Why India calls Ukraine conflict and not war officially

1. Green Blue gray hydrogen
2. Sector where we utilise hydrogen
3. Issue with respect to it
4. Types of turbines (mech engg)
5. Uniqueness of India's climate change policies
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