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Interview Transcripts of CSE/IFoS 2022

Please post interview transcripts of UPSC CSE or IFoS 2022 here, so that all can access and get benefitted from them.

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Date -21 Feb

Let Gen Raj Shukla sir board
Name- Anonymous
State- Rajasthan
Optional -Geography
Work experience -No
Graduation - Btech electrical engineering
Hobby- Cricket and music

Chairman -(while questions he kept smiling .He framed questions in a way they appeared to be statements than questions.Framing answers to those i find challenging)

1.Why did you choose geography is it scoring or you had genuine interest.

2. India's geography tells it is maritime nation but we have ignored maritime sector.

2 Counter questions on this

3. China navy superior to us ,we are in no competition. Why

4.Map reading in geography

5.Caste based reservation right or wrong ? Should we continue after 70 years?
What should be objective criteria?

6.Half of world population lives in cities .They are growth promoters but rural population in india is 66% .Where should we focus more Cities or villages?

7. REcently Commissionerate system is induced in more cities of up , why ? It's Benefits

M1 (Mostly state based)

1.Why we choose hindi and ignored Sanskrit despite Sanskrit being important langauge

2.Famous battles of rajasthan

3. Important warrior of rajasthan

4. Tell about maharana pratap

5. Contribution of rajasthan in Army, is there any specific regiment
Asked name of a general from Rajasthan (didn't remember)

M2 (Least interested in my answers, No cross questions)

1. NEP

2.Should we control population as we will surpass
China in next few years

3.Police reforms

(very sharp always focused on me.Asked many cross questions.Trying to build pressure and changing my opinion )

1.About changing name of cities and places,Should we change ?
If we change name what problem might occur

2.Why Indore is doing very good as smart city and cities like Lucknow not doing good.

3.Music quality decline who is responsible the maker or listeners(Hobby)

M4 (lady, Very supportive)

1.Pm Wani ,How and where internet is being provided by it

2. Sources of power in developed countries

3.You are young and administrative job is full of pressure suppose after marriage if your wife is pregnant and critical while you are on duty what will you do?

Your interview is over.

Utility of mock - For a first timer (Me) they help in building confidence to face board .
few questions from hobby and geography get repeated from mock

I gave 3 - Onlyias , drishti ias ,Nextias

But the way questions are being asked in Upsc and the pressure I felt there I found it different from mock.
 5th to go 22 feb
Board-- shukla sir
Time--30 -35min
DAF-- gorakhpur, UP, badminton, egyptology ( questioned asked from these topics)

1.Gorakhpur se ho. To Yogi ji ke aane ke baad kya badlaav aaya( asked in hindi)
2. Whats the status of Defence corridor in UP. ( i told where its being made)
3. How much work is done on it. Long monologue on Lockheed Martin etc etc when they will see the ground reality of UP. They will run away... ( I countered it).
4. Bulldozer baba. He said he likes this approach. Asked my opinion
5. If 5 Prime Ministers could not change UP what makes you optimistic that yogi ji will do it.
6. Farm laws. Most of the experts and economist supported the farm laws but still a majority government has to repeal it. Whats your tale on it.
7. Counter questions on above like should ordinances be wayforword due to public oppostn? Farm reforms are debated simce 3 decade so how can there be lack of communication and awareness among farmers.
8. Should private players be allowed in agri. Pvt are profit driven and govt to bs jante hi ho.

Member 1
1. Tell me some of the eastern up cities. As soon as i said varansi he stopped me.
2. What makes varansi so special
3 is there a cruize started recently( i missed it in last questn😁)
4. Does it have a wider benefit or symbolic only.
5. Whats your take on temple development in varansi.
6. And on ayodhya
7 and on mathura😐( here i told about the protests by locals)
8. Ramcharit manas controversy in up. What was it.( didnt ask the opinion only the issue)

Member 2
1 about madarsa controversy(😐 bs hindu muslim jyada ho rha tha to mai backoff kr gya)
2. UP also has the famous sunni centre ( said sorry )
 Some more questn on religious lines dont remember.

Member 3( very cool, smiling)
1. So you play badminton, tell me how india is faring in badminton.
2. Why we have now started winning( i also mentioned post 2012 saina nehwal medal popularity increased)
3. Didnt we win before Saina ( i told 2 All England winning of P Padukone and P Gopichand)

 CHAIRPERSON asked so if we are winning since 1980s why only popular now. ( i mentioned P Gopichand Academy)
Then he asked you know who coached Gopichand ( i told P. Padukone)
 And he also has a academy older than gopichands then why is he is not that famous ( i answered, he seemed satisfied)

Again member 3 continued..

4. Prakash padukone also has a daughter. Do you know him?
5.Was she good at badminton too.

(Then he said she left badminton for acting just as you left mechanical eng. For civil services and they all started laughing.)

 6.Asked about Gopichands daughter too.
7. coach of saina nehwal. ( i told initially gopichand)
8.He asked after him(i told vimal kumar)
 Lets talk about lucknow.
9.What is so peculiar about its Tehjeeb.( also told a joke)
10.There is a place in Lucknow where you may get lost. Do you know it( bhulbhulaiya)

Member 4 ( lady member)
1. What is egyptology( daf)
2. How do we know about ancient egypt
3. How was there language deciphered. ( wanted to know about rosetta stone)
4. Indology vs egyptology
5. Why egyptian civilisation died and indian is still alive.
6.can we use the egyptian modal of toutism in india? Will it work?
7.asked to compare kashi vs cairo but then said leave it since you have not been to cairo.
8. issue of migration from up to maharastra. What is the plus point of this migration for both.( socio ghusa diya maine)

All the best. U may go.

Note-- No intro
No why ias etc
Didnt even asked at last " anything you want to say."
Chairman: Manoj Soni
Date of interview: 21 February, 2022
Time: Morning, first one to go
Keyword of DAF: Sociology, Cycling, Rubics Cube, Traffic Management, Science fiction movies, Geology, Hansraj college

1. Which day it is today?
2. Why people don't keep clean shave now a days? = saw mine
3. About Hansraj?
4. Name 4 social reforms of present time
5. Sociology of LASER (I think it is what was asked)
6. Cycle race in the world and India's position

Member 1:
1. How will you manage traffic of your district if you are the DM?
2. Issues of traffic in Delhi, solution.
3. J&K issue for India and Pakistan - how both perceive it differently?
4. Some thinker's name of sociology and his book, I forgot the name

Member 2:
1. Intersteller Movie - about it
2. Again some questions on traffic
3. Cycling issue in our country.

Member 3:
1. Why high number of death on roads, issues.
2. How to make people follow traffic laws.

Member 4
1. Why people don't wear helmet while cycling?
2. Why cycles in India are costly?
3. Aravalli's, Delhi ridge, fault lines near Delhi
4. Digital conent like movies and webseries - show sexual content and other stuff - should they be regulated?

Chairman again
1. Why corruption in India?
2. Did you face corruption (here i was caught and I think it this question may cause me dearly)

These are 50-60% questions what I could recall. Sirs and maams, please pardon me for this.

Remarks: Overall 80% question from DAF. Soni sir was smiling and all the member's were very cordial. Fear in real interview was only 20% of mocks. Real interview is all together a different game. I am not sure what my marks would be but I enjoyed the entire interview. Initially I was little nervous but by 10 min later, only i was speaking and rest were listening and observing me very closely. Just go and enjoy the process. What I felt was not knowledge but what you really are would come to your rescue in the final interview. I was not able to revise so much content which I scrambled during interview preparation. But what helped me answering was what I really felt. I am done with this years cycle. I want to say to all BEST OF LUCK. Don't run after so much content - only 2 things needed = your DAF and your BROAD UNDERSTANDING. Rest you can deny if you really don't know. That way you can manage 60-70% of your interview nicely.

My mocks: Vision IAS, NEXTIAS, Vajirao and Reddy, RaoIAS and one to one with many including Ravindran sir
Observation of mocks: you can give mocks but don't run after many. Choose few and focus on your own core strength. All institutes are equally good and equally bad. They on the one hand help you in giving simulator environment but on the other hand break your own confidence like RaosIAS did with me. Give 4,5,6 mocks and I think you can develop your confidence within this much feeding.
That's all from my interview. Best of luck to all.
Date:23 feb 2023
Board: Smita Nagaraj
Optional: Sociology
Key words: cooking, learning mixed martial arts, Bike Riding, Mysore, Karnataka, Mumbai, NABARD, BE in electrical and electronics(no question)

Chairperson: Is this your first interview? I told third good we ll move directly to question then as you are aware of the process and formalities.

How to resolve belgaum dispute between karnataka and maharashta.
Some cross question on why frequently dispute arises what more can be done? Should there be a referrendum? Do you really believe that people will elect such leaders?

Member1: what do you like to cook?
Why so much importance to millet? Why is it important from diet point of view?
Tell me innovation done in mysore that may have changed warfare? I told Rockets by Tippu sultan.
What is your opinion on Tippu sultan? Why so many different opinion on him?

Member 2: why harley davidson exited india?
Mumbai, Bangalore has so much traffic issue dont you feel frustrated while going to office every day in that traffic?
Impact of university common enterance exam?

Member 3: long monologue on perception of India in south east asia. Why india s image as weak in capacity to implement but good perception in terms of soft power? What needs to be done?

Member 4: what martial arts included in olympics?. Why less medals?. Which sector do you see more medals in future?
Jawed akhtar's comment in pakistan. Do you think it is true?. I said yes and added to few points of what Jawed akhtar said. He got a standing ovation do you think Pakistan s people is changing?should we open talks with pakistan to peace?

Member 5: inter state water dispute? Why has it been long standing issue?. Why we could solve indus water issue with pakistan but not resolve issue between karnataka and tamil nadu?
What are the Issues arising out of demographic difference between south and north?. I told migration he gave clue saying in new parliament building nunber of spacs is nore but seats less. I said issues arising out of Demarcation of territtorial constituencies.

Board was very cordial but were frequently monitored time but gave me sufficient time to answer each question but appeared to finish the process fast. Approx time:30mins

No Mocks but one 2 one discussion with Abhishek Saraf sir on Daf and issues faced during last interviews and discussion with Sayali Gaekwad, 2021 interview topper on framing answers and type of questions. Both helped alot in framing my answer
Date and session of interview- 22nd Feb.last session
Board- Shukla sir
Optional- pubad
College- mba
Profession (if any)- ITC
Hobbies- Yoga,trekking, bollywood dancing
Your experience in interview- cordial board, some members were nodding and smiling once In a while,.

Highest altitude trekked
Which places
Is iit brand better than iim?
How can Pvt sector and govt use their strength for development.
Govt attitude towards profit making.has it changed compared to nehruvian era.
Approach of profit making in defence.
Is pvt sector doing enough for development.
Status of startups in ind
How  can govt deliver on its commitment to startups

In pubad, have you heard ### model??. (Said sorry)
Which topic are in pubad, u liked most
Is Weberian bureaucracy relevant for india ?
Count question on this and bureaucracy's focus on rules and regulations..

Vande bharat metro prj
Pakistan crisis reason and will it strengthen india's position in j&k
What was this case competition (daf)
Health sector status
Which public policies you would like to implement in ind
Is your salary in increasing order or decreasing? 
What is acroyoga? (Daf)

Ethical issues in working for a cigarette company.multiple counter questions on this like will you ban smoking?
ItC business model
Does bollywood dance term exist or you have coined it?
Sabrimala verdict and my views on it

M4 (lady member)
Medha patkar and Narmada andolan ( birthplace in my daf)
how to boost tourism in Narmada parikrama 
Is euthanasia and samadhi(yoga) same? Counter questions on this

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- good for confidence boosting, mannerism, identifying gaps in daf prep, some questions were repeated in main interview.
O2O with khan sir, rau ias, drishti, vajirao and reddy, studying are good.
4th to go in (out of 6) Afternoon
Board Lt Gen R. Shukla
Background - Computer science, IIT Delhi, Physics optional
Rajasthan Home state
Hobbies - Swimming, Science communication
Achievements/leadership etc - Western music competition, Mentor in college

Experience - 40+ minutes, Mostly about vision and understanding of India related to DAF sections (e.g. Music ->Drug problem). Mocks are good for understanding shortcomings and slight course correction. Panel was cordial and cheerful after 5 minutes (except M2)

Space tech and militarization
Why india is lagging behind (ISRO?)
how come people like Elon musk taking strides in space?

5g in India?
What benefits could be seen
Why is China using 5g to make police state
Why is China assertive externally and domestically?
What's the change we see in China of past and today (Context November 20th meet of CCP)?

Why are there drug use in western Rock music enthusiasts?
What can be done for drugs?
What are sources of drugs in India?
Any act by the government?

Is India commerce friendly?
What recent steps have we taken?

As a foreign tourist in India, what would be my concerns?
    (clarified if English speaking tourist or not - he said doesn't matter)
Japan had bullet train 25 years ago, with unified pass system, Why is Indian tourism not doing good enough?

What organisation gives rating to education institutes? (I asked if he meant ranking) he said no.

M3 -
what is dynasty politics
Why is it bad?
Isn't it unfair to ask children of politicians to prove their merit more than normal candidates?

What is the famous festival of Jaipur? (I said gangor fest)
what/who was celebrated? (Said not sure)
Only girls celebrate it? or boys and men too? (I said not sure but if it was up to me, why exclude yourself and not celebrate something? - *Panel laughs*)

M4 -
What was your role as a mentor?
Is the anti-ragging policy of IIT Delhi good? (I said yes and it is very effective, She murmers "doctrine of effectiveness" under her breath but does not ask more)

What was the Mandal protest?
What did we end up doing after the protest?
Is there any other country with reservation policy? (I said not exactly like India, but reservation under affirmative action and power sharing is seen in various countries of middle east and west)
-She tells me about Australia reservation for first people-

Is it ethical - putting trackers on children to check if they are going to wrong places or drug dens?
Recent case of child who was orphan in Kerala (and spoke Malayalam) but had parents in Maharashtra who wanted the child back after discovering. The child does not want to go, what do you do?

(Difficult question! I said that the morals of consent are important here even if it is a child and he/she must be heard. If the parents are willing to provide for the child then on a temporary basis, compatibility can be tried.)

- Cross - Then do you think only rich parents must get the right to have their child back or poor do to?

Thank you, All the best your interview is over

Name- GC

Date and session of interview- 13th Feb, 2023 & forenoon session

Board- Satyawathi Ma'am

Optional- PSIR

State- Himachal Pradesh

College- PEC University of Technology

Profession exp- Western Digital (Till 2021)

Hobbies- Oil Painting

Your experience in interview-

Chairperson: Satyavathi Mam read out the DAF loudly and asked the following questions 

 1. What have you been doing since 2021

 2. Why don’t you want to continue in your technical forte

 3. Explain us your patent

 4. How long did it take for your patent to be granted

 5. Do you get any royalty or just the organisation gets it.

 6. Why so less patents from India and what can be done to improve this number

 7. What can be done to reduce the time taken in granting the patent


 1. You have worked so well in electronics field. What would you prefer- getting into services as a specialist lateral entrant or through the exam as a generalist

 2. Since governance is mostly based on technology now, do you prefer having generalists or tech specialists in the field 

 3. What made you go for civil services

 4. You are from HP. Did you find Bangalore beautiful?

 5. Bangalore has people from so many cultures. Didn't that make it difficult for you to adjust in Bangalore?


 1. Your patent has the word 'Privacy'. How can we ensure privacy when everywhere in ML, AI and other new technologies require data is to be used

 2. Your optional is PSIR. Tell us what constitutes 'Basic Structure'

 3. What does preamble say about India. Is it true? Are we able to follow the ideals mentioned in preamble.

 4. What does 'Republic' mean


 1. Does HP have border with any other country? Which country?

 2. What is this border called?

 3. Have both the countries agreed upon the border demarcation?

 4. Which country has more issues wrt border?

 5. Have you heard about 'string of pearls'? How does it matter to India if China has this policy?



 1. Have you opted for IPS?

 2. Why do you think female candidates find IPS difficult?

 3. Any female IPS officer you know who has worked in your distt.?

 4. Where is Mallacan Strait? How is it important for China?

 5. You must have gone through budget. How much fund is allocated this time to PMAY?

 6. What does MISHTI stand for? 

 7. Also, tell some more schemes which are being run for alleviating poverty.

Experience: Board was very cordial. They were constantly nodding, instilling more confidence. Great experience overall which no mock can match. 

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- Gave me confidence, helped me improve my non-verbal communication and some questions also got repeated

Board: smitha nagarajan mam
Date: 24/02/2023
Graduation: BDS
Daf key words: ecotourism, science fiction, leisure time counselling, anti tobacco drives
Best sportsman
First 2 members interviewed with mask on, rest no mask( m3 asked me to remove it )
1. What is ajay in ajay vision pvt limited? ( job )
2. You did anti tobacco drives, but tell me about your opinion on state promoting alcohol! Is state promoting it by opening shops everywhere?
3. Should alcohol be banned completely?
4. Many cross questions.

1. Asked about old science fiction movies, which i was not aware of.
2. Startrek? Yes, whats so unique about it?  Said no!( he said it exactly depicted the emergence of smart phones?
3. Start wars? Said no
4. What have you watched? Said snowpiercer, avatar, interstellar, lost in space, asked me to tell about the theme of lost in space.
5. What is ecotourism?
6. Why ecotourism more important in andamans
Audible but couldn’t understand his pronounciation
1 . Unethical issues in dentistry and as a DM how will you solve it?
2. Schemes in your state covering everything from birth to death, don’t you think people will become lazy?
3. Child labour issues in tobacco industry

M3 and M4 ( master grillers)
1. Why best sportsman?
2. Which sports? Said cricket, volleyball, 100mts sprint
3. India Australia cricket pitch issue, pressurized me to accept that winning at any cost is more important, i said sportsmanship more important.
4. He said do we play cricket for leisure or winning, i said winning, he said then what’s wrong in making pitches that suits us, I sticked to my stance.
5. Rich countries used up their carbon quota, now asking us not to go for it, it’s our right no? ( I didn’t concurred with his views) forced me to change my stance, I politely said sorry I don’t think so, asked me to justify logically, gave him some justification.
6. Your opinion on indias stance on ukraine russia? I said neutral and emphasised on peace and dialogue.
7. He said, how can it be a stance, when india preaches vasudaiva kutumbikam, it should intervene, i said not taking sides aligns with the idea of vk, he said it can’t be , russia battering ukraine, i said in in foreign relations national interests matters.
8. If you are PM , what will be your foreign policy priorities? Said improve bilateral ties with china

Overall cordial, light movements, but at three instances tried to exert pressure to change opinions. 99% daf , one current affair, that too russia ukraine.

Unable to decipher, how it went.
Date and session of interview- 22nd Feb.last session
Board- Shukla sir
Optional- pubad
College- mba
Profession (if any)- ITC
Hobbies- Yoga,trekking, bollywood dancing
Your experience in interview- cordial board, some members were nodding and smiling once In a while,.

Highest altitude trekked
Which places
Is iit brand better than iim?
How can Pvt sector and govt use their strength for development.
Govt attitude towards profit making.has it changed compared to nehruvian era.
Approach of profit making in defence.
Is pvt sector doing enough for development.
Status of startups in ind
How  can govt deliver on its commitment to startups

In pubad, have you heard ### model??. (Said sorry)
Which topic are in pubad, u liked most
Is Weberian bureaucracy relevant for india ?
Count question on this and bureaucracy's focus on rules and regulations..

Vande bharat metro prj
Pakistan crisis reason and will it strengthen india's position in j&k
What was this case competition (daf)
Health sector status
Which public policies you would like to implement in ind
Is your salary in increasing order or decreasing? 
What is acroyoga? (Daf)

Ethical issues in working for a cigarette company.multiple counter questions on this like will you ban smoking?
ItC business model
Does bollywood dance term exist or you have coined it?
Sabrimala verdict and my views on it

M4 (lady member)
Medha patkar and Narmada andolan ( birthplace in my daf)
how to boost tourism in Narmada parikrama 
Is euthanasia and samadhi(yoga) same? Counter questions on this

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- good for confidence boosting, mannerism, identifying gaps in daf prep, some questions were repeated in main interview.
O2O with khan sir, rau ias, drishti, vajirao and reddy, studying are good.

23/02/2023 , Afternoon 5th to go
Smitha Nagraj Mam Board
Btech Mechanical from NIT Trichy, 2019
Native : Adilabad,Telangana
Hobbies :Playing Cricket, Travelling
Optional - ANthropology
4th attempt, 2nd interview
Time - around 30 mins(but i feel it doesnt matter at all)
1) You are from Adilabad, then went to hyderabad, to trichy.. dont you like north india and you have travelling as hobby? jusitfy it
2) Since you stayed in delhi after 2019, you must have joined coaching?
3) Why didnt you join? you realised it is waste of time or you dont like it?
4) As you enrolled in test series, does it really help? What about people who cannot afford?
5) Difference between coaching institutes in Delhi and hyderbad?
6) What did you learn from your college?
7) If you are an introvert, how come you are confident now or whether you are faking confidence infront of us? (I said initially i want to fake my confidence but after conversing with you mam it is coming naturally)
8) Why are you into this administrative stuff, You would have join politics?
9) Why youth like you hesitate to join politics?

Member 2:
1) What suggestion would you give to person of age between 22-28 who want to travel solo all over india?
2) I appreciate you used term 'her', then what will you suggest for girl who is interested in solo travelling?
3) How will you rate your knowledge in mechanical engineering in scale of 1 to 10?
4) Why did you rate such low? Do you think Nit trichy is failing to produce a good engineer?
5) Why india is lagging behind STEM and people are packing there bags to fly to US?
6) Solutions for this problem?

 Member 3:
1) You mentioned that u came from backward district, how do you rate backwardness?
2) Doesnt your district people feel bad that you pointed as backward?
3) How did naxalism decreased in your district?
4) You said thanks to telangana and central govt and YOu dont want to join politics?
4) You come from JNV, then what is PM SHRI?
5) What was the issue between telangana and Central govt regarding paddy during early 2022?
6) What is this POlice merit scholarship? Why only to children of police personnel? DOnt you feel it is discriminative?

Member 4:
1) How did you prepare for this interview physically and Psychologically? he said i want answer from an introvert person bcs im also introvert
2) Why air india ordered such bulky amount of planes? Dont they have it?
3) DId you fly in Air india plane? ( I said i flew only once in my life that too in indigo)
4) SO you persue your hobby travelling only by bus or train?
5) There is death after life, but do you agree there is life after death? ( I said as per bhagawadgita there is transmigration of soul and death happens
only to body and not soul and also with progress of science i hope we will definitely hack death and become amar one day)

Member 5:
1) Throughout course of history, Humans are binary being, one is strong person while another is weak and strong always wins? Do you agree
2) Then india focuses on vasudhaiva kutumbakam which values every one are equal? how do you balance it?
3)You mentioned meditation earlier, then does it really helpful to strong as well as weak?
4)DO you became strong then, or you are weak as you claimed earlier?

Chair womam :
1) Anthropology study marriage, is it union between strong and weak partner? ( i said union between both strong in all aspect physically, mentally and spiritually)
2) but practically speaking, our society accept one as strong and another as weak? ( i said if it is true then i suggest weak to do medidation and become strong like me)

Feeling - Felt more like conversation rather a question answer session
Utility of mocks - It depends on person to person and it just provide you confidence to speak infront of 5peoples

All the best!!
Board Smita nagraj Mam
Afternoon session
Interview language: Hindi
Optional : PSIR
Home state: Delhi
Hobbies kuch nhi pucha
1. Apne du sol (my college)kyo join kiya - some cross questions
2.du high cutoff ke liye state ki liberal checking system responsible?
3. Cuet good step?
4. Neet protest by state govt (reason and solution pr discussion)
5.your favourite political thinker( Maine js mill kaha)
6. Konse school se belong krte wo?

1.Dryland area ke irrigation liye aap policy making kya sujhaav denge?
2. Inke alwa koi out of box innovative idea
3. Kya ganga vilas project keval amero ke enjoy ka project aur environment pollution krne wala project hai some cross question

1. Delhi ke seven cities development chronology btaye
2. Delhi riots me police kisi kya kamiya reh gyi thi... Kuch sudhar bhi btaye( daf district mention)
3.long monologue on power and legitmacy kis tarah har desh alg power ko lene ki koshish krta hai
End q  power ka source kya hai? Power generate kaha se hoti hai
(Ask in broad terms)

M3 mam
1.Article 311 provisions kya hai
2.parliament aur presidential system difference
3.indian parliament ke kon part hai
4.article 356 kin basis pr lag skta hai
5. Kya secularism ko khatra parameter ho skta hai

1. Economy domestic demand driven hona chahiye ya export oriented honi chahiye
2. Doctrine of basic structure kya hai

Again chairperson
1.from my previous answer
Delhi riots me kaise pta chalta hai ki Delhi rioters ke pass weapons jyada the
2.delhi riots real culprit?

Thank you
>Interview Transcripts 2022: Date - 23/02/2023
Panel chairperson - R.N Chaubey
Name - Mr Singh
Forenoon- 4th to go
Optional - Sociology( Nothing directly asked)
Hobbies- Running/Vipassana
Time duration - >around 25 min
Keywords - Iit/ Oyo/ Vipassana/ jagriti yatra/ startup/japan

Chairperson -
Q) So you decided not to wear the mask ? ( I am turbaned sikh so could not put it on ear and staff did not allow me my own mask but take surgical over ear one in hand while going inside))
Q) Tell me about ur academic and work experience?

Member 1: (South accent - could not make out words…ask to repeat but difficult to figure out)
Q) Ur view on Privatisation of PSU from employment angle?
Q) Adani - acquired cement company and shut it down. So it did not revive. Why it could not revive?
Q) How to take indian economics forward and compete with global powers?

Member 2:

Q) You have done Jagriti Yatra . Tell me ur learnings?
Q) You did vipassana and it is perceived as way to passive living . Ur take on it ?

Member 3 :

Q) U know DRDO. Whats its mandate?
Q) Bofors Used in 1999 . Where was it imported from?
Q) Have they being used r replaced?
Q) Interlinking of rivers .What are the challenges?
Q) Tell me about inland water authority of India? Significance of inland waterways inIndia?

Member 4 :
Q) You worked in Oyo. It had a model due to which Oyo is considered a failure ? What is the model ?
Q) Specific issues of oyo vendors with oyo?
Q) Urban planning effect on compulsory travelling, occasional travelling and tourist travelling .
Q) There is ongoing protest again against triple talaq verdict in Kerala.Your views on it?

Chairman :
Q) We asked what we want to ask? Is there anything you would like to tell us?

Experience - I gave multiple point in answers so were long but they gave time. Extremely cordial Chaubey sir . One member Questions were difficult to make out due to accent even after asking to repeat.

Utility of Mocks - Good to get feel of interview , ambience and respect :P . Questions were different still go for One on one with ravindran sir, Vajirao and reddy, Byju , Vision Ias >Interview Transcripts 2022: Board : Smt. M. Sathiyavathy Ma'am
Date :15th feb 2023, Afternoon session, 3rd person to go
Keywords in DAF: M.Phil & P.hd (Department of African Studies, DU) , Graduation and masters in Political Science, Gorakhpur, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh
Hobby: Writing Hindi poetry, cooking

As usual, ma'am read out the whole DAF and started questioning
Can't remember who asked what, but I can remember the questions.

1. Today's your research project submission date and you are here... how did you manage ?

2.Why did you choose department of African studies for your research?
3. What is your research topic?
4. What is SADC?
5. India's engagement trajectory with southern African region.
6. How it is different from Chinese policies?
7. What difference you observe in Chinese policies towards Africa and Sri Lanka.
8. What is OAU?
9. Present institutional frame regarding continental cooperation in Africa?
10. How it's different from European union
11. Do you think any agitation against Chinese government in Africa
12. Any Similar agitation against India?
13. Why is Africa Union office in China and not in any other country?
14. ndian initiatives for the African development
15.You're from UP what are your views in BIMARU status of UP
16. Why eastern UP underdeveloped then Western
17. If we look at puravanchal also, there is a difference in development.Banaras Allahabad is more developed than Gorakhpur and Deoria... what's the reason
18.Don't you think dominant of mafia culture is one of the reason
19. What is the status now

20. If you are a DM in your district what will be your approach for development
21.You're a student of political science...what is check and balance
22. Why it's important for any political system
23. How we can manage judicial independence with check and balance
24. What can be better a way for appointment of judges
25. What are the features of Indian bureaucracy
26. How it is possible to maintain neutrality
27. Very unique name...What is meaning of your name
28. If you are in policy making do you expand India's outreach to Africa
29 . China build road , stadium and other hard infrastructure projects how would you tackle Chinese influence with limited resources

My interview was mainly based on academic research (Foreign policy) . It was a very pleasant experience. Board was very cordial. Mocks helped in articulation and confidence building. One to One with kaptaan sir and discussion with friends was very helpful. 
Date : 23rd Feb
Board : Smita Nagaraj Ma'am
Optional: Mathematics
Keywords : EEE, Cricket, Great personalities


1) Why Mathematics optional?
2) How to make rural people learn mathematics?
3) Discretionary powers of a bureaucrat ( should be 100 percent or 1%) ?

Members : (M1,M2,M3,M4)

On Andhra Pradesh: (Homestate)

1. Welfare Schemes
2. English as a medium of instruction (EMI) in schools
3. How to move forward with English as a medium?
4. Lift Irrigation schemes in AP

On Cricket:

1. Name 10 cricketers who impressed you. ( While answering please mention indian women and foreign players)
2. Fitness tests for cricketers and follow up question on FIT INDIA movement

General Questions:

1. Issues faced by using 2011 census while identifying beneficiaries for the welfare Schemes.
2. Whether India is a great power?
3. Question on RRR-"NAATU NAATU" Song
4. Can infamous personalities be included in school curriculum (Eg: Hitler)
5. Pure mathematical institutes in India

Board was very cordial and no controversial questions were asked. Duration was approximately 30 minutes.

O2O mocks with Vinay Sir, Khan Sir and Mohan Sir were quite helpful.
Panel Mocks - Vajiram and Ravi, Analog IAS, Shankar IAS, Chahal Academy.
15th feb , afternoon, 2nd to go
Board-satyavati maam
Graduation -chemical engineering (Iit Guwahati) optional- mathematics
Work ex- reliance ind limited
Interview medium- hindi (mains in English) 4th attempt, 1st interview
Hobbies- playing cricket, watching mediaeval themed period drama

Asked permission to enter, wished good afternoon maam& sirs, maam asked to take seat and remove mask & put in pocket

*Read out whole daf as usual including graduation, hobbies & achivement sections*

1.What is STF(daf)?
2.What are you doing since 2018? And how are you sustaining your self?
3. What is mediaeval themed period drama?(daf)
4. Why only mediaeval themed , you don't like ancient themed?

1. High percentage of msme informal, what is difference between formal and informal?
2. Don't you think than it is not good both for employees and govt?
3.Recent change in defn of msme ,what is new limit for micro industries.
4. Do you think it will be disadvantage for very micro unit (enhance limit) as all incentives will be captured by medium industries.
5. What can be done for micro industries promotion?
6. How can we provide more credit to micro unit when banks are avoiding and PSL targets go unfilled.
7. What is mudra scheme, how many categories under this ? Is it collateral free or not? Who pays bank when loan not repaid.
8. EoDB reforms mostly were taken by center , what steps can be taken by states.

1.What is macmohan line & why china is not accepting it?(answer wasn't convincing😅)
2. Companies discriminating between new and old iit's?
Do you think it's justified?
3. Why recent layoffs by IT sector companies ? ( Said cyclical process, covid lockdown- hiring , global slowdown-layoff)
4. But then why is Microsoft & others investing million $ in some startup? (Said new technological development/shift , new skill demand )
5. So then reason is this and slowdown/recession? (Said both reasons true)
6. Is single currency domination ($) of intn trade and exchange good or bad ? Why its bad?

1. What do you understand by digital divide?
2. Did you heard about digiyatra regarding airports management? (Said sorry sir)
3. Do you know what's is digi locker ?
4 . How to promote digital service among rural areas.? Follow up question ,What are you saying will take long time, how can we promote quickly ? Do you know about common service centre and what they do?
5. What was your role in reliance? Which unit?
6.How many petroleum basins are in india from where crude oil is produced?
7. How many field under private sector and where ?
8. Why are we not self sufficient in crude oil prodn ( said there is not much crude in india)
9. Have we explored whole india ? Are we currently exploring? Are foreign companies also involved? Why not?
10. Are we importing crude oil or petroleum products?
11. Can we import Russian crude , process and sell petroleum products? Is it allowed? Can they be sanctioned?

Gave one situation. Your interview group have 6 people. Suppose you are leader of this group, and post interview want to visit some place in delhi but with one condition where ever you go, will go together. Suppose 4 wants to go for movie and 2 for some garden.
How will you convince, which side you will choose , what if both don't convinced, so you will force your decision, ( long counter arguments , Finally said sir right know i can't thing anything other than this😅)
Chairperson: okay * , your interview is over , you can go , all the best.

Duration: around 25-27 min
My Experience: went better than my most mocks😄, went smooth ( atleast mere ko to esa hi feel hua)

Mock utility: gave 9-10 mocks, better for improving answer articulation, shed hesitancy, right speed , Other than that not much utility because mock environment don't match with final interview, focus in mock is more on different types of questions and daf coverage and flow/ backup questions is missing.
Still nearest to upsc environment was Chahal academy, worst exp(for me)- Next ias, chankya mandal(here problem was me)
date : 24 feb
board : RN Choubey sir
duration : about 30 mins

note : questions are reframed as i do not recall the exact words of the members.

- tell us about your educational background and work experience
1) was black lives matter movement significant and if yes, how
2) should the statues of the then-slave traders be dismantled from public places in europe even though some of them were philanthropists
3) opinion on renaming aurangzeb road to apj abdul kalam road in delhi

1) what is your opinion on weaponisation of history
2) types of political parties
3) criteria for declaring a party as a national level party
4) why isnt news broadcasted on radios
5) the lines "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the spring of hope...." from which book ( related to hobby/optional)

1) what is clean energy/renewable energy
2) its types
(chairperson chiming in : is nuclear energy clean energy)
3) does the UN need reforms
4) cow vigilantism. what ? how can it be curbed?
5) issues with organ donation in india (related to an NGO mentioned under hobby)

1) emigration from india - reasons
2) changes in indian diaspora in Africa. famous indian that came to india from africa, and a present indian origin figure who comes from africa (Rishi sunak)
3) something on a Kamrup ruler (didnt know)
4) mnrega - do schemes like these make people lazy and not look for work

1) RTI. what is it? is it compulsory for provide information in every instance?
2) concept of magical realism (literature related)
3) opinion on statue of unity - where is it? was it a good move to build it? how is it faring now?
4) systems for waste disposal - what is the process and what happens to the waste collected?
5) national company law appellate tribunal - what is it used for?

Experience in interview : chairperson was very cordial. He was smiling throughout. Did not notice the expressions of other members , but overall everyone seemed to be encouraging and nodding to answers. They make you comfortable right from the start. some questions came from the daf, but most questions were asked on a random number of topics.

Utility of mocks : some questions on hobby and UN repeated (expected). otherwise, mocks were only helpful for getting some experience of facing an interview panel.

Good luck to everyone!
Date - 24.02.2024
Board - Smita Nagaraj ma'am
Keywords - Mbbs, Vexillology, Jogging, Odisha

1.What are you doing post MBBS?
2.Why civil services? (some counter questions?
3. What is the difference between quack, doctor and civil servant?
4. How did you develop the hobby of Vexillology?
5. 3 social changes that have taken since independence (some counter questions)

Other members
1.What is famous in Burla?
2. Do you know about cage culture and solar panels in Hirakud dam?
3. What is your opinion on it?
4. What is your opinion on Odisha not implementing PMJAY?
5. Difference between NMC and MCI
6. Why many AIIMS institutes being made?
7. Is the quality of other AIIMS lower than AIIMS Delhi?
8. How will faculty be recruited in these colleges?
9. Is India a poor country?
10. How is coat of arms related to flag?
11. What is the use of gadolinium? What is the issue with it? What are the replacement of gadolinium.
12. What is the use of boron in medicine?
13. What is the issues with nuclear family?
14. Which disease is known as emperor of all maladies?
15. Do you know Siddharth Mukherjee?
16. Is there any book which you have read but you regret reading about it?
Date and session of interview- 24.02.23; Forenon session; Last to go
Board- Choubey Sir
Optional- Law
College- NLIU, Bhopal
Profession (if any)- ex Civil Judge/ Judicial Magistrate
Hobbies- singing, learning Spanish, organizing event, creative writing

 1. Describe your qualifications and work experience.
 2. So you worked less than a year in the judiciary?
 3. Why did you leave the judiciary?
 4. Have you heard of Black Life Matters?
 5. Do you think a criminal like George Floyd should be made an icon? (I said he had served his sentence, and gotten a new lease in life… he did not deserve to die like that)
 6. You did not answer my question “should a criminal be made an iconic?” (I see why a criminal should not be made an icon. But a lot of black people are in conflict in law over there. That does not mean that they should be treated as such. He died while saying “I can’t breathe". No one deserved to go like that.

Member 2:
 1. Amazon supply chains. What are the positive and negative for India?
 2. Talk specifically about small stores and MSMEs.
 3. Let’s talk about Nepal. What are the problems. What are the good things in relationship?

Member 3:
 1. Let's talk about our Neighbourhood. How are the relationship? What is it like? How was it improved? What are the steps?
 2. You mentioned resurgence of BLM. Civil rights movement were there earlier as well. So why do you think that happens?

Member 4
 1. So like creative writing? Not reading? Can you be a good writer without reading?
 2. Good that you used to read earlier. A lot of books are re-written censored. Do you know about it? Do you know any authors who's works are so censored?
 3. What is wokenism?
 4. But the idea is age old so where did term come now?
 5. So it's leading to people getting opinitated?
 6. Should it be allowed then. People having such opinions?

Member 5
 1. Do you know operation Vani?
 2. Do you know mission LiFE?
 3. What is cryptocurrency? How is it mined? What are the types of cryptocurrencies?

We are done. Is there anything else you want to talk about.
I mentioned few areas from my DAF.
He said tell us about it.

Then he said your interview is over. You may leave.

Your Experience: The board was very cordial but kept poker faces throughout. They asked multiple aspects in one go, whuch made for longer answers. It was DAF related (wrt service choice) and current affairs oriented. The questions were easier compared to mocks but the environment was far more intimidating. Overall UPSC is a different ball game altogether.

Good mocks: Chanakya Mandal Parivar, One-on-one session with Ravindran sir
Date:27feb, Afternoon 1st to go
DAF: Playing online games,Hackathon on Automatic irrigation, Sociology,ECE,etc
1.So you are an engineer?
2.Lets talk about various technologies like AI,other where is india compare to other countries and why?
1.What is govt view on games?
2.Is there any act for regulating games?
3.Are there any rules in the act?
4.Is there any authority which oversees these regulations?
5.Rummy,game of skill or game of chance?
6.What is the difference between game of skill and game of chance?
7.Any changes from 14thFC to 15th FC?
8.Which states going to gain and which states going to loose?
Thank you :)
Chairperson (again)
1.Lets continue this,Is life game of skill or game of chance? What do you say?
2.What is the starlink project of Elon Musk and its role in R-Ukraine war ?
3.Why we are not producing Elon Musks(plural)?
4.Technologies and semiconductor industries,are we doing anything,I don't think so?
5.DLI(Design linked incentive),how many industries approved till now?
6.What about 5G, is it only speed and latency or morethan that?
7.What exactly morethan means?
8.What do you say about our start-up sector?Will it help India?
Thank you :)

1.How Electronics and communication can help in space sector?
2.Any solution to reduce this misuse of Biometrics in Attendance system? (Related to absenteeism,like giving thumb impression and not working,going somewhere)?
3.What is INDIA stack?
4.You should have red E-BOOK and General physical form of books,what do you like most and why?(my 1st ball)
5.Any solution to control or restrict children access to electronic devices apert from sreen off time other reminders?
Thankyou :)
1.What is moneybill?
2.How it is different from other bills?
3.In how many days if RS not considers it'll be considered as deemed to be passed? Number like 30days 14d or15d?
1.Hackathon on Automatic irrigation?Delve about it?
2.what are the sensors that you used in this project?
3.Have you replicated it anywhere otherthan field?(my 2nd ball)?
Thank you:)

This is my one way narrative of PT 2022

One thing I want to highlight:Live the moment :)


note:B/w questions so much explanation by chairperson sir,that actually helped me in building up conversation!
27th Feb
Forenoon session
Smita Nagraj Ma'am
Daf keywords - MBBS, Uttarakhand, Football, Chess

Chairperson -
Why Civil services ?
What India has done to improve life expectancy
One scheme of UK govt where it has done excellent and one where it has lacked
Is yoga a fad

Members -
Role of technology in health
TB mukt bharat and initiatives to achieve it
Mental health disorders and steps to improve
Health budget
As a FM, how would you allocate budget to different ministeries
How to improve HDI ranking
E sanjeevani OPD and how it functions
Why uttarakhand faces so many natural disasters
What can be done as a DM to manage that
How would you describe yourself
Who is your role model
Ronaldo's recent transfer
Is it justified how much he is paid
Origin of chess
About recent Olympiad in chess
Why chess is popular in Russia

Unable to recall a lot of questions
Date and session of interview-23rd feb and 4th to go in the afternoon

Board-Smita Nagraj ma'am
Background-Mechanical Engineering
Profession (if any)-State Pcs
Hobbies- Cricket and football

Chair woman: So when you landed in Delhi??What are you doing since then?

You only do analysis of football?? Don't you watch football??(My hobby was tactical analysis of football)

Who is the greatest footballer of all time??

Don't you think Bollywood film Stars, footballers, cricketers earning a lot of money?? Do you think it is needed for one individual?? Don't you think there should be also some kind of payment parity with respect to doctors, engeneers and other jobs??( I was imagining Lionel Messi earning 50k per month and roaming in Alto in streets)

Which jobs your state and people give respect??And why?? (I said people have high faith on civil servant in our state)

And why you want to become an civil servant??Is this because people have their faith on it??

M1: Activities you involved with apart from prepration??

What are the common elements of cricket and Football share??

Can you implement certain rules of cricket on football??

What Indian football federation is in a bad situation?? Is there any bad adminstration??

Why such bad situation of football in India?? Can't we promote it in the same way of cricket??What are initiative recently taken by the fraternity to promote cricket and football??

What is the watersheds moment of cricket that made it popular in India??

Which social sector you will like to work upon and why??

M2: Is there any positive impact of act east policy on North East??Are we succesful?

How India will look like in

China is claiming Arunachal why??Why such incidents is going on in Arunachal??

(He asked 2 more questions i forgot actually )

M3: Natural parks in your district??Why they are famous??

Which industries use natural gas in your district??(As I was from industrial district )Are those industries making profit or loss??

What are the issues of tea garden community??Can we address that??What will be your take on that as an administrator??Can we address their payment issue??

Poaching going on in Assam?? why it so?? What is the use of horns of rhinos??

M4: So tell me what are the impacts of sports on society??

Can we play cricket with Pakistan??Why??

What is nano technology?? Should we make it a different stream all together??

Do you think different streams of engineering have water tight seperation from each other?? Give reasons.

Then Smita Nagaraj ma'am said "thankyou and it's your interview is over "

Overall experience: It was good experience though I couldn't answer 3/4 questions.Board was cordial.I attempted 1 offline(KSG) mock and 2 online(Civils daily and Shubhra Ranjan IAS) and they helped to gain confidence to some extent but the discussions and one to one with my friends and Utkarsh Sir helped me a lot.(As I had little time to prepare due to paucity of time)

All the best.
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