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Interview Transcripts of CSE/IFoS 2022

Please post interview transcripts of UPSC CSE or IFoS 2022 here, so that all can access and get benefitted from them.

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Board- R N Choubey sir
Name- who cares unless it is in the final list.
Background - Physics , optional - geography
3rd Feb afternoon 5th to go
Hobby - watching Japanese anime, Running
Sports - chess and hockey
Extremely cordial board (well what can you expect from Choubey sir's board)


Wished everyone - Good afternoon ma'am, good afternoon sir.He asked me to sit comfortably and remove my mask
.Then a small briefing, - that this is a personality test not an interview, if you know the answer tell us.if don't honestly say no, you can even ask us to repeat.( And ofcourse his devilish smile😈
I said yes sir

Chairman - well introduce yourself in one minute and your academic background, work experience.
One question related to my name and one follow up question.
Difference between naxalism and terrorism.
Some counter questions.

Member 1- question on capital punishment
It's objectives, do you support, what happens if someone who got hanged but we later realised that he was innocent etc etc( on these lines)
Do you know about bare necessities index, i said no..he asked me to take a guess and what are bare necessities, why such a index, it's analysis
( Then he himself started telling me- and i was listening to him patiently).

M2- question on Kota coaching institutes. ( Neither I have a coaching background nor I belong to that state)
Suicides are happening, should we ban coaching industry in general ( including civil services coaching)
Counter questions on these , how will you reform education system
Role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Why we could not able to integrate Kashmir.

M3 ( lady member)
Essence of biodiversity act
Cold waves, Delhi weather
Some 4-5 random questions- i don't even remember - i said no ma'am, sorry ma'am

M4- On Ramsar sites and convention ( feb 2 nd anniversary of Ramsar convention)
Relevance of wetlands
Name them etc etc
Urban flooding
Principle of lightning

Chairman- your interview is over , is there something we missed and you want us to ask

I said yes sir- you can ask from my hobby
He smiled😈... what is your hobby - I told him watching Japanese anime
Then he asked about Japanese anime
What is it? How different from cartoon? It's genre?
Some questions on this….

Thank You, it was nice talking to you .
I said Thanku sir and ma'am

Utility of mocks -they are useful to the point that they help you to overcome your fear.( That's it)
And if its Choubey sir's board then no need of taking a mock.
What I have realized that this is the most ,unpredictable stage of the exam
So believe in yourself, and leave everything to God.
Jai Hind 
3rd Feb
Sathyavati mam board
Hobbies - watching legal web series and yoga
Cities - Indore, Gwalior and Raipur
Background and optional - law
Work - Sports Authority of India

1. Meaning of your name
2. She asked me about a south Indian actress with similar name (I didn’t know)
3. Where have you been working and since when
4. Before work what were you doing (I said was in prep)
5. What is NGT and its work
Where does the appeal of NGT lies
6. Does constitution needs review
7. What are basic structures of our constitution
8. Is it in the original constitution or not (i said no, then she asked then how can you say they are basic structures)
9. Recent Laws that came out because of people’s general will (i said RTI and triple talak law, she referred to 377 law)

Member 2
1. Is it justified to ban vehicles after 10/15 yrs on account of environment. Isn’t it a burden on people. What can be alternatives
2. Which legal web series you are watching and which one is your favourite (hobby)
3. Favourite character

Member 3
1. Schemes related to children (daf based)
2. What’s happening in Iran (they meant women suppression issue)
3. What do you mean by underprivileged (daf based - part of program to teach underprivileged children)
Follow up - do you think they are really underprivileged
4. What is your job profile
5.  Difference between SAI and sports university

Member 4
1. Have you heard of housing act. How homelessness can be eradicated. can it be fully eradicated
2. As a law student what is your opinion on movie puspha
3. Why such movies are allowed (such illegal and violence based)
4. Compare planned city of Naya Raipur and Bhopal

Member 5
1. What is money laundering
2. What is the legal law for it(PMLA)
International body (FATF and follow up questions on consequences of being in the grey list and who is in black list and grey list)
3. Budget provisions in constitution
4. Parliamentary terms of adjournment sine die and prorogation differences
Date - 01/02 afternoon session
Board - Choubey sir
Home state - Odisha
Background - B.Com (Hons) from Kolkata
Optional - Sociology
No questions from hobby

 1. Tell us about your educational background and work experience
 2. What is black money?
 3. If you’re investing black money in real estate and gold, is it not productive for economy?
 4. Several cross questions on the same
 5. If I earn from an illegal activity, eg gambling, and pay taxes on it, will it be black or white money?

Member 1:
 1. Difference between Cuttack and Bhubaneswar
 2. What is town planning?
 3. What factors would you keep in mind while planning a town?
 4. Pottery city in UP - didn’t know
 5. What do you know about Terracotta?
 6. What to keep in mind while making balance sheet? How to ensure that it balances?

Member 2:
 1. “increased taxation, to some extent, subsidises for the inefficiencies of the government”. Explain. Do you agree? Cross questioning on the same.
 2. Adani case - explain round tripping and low float

Member 3:
 1. What is green accounting?
 2. Problem in countries adopting green accounting?

Member 4:
 1. Naxalism in West Bengal - was tackled once and again increased- what steps were taken on both times?
 2. Contributions of Subash Chandra Bose to our freedom struggle
 3. Contributions of INA

Unable to recall some questions from each member. Overall experience- board was cordial and encouraging
Feb 2, 2023, Afternoon
Ms Sathyavathy board
Previous work exp: Software Engineer
Travelling, Watching vlogs, Football
Tamil Nadu & Kerala
Chair asked to remove mask. Read the DAF.
 1. What were you doing since 2020?(I worked till 2020)
 2. What is your order of service preference?
 3. What is your order of cadre preference?(Home state is not my first preference)
 4. You don't want to work in your home state?
 5. You know Tamil and Malayalam?
 6. Tell me a few thirukurals (I said 2). Please explain those in English.
 7. What kind of traveling do you like? (I said adventure such as trekking )
 8. What is the difference between hiking, mountaineering, trekking?
Member 1
 1. What is a primitive tribe?
 2. What are the provisions for PVTGs in this year's budget?
3. What are the issues faced by migrant labourers? (Follow up questions)
 4. What are water-borne diseases?(I said Cholera)
 5. If you are posted as DM in a district where Cholera has widely spread, how will you handle it?
 6. Have you heard of ORS? What is the home remedy alternative for ORS?
Member 2;
 1. What all are the steps that India took to address the issue of crisis in Sri Lanka recently? Why are we doing those? What more can be done?
 2. Why is Football very popular in Kerala?
 3. Which is your favorite team?
 4. Which team did you support during the World Cup final?
 5. What position do you play in football?
Member 3:
 1. What are the technical difficulties faced in communication through satellites?
 2. It's often said future wars will happen in Space. Why it is so?
 3. What is the issue regarding Rohingyas? What India should do to handle this scenario?
Member 4:
 1. What are the current applications and future applications of satellite imagery?
 2. What is the difference between blog and vlog?
 3. So you like travelling, where all have you been?
Utility of mocks : Some questions asked in mocks got repeated.
board- lt gen shukla sir
interview date- 01 feb
Last one to go in afternoon session
duration- 33 mins
Keywords in daf- philosophy, Social media,Exploring new places, gwalior, industrial engineering, badminton

1.Which place u explored recently?
2.What u saw there?
3. How the tourist experience can be improved at that place?
4. Compare the temples of north india and south india
5. Which is better to see in terms of architecture
6. How vivekananda influenced world even when india was poor and under british rule? What are the differentiating factor of his philosophy?
7. Why philosophy is dying?
8. Is india becoming materialistic?

1. Which philosophy inspired u most and why?
2. Is existentialism applicable in real life?
3. Some spiritual leaders are charging fees for providing knowledge of the scriptures like sadhguru ji? what are ur views on this
4. Is there any similar thing like this in the ancient times?
5. What is pm gati shakti yojana?
6. Logistics cost in india and what are the govt steps in this direction

1. Why people are falling in the trap of babas?
2. What are ur views on fake gurus like those convicted in recent times?
3. How social media can be made a better place?
4. How to tackle fake news?
5. Any famous personality banned from social media platform in the recent times?

1. tell me something about gwalior air base?
2. Name of some fighter aircrafts
3. Rafale is from which country?
4. Any indigenous fighter plane?
5. What can be done to improve efficiency of armed forces?
6. What provisions can be done in the budget regarding this?
7. Do you know about book fair of bhopal?

M4- very random ques
1. principle behind pressure cooker?
2. Why it takes longer time to cook food at higher latitudes
3. Dimensions of badminton court and net in feet?

Utility of mocks- some qs repeated
Retd Gen Raj Shukla Sir
Date of Interview: 3rd Feb
Background: CA, MA in Eco, IDAS
Optional: Economics
Hobbies: iyengar Yoga, Ghoomar Dance, Reading Books
Others: NSS, Blood Donation camp, Mock parliament (MHRD minister)

Mostly interview went for 30-35 MN


 1. So you are CA and IDAS currently, till what time your training will go on?
 2. So tell me broadly about Finance of the world? How this is changing?
 3. So you say with Russia Ukraine war, Germany & Japan are increasing defence expenditure. in which area see you this changes? (Was a long monologue, could remember gist)
 4. So will it be more in platforms and weaponry or new age tech like AI, Drones ? - I said recently countries have started focusing on platforms ammunition
 5. He intervened and said that in Ukraine drones are being used for something - I said yes sir, New age technologies are also being focused
 6. Something on bureaucracy focused on traditional set ups like going strictly by rules. What is ur view?
 7. In government, L1 (low cost model) model is followed, but sometimes it creates problems for quality of defence procurement, what is ur view? (I mentioned about Quality cum cost model—-He said it is rarely followed. Why?
 8. GFR (General Financial Rules) are there. But FM is easily able to use discretion under the rules but many are not. Why? (Question was long and since I didn't have Detailed idea about GFR, I said I need to look into it)

M1 (Lady member)

 1. So you were MHRD minister while participating in mock Parliament. If you are secretary to MHRD what 3 measures will you take? (Bridging learning gaps, teacher training, reaserch and vocational training)
 2. How teacher training?
 3. In PG, you might be having developmental eco, I said No
 4. Then what was your favourite subject. And which theory you like the most ( Macroeconomics+ Keynesian model)
 5. For inflation controlling, it is said that monetary policy is more effective in developed countries and fiscal in developing. Why?


 1. You did your class 10th In village and then 12 in Udaipur. What difference could you see in village schools and Schools in Udaipur?
 2. So you stayed in hostel. Did your parents allow you that time?
 3. Apart from Ghoomar which dance you do? When is Ghoomar performed?
 4. What you mean by Human rights?
 5. Where are they mentioned?
 6. How HR are different from FRs?
 7. Name FRs mentioned in constitution.
 8. Why there is need for separate FR to protect minorities?
 9. Which is the last book you have read? And what is it about?
 10. What are the moral lessons in it? (I mention 3000 stitches by Sudha Murthy and said through various short stories she gives moral lessons)
 11. Out of these 3 moral lessons which one do you reflect the most?


 1. If you have to convince a foreigner that India is mother of democracy then how will you do it?
 2. There was sign of India being democracy in past. Do you remember?
 3. Discussion on one nation one election
 4. Can you name some female governors ?


 1. Why Japan have culture of discipline, sanitation etc buy we lacked? (I said value based education from my limited reading )
 2. He said we also read about many values in books but what is lacking (I said application at ground level- like social works in schools)

(I am mostly forgetting questions from last 2 members)

All the best to all aspirants.
Date of interview - 2nd Feb 2023
Board- Choubey Sir
Background - CA., B.Com
Optional - Commerce & Accountancy
Work experience - IOCL
Hobby - Cooking ( Sattvic Food) , Freestyle Dancing ( no questions on hobby) - NO questions from hobbies

1. Role of Finance commission
2. Why don't we give state the power to tax ? Why there is a need for Finance Commission?
3. Can you think of some state which is rich but state govt is poor?

1. Have you heard of Greenpace (NGO)? - I was not sure about that
2. " When the buying stops, killing can too " - In reference to elephant ivory........Can you think of other animals for which it is relevant?

He started by saying - "I am tempted to get my doubts clarified regarding IFRS- 17 but i don't want to take unfair advantage and take your free advice so I'll refrain from asking that" then he asked me IR questions
1. Objective of AUKUS? Is it anti-china
2. Full form of QUAD? how is it different form AUKUS? What was its initial objective?
3. How Pakistan 's economic crisis different from Sri Lanka's
Should world and India in particular be concerned since it is a nuclear power?

1. What is third degree .....used by police? Should it be allowed?
why does police use third degree?
2. Bangladesh's economic situation
3. Cattle smuggling near India-Bangladesh border?

1. Why G20 is significant to India? How is it different from other grouping
2. Agriculture is important to name some famous species grown in Rajasthan

Chairman at the end
Do you want to tell us something?
Date and session - 6th February, Forenoon
Board - Smitha Nagaraj ma'am
Optional - Economics
Profession - Fundraising in AI sector, recent selection in state services
Hobbies - Manga

1. So, you are working at Wadhwani AI now? (No, ma'am, will join state services next week)
2. Why do you want to come from fundraising to policymaking?
3. What do _you_ want to contribute to policymaking?
4. You mentioned you want to work in MSME sector. Don't you think our policies disincentivise growth of MSMEs into large companies?

1. Let's talk about taxation. Do you think the super-rich be taxed?
2. So you support a Marxian model? (No, I support providing more opportunities for the poor to build their wealth)
3. You are an electronics and communication engineer. Explain in simple terms how communication takes place.
4. Which part do you think introduces most distortion in a message while communication?

1. You will become an SDO. How will you solve the tribal vs mining company problem? (Said, more jobs and fair relocation terms for tribals)
2. Do you know about CAMPA? How will you use it? Is it possible to relocate forests?
3. Is manga the only aspect of Japanese culture that you enjoy? (No, I also like their colourful festival and mythology. Similarities between Indian and Japanese culture).
4. Would you like to be posted in Japan if selected in IFS? (I said YES with golden retriever energy!)

1. You mentioned about MSMEs. Where do you think bottlenecks lie?
2. It is said that lack of regulation allowed IT sector to blossom. Do you agree? (I mentioned that lack of regulation also caused a few problems)
3. So you think we should regulate it? (No, I support self regulation and soft regulation)

M5 (lady):
1. I was so happy to hear about the permanent commission of women in army. What do you know about it? (I said it is a great step. But I am not well versed in the court rulings and how that came about)
2. Do you think the triple talaq judgement make women equal to men? (I said, in isolation it looks like equality, but personal laws are complex. So, we will have to see how it evolves)
Pencil sketching
Directed short films

Shri Rajiv Shukla board

1.Why shift from mbbs

2.America post president election events...why in democracy such thing happened..what to do to avoid

3.What are the challenges to democracy in india..what to do to avoid such things
Should we do something for democracy or let it evolve

4.Shinzo Abe who is he
What did he contribute

5.Indo India being used

6. Question on reservation( cant recall what it is)


1.Telangana vs governor on republic day celebrations

2.Do u think it was right

3.How are powers divided bw centre and state
( Told 3 lists)
4.What is the basis

5. Perception of public about collectors why

6..Single events during crisis vs setting up systems

1.Caste system .. evolution in India
3.Is it still there
4.Do they go out of reservation also
5.Pencil sketching..when did u start..what do u sketch


1.NTR..why actor to politics in south and not in North
2.Recent golden globe award
3.Why global reach
4.AP ts..benefits, losses, pending issues
5. Is there any provision of special status in constitution


1.Private Medical colleges only for to make it merit based

2.Behaviour in parliament and assembly...what to do

And few follow-ups based on my answers
Date: 6th Feb
Session: Forenoon (last to go)
Board: Sathyavati Ma’am
Education: B.Tech Textile Technology, IIT Delhi.
Optional: Economics
Other DAF Keywords: Mathura, Run for Laadli Half Marathon, Robotics, Football, Global Financial crisis, Infotainment shows.
WorkEx: 6 months Business Analyst @ Ola
Category: Visually Impaired (PwBD-2)
Chairman reads out DAF.
 1. What are you doing since 2019?
 2. What did you do in your job?
 3. Why did you not prepare along job?
 4. What is Run For Laadli?
 5. What is the status of women in UP?
 6. First tell me about scene in Mathura.
 1. Why so many widows in Vrindavan? Why not somewhere else?
 2. What would you as administrator do for widows in Vrindavan?
 3. But will talking to widow’s family work?
 4. Are most of these widows Bengali? (Sorry sir)
 5. So how do you show leadership?
 6. How would you build consensus during communal violence? (I mentioned consensus formation in last answer).
 7. But nowadays there is no leaders in violence. (I said religious leaders above).
 8. I said nowadays there is a hidden leader which is social media and we need to check such instances.😂😅
 9. You mentioned Eastern UP & Bundelkhand (I did in an answer), why are they relatively backward?
 10. Is enough being done for these regions or are they just exhibition of poverty?
M2 (Lady)
 1. What is Aspirational District Program?
 2. Is it even working?
 3. So you are a textile engineer, tell me about economics of textile sector of India.
 4. Why small countries doing better than India in textiles?
 5. Cross question on labour costs.
 6. What can be done to lower labour costs in India?
 7. I mentioned focusing PMKVY like schemes on textiles, to which chairman intervened and said isn’t that already a part?
 1. Monologue on gender equality, what to do?
 2. All that you said sounds good, but what to do realistically?
 3. Monologue on family as the first place to bring a change for gender equality. Why so many crimes against women in UP which is increasing day by day?
 4. You play football, what position?
 5. What major events have happened regarding football in last 1 year?
 6. Name the quarter finalists of FIFA WC. (Actually wanted semi-finalists)
 7. Any thing else? (I said U17 women World Cup in India)
 8. He replied you missed the great Pele died.
M4 (lady)
 1. You have economics optional. What is Development economics?
 2. Name few economists working in this field?
 3. What has India done on lines of development economics?
 4. What is taught in Textile engineering in IITs?
 5. Is anything taught on machinery and production?
 6. Tell me about handloom sector in India.
 7. How can you use what you learnt in engineering for handlooms?
 8. Anything related to technology upgradation and machines for them?
M3 Again
 1. How would you distinguish a saree wether it is hand-woven or power loom? I
 2. said uneven texture.
 3. Again asked can you do it while a shopkeeper tries to sell it to you by claiming it as handwoven?
 4. I said, that will be very difficult for me.
 5. They all had a chat around this topic and laughed.
Chairman asks what is the difference between fibre, filament, yarn and thread? Corrected me once, I said thank you.
Your interview is over thank you and all the best.

I hope this comprehensive transcript helps someone.
Utility of Mock: Builds confidence and gives directions of questions to prepare in DAF.
Suggestion: Be confident, humble and enthusiastic.
All the best everyone.
Date and session of interview-30 Jan ,2023 afternoon 3rd to go
Board-RN Chaubey sir
Mechanical (Btech )
Profession (if any)-system engineer ,freelancer
Hobbies- mandala art ,interested in sustainable DIY

Chairman sir :

 1.tell me about your education and work experience?
2.Follow up questions then why did you leave your job ? -answered (chair -Ok we believe you🙂)
 2.IPC,CrPC ,evident act - what are they ? old are they ? there any need for reform in these?
5.what reforms -(removal of grey areas ,technological interventions in evidence gathering so that precision and accuracy increases and witness protection
6.long monologue on corruption in admin -why are they still resorting to it

 Member 1

1.long monologue on issue with global hunger index
2.followup on this (y more sample sizeis needed (answered -seems satisfied ),what is the issue with their questionare? -answered (member totally agreed with it )
3.what is sustainability
4.mandala art do you do that or interested in it

Member 2

1. NCC wings ,when it is formed and moto ?(entire sports column is empty )
What is the issue about NCC in news
Stressed to get answer from me
Asked me to take guess on year
2.nasal vaccine and mechanism (said sorry don't know )
3.governor issue and then long monologue (said i will read more about it when I repeated the point )

Member 3(lady )

1.have you watched republic day parade ?
2.Which part you liked most -she herself started with president of Egypt visit ,I nodded further elaborating it
3.What did you like about parade (told state tablueas )
4.Why ? (Women empowerment)
5.what is your state tableau (no tableau from our state ) sparrow status now (chair explained me about it when I told her that I know normal sparrow and not aware about house sparrow😂)
7.told her reasons (radiation,nest,food)
8.asked about its food cycle (told -sparrow -insects -plants
9.what is food cycle and food web
10.what did you do in your job ? how you make website inclusive (missed audio aspect )

Member 4( using laptop ) AC works (wants to hear specific thing that he googled )
2.differnce between desert cooler and AC -(chair once again clarified me about desert cooler )
2.what is affluent technology (sorry sir don't know )
3.envi science in graduation -so what did you read -carbon foot print do you decrease carbon footprint -answered only at individual level

Chair :we are done with interview if you want to say something you can and we are not going to ask questions from it

Talked about best practice in my village
Chair :asked me which village ?

I thanked them all and left

O2O sessions helped me alot with kaptaan,vinay sir (insights ) ,Khan sir
Apart from it discussions with friends and seniors helped the most

Utility of mocks :KSG,vajirao and reddy
Date and session of interview-6/2/23, Afternoon Session, First to go
Board- Preeti Sudan mam
College-BITS Pilani, Goa Campus
Profession (if any)-
Hobbies-Reading non-fiction books, running
Your experience in interview-Cordial board, very few counter questions
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- To gain confidence and increase the chance of practicing questions which might be asked (in my case about non-fiction books)

Chairwoman(telling me to get comfortable)
Right away asked about my hobby which was reading non-fiction books
Some brief discussion on that
1. Do you use Chatgpt?
2. How will it impact our future
3. AI and it's potential

M1(lady member)
1. Asked something about cloning (I said I'm not sure about it)
2. Discussion on AI
3. Two important initiatives in the Budget

1. Again asked about non-fiction book and difference between traditional and behavioral economics (since I had mentioned I like to read books on economy)
2. How can India achieve net zero target and further discussion on that

1. Need for police reforms and what do you suggest
2. Judicial reforms
3. Outcomes of CoP27

M4 (lady member)
1. Asked about my dual degree (just the concept of dual degree)
2. Other economic activities in Goa besides tourism

These were the broad questions, a very abridged version of the actual "intervie" since I am not able to recall many questions
Hello, I recognize your concerns as purchasing solar panels in Arizona is not an inexpensive pleasure. Here are some numbers, though: Arizona ranks top in the USA for cost-savings from solar panel installation. Therefore, you must realize that a lot of sunlight, allowing you to generate more solar energy. Therefore, I would unquestionably install solar panels if I were you.
6/2, Afternoon session
Sathiyavathi ma'am
Hansraj College, DU
No questions on hobbies

Didn't you think about doing PG?
What were you doing since 2021?
Since IFS is your first preference, who out of Putin, Erdogan and Trump is most important for India's interest?
Some counter questions from ma'am and other members.
How do you see the Russia-Ukraine war in near future? Any solutions.
Impact of war on agriculture and India's role.
Some counter questions.

Member 1(lady)-
Talked about development schemes not working in Bihar and asked about the reasons. Long discussion on this.
Discussion on money laundering.

Member 2-
Asked about tiger reserves and some names.
Cheetah relocation.
Difference between cheetah and leopard.

Member 3(lady)-
India-Nepal relations discussion
Problems faced by Bihar as a border state.
India-China border dispute and asked me for some solutions.

For some weird reason, she was asking me two part questions like cause and solutions and when I started answering the cause part, she interrupted me in both and told me that she was asking for solutions.

Member 4-
Read about what candidates say when asked for the reasons to join civil services and asked me do you have anything different to add.
Then, he went into physics because I had PCM in 12th and asked about uncertainty principle.

Member 1 asked about Hindustani vocal music as I had it as one of the subjects in 12th.(told them about my choice between physical education and HVM)

Then all laughed out on my answer and Sathiyavathi ma'am asked why not Physical education and then what exercise I do for keeping myself fit. When I answered in the negative, she jokingly told me to start exercising because it would be a desk job.
Date and session of Interview - 6th Feb, Afternoon, 3rd to go
Board - Preeti Sudan Ma'am
College - CSE, IIT Guwahati
Work Ex - GS, Ola
Optional - Psychology
Hobbies - Chess, Speedcubing, Watching psychological crime thrillers

— Transcript begin —

1. Remove your mask and make yourself fully comfortable and let me know when you're good to go.
2. So, you've worked in GS and are working at Ola. Is that correct?
3. What do you think about these cab aggregators like Uber and Ola?
4. They don't own any cars & still make profit. What do you have to say to that?
5. Tell me some psychological impacts of Covid-19.
6. *missing one question * (I guess)

M1 (Male)
1. Name the left bank tributaries of the river Ganges.
2. What is the impact of these rivers on Bihar?
3. So, you've mentioned Kosi or Saptakosi, tell me why is it called the sorrow of Bihar?
4. What are the methods you'll take to control flooding in Bihar that have yet not been taken?
5. What if I say that the water from floods can also be used as assets? What would be your take on that?

M2 (Male)
1. So, what have you been doing since past 3 years?
2. Tell me, what accountability does Uber/Ola have towards customers when drivers cancel the confirmed ride from their end?
3. What if the driver does not want to go to a specific location?
4. What is the concept of surge pricing?
5. How did you implement that at Ola? And is there any limit on how much you can surge?
6. What is a narcissist personality? Since you watch psychological thrillers, you must be familiar with it.
7. Tell me something more about it.

M3 (Female)
1. What is Shang-a-Lang? (No clue there, no clue here, I told her to repeat the question but I still don't know what word was that - the only question I straightaway rejected)
2. Achha leave it, you seem to be very good at Psychology, tell me why didn't you pursue to become a counsellor and why have you opted for Civil services?
3. Tell me about the drug addiction in India, why is it increasing with time?
4. Elaborate a few solutions from your end?
5. You've been in Ola, so you might be knowing a bit about transport. Are metros a viable public transport option and are they a feasible option in Indian cities right now?
6. But DTC buses carry more passengers on a daily basis as compared to the Delhi metro, what's your take on that?

M4 (Female)
1. You were in Guwahati. What all places you visited in North-East during that period?
2. Why didn't you visit Arunachal Pradesh?
3. Tell me your experience of Kaziranga National Park - first as a tourist then as an administrator.
4. What would happen if Kaziranga NP is open for the whole year instead of just 6 months? Positive and Negative both.
5. You have studied Sanskrit till class 10th, then why did you all of a sudden choose Painting in class 12th. What all you studied during those 2 years?
6. Do you still paint?
7. You seem to be a very focussed person. Is that so?
8. Last question from my side, how would you design something using your knowledge of Computer Science so that when tourists want to visit a particular place in India, they can easily purchase tickets for it online.
9. You explained me the whole ecosystem, tell me about the particular thing related to money, how would the government get money?
10. Payment Gateway it is !

Chairperson - Your interview is over, you may leave now.

Thanked them all and left

— Transcript end —

Comments — 

1. The room was big with Chairperson, M4 and M5 at the table (too far) while M1 and M2 at a distance of 2-3 feet away from me.
2. The help came around 4-5 times during the 35-37 minutes of interview, sometimes with samosas, sometimes with chai.
3. The board wasTOO cordial. I enjoyed the experience to the core, cause why not!
O2O mocks
1. Shankar IAS (very decent)
2. Ravindran Sir (boosted a lot of confidence)
3. NextIAS (called me today to have an O2O with Bassi sir, I chose my UPSC interview over it)

Panel mocks
1. UPSCPrep (got butchered)
2. Vajirao (okayish)

Utility of mocks - Apne apne hisaab se dekh lo!
Date and session of interview: 6th February, Afternoon, 3rd to go
Board: Satyavathi ma’am
Optional: Psychology
Degree: Industrial Psychology, IGNOU
Your experience in interview: Average
Utility of mocks or O2O: Learn to listen to the question, similar questions

Chairman reads out my DAF

1. What is Industrial Psychology?
2. The Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions, explain it in the context of industrial psychology?
3. Usually, master’s degree is completed in 2 years, why are you taking more time?
4. Name the industries where this is most applied? (she wanted more industries, my answer was quite shallow, but she moved on when she understood that I couldn’t recall)

1. Why is the age of marriage increasing in India, is the institution of marriage still relevant in the Indian society, also why are divorces increasing?
2. What is your Plan B?

1. What was your entrepreneurial venture? (Based on my Plan😎 
2. What are the ways to promote women empowerment and women entrepreneurship?

1. What is the status of women in Kerala? (Nudged about double burden, and I spoke about my MA research paper)
2. Based on the findings of your research, what ways can we overcome this issue about women?
3. What is the psychology of terrorism?
4. Can these techniques be applied for the good of the society? How?
5. What are skills needed for a civil servant from a psychology perspective?
6. How are e-commerce companies using psychology?

1. I am giving you a situation, “In an industry, an accident occurred and an employee was injured. The employees with their rage and anger attacked the supervisor and injured him, what aspect of psychology is playing out here”? (I couldn’t reach the specific answer at first, but she gave me a clue )
2. We have not condemned the Russia-Ukraine war, what are India’s reasons for doing it? (I replied that indeed we have condemned, but we have abstained due to our strategic autonomy and self-interest; she wanted more points, but let me free when I couldn’t recall)

M3 wanted to ask one more question
- You mentioned that empathy and compassion are important traits in a civil servant, can it be assessed in an interview like this?

Chairman: Thank you, your interview is over

Goodluck to all, be calm and be yourself
Board- Lt. General Shukla Sir
Optional- PSIR


Your experience in interview-
It was very cordial, it's difficult to say what they are thinking about our answers😅😅 very neutral emotions of panel.

Interview time -30 min
5th to go in afternoon session.

Wished Good afternoon Ma'am, Good afternoon Sir.
Chairman Sir told me to sit,
I said thank you Sir.


CH- International relations is your Optional?

CH-I was waiting for you I had one question for you I wanted to ask a person from IR,😅 ( he was asking questions in Hindi as well as English)

1) How technology is interlinked with IR?
2) What is 5G?
3) how it will affect USA and UK?
4) do you know about Russia-Ukraine war how Ukraine is sustaining this war?

5)do you know about killing of terrorist in Pakistan by USA using missile technology used in that operation? Tell me technology used by USA in that operation?

6) what is your hobby?
7) which style you practice in swimming?
8) Why India not performing well?
9) Why Western countries getting so many medals?
10) What India needs to do?
11) Western coach or Indian coach which you prefer why?
12) Even after reliance supported the football league India is not in world cup why?

M2 ( Ma'am)
1) is absence of career in SPORTS discouraging parents to encourage their children's participation in sports?
2) has IPL helped cricket ad sports n how?
3) is there any other sports where league is played?

4) have you heard about mission karmayogi? What is it?
5) what is the meaning of "rules based to roles based" governance?
6) what is iGOT platform? Further questions on it..

1) There was recently news about police inspector killing the minister in Odisha, what are the reasons for such incidents?
(Talked about mental health, regular checkups)
2) is it possible to check mental health of all police personal?
(Police going through lot of stress there is lack of HR in police etc problems)
3) even UP has 350000 police personnel that's huge number then why it's happening that they are overburdened?
4) why police personal are not concerned about people's problems? Why people fear to approach police?
5) your optional PSIR which thinker you like most? Further questions regarding their concepts.
6) Your district is draught prone so tell me what government is doing? And what has been it's impact?
(Told about scheme names n measures)
7) what is infrastructure under MGNREGA?
8) What has been it's impact?
9) what measures do you suggest?

(Both focused on mostly Pakistan issue from all the perspective)
1) Pakistan going through crisis good or bad for india?
(Talked about South Asia instability also)
2) the way India helped Srilanka Should India help Pakistan?
3) should India ask in return?
4) Why Pakistan not asking any help to China?
5) what big investment China is doing in Pakistan?
6) What India doing nearby Gwadar Port?
7) what if Pakistan is not ready to talk? N wants India to go back on ARTICLE 370?
8) issues between India and Pakistan?
9) what are other options India have if Pakistan not ready to talk? N there are no direct talks?
10) you are civil engineer so tell me like it's plumb Bob for checking verticality in one two storey building similarly for 150 storey building what is used?
Date and session-3 feb and forenoon
Board- shukla sir
Optional- history(no question asked)
Academic - electrical engineering
Hobbies- rehne do(cause no question asked)
Experience -average it was a discussion type interview rather than conventional question answer type, no smile by panel,no nodding,no introduction asked they just jumped into questions

Chairperson -asked me to sit down keep the mask down. No smile nothing poker face.
1- you are from a very famous college,what are its contribution to our nation.
2- discussion on farm laws,why they were opposed
3- India developed by 2047 overambitious aim, follow up discussion on mask production how it went
More questions not able to recall

Members 1
1- discussion on demographic dividend
How to utilize it
2-discussion on skill , gap between Industry and skilled workers
3- chat gpt is being used in bpo industry,do you support it? I said yes but it should act as supporting role in industry rather than replacing the whole manpower in the Bpo industry.

Member 2
1- why skill gap exist
2-why skilled worker are not engaging in their domain but going for other domain like you are going to civil services
3- your city was in news recently? I told them illegal encroachment demolition drive. Yes why this happened. As a Dm what you could have done
Follow up questions do you think it is wise by government to legalise every other slum area is this right model of governance

Member 3
1- how to control hate
speeches and irrelevant debates on tv.
2- name favourite column writer of your newspaper
3- tell me some contributions of gbpant ji

Member 4
1- discussion on tehri dam and on what river it was made
2- in previous budget a scheme was launched for power sector . What are its Indicator
3- auxillary parts of hydro power plant
4- how will you reduce loses in transmission lines(in this answer he was impressed quite well and nodded by saying very good)
Chairperson - okay your interview is over you may leave

Utility of mock- just for gaining confidence and to practice speaking
One to one session with Utkarsh sir were really helpful and interview sessions also very enriching
Chanakya ias-good
Ksg- good
Vajiram and ravi-waste of time
Vnk ias academy - good
Transcript of SOMP Student
State : Guj
Mech engineering
Service: IIS & BDO

Cordial board

Preeti sudan Ma’am


IIS Training journey

Best part of training

Where did you done SFC ?

What is the problem of Joshimath? And solutions

Tell me two best things that you have done during BDO tenure?

Why so much vaccines hesitancy in developed world compare to India?


So, do you think that bz of vaccine there is less damage to india , explain it ?

Do you have interest in finance?

Finance committees ?

Appropriation account ?

Loan and borrowing from which account?

Budget passing process?

Relationship between CAG & PAC ?

Do you agree with the statement that Block development officer’s “Block”s development?

Do you think that NTPC is responsible for joshimath?

Do you think that there is conspiracy behind this agitations? Envi vs development?

M4: why amul model hasn’t successful in other states?

Neo colonialism ?

What are the steps in cyber security?

Kautilya vs machiavelli ?Simlilarity?

Member 5:

Uttarakhand track route

Rafting ?

Safety ?


Name of dehradoon airport ?

Track: oli, chopta, joshimath ?
Board:Sathyavathi madam
Date:7th feb afternoon session.
State: Karnataka
Graduation:Bsc agriculture
Keywords:Kolar,cricket,  gaming,fantasy cricket.

1.When did kgf mines closed?
2.Now,what is the source of economy for Kolar district.
3.Why farmers in kolar throw tomatoes on road?
4.Sericulture-do you know about it?Tell me different  varieties of Silkworms.
5.What is the special about Muga silk?

1.Do you know about sun?What is it?what is the composition of sun?
2.How solar energy generated?
3.What is the means of transfer of energy from sun to planets.
4.Name the varieties of cow breeds.
5.What is sahiwal?

1.Bt-Brinjal?what is it?concerns ?
2.Organic agriculture is costly. what to do?

1.what are your service preference.
2.What qualities IAS officer  should have?
3.If an officer don't have compassion/empathy
Then what to do?
4.Do you know about NRC?What is it?what are the concerns?

1.Karnataka cuisine-style of cooking how it is?
2.Name any few.
3.What is the marketing institute from your campus?
4.What is your solution to market failure?
and counter question on it.
5.Tell me any innovative measure which you have studied for ensuring market for farmers.

At last chairman said your interview is over.
When I was leaving the room ,one of the board member asked what is doosra? Can you bowl? I answered and said I can bowl googly and legbreak.Sir replied great!!.
Over all the board was cordial.70% of questions on agriculture. No qn  from hobbies and optional.
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