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Interview Transcripts of CSE/IFoS 2022

Please post interview transcripts of UPSC CSE or IFoS 2022 here, so that all can access and get benefitted from them.

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Board- R N Choubey
Daf- Nothing asked
Be comfortable, we are not here to interrogate you.
1) How did a civil engineer choose Sociology as optional?
2) What are the contents of IPC CRPC and Evidence act?
3) When were they enacted?
4) What is the difference between Constitution and law?
5) Why did these acts come before Constitution? (How can children come before mother?-his actual words)
1) Suppose you are a DM, what will you do to solve drug problem?
2) What will you do to improve health of women and children?
3) What will you do to improve schooling?
1) What is Gati shakti?
2) What is OROP and what is the controversy?
3) Whom do you support?
4) Is Make in India a hoax or success?
5) What should be done to improve quality of teachers?
6) Do you believe in Vastu? Have you ever used it?
1) Is agriculture a state subject? Then why did center make Farm laws?
2) Is there any relation between caste and occupation? Does it still continue? Do you support it?
3) What is CSR?
4) If you are a DM and all companies in your area are giving there funds to PM-CARES, what will you do?
1) Why is CJI talking about preamble?
2) What is preamble? Is it a part of the Constitution?
3) What is basic structure? What are it's elements?
4) Suppose you are a DM, and all your employees are corrupt, what will you do?
5) Suppose you are a DM, and there is a natural disaster in your area, and your parents are unwell.. And forcing you to come, what will you do?
6) Suppose you are not selected, what is your Plan-B?
Ch- We have asked everything we wanted to, do you want to discuss anything? ( I asked permission to discuss a topic and did so)
Chairman- Good to hear that. All the best.
ranscript -24/4/23
All male
Board RN chaubey sir
Nothing else from DAF
Normal introduction to pacify
What did you eat in breakfast
1)Natural justice
2) forex reserves how much
Who owns
Tata order and it's ramifications on other pvt sector

Haryana issues
Discussion on farm laws what why concerns
Why do you want to do civil services

Right to health and protest around it
Digital economy
Ways in which constitution can be amended

Constitutional amendment
How courts have power of JR
Discussion around Basic structure doctrine
Solar power and challenges around it

AI chatbots
Impact on creativity
And what shall be our policy around it
For what purposes shall AI be used
Smita nagraj maam
26 april
Iit bhu- Electronics engineering
Mp home state

Minimalistic life and related activities
Job in goldman sachs

1. What do u under these related activities of envt

2. Do u think guilt is good way of motivating ppl to do something

3. What type of discrimination will u address thru such awareness
And how

4 u said ur father was frst to send girls
Are u sure


 1. Gs kyu chhoda?

2. Subsidise honi chaie edu at iit?

3. Educatuon system me dikkat hai kota me tutitim krna pada?

4. Iit as an exam sahi hai? Us ke toh ni hote ese exams


1. Discrimination ki baat kr rhe the tum , or konse discrimination hai
Office me face kia?

2. Jaha posted rhoge waha kya kroge apne office me discrimination ko address krne?

3. Konsa discrimination sabse pehle dikhega?

Dont u think girl child wala b hoga?

4. How to address malnutrition in girls

5. Do you think tech has biases

I thought ai biases bol rhe
Wo acces ka b puch rahe the

I said yes

He said kese kroge address?


1. EWS reservation discrimination nhi tha kya dusro k liye?

2. Sports promotions kese kre
Sirf cricket chalta hai

3. Governor ka apptment kese hota
Kya governor control hota krta
Hai state goct ko?
4. Discretionary power hai unke pass?


1. Solar pe kyu hai itna focus
Why not on wind hydel
I said i dont know

2. Solar k disadvantage btao
I forgot to mention grid stability

Then he asked more
What abt turning all to solar
Then I remembered yes grid stability

2. Green sources of energy kya hai

3. Nuclear kese green hua? Clean hai?
I said radioactive waste hota hai

Then he asked something to which i said i will have to read that

4. Asked u said india me racial biases nhi hai , south me jalar dekho

I said sorry if i gave that impression
I dont have data so i sadi i am not sure abt racial discrimination

Might be missing some questions
Board - Manoj Soni Sir
date - 26/04/23 - 26th april 2023, afternoon
5th (second last to go)
Place - Kerala
Graduation - Maths Hons
Optional - Anthropology
DAF KEYWORDS - Pathanamthitta, Blood donation, skip a meal, flood

Chair (pleasant, slow talking)
 1. Confirmed my name
 2. asked to remove mask to verify photo
 3. asked about professional exp (said none - preparing since college)
 4. You have done Social service in College, are you still doing it?
 5. How much time were you involved in relief work after flood ?
 6. what all did you do ?
 7. what is skip a meal and blood donation camp
 8. anthropology student - tell anthropologically about psyche of kerala people
 9. you said syncretic culture, give some example
 10. is kerala society stratified ? why a contradiction exist when it comes to caste discrimination, even after having so much syncretism

 1. SWOT of Kerala - ended asking strength and weakness
 2. Why low industry in kerala
 3. what is unique about politics in kerala (referring to alternate LDF, UDF govt.?)
 4. Has the BJP or the INC ever formed govt by itself in kerala ?
 5. cascading tax

 1. Why flood constantly happening
 2. what are backwater
 3. mangroves in kerala and significance
 4. general mathematics and quantitative mathematics
 5. mathematical models
 6. products coming from kerala

 1. Name spices from kerala
 2. why rubber and coir industry successful in kerala

 1. why is pamba river polluted ? ( district related )
 2. does it merge into periyar
 3. Bombay blood group
 4. does blood group change during lifetime
 5. mullaperiyar issue
 6. fermats last theorem
 7. divisibilty rule of 11

overall exp - very different from mocks, felt that importance given to how I was approaching questions and feedbacks. No Current affair questions. Apart from chair and M1 everybody else were expressionless.

mocks and utility - 4, 2 in Kerala, 2 in Delhi - best experience from Chahal academy who asked me DAF thoroughly , but actual interview was entirely different - confined to some topics and mostly a conversation. mocks help build confidence to face senior members.

O2O and utility - took many, before and after filling DAF. Helpful

Peer mocks - took almost everyday, helped cover DAF nicely ( but ultimately board did ask questions not asked in any peer mock discussion )
Transcript {Date -26 April 2023}

Board - Soni Sir

Keywords -

Deputy Collector,
NIT Jalandhar, Punjab.
Optional{not asked} - PSIR,
Graduation{asked} -INDUSTRIAL and Production Engineering

Place{asked} - Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Hobbies{Not asked} -
 Table Tennis,
Mentoring and Guiding Students, Jogging

Time period of interview - 28-29 minutes

I was first person in 2nd half of the day .

All were male members.

Chairman sir :-

Shantun please remove your mask to check your identity....,

Wearing Mask is optional, your can/can't wear. I removed and have given interview without mask.

Made me feel comfortable by giving my introduction.... Like your name is this, you are from this place, you have done your graduation in this......etc

Question 1- So Shantun, You are an industrial Engineer..., Have you had any experience in industries?

2. What were you doing after your graduation? {While answering this... I mentioned Recent result of UPPSC}
[All members including Chairman sir congratulated me for this.]

3. You are from Rajasthan, so tell me about handicrafts of Rajasthan.

4. What is the contribution of handicrafts in Rajasthan's economy?

5. Don't you think that Handicrafts are in pathetic condition in Rajasthan? Do you agree to some extent or large extent?

6. How will these handicrafts will help people?

7. How to promote handicrafts.

8. Tell me about GI tags of Rajasthan. {I mentioned Bikaneri Bhujia in this...Soni sir laughed instantly😀}

9. What is so speciality about GI tags.

10. How GI tags will promote income?

Member 1

1. Tell me about National parks of Rajasthan.{how many and then about them}

2. Tell me about Keoladeo National Park. Where is it located?

3. Which birds are coming in Keoladeo, name few.

4. Bird diversity in Keoladeo.

5. where Sariska is located? What are the unique things about Sariska ?

Member 2 :-

Big monologue on Assembly line in industrial and production.
Then asked
1. Tell me what kind of assembly line would you like to follow for paintings for exporting in large number?
Will you promote automation or labour in this?

2. What kind of industries are there in Thar desert?

3. What is the area of Thar Desert?

4. Have you heard about Dilwara temple? Where is this located? What are the unique things about it?

5. He explained MICE(meeting, incentives.......) Then asked you are policy maker how will you utilise it in tourism sector?

6. Have you heard about Hindu rate of growth? What is it? Explain.

7. Why are we not calling present growth as Hindu rate of growth?

Before member 3, Soni sir mentioned my name and linked with the character of Mahabharata. {He smiled here also} like ye Mahabharat Wale Hain😀

Member 3.

1. Have you heard about illegal sand mining in Bharatpur? And asked what is current status?

2. What is the difference between Hindu Marriage Act and Special marriage act?

3. What is so special about Special marriage act?

4. Do you agree that Brij culture is having feminine colour more? And why?

5. What crops will you grow in Desert of Rajasthan? And how will you grow?

Member 4.

1. Tell me about industrial status of India. Compare with the time of Independence.

2. What is full form of MSMEs?

3. What is the status of MSMEs?

4. Which state is having highest number of MSMEs?

5. Which state is contributing the most in terms of industrial and Production?

6. Which industry do you think is most unique to Rajasthan? And why?

Last moment ..., Soni sir again smiled and said all the best for your great future.😀

I said thank you sir🙏

Now you can go Shantun😊
25th April, Afternoon session
Board:-Preeti Sudan Mam
(3 sir and 2 mam)

DAF Keywords- Gaya, Bihar
College:- PG in Physics,
Work experince:-Banking
Hobbies-Self help books

Mocks:- Gave mocks in KSG,Chahal,Samkalp and Vajirao
O2O with Ravindaran sir, Khan sir
( Sab theek thaak the)

Be comfortable, If you face some issues in questions you can get it clarified.
( Mam was overall achi)

1) Are you continuing with the job? Why did you work for a brief period of 3 months after leaving a good job in the bank? You have taken a big risk?
2) Why did you choose philosophy over physics?
3) Favourite philosopher ?
4) Learning from Buddha ?
5) What did you learn from self help books and some follow up questions ?

Member 1
( Thoda is a critical person)
1) Why did Siddhartha leave home ?
2) If everyone leaves home in the name of Maya, how will this world function?
3) Prohibition of liquor in Bihar, big debate on it, issues and challenges, steps you would take as a Collector.
4) Why does Bihar have so many IAS yet not developing ?
5) Reasons behind the backwardness of Bihar?
6) Things you have learnt from self help books?
7) Do you read books for yourself or for others?

Member 2
( Very much factual, he asked many more questions which I could not even comprehend, out of the syllabus the ye sir)

1) What was the name of Gautam Buddha in his childhood?
2) What will happen when two similar charges bodies are kept near each other?
3) Zeroth law of thermodynamics?
4) Governor of Bihar?
5) Fertilizer movement across India?
6) Black buddy ?
7) Import price parity?

Some more fact oriented topics from physics or some other optionals which I have never heard of. Had to say NO in almost 80 percent of his questions.

Member 3
( Argumentative Indian Sir)

1) A very big debate for around 5-7 minutes on Prohibition on Bihar.
2) Will you do away with prohibition?
3) Why not earn revenue and then handle various issues of liquor?
4) Suppose you are the principal secretary to the CM of some other state, will you suggest him also to make it a dry state?
5) Bihar is by far very rich in mineral resources yet not developed. Why?
6) Status of education in Bihar?
7) Many IAS are from Bihar, why do people want to become IAS? Are they from private school or public school?

( Wanted to finish ASAP, mere upar daya karna chah rhi hongi)
1) Who is the philosopher king?
2) Amul vs Nandini debate in Karnataka?
3) How to promote tourism in Bihar?
4) Silk in Bihar?

Highlights:- liquor prohibition issue went for around 15 minutes by two members. They  wanted me  to listen about its issues. I humbly did.

Experience in Interview:- Can't actually tell... if you have been there earlier you would know why😜.
Koi khush hi nahi dikhe jabki maine jhooth mooth pressure mein hokar bhi smile karte raha.

The questions asked were at times intended to be answered in Yes or NO.

Baaki Hoihyen wahi je ram rachi raakha
Date - 24/4/23
Profile - IRS (C&IT), ex - Data Scientist, IIT Delhi, Economics optional
DAF Keywords - Documentary movies
Time ~ 35 mins

Chairman (Manoj Soni Sir)

1. You have worked in private sector before joining the government, what 1 or 2 learnings you want to bring to government sector?
2. Do you think hierarchy is too strict in government and should it be changed?
3. How are different countries regulating data?
4. Monologue about AI, what in your view is the impact of AI?
5. What are some threats by AI towards national security?

Member 1

1. Which Indian documentary movie won Oscar recently?
2. Will AI lead to reduction in jobs?
3. What is prompt engineering?
4. How AI will help robots to improve efficiency?
5. What is the status of 3d printing technology in India?

Member 2

1. What are the reasons for high number of farmer suicides?
2. What percentage of rural area covered by institutional credit?
3. Any provision or legislation to regulate moneylenders in villages that charge exorbitant interest rates?
4. Do you agree with the statement - “Moneylenders are dangerous necessity”?
5. What is law of diminishing returns in economics?

Member 3

1. You have taken a large paycut by coming to government sector, don’t you think it is not such a wise decision financially?
2. Why tax base low in India?
3. How to increase tax base and reduce evasion of taxes?
4. Shall we integrate both the services IRS IT and IRS C&IT for more seamless taxation system?

Member 4

1. Differentiate between profit and profiteering?
2. Tell exact definition of profiteering in GST law?
3. Tax department has introduced faceless system. Explain what is it with positives and negatives.
4. What provision of law would you apply if a business is levying additional tax than prescribed?

Thank you. Your interview is over

Experience - Quite serious but engaging interview. Too many questions from a single theme (Data, taxation). Board gave proper time to express. They do listen intently and a lot of questions are follow up to keywords or examples that one gives.

Suggestion - Please give mocks or talk to friends to improve articulation. Confidence is really the key!🙂
oard - Dr. Manoj soni
Forenoon session - 2nd to go.

DAF keywords -  Commerce and accountancy, DU, IGNOU, organisation behaviour (OB), HRM Quotes.
( No current affairs, IR, security, society, home state, home town etc).

Chairman sir- remove your mask and specs so that we can check your photo.
Would you like to continue with mask or remove it.
1) Why open university for PG?
2) what's the difference in experience between open (PG) and regular college (UG)?
3) exam pattern.
4) ugc regulates regular university, right? So, who regulates open university?
5) hobby related quote.  when did u develop this hobby, how much, still doing?
6) happy moments for you? You are a family man, right? :)

M1)  1) National motto. (satyamev jayate)
2) meaning and interpretation, from where it has been taken, how will you use it in a sentence.
2) philosophical - truth & consciousness.
3) Who am I? What is our aim?
4) Gresham law.
5) what will you tell to a group of 10-12 students w.r.t what to do when earthquake come?
6) happiness report? Is it biased? What about India?

M2) - 1) transactional analysis, types of transaction. What is a best state.?
2) psychological impact on workers in changing their behavior by organisation, is it good? + isn't it mold their true sense?
3)tax compliance + tax collection cost?
4) how to increase compliance & reduce collection cost? Interventions.
5) Maslow need hierarchy theory? At what needs you will put Indian society?

M3) 1)surplus resources & deficit resources in India?
2) how to ensure their optimum use?
3) is our human resource sufficient?
Should we take some from outside?
4) e marketing vs e business
5) e marketing vs traditional marketing, their scope, uses

1-2 more questions(Not able to recall now)
Chairman sir, bas bas your last question, he still continues :), offered tea/samosa/biscuits. I politely refused. He insisted, I took biscuit saying I'll eat it afterwards :)

M4) 1) judicial activism,?
2) should judiciary entrying into executive domain?
3)What is PIL? Who can file PIL?
Any guidelines) Is it judicial activism.?
4)is Indian labour the cheapest?
1 more question (not able to recall)

Again M2) 1) ekalavya & guru dinacharya, Why he acknowledge him as guru?
2) should university recognise skills w/o degree?
3)what is more imp. Skill without degree or degree by university?
4) coastal erosion, how to check it?

Thank you, I wish you all the very best. Enjoy your time in Delhi and be safe.

Keep calm, confidence & smile throughout

Overall experience - very cordial experience, neither grilling nor factual,
They are interested to know the thought process.

Utility of mock/O2O - Actual interview is quite a different experience.
Gave many mocks at reputated institutes. Good for confidence boosting and daf coverage. However, no question is repeated in my case.
Peer discussion is quite helpful
Date: 27/04/23
Board: Smita Nagraj
Slot: Afternoon, 2nd to go
DAF Keywords: Haryana, JPMC, Chess, Coding
Optional: Mathematics
Duration - Around 25 minutes

Normal conversation. The questions may seem out of blue but were continuation based on my answer to previous question.

Chairperson -
1. Why JPMC
2. Why left so early?
3. Is government model of leadership at young age good? Isn't private better?
4. Private promote innovation, new ideas more than govt?
5. Are new ideas welcome in government?
6. Any 3 ideas you would work on?
7. In 2 of the ideas you mentioned, you won't have much power?
8. Why do people love collector system so much? It is colonial legacy
9. How do you want to be remembered as after 30-35 years?
10. Is there a Difference b/w constitutional and statutory morality?
11. What do you meant by constitutional and statutory morality

M1 -
12. React on the statement "Haryana is the most backward state"
13. Progress in Haryana only due to Delhi. It is backward?
14. Jind, Rohtak regions are backward? Why?
Due to think bureaucracy has failed us since haryana is backward. Something on these lines.
15. Haryana reservation in pvt jobs. Is it good or bad?
16. Maruti wants to leave Haryana. Haryana is backward?

M2 -
17. IMF vs WB. Are both same?
18. Why countries don't take loan from WB
19. Does IMF affect administrative authority also? (Something on these lines)
20. After ChatGPT, coding won't be required?
21. Is it good idea to promote chess in schools for creativity?
22. ChatGPT can beat humans in Chess and It kills creativity. Does chess promote creativity?
23. What is vedic mathematics
24. Govt promoting vedic maths. Modern vs vedic maths. What will you choose.

M3 -
 25. Judicial decision making is slow. Monologue about same. How will you ensure quick decision?
26. Someone's wrong. You know about it. What will you do something ethical by law bending
27. You are against bulldozer?
28. Independent directors. Why are they there?
29. Have you heard about RTE? What are its features
30. Mentioned something but he again asked for features?

M4 -
31. Status of reservation in India?
32. Why 27% reservation to them?
33. Will you increase their reservation based on population?
34. Big firms like JP Morgan etc indulge in illegal activities. What action to take?
35. No big bank of size of JP Morgan in India Why?
36. Any investment bank from India?
37. Dollar denominated bonds offer low interest. Should government borrow in them
38. How rupee trade happens

Might be missing a few questions

Experience - Very similar to mocks given at Unacademy, Vajirao and Reddy, NextIAS, VisionIAS, KSG, Chahal IAS
O2O with Khan Sir was very good.
All the best.
7- 04- 2023

Preeti Sudan madam Board
Last to go.

Entirely DAF based

3rd interview
Mechanical Engineer.

2. You belong to pune?
3. Village- what is famous
4. Name of Sufi saint from village
5. Teaching of Sufi Saints
6. Gst - why small traders faced issues
7. Gst- tell in brief,
8. GST- compare with early regime
9. Gst- How to improve it further
10. Mentoring- any success till now
11. Farm Laws- whether contract farming was a part
12. Contract farming- what is it
13. UN- why failed in Russia Ukraine war
14. Efforts to reform UNSC 
15. VETO- shall we have it 
16. What about changes such as certain number of vetoes only effective?
17. G20- when it started? what it is?
18. Fertilizer- how to reduce use
19. Organic farming- Status
20. Organic- How to promote
21. Status of Organic in north east
22. Kho kho- what is special
23. Kho kho- what is being done to promote it
24. Kho kho- Who started ultimate kho kho
25. Snooping- what is it
26. Properties of steel
27. NAM whether relevant

Examples used
• Thitekarwadi Panchayat- biogas+manure
  •organic farming- Sikkim, Lakshdweep
• Confarm model Telangana
• NAM- active NAM by latin american countries
• Kho kho- ultimate kho kho championship 
• G20- DSSI under Saudi presidency
• Steel- Starship by space ex

• Fumbled a bit initially
• Misheard two quetions as member had low voice
        • steel-steam
        • teaching of Sufi saints- naming some saints

• Missed soil health card, nano fertilizer example

Some basic quetions about EoL, its duration etc were also asked initially

Mocks given- Chahal, CMP, V&R, KSG etc.

Best wishes
Date : 26/4/2023
Service : IRS(IT)
Daf keywords : Doctor , surgery , AD SAI, domestic violence , geriatrics
Hobby : doodling ,painting , badminton
State : MH

Board : Manoj Soni sir
6th to go

Chairman : is this u in the photo ?
-so you are a doctor and have worked in SAI . So you have recently selected to IRS IT . Congratulations on that .
- have u joined training or on leave ?
-(Monologue on youth ) what are the problems faced by youth in India today ?
-Are these problems interrelated ?
-What is at the core of these problems among the youth ?
-why has India not been able to solve these problems since the past 20/30 yrs ?
-Why IAS after medicine , IRS ?

M1 :
-what is AMR ?
-do antibiotics work in viral diseases ? Why are they still prescribed ?
-which is the human hormone used to induce milk production in cattle ?
-is it also used in vegetables ?
-use of oxytocin in Bovines , myth or reality ?
-what is savant syndrome ?

-I will give you 2 places , tell me about them , panhala and vishal gad.
-which areas in MH suffer from female foeticide?
-what are the reasons ?
-what has the govt done.?
-do you know about “nakushi”?
-what are the reasons for such naming of girls ?
-as a DM how will you address the issue of female foeticide.?

M3 :
-what is stunting and wasting ?
-what is preventive and social medicine (Psm)?
-how to mainstream PSM ?
-what is MMR ?
-main causes of MMR ?
-what are the two areas of focus to reduce MMR and how will u implement it ?
-what are the issues related to taxation in India ?
-how can we integrate technology to improve the tax base apart from faceless assessment ?

M4 :
-tell me few pathbreaking themes in recent medicine ?
-how is stem cell therapy used ?
-what is nanomedicine?
-are the doses for adult and geriatric patients the same ?
-in which all cases do they differ ?
-what are the areas of convergence of medicine and anthropology ?
-what is the name of method used for paternity testing?
-what is the difference between traditional vaccines and newer genetically engineered vaccines ?
-why do v need to take booster doses of vaccines ?
-what is pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine?
-what is biological warfare ?
- has it been used before (told abt nerve agents )
-any other , in envelopes ? (Said Anthrax , few questions on that )

Chairman (again) - you have a diverse daf , and we would like to ask on more areas but the time is limited . (I was getting ready to leave😅 but  sir said….)
Still will ask you a few questions.
-what is doodling of abstract emotional constructs ?
-can you describe some doodle you have done ?
-how can this be used in administration ?
-(sir appreciated the areas I have worked in ) from all the fields you have worked in , as an administrator are there any specific fields you wud like to focus and why ?

Thank you . Your interview is over . All the best .Have a safe stay in Delhi and safe travel back home

Overall the boa
rd was very cordial . Soni sir was nodding in approval in most of the questions. More of a discussion . No grilling , no questions on IR , no controversial topics asked .

Utility of mocks : no questions repeated from mocks,but helped in structuring of answers .
Suggested mocks : Vajirao , Onlyias , shankarias , sankalp were good .
27/04/2023 afternoon session
Preeti Sudan ma’am board
Keywords - Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya; University of Police, Security and criminal justice; JNU; JRF; Barmer; Mobile photography

1. Tell me something about Barmer.
2. If you are made DM of your district, what changes would you like to bring ? (Increasing public visibility of women)
3. Where do you see females being invisible ?
4. How will you make them more visible ? What will be the initiatives ?
5. Why didn’t you join academia if you have JRF ?
6. What were the efforts made by Rajasthan government for migrants workers during COVID ?
7. What was your reaction when you got to know first case of COVID reporter in Jaipur?

1. Does border impact life in Barmer ?
2. There is one person from Pakistan who periodically. (Rana of Amarkot), does is have any significance there ?
3. What are the initiatives taken to promote border tourism in Barmer Jaisalmer Region.
4. What is the toughest decision you have taken so far in your life ?
1. What were the farm laws ? Do you know about it ?
2. Were they intended for betterment of farmers ?
3. Why they were taken down ?
4. What are key challenges for transport of agri produce ?
5. You are a student of international relations. So tell me whether do you think water can be cause of future conflict. Specially in context of India - Pakistan, India - China and India - Bangladesh relations?

1. How often do you play cricket ?
2. You were in university team so must have been good bowler (told him my university had total 140 students😬)
3. Who is your favourite cricketer ?
4. Why you respect them ?
5. Tell me about the economic profiling of your village.
6. Do female attend schools there nowadays?
1. Why was university of police, security and criminal justice established?
2. Is it the one located in Gujarat or Rajasthan?
3. What did you study there ?
4. What are the key suggestions for making policing effective ?
5. Do you think police-person are morally discouraged nowadays?
6. Why mobile photography? What is it ?
7. What are the key themes you capture ?
8. What is your favourite picture of JNU ?
9. What is your opinion about student politics in jnu ?
10. Can nuclear war take place ?
Date: 25/4/2023 Afternoon session, 5th to go
Board: RN Choubey - all male panel
Optional: Psychology
Graduation: Automobile engineering
Hobbies: No questions on DAF, hobbies, home state, district etc
Duration: 25-30mins


Monologue about them being good people, said feel free to ask us to repeat again if you couldn’t hear us properly

 1. Do IC engines have a future
 2. Efficiency difference between IC and EV power train
 3. Comparative power difference between same size petrol and EV vehicle
 4. Resources are in forested areas so we are importing despite availability, what should we do?
 5. Issues plaguing power sector and discussions regarding the power sector

Member 1:

 1. What is ED
 2. What is money laundering
 3. Why are institutions afraid of ED
 4. Is there cartelisation in telecom sector
 5. Body that ensures fair competition between companies?

Member 2:

 1. Are data and Call prices really very low compared to other countries
 2. New player (JIO) arrival into telecom sector in 2016
 3. Does new player work for charity or profit minded
 4. Why new player reduced prices to low levels
 5. Amendment to prevention of atrocities act in 2020
 6. Collegium system controversy and your opinion about it

Member 3:

 1. Difference between F1 & F2
 2. Do you know about witchcraft?
 3. Which state witchcraft is still an issue
 4. If posted as DM in such an area, what will you do
 5. Any measures related to education to address the issue of witchcraft
 6. Any psychology concepts regarding children and their education
 7. What has Piaget said about children’s education
 8. Do you know Artemis mission
 9. Purpose of Artemis mission
 10. Any purpose apart from scientific discovery

Member 4:

 1. Health of automotive sector & some discussions about this
 2. Penetration of EV into Indian market
 3. Are we protective of our Indian automotive sector
 4. Elon musk tweet about inability to enter into Indian market. Why?
 5. Should we reduce customs to allow Tesla to enter & some discussions relating to Tesla, local manufacturing
 6. Imagine you are musk, what would you do.
 7. Will Indian market be profitable for Tesla, if not, what else can it do using its presence in India
 8. Do you know about FTA, any FTA currently being negotiated?
 9. India UK FTA where UK wants easy access for its automobiles & scotch in return for allowing Indian textiles. Should we accept this terms?
 10. How should our negotiations be. Some discussions relating to this, percentages we can agree on, benefit of our textiles having access to UK market etc

Thank you. We had a nice time talking to you. You can go now

Experience: felt friendly, there were cross questions but not aggressive. Members tried to get answers out of me and were giving expressions after hearing answers as well. Cordial board overall

Utility of mocks: Not much. I personally felt too many mocks will tinker with my originality. Can be useful to get a hang of talking to senior pros. Other than that, there’s very little similarity between the actual interview and mocks. O2O based on DAF can be useful if the board decides to ask questions based on DAF
Date : 28-04-2023; forenoon : last to go
Board : Smita Nagaraj ma'am
DAF : blockchain, sociology, mental health

- Have you heard about the book "everybody loves a good drought"
- who wrote it, what was it about
- have you witnessed corruption in real life
- why is there corruption when people seem so ethical in interviews
- is it only institutional pressure
- why rules are bad
- should there be discretion in administration
- what about discretion in this interview
- how do we reduce that
- what about bias
- identify a bias you have
- there is caste bias in even elite institutions, why is it there
- have you seen it?

Member 1
- You won scholarship from Google, what is crowdsourcing at Google
- You were involved in mental health society, what did you do
- how could you take preventive steps without counseling
- opinion about fact check
- opinion about name change
- family and mental health

Member 3

- reasons for delay in nuclear technology
(Talked about some specific term which I didn't know)
- discussion on gig economy and social security
- Gandhi's 7 sins and "politics w/o principle"

Member 4

- crypto and other use cases of blockchain
- insurance and how to improve this sector (I had mentioned ndhm and insurance in previous answer)
- insurance and other sectors have monopoly also so what is the government doing

Member 5

- discussion on crypto regulation ( few follow up questions)

Experience : sahi tha.. 20-25 mins only because the board was running behind schedule.

Mocks : 5 including one to one; good ones were Chahal and Chanakya Mandal

Utility of mocks : helps get confidence

All the best to everyone :)
Interview date - 27/04/23

Board - Manoj soni sir.
Afternoon , 2nd to go

Civil engg
History optional
Leadership summit
Hobbies - chess, learning about native cattle breeds.

Take your seat. You can remove your mask if you want.

1. What is democracy ? Dont say me the Lincolns definition.
2. Is India providing excessive democracy?
3.People are protesting for months, dont you think it is excessive. They are blocking the roads for months.
4. How you got interest in cattle ?

Member 1:
1.Economic activity of your district?
2. Any changes recently in economic activity?
3.( some economy theory which im not able to recall  even now)
4.Why International Date line is passing through many countries?

Member 2:
1.Leadership qualities
2. Your state Chiefminister MGR's style of leadership.
3.What is self respect movement?
4.Why buildings are collapsing?

Member 3:
1. Say 3 most important policy decisions post independence .Arrange in priority
2. Say political leaders of TN who came from cinema field.
3. How was it possible.?
4.How is speratist movement in Tamilnadu? Say its history

Member 4:
1.Why buildings collapse?
2.How earthquake resistant structures are built?
3.Where can we use normal bricks, and where hollow blocks?
4.Suez canal, Panama canal civil engg aspects
5.Children being stuck in borehole, why and what technology to rescue them .

Chairman - your interview is over, you can leave.

Utility of mocks - attended to  become familiar with the process, some feedbacks helped me to improve.
One on one with Ravindran sir, Khan sir was useful.
Discussion with friends helped a lot.

Thanks for all who share transcripts. Hope this is also useful. BEST WISHES.
Board: Manoj Soni Sir
Afternoon Session, 1st to go
Anthropology (No Questions)
Patna, Bihar
Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi
Working with an influencer marketing platform
Hobbies: Mountain Trekking

Chairman Sir:

What does your company do?
What are your roles and responsibilities there and how do you approach them there?
It’s a very interesting and relatively new field. Recently there was a controversy around the same with the company Cadbury, are you aware of this? (Was talking about the Bournvita social media post incident)
Does your company also get involved in legal battles like this?
India is chasing the target of a 5 trillion economy but took a setback because of the Pandemic, like all other countries also did. What in your opinion can we do to achieve that target quickly and easily? - (Discussed a bit around the need to integrate ourselves more with the global value supply chain, gave a few examples as well)
I wish we had more to time to discuss this more, but due to paucity of time I will have to pass on to other board members


Have you read the epic Ramayana or seen the program?Are you aware of the character Urmila there?
What is your opinion about the thought that She is one of the most underappreciated characters of the epic?
Which country has the best companies in the field of Chemical technology research?
Do you think in India we have a segregation between the core chemical industry and the fuel based industry?

How many crores are there in a trillion?
You are from Bihar, have you heard of the “Mountain man of Bihar”? What did he do? Where did he do it? Did he succeed?
Tiktok was banned in India but we still see some videos from Tiktok circulating? What is the reason? Has the ban been lifted or have they circumvented the rules to operate?
What happened to the people who were on TikTok in India? Are they not using such apps now?
What is your opinion on the statement that the whole Social Media industry is going to disappear in the near future?
But there is an example of MySpace which at one time was a prominent company but disappeared?


Are mountaineering and trekking the same thing?
What was Lucknow Pact?
Have you heard of SEBI? What does it do?
How does it oversee the securities and trading markets?
Name me some Small Savings Schemes


Is your company in any way involved in the work of Chemical Engineering also?
With such an increased use of Social media, there is loss of money for parents whose kids overuse it, what would you say?
Are there ill effects of Social Media?
Are there also psychological impacts of Social media?
I was surprised when you said about European companies doing best Chemical Technology research when we have companies in Gujarat and Hyderabad doing world class work in manufacturing of chemicals?
A brief monologue on Chemical disaster in India; What chemicals leaked in Bhopal and Vizag tragedies?
What are the reasons for such accidents in India?
What is the status of compensation to be given to people who were impacted in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

Chairman: Your interview is over, Thanks a lot!
Attempt - 2nd
Date and session of interview- 28 April - Last to go
(afternoon session)
Board- Sudan
ma’am - 20 to 25 mins
Optional- Law
College- Govt Law College
Profession (if any)- 1
yr work ex
Keywords- Football, trekking
 (not asked), undertrials, EY,scholarship in contract law, travel vlogs (not asked), Maharashtra

Your experience in interview- Very
cordial board.Mostly DAF based. 80% Qsrevolved around law/judiciary. Qs were long and somewhat mains oriented. Hardly any counter Qs even where I tried to lead the discussion somewhere else. Felt more like a Q ans session. I fumbled a few times. Members were nodding and smiling. Other than that interview was a bit underwhelming.

Also, transcript cannot show it but answers are not always smooth. Uhh uhh aa hi jaata hai while thinking what to say

Here’s how it went (I may have missed some Qs for which I apologise)

Chairperson - started with monologue that it’s a conversation and we can get something clarified if needed. Then made a mistake with my name to which I had to give a clarification :p

1. Q on undertrials - issues?
2. Recent remission of murder convict in Bihar case. My views on it?
3. Why women less in judiciary?
4. What was your experience in EY and why did you quit your job?

M1 (lady member, soft spoken, but listened patiently and nodded while answering)

1. Judicial pendency and what can be done about it?
2. Do judges deserve so many perks?  What about vacations? Can something be done to reduce vacations?
3. Collegium issues?
4. ECI judgement by Supreme Court. My views? Should CJI be there in the committee?


1. Favourite football player?
2. Position I played (this Q was only asked because honourable panelist wanted to let me know he was a striker in his younger days :))
3. Can we set a hard deadline to resolve cases in courts?
4. Reforms as law secretary? 
5. Why not become a judge? Why civil service?

1. view on aaplya davakhana in Maharashtra
2. What Is contract farming? Did the farm laws cover it?
3. Issues faced by farmers?
4. NBS subsidy regime what is it?
5. Why India moving towards international trade in rupee?

M4 (panelist was cordial but in a hurry. asked counter but did not give me time to justify my answer. Said no problem and moved on)

1. Education health infra security which should be prioritised
2. Football tactic that can be used by lawyers in arguing a case

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- Had
given around 5. Vajirao, Chahal, KSG, Chanakya etc. KSG was closest to the actual interview but I liked Chahal and Vajirao as well

Rahi baat utility ki, mocks can be given for confidence and facing senior people

Thank you community for all transcripts and PT related help. Thank you all online and offline friends for taking part in discussions. All the best to remaining candidates!

28th April Afternoon Session
Board : Honorable Smitha Nagaraj Mam
Graduation : CSE
Optional : Sociology
Hobby : Millet Cooking

Questions from Smitha mam were like long monologues and asking our opinion

No introduce yourselves question
Clarification in my name
Discussed about migrants and asked my opinion on how they are perceived in their host state
Opinion about states with huge population having more revenue


Is population a boon or bane
How China developed


What is cess
Discussion about why central govt resorts to cess
What is 3 language formula
Is it compulsory


Discussion about planned obsolescence
Why millets are good
Can millets be grown in all places
What is the topic of your symposium
How quantum Computers are different
What is quantum entanglement
Sociological view of happiness


What are renewable purchase obligations
What is merit order dispatch
Is sea level increase true
Which state has low TFR?

Cant judge how the interview went. Some questions were smooth while struggled in some
Utility of mocks :Helped to boost confidence
Date and session of interview- 28/04/2023  forenoon
Board- Shri Manoj Soni Sir
Optional- Mathematics
College- IIT
Profession (if any)- automotive sector
Hobbies- endurance running (nothing asked from rest)

Chairman -
1. When did you last visit a post office
2. In present days postoffices are not much in use and we have invested large resouces in it. Should we wind up the whole system?
3. Tell me an innovative method to use the vast network of postoffice
4. Tell me about your job profile? What do you do exactly?
5. Do you do benchmarking of succesful product from other players as well?

1. Other industries complain about the Protection that has been provided to automotive industry. Do you think automotive industries are highly protected
2. But we impose high duty on import of vehicle. What do you think about this
3. High occupancy of undertrial is there, do you think we should take reforms to solve this issue
4. What reform we should take to deal with under-trials
5. Bail not jail - this statement is promoted often. Do you think we should make bail as a default option

1. What do you mean by Indian knowledge system
2. Under new education policy we are promoting Indian knowledge system, what is your opinion on it
3. For higher education, now we are providing option for taking a break to pursue vocational training. do you think this is a good initiative
4. under new education policy UGC has allowed multi- degree system. don’t you think this is going to create additional burden on students
5. Tell me two standard processes, that are used in manufacturing industries
6. What kind of research is done in product development
7. What about statistical research
8. What are sustainable development goals? Mention few sustainable development goals. How these goals help in achieving sustainability

1. What is endurance running
2.Is your town affected by naxalism
3. Yesterday we heard about naxalism in Chhattisgarh? Whom do we blame for all this? Why are we not able to deal with this situation?
4. What can we do to resolve the problem in Chhattisgarh?

1. Is organic farming and natural farming practised and promoted in your area?
2. Should government provide subsidy to farmers to follow this
3. How organic farming can be exported from your area to outside state
4. What is vedic mathematics?
5. Are you sure that it is not mentioned in Vedas or derived from Vedas.
6. Should we promote vedic mathematics as part of our Indian knowledge system
7. Why buddhism presently is confined to himalayan region?
8. When did buddhism spred to other countries?

Chairman- Thank you. Wish you all the best for your future.

Your experience in interview- overall it was good.
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)-
 gave few mocks. They helped me practice but actual interview’s line of questioning was completely different.
Board - Manoj Soni sir
Date - 26/04/23 - Forenoon
 ⁃ Picked up my photo and started comparing
 ⁃ how are you ?
 ⁃ Feeling nervous ?
 ⁃ You worked in xyz ? Are you still working ?Why you left job ?
 ⁃ India has been talking about Energy independence . What is it ?
 ⁃ How will india achieve it ? Any strategy ?

M2 )
 ⁃ What is patiala famous for ? ( hometown)
 ⁃ Whats unique in punjabi names ? ( punjab state)
 ⁃ He was referring to names being gender neutral
 ⁃ Can you tell G20 complete moto
 ⁃ Something related to India’s focus on sustainable economic dev
 ⁃ What changes you want to suggest in upsc pattern

 ⁃ How did Bhangra origin and why it is performed ( hobby )
 ⁃ is india model nation in conducting relations with neighbouring nations (PSIR)
 ⁃ What is software engineering ( Graduation Subject )
 ⁃ How medical translation works ( couldn’t comprehend)
 ⁃ Tools used in big data analysis ( CS background )
 ⁃ What are Drought resistant crops ,how they are produced (in context of Punjab)
 ⁃ Sir ,asked the panel member to wind up

 ⁃ appreciated my suggestion of adding CS as optional subject
 ⁃ Client server vs real time systems ( CS graduation )
 ⁃ e- gadgets - nintendo vs playstation ? Which you think is better ( interests DAF)
 ⁃ How sodium carbide helps in Fruit ripening ( bouncer question )
 ⁃ How to tackle e waste ( continue from e - gadgets)

 ⁃ When ever there is police action ,protesters cry about HR ,what are human rights ?
 ⁃ What is Ucc ?
 ⁃ Do you think Indian agri is gambling with monsoon ? Explain?
 ⁃ Which monsoon affects india ( couldn’t understand what he wanted to ask , I said SW monsoon and discussed factors affecting monsoon )

Utility of mocks - Next , ksg , chahal , vajirao
Helped in covering Daf and practice
Peer group under (M^2 IAS ) very helpful
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