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Interview Transcripts of CSE/IFoS 2022

Please post interview transcripts of UPSC CSE or IFoS 2022 here, so that all can access and get benefitted from them.

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Board - satyawati mam
Date - 10/02/2023 afternoon
optional - maithili literature
Service - IPS
Hobby - Hindi novel and short film

Chairperson -
1- what are you doing after 2018
2- you are already in IPS then why IAS
3- Don't you think law and order is important  for devlopment
4- Prakash Singh case
5- DGP recruitment process and your view on it
6- if state govt  can select chief secretary then why not DGP ... discussion on this..

M1 ( lady)

1- important feature of maithili
2- favourite poet and reason
3- problem of present higher education system in India and how NEP will solve it
4 - how much research in IIT happening
5- why people become criminal..tell me the psychology behind it.

1- He talked about some dinkar line related with vidyapati which I don't know
2- if you r going for  a interview and head constable stop you for any rule you have two option either give him bribe or go to police station
3- what if you have to give 100 rupee bribe to save someone life
4- police investigation method

M 3 ( lady )
1 - how will you develop Bihar as chief secretary
2- asked about procurement and storage
3- Bihar people are going outside then who will work there
4 - Bihar education system status and out migration

1- How to control the politicisation of police
2- why state are not implementing and how to proceed further to solve this problem
3- Type of soil in Bihar and their cropping pattern
4- Factor responsible for rainfall
5- what is monsoon and it's mechanism
6- two type of monsoon

My experience - Most of the question is from daf . Board is co- operative and no grilling .
Date and session of interview- 9 feb 2023
Board- Preeti Sudan madam
Optional- PSIR, Rajasthan state
Profession (if any)- past exp. 2 startups; Textile Technology graduation
Hobbies-  Badminton and Manganiyar Folk Music
1. Tell me about your district (Barmer)
2. You worked in startup e commerce as agregator.. such as Uber..
What have you done in startup..
3. What is future of agregator.
4. Who will be liable for offence committed by an a partner of aggregator ?
5. As a policy maker how will you decide liability
6. What are civil and criminal liability of government employees.
7. From which part of constitution government get power to sign contract.

Member 1.
1. Why indian textile not doing good as compared to small countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh.
2. Cotton shirt needed 250 to 400 litter water. What is scope of reuse old cloth. How will you promote reuse as a policy maker. As secretary.
3. Do you know about Komal Kothari, what is his contribution.

Member 2. (Female)
1. Why social evils still prevelant in rajasthan.. what are major social evils. What steps are taken.
2. Why no significant change despite many acts.
3. Lokpal and Lokayukta are they originated in India or taken from other country.  What is principles on which it is based
4. Do you know about Waterman of india ?

Member 3.
1. Tell me about major social issue/problem, and acts for that.. what are performance of acts .
2. Why despite acts things not improving. What can be done.

Member 4.
1. Tell about about Indias relationships with all neighbors
2. How's is trade with Pakistan,  at which places it is happening,  is it happening in rajasthan.
3. How indias relationships with Afghanistan

Member 5. (Female)
1. Compare economic crisis of Pakistan and Sri Lanka. ?
2. What is strength of India when compared with these neighbors.
3. What is Demand of grants.
Gave hint of article 266
4. What is appropration bill.
5. Is budget used just after 1 feb or for a time amount is used.
6. From where India take external loan
7. What is major source of internal debt
8. Have you gone through any recent budget documents. Asking more on lines of different bills passed in budget.

Duration.  35 minutes
Board-- Sathyawati mam

Date of interview : 10 Feb afternoon session,

3rd one to go

Education - Msc (maths)

Working at Department of Posts

Hobby- nothing asked

Chairperson -

Read DAF


1) Do people mail these days, after coming of courier etc ?? (DAF)
2) PPF rate popularity of post office is low, vis a vis State Bank of India. Reason?? (DAF)
Cross questions too factual and deep😓
3) schemes for woman in budget
And then she said two other female members puchiye/sambhaliye inko jara, aapke domain ke lag rhe hain

M1) Lady -

1) What is IPPB? (DAF) many cross questions .
2) Compare discrimination of caste in ancient and present time. Many cross questions (DAF)
3) Questions on tribe, why some are backward, how to provide them benefits etc. Discussion moved towards Meena community etc.(DAF)

1) Can Values like sympathy compassion be judged in a civil servant ?
2) What is the loss if these values are not present?
3) How to judge these values post selection?
4) साहस क्या है ?? अपने जीवन में कुछ ऐसा बताइए जब आपने साहस का परिचय दिया हो ?

 M3- Lady
1) What did you do as student editorial head of your college ? (DAF)
2) How will you use your maths knowledge?(DAF)
3) Statistics data are generally false, how will you ensure data is correct? Some follow up questions. (DAF)
4) How did you selected Candidates and articles? How you motivated them to submit articles? What was cover design etc. (DAF)
5) Your magzine publication would have not always been on time ?? Why ? What did you do ? (DAF)
4) Questions on my name
M4) -
1) What is social engineering? Did some castes benefitted from it ? Is it a right thing to do?
2) Do you know dating apps ? What's your opinion on that ? Is some kind of regulation needed ??
3) आप कौन सा app use करते हैं? (Maine kaha main nahi use krta, bole aap jhuth bol rhe hain, ultimately i said I'm committed to someone from past 7-8 years). He said okay , then no further discussion on this topic😂
4) What is going on in SRILANKA ?
5) Is there any role of China also ?
6) Have you seen blood report?? What are various components in it ?? (Random)
7) Lipid profile test ? (Random)

UTILITY OF MOCKS- Just to get well versed with the process.
Samkalp, Vajirao and Reddy, KSG were okay
One to one session with Kaptaan (4-5 questions matched) gave a kick start, with Dr Khan at KSG was also good.
Chairman:- satyavati mam,
Date - 10feb , afternoon
Optional- PSIR
B Pharma

1. Jan aushadhi k bare me jante ho...
2. Detail me bjatao iske bare me... investment pe Cross questions - expansion or Greenfield ko cover karta h... Turnover ya investment, kitni subsidy deti h sarkar ...
3.brand drug ko kyu lete h.... Generic kyu nahi...
4. General log chodke, qualified log kyu nahi lete , like me  convince Karo muje.
5. API k liye China pe depend h Jo ki nukshaan vala ho sakta h... Kyo or kese sudhare ise...
6. ias kyu banana h

1. Gambia ka mamla , kya quality ka issue h ya India ko blame karne k liye h...

2. Expiry ese hi likhi jati h.. koi tuk bhi h ...
3. Leadership kya h..
4. Cholesterol drug ka mamla effective nahi fir bhi kyu lete me kyu h..

M2 ( madam)

1. Bhutan ka India k neighbourhood first policy me role kya h...
2.relation k dimensions
3. China kyu har Desh me border issue banata h...kya policy h China ki

M3 (sir)
1. Curruption se kaam fast jabki honesty se nahi  to kya kare...
2. To kese kare...
3. Or yad nahi

M4, ( madam)
1.. Kya sochke ias ki taraf rujan hua...koi role model
2.aapke 1 positive or 1 negative batao
3. Overthinking ka effect services me
4. Ramanyan, Mahabharat padha h, koi ni bhagvad Gita padha h to crux batao

M2 vapas se
:- cricket ko lekr passionate ho, score batao aaj ka.. Chairman ne bola PTT dene aaya h aaj k score rehne do..
Transcript UPSC CSE 2022
Board: Lt Col Raj Shukla
Date: 2 Feb, afternoon, last to go (35 mins)
Bio: from Haryana, IRPS 2018
Hobbies: listening to non-fiction audiobooks + 2

1. You must be happy to get grants for Railways, what will you do with it?
2. Vande Bharat is high speed train? (I corrected semi-high speed). How different from conventional trains? Do all these run on separate tracks?
3. Who is your role model? (Some follow up)
4. Have women broken the glass ceiling in corporate? (Talking of Indira Nooyi), why not?
5. Is government better in being inclusive gender wise ?
6. (Monologue) Is China wrong in its aggression when west is poking it so much?

M1 (Preeti Sudan Ma’am):
1. What kind of leader are you? (I said I lead from back, give direction and give space to my team)
2. Would you call Zelensky a good leader in this aspect?
3. How is Railway reforming itself as an institution?
4. On one side we are talking about specialisation, on other IRMS recruitment is promoting generalist. Why?

1. What is pegasus? What are the ethical and legal issues in it? Why is it unethical when national security is at stake? What are the legal provisions to violate privacy?
2. (Talked about women safety with chairman) How will you make Delhi safe for women?
3. Why do you think a 24 year old is put as SDM if they have to lead from back? What can they bring in?

1. It’s been 2 years of Taliban’s takeover on Afghanistan. What does it tell about global state of affairs?
2. Why was US not able to handle the Taliban?
3. Can we say US has been defeated militarily?
4. Why is US not able to instruct Pakistan to stop training terrorists?
5. What can India do in situation for females in Afghanistan?
6. Isn’t it a waste to allocate funds to Afghanistan? (I had mentioned budget allocation to Afghanistan)
7. Why do you like audiobooks and not read it? What are some of the books that you have recently gone through?
8. What is the message of EF Schumacher? (I mentioned small is beautiful)
9. Why is it essential to read books? (I said for consistent learning)
10. Do you think bureaucrats think they need to stop learning after they are placed in their position? He said I think bureaucracy is the point of stagnation in the era of fast economic and tech growth.

1. (Monologue) What long term solution is required for improving the women issues?

Thank you.

Overall felt like a conversation.
दिनांक और सत्र - 07 फरवरी 2023; Tuesday
            दोपहर बाद ,पांचवा नंबर (3:55 to 4:25PM)
 बोर्ड - Mrs. Preeti Sudan Ma'am
वैकल्पिक विषय - हिंदी साहित्य
विश्वविद्यालय -B.Sc.(PCM) इलाहाबाद केंद्रीय विश्वविद्यालय ; प्रयागराज
रुचि एवं अन्य गतिविधियां - भोजन पकाना (cooking); पौराणिक प्रवचन सुनना; अभिप्रेरित करना (Motivation), बिरहा जैसे लोकगीत सुनना( Folk music)
Interview time- 28 minutes approx

Chairperson: Mrs. Preeti Sudan Ma'am
(Totally on hobby)
1. आप कौन से प्रवचन सुनते हैं ?
2. कौन सी कहानी आप को सबसे अधिक पसंद है?
3. आप कहां से सुनते हैं ?
4.वह उपयुक्त कथन /उपदेश)बताइए
(यत् यत् आचरति श्रेष्ठ: तत् तत् एवं इतर: जन:......From Shri Geeta)
5. इसका प्रशासन में कैसे उपयोग करेंगे ?

M.1( female)
1. कुटुंब क्या है?(In daf family mentioned)
2. क्या आज के समय में कुटुंब खत्म हो रहे हैं?
3. जी-20 में कुटुंब संबंधित थीम क्या है ?
4. यह कहां से लिया गया है?
 5.आपका वैकल्पिक विषय हिंदी साहित्य है तो आपके पसंदीदा रचनाकार और काल कौन सा है?
 6.उनकी कुछ पंक्तियां बताइए?

M.2 (Sir)
1.मंगनियार क्या है ?
2.गरम मसाला की खोज कहां हुई थी ?(cooking)
(They told me that invented by Britishers in south india then Indian knew)
3.आप कौन कौन सा खाना पकाते हैं?
4. पारंपरिक भोजन क्या है ,क्या पनीर भी पारंपरिक भोजन है? ( I'd told paneer in previous answer as Paramparik fook😅) में कितनी पशुधन आबादी है? (Agriculture background)
6. छुट्टे पशुओं की समस्या?
7. हितोपदेश और पंचतंत्र की कहानियों में क्या प्रमुख अंतर है?( I'd mentioned to Chairperson in earlier answer)
8. शॉर्ट सेलिंग क्या है? ( Adani issue)
9. इसका उल्टा क्या होता है ?
 10.हिंडनबर्ग की रिपोर्ट क्या राष्ट्र पर हमला है ?
11.क्या 1992 के हर्षद मेहता या अन्य मामलों के बाद जैसे शेयर मार्केट में अगले दो-तीन वर्षों तक गिरावट आई थी ऐसा कुछ होने वाला है ?
12.क्या RBI ,SEBI एजेंसियां सो रही थी ?
13. FPI क्या है ?
14.म्यूच्यूअल फंड क्या है?
15. क्या म्यूचुअल फंड डेट सिक्योरिटी एवं शेयर में इन्वेस्टमेंट करते हैं या किसी एक में करते हैं या दोनों में करते हैं?

M.3( female)
1.खाना बनाकर आप किस को खिलाते हो ? Hobby
2.आप घर के अलावा किस को मोटिवेट करते हो ?hobby
3.जो गांव में या अन्य जगह assets का निर्माण होता है या बाद में वह एसेट बर्बाद हो जाती है या बिक जाती है तो क्या इसका ब्यौरा डॉक्यूमेंट में लिखा जाता है ?किस डॉक्यूमेंट में लिखा जाता है ? क्या आज डिजिटल तरीके से लोड हो रहा है ? (Mother -Gram Pradhan)
( इसके बाद पुनः बात धीरे-धीरे बजट पर चली गई)
4. बजट में व्यय कितने प्रकार के हैं ?
5.संविधान में बजट को लेकर क्या प्रावधान है?
6. अगर घाटा होता है तो सरकार कैसे पूरा करती है ? 7.संविधान में न्यायाधीशों को वेतन देने की क्या व्यवस्था है?
(Consolidated fund)
 क्या इस पर संसद में मतदान होता है ?
8.बिरहा क्या है ( folk music)?(hobby)
9.क्या यह लिखित दस्तावेज है या मौखिक है ?
10.इसमें कौन से वाद्य यंत्र प्रयोग होते हैं?
11. आप इसमें क्या करते हैं -गाते हैं या बजाते हैं etc

1.बिरहा के जनक कौन हैं ?(hobby)
2.पूर्वांचल में घुमंतू ,आवारा पशुओं की समस्या? सरकार इसके लिए क्या कर रही है? जमीनी स्तर पर क्या हो रहा है ?
3.इसके लिए आप अभिनव तरीके से क्या कर सकते हैं? तकनीकी का उपयोग करके कैसे इनका प्रबंधन किया जा सकता है ? (मैंने पहले राज्य सरकार और केंद्र सरकार की योजनाओं को बताया ।उसके बाद बताया कि सर व्यक्तिगत मेरी यह समझ है कि हम शहरों में एक बड़ी गौशाला बनाएं जो केंद्र सरकार बना रही है, उसमें एक तरफ घुमंतू पशुओं को एकत्र करें और दूसरी तरफ शहर में भिक्षावृत्ति करने वाले लोगों को भी नियोजित करें जिससे मुफ्त में सेवादार मिलेंगे ही और साथ ही उनकी पोषण सुरक्षा भी सुनिश्चित हो सकेगी और हम self-sustainable बना सकेंगे)
 4.इनको कैसे self-sustainable बनाया जा सकता है? जिससे सरकार को वित्तीय सहायता ना देनी पड़े? (from last answer keyboard)
5.आप इन गौशालाओं को किस जगह बनाएंगे ?बंजर भूमि क्या है? यह कहां कहां पाई जाती है ?
6.जब आप इनकी उर्वर खाद से बंजर भूमि को उपजाऊ कर देंगे, तो पशुओं को कहां भेजेंगे? (जब सर ने मुझे परेशान करना चाहा तब चेयरपर्सन मैम ने उनको रोक दिया )

Thank you Bajrang, Your interview is over
All the best Beta !😊
Date -10/Feb/23
Time -forenoon (5th to go)
Duration -around 30 minutes
Board- Smita nagraj mam
Homestate- Madhya Pradesh ( morena -chambal region )
Graduation -Bsc PCM ( no question asked)
Profession -IFS ( mostly yahi se pucha )
Hobby - Satvik movement, ghoomar dance

Interview transcript

.1what are you doing now ?
( I replied I'm selected for ifs now)
2. ,So you joined?
( I replied I took extension because my medium for writing mains examination changed from English to hindi by mistake so i took extension to appear into next attempt)
3.ohh hindi medium by mistake but You managed with it hindi ?
(Seemed impress) are in ifs so opting only for two services ie IAS and IPS
( I said yes mam ) come from jain community,...
View on baldiksha ( child practising monkhood ) any regulation should be made on such practices?
(I replied not by Govt but by community itself)
6. So how can community do it
7 . Tyag( sacrifices) is glorified in society but none do at individual level ,why this dichotomy?
8.why should we mandatorily scrape vehicle after some time time why not continue its its fine and emitting pollution on normal levels
Okay thankyou

Memeber 1
1. What is satvik moment
2.role it played for your life
3.Since you talked about climate change , pollution reasons why such sudden rise in recent time

Member 2 (lady)
1. What do you know about posh act ( she gave the full form and asked what you know about it)
2. College me nh dekha ?
( I replied my apologies ki mera dhyan nahi gya mam )
3. View on intermingling and expansion of festivals interstate like Punjab celebrating Lohri and Pongal simultaneously,and even western festivals gaining popularity , your view on that
4. Case study -
If any panel member judges any candidate who is her/his son ,what will you do ? Will you report immediately or after results if you are not in the list?
( I told will see rules or law. )
5. In the absence of law?
6. Difference between faith and trust?
( I used the word faith in my previous answer)

 Member 4
1.Faceless beurocrat- presence of civil servants on social media your view
2. India can be defence exporter in near future , ethical concerns are there in being so ,your view point

Member 5
1. Case study of man animal conflict
2.Eco sensitive zone
2.chambal dacoit , why popularity film based on them
3. Why people support so much ?

Your interview is over

I thanked everyone and came out !!!

Utility of mock
Gaining confidence
Suggest -O2O with Ravindran sir
Ksg ,samkalp IAS
Date of interview- 07/02/2023 forenoon session
Board- Preeti Sudan ma’am
Profession- dentistry
Work ex- One year internship in a govt hospital
DAF keywords- madhya pradesh, indore, sudoku
Optional- Sociology
Utility of mocks- appear in mocks for confidence building and for learning body language. UPSC Interview is an altogether different experience which cannot be replicated in mocks.


Chairperson ma’am made me comfortable first and then started with questions
 1. You are a trained professional (dentist), why did you choose civil services ?
 2. What was the protocol for dentists during COVID?
 3. What is the reason behind Indore’s success in cleanliness? A few more questions on this….

M1 (Female)
 1. Tell me a few places in and around indore to visit
 2. Why is jahaz mahal called so?
 3. What is the one gender issue that you would like to work on? I mentioned women education
 4. What steps would you like to take? A few questions on this….
 5. What did you find the most innovative in this year’s budget?
 6. What are the steps suggested for green growth in the budget? Few questions followed
 7. Why is care economy still not accounted for in our GDP?
 8. You solve sudoku, so do you also take interest in crosswords and other words based puzzles? She wanted to ask about wordle. I said I have tried it but do not play it regularly. So she did not ask anything else about it

 1. You solve sudoku, so how many squares are there in a sudoku?
 2. At what level do you play and how much time do you take to solve it?
 3. What is the history of sudoku?
 4. What is green hydrogen mission?
 5. Do you think green hydrogen can be a viable source of energy?
 6. What is the difference between green and grey hydrogen?

 1. So tell me MP has the largest ___. I said tribes, she asked what else. I said tigers, she again asked anything else. I said forest area. This is what she wanted to hear.
 2. What were the changes made to the forest conservation act?
 3. What are the reasons for increased rate of divorces today?
 4. In NEP, what is very innovative and stressed upon step for females? I told whatever i could remember. She wanted to hear easy entry easy exit which i could not tell so she herself told me.
 5. Few questions on women health also followed

 1. During covid, there was a crisis of reverse migrants. What were the steps taken by the government? Few more questions on this.
 2. Do you think our government could manage the pandemic well?

The board was very cordial. Everyone was smiling throughout and therefore could not make out much if they were convinced with my answers.

Stay calm and present in the moment. All the best.
Board- Smita Nagraj mam
Hobbies-Cooking, Webseries
Optional - Hindi Literature
Background-Mechanical Engineer

1. Your college is private institution or govt?
2. How many students were in your batch?
3. Kitne batchmates k sath aap abhi sampark me h?
4. Wese College WhatsApp group se jude honge?
5. Aapke frnds abhi kya-kya kr rhe h?
6. Kyu aajkal engineering me problems h ya phir kyu engineering field se log dur ja rhe h?
7. Govt educational Institutions like IITs,NITs ki reputation achhi h lekin other govt bodies ya office ki reputation utni achhi nhi h?
8. Kon si esi technology h, jo aane wale samay me bahut jyada impactful ho skta h?
9. Green Hydrogen ka production India swyam kr skta h ya foreign dependent rhna pdega?

Member 1-
1. Kya hame parliamentary system se presidential system ki or shift ho jana chahiye?
2. CAG ke bare me btaiye? Kya CAG k institution ko hta dena chahiye?

Member 2-
1. Engineer ka administration me kya kaam?
2. Mera manna hai ki administration me social science wale engineer se better kr skte h?
3. Khakee webseries aur beurocrate dwara khud ko krna promote kha tk uchit h?

Member 3-
1. Chhattisgarhi dishes me kya kya bnate h aap?
2.hmare local food me khud itne nutrition h lekin foreign companies chhote chhote products ki branding krke consumer ko apni or aakarshit kr lete h.local food products ko promote krne k liye kya krenge aap?
4. AFSPA kya h?
kin-kin rajyo me lagu h?
Chhattisgarh me kyu lagu nhi h?
5. Chhattisgarh me CRPF ki casualties jyada hi h.kyu?
6. Casualties km krne k liye kiye gye pryas?

Member 4-
1. Act related to senior citizens?
2. Protection from double jeopardy k bare me jante h?
3. Protection from self incrimination
4. Supreme court ne narco test aur polygraphy test ko ban kr diya.kyu?
5. Mental privacy k bare me jante h?
Date -10/Feb/23
Time -forenoon (3rd to go)
Duration -around 35 minutes
Board- Mrs. Preeti Sudan Mam
Homestate- UP
Graduation - Bsc(hons) Physics from Delhi University
Optional PSIR
Hobby - philosophy of Swami vivekanand, walking-meditation, Web series

Interview transcript

Chairperson- (After entry and greet..) Ask me to remove the mask. 
Ask me about What changed in me after coming to Delhi? (i did my from DU). And follow up questions
Difference between village life and Delhi life
Core philosophy of Swami Vivekanand (my hobby) 
After first posting as an IPS officer.. what will be the guiding principles for you (from the Vivekanand's teaching) 
What is walking-meditation? Is it real thing or did you just invented😅?... How do you do it? 

What is independent judiciary and how it evolved since the enforcement of Constitution
Question on collegium
No other nation in world - where judges appoint judges… Is Indian executive corrupt? 
What is best way? 
Are judiciary decisions decisions pro people or pro government? 
(I said pro people) 
Are you sure? 
Situational questions( me as an ips officer) -  If mob attacked on your boss' house… what will you do? …Will you fire on mob? .. .. What if your boss ordered to fire?..... Follow up questions… what if a person puts gun on your boss' head and your boss ordered you to kill a person… . Wouldn't you follow all the oder?... Which order would you follow? 
what is the capital budget? 
How much increase in capital expenditure in terms of percentage and real value? 
If you're an officer.. How will you decide the project? What should be parameters? 
Why is the toll collected? What should be the time period? 
Is maintenance of highways a capital expenditure? 
What is service before self? 
Is it niskam karma? 
What do you understand by conflict of interests? Ask me related example
Tell me about two courageous work.. You ever did? And follow up questions
what is renewable energy? 
Follow up questions like 

 Which materials use in solar panels
What is lithium? is it available in India(it was covered in same day's newspaper) 
Where are wind power plants
Ask me about my district
Do you about Yudhh sanyasi(about swami Vivekanand)? 
Again another question on vivekanand
Is our judiciary responsible for government or people?... i said people
How? It is not elected

Chairperson said thank you 

Questions may not be in right order

Some other questions which i can't recall right now
No question from state, graduation and optional
Board was very good and cordial especially chairwoman
It was very great experience much better than last time
Utility of mocks- 
Just for confidence building.. Nothing else
Don't mind feedback

Only ias mock -good
Next ias - good
Vision - okay
Mock interview programme (MIP) - Great
Raus ias, KSG - okayish

All the best to everyone
Date and session of interview- 31st Jan. 2023; Forenoon; First one to go
Board- Lt Gen Raj Shukla (Retd)
Optional- Sociology
College- IIT Kanpur, Computer Science & Engineering
Profession (if any)- Software Development Engineer @ Amazon for 2 years till mid-2019
Hobbies- Long distance Running, Watching Historical movies
Hometown: Bihar Sharif, Nalanda, Bihar

Chairman :
  1. EWS reservation - Your Views
  2. Minority judgement opposed More than 50% reservation - Your views
  3. Of the two hobbies(Long Distance running, Historical movies), which one do you prefer for stress busting. =>told Movies
  4. You don't feel your stress relieved after Running?
  5. Which movie did you watched recently =>Told ->Re-watched Gandhi yesterday(30th Jan), before that Parmanu: the story of Pokharan.
  6. What this quote means to you "History never repeats itself, but it often rhymes"
  7. Diff. b/w Spanish flu and Covid-19
    a. Told ->vaccine ->reduced Deaths in COVID-19
  8. Total deaths by Spanish flu, covid-19 world wide ->said don't remember
  9. It was there in Europe. Then, how it came to India.
    ○ Answered ->He replied - It seems you have good grasp on history.

Member 1 (Lady)
  1. What were you doing for the past 3 years?
  2. What is the Occupation theory of caste?
  3. Is politics becoming the next caste =>she clarified ->politics is an occupation; and politicians are dynastic & thus hereditary.
  4. Amazon is doing good business but why is it laying off people?
  5. What was the difference in work culture there at Amazon?
    a. Told - much informal grouping and working
  6. Counter question ->But it is true for all IT companies
    a. My team ->6-8 people all of similar age =>more informality
  7. Is eCommerce good for the economy?
  8. Is it good for the small sellers?
  9. Is it good for the tribals?
  10. Is it good for the small sellers which are not well versed with tech or have small scale.

Member 2
  1. You belong to Bihar Sharif. So why is it called "Sharif" =>Told that there is tomb of important Sufi saint "Sheikh Makhdoom Yahya Maneri".
  2. Which Silsila did he belonged to? =>Firdausia
  3. What was the philosophy of that silsila. =>Don't know
  4. Why was he called "Maneri"? =>Not aware
  5. What other silsilas are there?
  6. What was Important features of the Sufi movement.
  7. Equivalent in Hinduism and its feature. =>Told "devotion to god" as one of its feature
  8. But, isn't devotion to god common to everyone. How is it different?
  9. Why Nalanda is important? When was it active?
  10. So, you watched Gandhi movie. Which scene did you liked the most =>Told Dandi march and Salt Satyagraha
  11. Why Salt was chosen?

Member 3:
  1. You talked about constitution. So, tell me what are the provisions in constitution regarding International relations =>Told Article 51 and its provisions.
  2. So, do you think the Gandhian philosophy and these provisions for IR is relevant in present time. =>Told yes, gave example of how Arbitration on maritime boundary with Bangladesh and its acceptance led to much robust Indo-Bangladesh relations presently.
  3. So, do you think that even for India-China border we should go for arbitration?
    ○ Asked few seconds to think on it. =>Told no and gave logic that First, there is chances of us losing the arbitration. Further, even if we win China may not respect it as seen in South China Sea Arbitration case. Thus, negative for us on both count.
  4. It is said that "Data is the new oil". Why Data is important?
  5. Data privacy importance?
    ○ I Gave example of Facebook & Cambridge Analytica ->used data for political advertisement and mobilising favourable opinion for a particular candidate by targetted advertisement =>These targetted advertisement could be used for nudging attitude of people in any direction.
Afternoon session, 2nd to go

Background- civil engineering(2017),MDU
Optional- history
4th attempt ,2nd interview
Home state -delhi
Hobby - cricket , teaching children
Job- none

Chairwoman - Preeti Sudan

What's happening in joshimath?
What are the solutions ?
Do u know today is national women's day?
Sarojini Naidu's bday !


Why history as optional?
Why civil services ?
When was Delhi used frst as a capital ?
Which rulers changed their capital from Delhi ?
What happened during Britishers era with Delhi as a capital? When did they shift to Delhi?
Positives and negatives of multiple capital ? Which state is in news for this?

Mountains ki height ki limit hti h kya gravity ki wajah se ?
Tunelling me concrete use hti h. Joshimath me tunelling se concrete use kar toh Lia. Then what is the issue with it for land subsidence ?
DMRC me pillars k upar girders hte h? What is it's length to width ratio ? Why it is used so?
What is the civil engineering reason for joshimath issue?
Why animals can know about EQ before hand?
Range of sound frequency for humans?
What is the name used for the frequency other than this range?

What is inclusive governance ?
If you are a dm , then what will be your priority and how will you ensure inclusive governance ?who are the stakeholders in a district administration?
Take an example
Use of technology in administration to make it inclusive ?

Ops vs nps ? Cross questions here .
Caste census ? Your opinion ?
Dr BR ambedkar talked about annihilation of caste ? We have not been able to achieve that ? What are your views ?
Which cricket do you follow? T20 ,ODI ,Test ? Which one is favorite ?
Why test cricket is favorite ?
Thank you . Have a good day !

Special thanks to satyam bhai
And my peer group including rishab ,shivin,Shivam and kartikey bhai. Discussion is the only thing that helped me in certain questions !!!
State : Punjab
Optional : No relevance (nothing asked)
Graduation : PIE (Nothing asked)
Hobbies : Bhangra
Board : Preeti Sudan Mam
Interview medium : Punjabi
Mam :
i ll ask in Punjabi. Other members in Hindi/English. Are you comfortable? You reply in any language.
1. Graduation in PIE why this optional?
2. Drug problem in Punjab causes. Solution
3. What is speciality of your city (Khanna)
4. Mandi Gobindgarh - why industry is in ruins

1. Drug issue continued
2. Freebies in Punjab despite Huge debt
3. How will u convince cm not to give freebies

1. Forest policy of India
2. Human - animal conflict
3. Features of NEP 2020
4. G20 - tell something about this. India's focus areas

1. Tell me about your final yr project
2. How u got it and what was your work
3. Tell me Newton's 3 laws of motion
4. If i drop 2 things at same time what will reach ground first?
5. When do u perform Bhangra? In low or in high? (Told me it is a very good exercise and dance)

1 . Problem of Desertion of wives by NRIs. What can be solution
2. Should trade with Pak be started by attari
3. Punjabi youth less in miltary - economic and social implications

Mam : Your interview is over. You can go.
Experience : Board was very cordial. Mam asked me in Punjabi and counter questions also in Punjabi. (Was saying very good sometimes)

Members sometimes laughed sometimes were in serious mood. Mam was in encouraging mood.
13 th feb 2023

Forenoon-third to go
Board-preeti Sudan madam
Optional-anthro(nothing on it)
Degree-B tech-only one Q
Hobbies-(nothing on it)
Duration-35 min

1) topics of your street-play?(college extra curricular-I mentioned malnutrition in children)
2) steps as DM for reducing malnutrition?
3)mentioned corruption in the last ans for PDS-so madam asked will biometrics help to reduce it?

M1-(most grilling)
1) agencies for investigation of corruption cases?
2) how ED works?what is your opinion about allegation of political interference?
3)any Act for money laundering?
4) revenue deficit, capital deficit, fiscal deficit, current account deficit? FY 23-24 targets for fiscal deficit?
5) can EVM be hacked? Your opinion?
6) anti defection law-any changes needed?
7) what was the case of maharashtra with respect to it?
8) when it will be applicable-number of MLAs needed when defection is allowed? For merger?

M2-(was encouraging throughout)
1)why you want to be a civil servant?
What difficulty you faced to shift from engineering to CSE?
2) subjects you liked in school/college?(i said mathematics)
3) why mathematics is important in life?
4) role of statistics in arts?
5) situation-city A and city B having 50 and 100 criminals respectively and number increased by 10 in both.. which one is doing better among them to tackle crime?
6)why so much hype about environment conservation?
7)Steps needed for that?
8) why we failed to improve public transport? how to improve public transport?
9) why to build roads and bridges?
10) why work from home is feasible?shall it be made mandatory for all?

1) connection of Punjab with my district..
2)what do you know about place Ralegansidhhi in Maharashtra?
3) watershed development?
4) can it be used in Vidarbha and Marathwada ? How?
5) modes through which services can be exchanged between countries?

1)Mission of your life?
2) goal of your life?
3)areas you want to work if you become a civil servant?
4) elaborate each one of them?
5) national health policy? Provisions? Current status of insurance in India?
6) what is sustainable development?
7) SDG goals… mention few of them..

Chair mam- thank you..

Utility of mocks-didn’t give many.. only one samkalp ..was a good experience.. kind of a simulation..
Date -- 14/02/23, timing--10.35-11.05
State : UK
Daf-- Maths, Civil engg, IITR, IOCL, background of army
Hobbies : solving classic sudoku, watching cricket , whistling
Board : Read first question smjh jaoge😅

Chairperson ---
1. What are you doing since 2020.
2. What is this classic sudoku? How often you solve it? Online or offline? How much time do you take?
3. Why test matches are not going till 5th day? 3 days m hi kyu khatm hoja rhe hain test matches?
4. MS dhoni, Kohli and Rohit-- in your opinion who is best captain.
5. What is mankading?

1.You were earning ........Lakh why civil services now? You will get only 60k here.
Mostly discussion with member 2 in this only  and few laughter moment in between😂
2. Don't you think  we are only recognising service of military as a nation service? What about other services? Why police, administration not valued?

1. Don't you think it is unfair ki Australia wale fast bowling pitch banate Hain and Indians spinning pitch. How it is Gentleman game?
2. Tell me about Joshimath issue. What should be way forward?
3. How to utilise potential of retired army jawan, generally they  work post retirement as a Guard?
4. Status of manufacturing sector in India? How to increase utility? (Based upon previous ans)

1. Tell me about Aero India project?
2. How it will help India? Name few fighter jets? Which one we are exporting?
3. How did you develop whistling hobby?
4. What is layoff? Why countries laying off employees now?
5. How Indians can utilise this ?
6. What are emerging technologies?India's scope in this
7. How valentine and whistling are related?

1 .Tell me about history of your college?
2. What was it's name before University of Roorkee?
3. Why lagging in QS ranking? Few counter questions.
4. Your college in UK and this Joshimath issue happened there only. Don't you think it is failure of such great institute? Few counter questions
4. What is curfew? In which law it is mentioned.

Chairperson : Your interview is over. All the best. You can go

Utility of mock--- attended around 10. Almost Same feedback from everywhere. Kahi v jao mujhe to same hi Lage😂

One to one which were very helpful-- With Kaptaan( boosted confidence in last 3 days, suggestion were very helpful during interview), Khan Sir, Sriram sir, Ravindran sir and Mohan sir
If time go for all these
Afternoon session - 1st to go
Duration ~ 40 mins
Priti sudan mam board
Keywords from DAF - Madhya Pradesh , Bsc(pcm) graduation , Cricket , bollywood movies
 No question from optional
Chairwoman - Be comfortable we just want to talk to you

1 - what's famous in your district
2 - what are major problems of your district
3 - if u are appointed as your districts collector , what will be your priorities
4 - are gram sabha meetings being held in your area , do u have taken part in it
5 - whats the status of agriculture there
6 - is msp being inplemented efficiently there

Member - 2
1 - is there any demands for separate state in madhya pradesh
2 - why these demands arise
3- famous mountains and hills of mp
4- why it is said that hindi is not there in South of satpura
5 - as a administrator what will you suggest for holistic development of mp

Member 3
1 - what are some methods of cleaning water
2 - how R.O. works ( I said sorry )
3 - why ground water pollution in country
4 - any specific reason for punjab ground water pollution
5 - if u have to priorities in these 3 areas what will be your priorities 1- illiteracy 2- malnutrition 3- basic health facilities
6 - beti bachao beti padhao
7 - impact of promoting women education

Member 4
1 - What is consumer price index
2- how inflation impacts economy
3 - Rbi and govt majors to tackle inflation
4 - what would u suggest to bollywood for its development
5 - pathan movie controversy
6 - did any movie got oscar recently

Member 5
1 - Deen dayal antyodaya yojna
2 - Which format in cricket u like most
3 - views about test cricket
4 - any recent award to india player ( shubman gill - player of the month )
5 - what shubman has done
6 - favourite cricketer and why

Chairwoman - your interview is over , all the best beta☺️

Utility of mocks - only to build confidence , maintain eye contact etc real interview is altogether different
Recommended - only ias , samkalp , vajirao and reddy

Thank u
Interview -8 feb
Name - final list me aayega tbhi btaunga
Optional -law
Background -SRCC, law from faculty of law ,delhi living
Panel-smita nagraj mam

I enter the room
Chairperson- be comfortable and relax
1.what are you doing since 2020?
2.why civil services over legal career?
3.reasons for increasing number of undertrials for sc and sts? biggest problem in judiciary and there solutions ?
Some other questions unable to remember

Panel 1 member-
1.corporate social responsibility?
2.exceptions of principal of natural justice?
3.a case study was asked Between right to life vs right to privacy?

Panel 2 member- 1.should we continue with pil or not?reasons
2.should Hindi or other regional languages be promoted in higher courts?
Panel 3-1. Should we ban soft drugs ? And many counter questions on same
2. Alcohol ban ?

Panel 4- 1.yamna pollution reasons and it's solutions and counter questions?
2.industrial research and development?
3.question on my hobby that is playing table tennis

Utility of mocks - help in building confidence but upsc interview is totally another ball game
Thank you ,some other questions were also asked but I am unable to recall right now
14/02Afternoon, 2nd to go, 25-30 mins
Priti sudan mam board

Name - electronics engineer {by mistake}

Keywords from DAF - uttar  Pradesh, Vedic mathematics , bhawna yoga , paper craft ,optional {hindi lit} no question},  - *Qki unko b nhi ata tha*
Hindi poetry, college magzine editor, research paper

Chairwoman - Be comfortable we just want to talk to you

Chair woman-
1. Tell me something interesting about your district
2. You write hindi poem,
Recite your any poem
3. How you decide theme of ur poetry?
4. In which journal you published  your research paper?
5. What was the idea in your research paper? Some cross question

Member 1
1. In continuation of published paper
2. Relevance of magzine in today's
3. Digital vs physical magzine
4. Question related to finance commission (15th and16th)
*Some more question on economy (not recalling)

Member 2
1. What did u presented in Innovation conclave { cross question}
2. What is start up?
3. Any institution, which promoting startup or financing startup?
4. Sidbi
* Discussion on startup*

Member 3
1. Was Your innovation project and final year project  same?
2. What you did in your final year project?{traffic signal for color blind person}
3.cross Question related to final year project
4. What is the latest chip size ?
Nanometer means?
Size of atom?
5. Moore's law?
6. Is moore's law  scientific or just possiblity/observations?
7.Is it possible zero size of chip?
8. Basic science question (sudden bomb)
{ Keel ko ulta thokege to kya hoga?}
{Garmi m pankhe ke niche thanda kyu feel krte h}

Member - 4
A long monologue about turkey situation nd india's help?
1.Why india is doing so?
2.Importance of turkey for india
3.india's relation with turkey
4. Strategic/geographical importance of turkey?
5 trade relation with russia?
6.from which route russian fuel come to india?
{Essence- unko sunna tha ki turkey se relation achhe krne ka karan- russia s aane wale oil jo ki bosphorus and dardenells straight se ate h}
7.your District's location, which looks forcefully connected to uttarpradesh. {Everyone can guess district}
Why is it in uttarpradesh? Why not giving to madhyapradesh?

Chairwoman - thankyou, all the best👍
* Limited mock * just for confidence and making ur reply crisp nd balanced.
Date-16/02/2023, morning,2nd to go
Board-satyawati ma'am
Optional -psir
Hobbies -listening to podcasts
Language -Hindi(no issue , you can speak in Hindi +English mix)
Duration -25to 30 mins
1.what kind of podcast/which podcast you last listened to/ multiple questions as I said true crime/question on aarushi talwar case(as I mentioned about it)
2.China plus 1 strategy then multiple questions on pli , comparison with Vietnam, India manufacturing strategy, apple/foxconn plant in TN
3. Why this cadre when you're from other state
4. How India's image has improved in last 10-15 years .. ( economy growth+soft power, IT sector)
5. Is India back office of the world (currently)or manufacturing hub (mebbe in future)of the world?
1. What makes you upset and what makes you happy
2. things about India which makes you angry
3. Again more questions on India manufacturing failure ...PLI... Vietnam comparison etc.
3. Why startups mostly in service sector and not in manufacturing sector
1. Balloon technology (I compared it with satellites ) then many questions..what are other uses apart from surveillance
2. My name is asked a lot of questions about amartya sen...
3. Why so many suicides in IIT(3 suicides in last 2 days)..many questions
1. Media role in covering crime
2. NIA/CBI/DRI/FIU/SFIO.. questions related to UAPA.. individual foreign terrorist..
3. Supreme court guidelines on crime coverage
1. On The Argumentative Indians (book by amartya sen)
2. Freedom of speech
3. Reasonable restrictions in constitution
4. Why IT act, other laws are trying to suppress free speech

Mocks-gave 4, next ias ksg, chanakya ias, forum ias
Utility - not fact I became tensed when they said you need to speak mostly in language (Hindi)which you have picked..don't use too many English words..but that doesn’t happen in actual PT
Date and session of interview- 8th Afternoon
Board- Smita Nagraj mam
Optional- Chemistry
College- IIT D
Profession (if any)- Software Engineer
Hobbies- Cooking, Competitive coding
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- khan sir(ksg) was very good
Vision, NextIAS, Samkalp was also good
Chanykya Mandal - got butchered

Chair- Smita Nagraj mam
What are you doing?
Bots to counter it?
Bots being used to force their own views on others, ethical?
Mirzapur carpet industries and child labour.... Destination national flagged Child labour, is it correct for others to interfere in our issues?
US human rights reports about India... Is it correct?
Does such a report affect our relationship?

Will India continue to lead the IT sector?
Will IITians continue to go abroad for jobs?
Why they are staying in India now?
Gordon Ramsay being very rude, what do you feel?
Restaurant owned or run by him?
Why Nano car failed in India ?
(1-2 more questions)

Do you know about the Sweatshop of Bangladesh?
Human rights issues are flagged only for the Indian textile Industry and not for Bangladesh, do you think there is some economic motive behind it?
Seen K'taka and UP, development level difference, is it right for developed states to fund underdeveloping states?
Is it right to penalise them for some correct policies and decisions taken in the past?
Should UP be bifurcated?
Purvanchal will lose from bifurcation...What do you think about it?

Foreign schools in India and foreign languages being it right when we are not able to focus on our native languages?
Lead acid battery issues monologue...
Alternative to lead acid battery?
How has comppetitve coding and puzzles Solving helped you in developing yourself?
Your 1 strength and 1 weakness?
How is overthinking a weakness?

NEP points?
How India can be Visva guru?
Foreign campus in India, should they be allowed?
Write your comment…