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Interview Transcripts of CSE/IFoS 2022

Please post interview transcripts of UPSC CSE or IFoS 2022 here, so that all can access and get benefitted from them.

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CM-R N choubey
Name- vs
Date-15/2 FN
Optional -Anthro
Hometown- Kanpur UP


What is me too?
Your opinion?

Pwd act?
Favourite service?
As a DM How can you prevent disabilities from happening ?
What is roshni act?
When was National Anthem adopted?

What is geo history
Do prisoners have right to vote
What do you know about Diaspora?
Your view on their role?
Do they have right to vote?
Socio envmntal consequences of mining?
What is ghotul?

To promote remote education android mobile or ipad?

Kanpur tannery pollution? Wf?


Kanpur textile mill? Challenges? And current status?

CSJMU(knp university) when estab?

Current VC?

Opinion on role of media and judiciary and geo-political impact of media?

Have you watched BBC documentry?

CM- do you want to share or ask anything?

Interview went on for 14 min. Overall they were cordial.

Mock feedback-
Ksg was good. O2O were more
e helpful
Ravindran sir ( best experience- closest to upsc) and khan sir (KSG) helped alot.

Interview session by Utkarsh sir(SOMP were really good), Vikas Kanukollu sir(his insights were helpful in interview), vivekanand sir and kaptaan bhai helped alot.
Date - 27th February,
Afternoon session - around 30 minutes
Board- Smita Nagraj Mam
Optional- Sociology
Profession - IPS
Hobbies and Interest - shayari writing, working on local social and environmental issues
Your experience in interview- Board on fire when IPS on chair😄

This Haircut showing that u r from NPA?
How you celebrated ur success
No Jolly way?
Do u against Dj, dolby?
Why tree plantation at Village?
Elgar parishad, tracking people, introducing Spyware big chaos
Planting evidences against criminal? Ur stand
Person should given bail or not?
Isn't wrong to provide rights to criminal?
Why should bail given to criminal that we know?
Is it matter right?
What is the Purpose of arrest?
How should be arrest law? - liberal?
Which cadre u r expecting
Where you would like to see urself Bengal or Assam

Time allocated to Outdoor activity of npa
Purpose of Parade in the training?
But police doesn't work in team spirit and coordination?
Assam marriage issue
Isn't police excess is there?
Modus operandi to tackle this
Adding pocso in child marriage FIR right or wrong?
How people are surviving when bread earner is arrested due to child marriage?
Why u r opting for IAS despite having IPS
What is voice of consciousness?
You wouldn't feel u blocked one seat and someone lost it if you are getting into IAS ?
Why IPS people keeping one leg here And other in IAS?

What ur life struggle taught to you?
How this will be helpful in administration?
Isn't u think, U wasted human and social capital of mechanical engineering?
Use of mechanical engineering in administration?
Political instability in maharashtra causing development deficit! How to tackle it
Relate above point to western maharashtra vs other underdeveloped region

Again why IAS?
Social prestige of ias vs ips
How you will replicate cooperative model of maharshtra in Bengal and Assam?
Long discussion on above topic
Cultural differences may cause problem? Ur view
U Didn't join foundation course?

How we can improve Bad image of policing?
What are two things u like about NPA training?
Two things u want to improve about NPA training?
Modern policing mandate
Last mughal emperor?
Two shayar at his court?
Name of Mughal emperor under which maratha empire worked?

Chairman - with smile, Holy pdf ur interview is over, Thank you!
Date and session of interview - 28 February, 2023 (Afternoon session)
5th to go.
Board - Shukla sir
Optional - PSIR
Profession (if any) - Government sector (state pcs)
Hobbies - cricket (nothing asked)


Read qualifications and work experience.

1. Why didn't you choose your engineering (ECE) as an optional. Why PSIR?
2. What do you understand by Rules based international order?
3. Is it being followed in contemporary times?
4. China's 9 dash line. Why important to China?
5. How did it come into existence? (Did not know)
6. China was taken to ICJ regarding 9 dash line? Did it follow the rulings.
7. What is 12 nautical miles? Can warships enter this region? What can be the extent to penetration of other countries warships?
USA has certain number of ports near Chinese borders. So is China's aggressive stance on this justified?
8. Should there be negotiations for a Rule based international order?

M1 :
1. Your learnings as an ECE engineer?
2. Since you opted for software sector as your first job, what could be done to improve employability in core sectors?
Cross questions on this.
3. What are your views on Electronics industry in India.
4. What can students do more to become employable?

M2 :
1. As you are working as a District level officer, what digitalisation have you witnessed?
2. Scheme wise : which schemes have come online and which are yet to come?
3. Why is it taking time to digitise the schemes?
4. What is your role in implementing schemes on ground.
5. Is there proper Digital penetration in rural areas?
6. Why not?
7. What are government efforts for the same (did GoI involve any company for rural internet penetration).
8. Some question regarding use of electronics and communication in sports.

M3 :
1. What is ODOP and what are it's benefits?
2. When did ODOP start?
3. Won't other product producer feel discouraged?
Cross questions on this.
4. Are any districts having more than 1 product under ODOP?
5. What is that investment thing going on?
(I said Global Investors summit)
Are these investment being done in reality or just on paper?
6. Is signing of MOUs enough? Why aren't these being reflected on ground?

1. Started with Russia Ukraine war.
2. Who do you think is the real winner?
3. Where do you see the end of this war and what will happen this year?
4. Is China an ally to Russia?
5. Don't you think China will also try to capture Taiwan?
6. Comparison of US and China.
7. US's shooting down of Chinese Balloon. Does it impact US's image on global forum?
8. Ok my last question is what is female labour force participation rate in India.
What is it in comparison to countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh?
9. Ok one last one : what do you understand by gender neutral leave? Should it be implemented?

Chairperson: ok thank you. Your interview is over. All the best.

Experience in interview - good experience. Cannot say how it went.
It was around 30 minutes.

Date and session - 27th February, forenoon, 3rd to go

Board- RN chaubey sir

Optional - Commerce and Accountancy

Hobbies- Animal welfare, Science fiction, Cooking desserts

College- No question

State - Rajasthan ( no ques)

Time - 35-40 minutes


Took my name and smiled. Asked me whether i have covid symptoms or cough. If not you may take out your mask and keep it on the table.

Explained it is a simple process, we are not here for cross examination, if you do not understand anything please ask us to repeat.

1) Okay , what you are going to do when you do not know any answer? ( Said that if i am unaware i will admit that i do not know)- said excellent, young people like you should be honest.. because Honesty Pays.

2) Let's begin with this. Do u think we should show honesty because Honesty 'Pays'

3) So honsety should be followed as a moral principle?

4) Tell the board about your education background and work experience, if any ( he asked this after the discussion on honesty)

5) We don't generally ask questions from Optional subject, but you are having Commerce and Accountancy, so i want to ask something😅

Which accounting system does the government follows?

6) Are there any issues in this system?

7) Should the government shift from Cash basis to accrual system?

8) There is Valuation of assets done in accrual system. Do you think it will be possible to value the assets in case of government?

9) Tell me who is the authority in India to approve new drugs?

10) What is the complete process of a new drug being manufactured, approved and then coming to the market?

Thank you:)

( Sir stood up after this and roamed behind his chair. He kept standing all the time till end)


1) What is going on with Iran - India?

2) So there is India, Iran and Pakistan. How do you see these 3 countries geographically, economically, strategically?

3) Chabahar port- tell something

4) Agniveers -who are they? Purpose?

( Said Agnipath scheme in answer, Choubey sir interrupted and asked me what you just said? Agnipath? Is it agnipath? - said yes sir after a thought..both was a pressurising tactic)


1)You talked about Chabahar Port - tell us why it is getting delayed?

2) international north south transport corridor - how you see it in context of present conditions?

3) Long monologue on Present world order, iran etc and used 'sanctions' word in it ..i missed addressing it.

Chaubey sir then explained sanctions wala question again - do you think bilateral sanctions by countries against one another is the right way to establish a just world order?

4) Member again- Should india deal with such sanctioned countries? Given our good relations with US, UN etc?

5) Khelo india youth games- what is it?

6) What is its components? How they are conducted?


1) I was looking at your daf and you have this hobby of animal welfare. Tell me why kuno palpur was in news recently?

2)do you know about the cost of the project?

3) Why we are doing it?

4) what are the arguments of proponents and opposers?

5) What will be the long term effect on the ecosystem?

6) So there are many dog lovers, feeders like us :p. But there are also recent incidents of children being bitten by dogs. How to balance both?

7) Chaubey sir again- i want to ask a supplementary question - What will be the policy changes you will make to ensure this balance?


1) So today is 27th feb, do u know what day is today? ( World ngo day)

2) tell about NGOs ?

3) their role ? Why they exist?

4) Do you know there is an annual festival celebrated in this month?

5) taj mahotsav. What might be its importance?

6) NEP- Gender Inclusion fund is created under it. What is it?

7) There are males and females. There is also a third gender. What its called?

8) is transgender an umbrella term or is it a single term ?

9) what are the problems faced by transgenders?

10) Any schemes for transgenders?

11) ( No mention of Reading books in my Daf) We read books. Tell us about any book you recently read? Its story and wht u learnt? ( Told about dark horse by nilotpal mrunal .have read it multiple times.) They got excited after listening that it was about struggles of a cse aspirant. 

Mam said so you are very much inspired by this book ( said yes with a smile)

Chaubey sir - Okay we are done asking. It was great talking with you. Now if u want to ask or share something? I am giving u Blank Cheque 😂. 

Said no sir but it was a wonderful experience for me today. 

Sir said thank you very much. All the best . You can take your mask and may go now . Your interview is over.  

Experience - Board was cordial. Choubey sir was smiling but in between gave some serious looks also and was observing carefully. Lady members were very cordial. Kept nodding.

Mix of Daf and random questions. Was nervous in beginning, Said no wherever i wasn't sure. 

Utility of mocks- To Build confidence and just to know how to talk with some senior people. Ignore their useless feedbacks.

Date and session of interview- 28th February, afternoon
Board- Ms Smita Nagraj
Optional- Anthropology
College- NIT Durgapur, West Bengal
Profession (if any)- Product analyst ( worked in 2 companies)
Hobbies- Upcycling, journalling
Your experience in interview- Good
Keywords from DAF - midnight cafe, table tennis, data analytics, transport

1. Are you still working?
2. What did your last company do?
3. Is it really a startup because it's work is of an aggregator?
4. Why the nano project was not able to set up in West Bengal? ( Not aspirational enough, didn't appease the masses)
5. Market analysis would have been done by them then what went wrong?
6. Are EVs really clean? And the end they utilise electricity produced from coal?
7. Would you recommend people to buy EV? why?
Member 1:
1. You worked in data analytics domain. What is the issue with data?
2. Give some examples of aggregator? Biggest aggregator in the world?
3. Do you know what is account aggregator? It's use?
4. Why you left your first company?
5. What is corporate governance? How can we improve it?
6. What do you understand by governance?

Member 2:
1. From what language is the word anthropology derived from?
What the words mean?
3. What do you mean by radicalisation?
4. What it does to the person?
5. How much sleep does a human being need?
6. So do you want people should sleep less as you started a midnight cafe in your college?
7. Have you heard of sexual harrasment at workplace? Did you face anything?
8. What are the provisions? Composition of POSH committee?
9. What is upcycling?

Member 3:
1. What industries are present in Durgapur? ( Iron & steel and fertiliser)
2. Zero budget natural farming? Is it viable?
3. Name of the person who was awarded Padma Shri for natural farming?
4. Why is West bengal not developing?
5. Name some really good female table tennis players?
6. Why is table tennis not so famous in India compared to China?

Member 4:
1. What are the pillars of digital india program?
2. Name four?
3. What is e- Kranti?
4. What is India stack?
5. Name some of the components of India stack?
6. Aadhar judgement? What has government done after that?

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- mocks help in building confidence.
Nothing was asked from my home state ( U.P) and city.
Smita Nagraj madam
Gujarat ICLS GST BOB Software engineer web series(crime comedy)
Date- 2.3.2023
Last to go

C- 1have you joined the service? 2 Where are you posted? 3What have you seen until now?
4 what kind of complaints? 5 is there any timeline to deal with them ? How many are pending until now?
6 do independent directors play any meaningful role? 7 what should we do to make them stronger ? 8. which are the tax haven countries? 9. why are we so held up in being ethical, legal? 9 are we ethical.?

M1 - has SEBI playED its role properly in the Adani case? If they have played the role properly, then why has Supreme Court appointed a committee? Don’t you think it will undermine SEBI as a regulator ? Some back and forth here regarding the benefits of that.

M2- some recent amendments in the companies act ? Why has registration of FPO been smoothened out? Is it from other companies what is the benefit of an FPO compared to farmers coming under a society or a cooperative ?are cooperative is not ethical? IFFCO Amul../etc then why FPO under companies act?

M3 - Why are crimes against women rising even after so many legal changes after the Nirbhaya case? Is it easy availability of weapons? What more should be done ? recent video of a car owner stealing flower pots in Gurugram why do people do that ? Can government do anything to stop such cases? The PSUs itself are not following the compliances of the companies act. What can be done to resolve this issue?

M4- states have given up the power to tax after the GST. Do you think so ? What can the states do to increase revenue?
States are asking companies to donate to their party coffers under the CSR funds? Do you think it is justified? Should we remove the provision of CSR from the companies act because of its ill effects? How will you use your knowledge as a computer engineer in civil services? IT portal is a headache. Maybe you can do something about it in future.
Should government Levi GST on work done under CSR ?

Very very cordial board
Board: Smita Nagraj ma'am.
Date- 02/03, Afternoon.
Optional- Anthropology.
Daf keyword: indigenous culture, software developer, athletics.

1. How the indigenous culture have evolved in India.
2. What are the culture of Nagaland
3. Should ILP be there in mainland too

1.What is your district infamous for?(blinding case) when, how, outcome of that.

2. Do you think Nagaland culture promote women empowerment(I supported).

3. Recent news that only one women in history have been elected. How can you say so now?

1.Tell me about Ahimsa silk(daf) .
2. What make bhagalpuri silk special. (Daf)
3. What are the 2 changes you would want in Constitution.
4. Why some countries perform better in athletics(daf)

1. Why government indulge in software export although we are doing good. ?
2. Why only Southern state have flourished in software and why not your home state( daf)
3. Tell me what are government institutions who make softwares. (Don't know what he ask..)
4. Why BPO promotion is needed.

1. Advantage and disadvantage of gst.
2. If you have to assist in selecting a CEO of my company, what will you look into him?

Chairperson: what are the qualities you liked in Tata.
Thank you, your interview is over.
Date and session of interview- 01/03/2023 (Forenoon Session)
Board- R N Chaubey Sir😃
Duration : 20-22 minutes
Optional- Hindi Literature (No ques)
College- B.Tech Information Technology (DTU)
Profession (if any)- Tax Assistant (Income Tax Department)
Hobbies- Mandala Art , Calligraphy ( No ques )


We are friendly people. We just want to talk to you. We want you to be relax and comfortable.🙂

*What you had for breakfast? ( I said Fruits :D)
*You must be hungry now. We can arrange lunch for you. Then we can have your interview🙂 ( Ofcourse I said, No sir , I am comfortable)
*Shall we start then ?

1. Tell us about your academic background and work experience.
2. Is it a permanent post ?
3. How long have you been working ?
4. Long monologue on the proposal for Banking Transaction Tax. What is your take on this ?
5. Counter question- But it has many benefits and govt. tax collection will increase. ( I sticked to my stand for not supporting BTT)

Member 1 : (Female)
1. Do you know about the issue going on in Punjab ? ( Pro khalistani movement )
2. Since you mentioned youth, do you think drugs should be banned ?
3. What is Saptarishi? (Coz I mentioned Youth Power as one of components of Saptarishi)
4. Then Alcohol is also bad, why we regulate it instead of banning it ?

Member 2 : (Female)
1. Impact of Climate Change ?
2. Impact of climate change on Agriculture?
3. Since you mentioned Ozone earlier, do you know the measuring unit of Ozone ? ( said Sorry. Decibel, Dioptre sab yaad aa gaya ! Lekin D se Dobson yaad nahi aaya tab !😂 )
4. COP 27 Provisions ? ( I had vague idea, so instead of attempting I said sorry mam)

Member 3 : (Male)
1. Blockchain Technology?
2. Who owns the data in this ?
3. Can anyone modify the data ?
4. Points of co-operation between India and Bangladesh ?
5. Border states with Bangladesh ?
6. How will BBIN boost infrastructure? ( coz I mentioned BBIN )

Member 4 : (Male)
1. Why farmers are not producing millets ?
2. How can we promote millets ?
3. How will you use ChatGPT in your Department?
4. Should we outrightly ban liquor ? What’s your opinion?
5. Countries which banned liquor and then rolled back ? (Said sorry)
6. States in India which banned liquor and rolled back ? (Said sorry)

Chairperson :

This is all we wanted to ask you. Now if you have any questions for us, then you may ask.

I said, it was pleasant meeting you all sir. Thank you very much😁 

Your experience in interview-
Board was cordial and friendly. They were actually listening to me, not like mocks where they did not let me complete my answers. Overall experience was good.

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- KSG, Nextias, Vajirao & Reddy, Samkalp, Chahal
One to One : Vinay Sir ( Insights IAS), Ravindaran sir, Khan Sir.
Good for confidence building and helps in preparing a question bank, especially considering this was my first Interview. Baaki reviews jyada seriously lene ki bhi jarurat nahi hai. Apne hisaab se dekh lo !

The thing that helped me the most was Daily Discussions with my friend on current issues and on similar things from DAF. My special credits goes to him ONLY. For me, it was “ A friend in need, is a friend indeed !”😁✌️ 

My best wishes to Everyone appearing in the Interview😊👍 Give you best and Leave the rest !😊
Date and session of interview- 02-03-23
5th to go
Board-Shukla Sir
College-ISM Dhanbad
Profession (if any)-PSU
Hobbies- Formula Racing, Novels
Your experience in interview- Pta nahi, 22-23 min
Chairperson: Every question with a long monologue
1. Reason for Afghanistan Iran suffering conservatism or Geopolitics?
2. Right parties doing good , will India move towards presidential form of Govt? Should we have Democrats vs Republic parties and remove all other?
3. Were constituent assembly members wise and today's leaders less wise ?
4. Startegic Autonomy is useless. It will harm us, In 1962 we went to USA with begging bowl, so now should we allign ourselves with US?
5. Constitution, Will of People and other constitution related questions.
6. Do you think our foreign policy with strategic autonomy fail? Any alternative
M 1.
1. Technical questions on achievements.3-4 questions
2. Why you lost love for mechanical engineering?
3. If made DM of your district, what will you do ?
1. Unemployment, data , way out ?
2. Long gestation period issues of capital investment.
3. How to improve social capital?
4. Initiatives in budget for employment
M3. Yeh sir kya aur kyu puch rha the...bhagwan Jane
1. What is friction welding?
2. How to do underground water welding?
3. What is pyrolysis? It's byproducts
4. Plasma state of matter
5.What is gasification and how it's done ? It's benefits.
6. incineration Process.
7. Waste to wealth
1. North Ireland, Ireland issues
2. Windsor Framework will succeed or not ?
3. Difference between strategic autonomy and non alignment?

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- Khan sir, vinay sir ka acha tha.
Board: Smita Nagraj Ma'am

Backgroung: Delhi Police -13+ years service(Constable)

Questions on policing:
1. पुलिस से सिविल सेवा में क्यों आना चाहते है?
2. इतने प्रयासों के बाद भी महिलाओं के विरुद्ध अपराध कम क्यों नहीं हो रहे?
3. रात्रि गश्त के दौरान पुलिसकर्मी सो जाते है इसके लिए क्या किया जाना चाहिए?
4. पुलिस में CCTNS से इन्वेस्टीगेशन में कुछ फायदा हुआ है (उन्होंने नकारात्मक प्रस्ताव किया कि नही हुआ है)
5. साइबर(Current posting)
A. साइबर अपराधी पुलिस से क्यों आगे है जबकि पुलिस के पास संसाधन अधिक है?
B. साइबर की जो सुविधाएं पुलिस के पास है अगर वह उनका दुरुपयोग करें तो इसके लिए क्या उपाय है

C. साइबर अपराध के तेजी से फैलने की क्या वजह है

D. साइबर अपराध के प्रकार

अन्य प्रश्न:
1. ग्रॉस हैप्पीनेस इंडेक्स क्या है और फॉलो करने वाला देश?
2. कौनसी स्थिति बेहतर है अमीर किंतु नाखुश या गरीब पर खुश
3. बॉलीवुड गानों के बारे में यह क्यों कहा जाता है - *ओल्ड इज गोल्ड*
4. कुछ देशों में भारत की कुछ दवाइयों से बच्चों की डेथ हो गई इसके क्या कारण है....इससे भारत के फार्मा उद्योग पर क्या प्रभाव पड़ेगा मे दवाइयों की कीमतों के नियंत्रण हेतु कौनसी व्यवस्था/संस्था मौजूद है।
5.यह कहा जाता है कि इतिहासकार इतिहासलेखन के द्वारा भविष्य का निर्माण करता है इसे समझाइए.....कुछ उदाहरण दीजिए।
6. क्या संविधान में कहींअल्पसंख्यक की परिभाषा दी गई है.....क्या इसका जिक्र संविधान के किन्हीं अनुच्छेदों में है....किस प्रकार के अल्पसंख्यक संविधान में उल्लेखित है।
7. हिंदी साहित्य--
-हिंदी के कुछ अक्षर पहले अलग तरीके से लिखे जाते थे और अब अलग ऐसा क्यों है?
- क्या हिंदी में अन्य भाषाओं के भी शब्द प्रयुक्त होते है...कुछ उदाहरण बताइए?
-हिंदी में किसी चीज के लिए कई बार एक से ज्यादा शब्द मिलते है जिनमे एक हिंदी का और दूसरा किसी विदेशी भाषा का शब्द होता है। ये दोहरी व्यवस्था क्यों है और इस स्थिति में हमें कौनसे शब्द को और क्यों अपनाना चाहिए?
Board: Shri Rajiv Nayan Choubey ji
Date: 01/03/2023
Graduation: B.Tech Computer Science, IIT BHU, Varanasi
Home town, State: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh,
Work: SSC CGL- ASO, CSS, Architectural Education
Hobby: Badminton, Table Tennis, Akshaypatra foundation.

 Chair: Remove your mask if you don’t have any covid symptoms. We are friendly people and want to have a friendly conversation with you. If you are comfortable, we can start.

 1. Tell us about yourself in 1 minute about your academic and work background?
 2. What is NAM? When did we follow this policy? Is it still relevant?
 3. Is today’s world bipolar or multi-polar?

M1: Lady
 1. Monologue on Globalization and interconnectedness of the world. Tell me 2 positive events and 2 negative events which started in one part of globe and spread to other parts of the world.
 2. Do you think that interconnectedness is responsible for spread of Covid?
 3. Relationship with Bhutan? What treaties we have with them? Any recent changes in those treaties?
 4. What is India’s rank in GHI? Total number of countries? Is India’s rank justified? If not justified, what measures India is taking? Assume that the rank is justified, then tell the reasons for poor scenario of hunger? What measures can be taken to improve the scenario?

M2: Lady
 1 . What is Interpol Metaverse? Utility and Threats of it? How to regulate it? Who is the owner of Metaverse?
 2. What is ABC model of Education in NEP, 2020?
 3. What is Multidisciplinary Education in NEP, 2020? Advantages of it? Which degree will the student get if he pursues B. Arch degree and also does a course in History?
 4. What is Multiple Entry and multiple Exit option in NEP, 2020? Various exit options and their associated degrees? What is the maximum gap that a student can take between exit and re-enty to a course?

M3 (toughest member for me. Difficult questions especially on logistics and stock exchanges)
 1. Are you for or against Agnipath scheme?
 2. Monologue about bad position of India’s logistics sector. Problems in Logistics sector. How to make logistics sector ‘Green’? Any examples of multimodal transport? Examples of Green waterway transport?
 3. What is SEBI? Its role? Problems faced by SEBI in its functioning?
 4. Stock Exchanges? BSE, NSE establishment? Who are their owners?

M4 (most likely psychology and body language expert. Was watching me through out and asked questions based on my previous answers from Globalization and interconnectedness.)
 1. What is the impact of Russia Ukraine War? Who were the most impacted by it? How did it impact the remotest regions of the globe?
 2. Difference between Covid and others such as Ebola, Swine, Avian flu. What India learnt from Covid? How to prevent such events from occurring in future? Did WHO perform its role related to Covid? How to strengthen WHO?
 3. Do you thing Global cooperation in vaccines is required to deal with outbreak of epidemics? What are India’s efforts regarding such vaccine cooperation? What is GAVI?

1. Anything you would like to tell or felt that we have left out? (Monologue in my mind: You left everything from my home town, state, graduation, hobbies, job. But, said that my favorite topic Badminton is left out)
2. Okay, tell. (###****. Expected him to ask a few questions.)

Experience: Total time- Don’t know but definitely felt more than 30 minutes. Overall cordial. No movements or expressions by any member. Cant judge by looking at them if they are impressed with the answers or not. They didn’t stop me in any of my answers except once during positive events that effected the world. Felt like another GS paper rather than a personality test. Felt that I would have performed relatively the same or even better, if this would have happened immediately after Mains without the need for much Interview preparation. I feel that 1st 6 members of the interview date list list will get shukla board and 2nd 6 will get Choubey board and last 6 will get Smita Nagaraj board with the order to go in for interview also being the same as in the list.
Date and session of interview- afternoon 3rd march
Board-Lt gen Raj shukla
College- Osmania university
Profession (if any)-
1. Multilateralism is at threat statement- your opinion
2.35 tn dollar...isn't it too ambitious
3.capex how is it good...why less exp on social indicators health education

Memb 1
1. How 35 tn dollar economy
2. Waste to wealth example (daf)
3. Red brigade(daf)
4. digital india examples

Memb 2
1. Pubad 4 principles
2. Kyoto protocol
3.montreal protocol...status of depletion
4.3D printing
5. Swacch bharat issues how far we have tackled
6.initiatives to make india self reliant

Memb 3
1.GI tags in state.who is the authority
2. aadhar issue.what are the
concerns UK govt has raised.Aadhar misuse give example

Memb 4.
1.power position in  state
2.poverty ratio state
3.population male female ratio in state
4.NBFCs ...any one in Village?

Chairman..your interview is over.Thankyou

Your experience in interview- Not sure

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)-ravindran sir session was helpful.Attended only that.
Date and session of interview- 02/03/2023 (Afternoon)
Board- R N Chaubey Sir
Duration : 25 minutes approx.
Optional- PSIR  (No Question)
Graduation - Architecture (No Question)
Work Experience (if any)- IT-Business Analyst, Assistant commissioner of state Tax - GST (No Question)
Key Words - IR, Badminton Articles, IFS, Gujarat, Uttrakhand, Tribe, Navodaya (No Question)
So, basically not even a single question from DAF or common questions like why civil services?, etc. 🤒

My actual Interview:

How should I pronounce your name? What is your first name?
we are here to support you and you can say no to those questions which you don't know. You have to be very honest. Be relax and comfortable.

1) Tell me about your educational background and work experience so far?
2) How India gain foreign exchange reserves?
3) How much foreign exchange reserves India have? Who keeps foreign reserves? How it keep? Cash??
4) What was the amount of TATA Air India deal?
5) Is it okay to have 120bn$ deal only by TATA alone? Won't it deplete our foreign reserves?

M1 (Female)
1) Is abolition of planning commission is good? Do you support it? Why?
2) What is NITI aayog? Full form? Objectives?
3) What are the other parallel institutions created after abolition of planning commission to achieve those objectives?
4) Which states are at top and lowest in multidimensional poverty index? It's parameters?

1) Is it good to have Agneeveer scheme?  Do you support it or not? Why?
2) Is logistics are important in disaster management? How?
3) What is disaster management architecture in India?
4) How many offices NDRF have in India? Why?

1) Has NDMA played any role during covid crisis? What? How?
2) What is the difference between 5G, 4G, 3G etc.?
3) How it (5G) is going to make difference? Don't we have to replace all mobile phones? Won't it create budget issues for all? If yes, Why we should bring it.
4) How India is going to tackle the unequal regional growth?

M4 (female)
1) There is Smart City policy, tell me what is a smart City?
2) What are the policy parameters for smart cities? (Physical, digital etc etc)
3) Khelo School games of India? What is it?
4) Is it only for increasing medals for India? Other significance (Counter question)

Chairperson: This is all we have to ask you. if you have any questions for us, then please ask.

I said No sir, Thank you.

Interview over!

I couldn't recall 3-4 more questions or counter questions. Also, i have written down these questions based on my recollection of thoughts. Might not be in the same order or framework of the question might be different.

Your experience in interview-
Board was cordial and friendly. They were listening and observing everything. They tried their best to make me comfortable. Overall experience was good.

Utility of mocks (if any) - Good for confidence building and helps in preparing a diverse question bank. Also, helps in understanding of our reflexes during actual pressure situation. Mocks were mostly based on DAF, But actual interview went entirely on a different path

Just expect the unexpected. Confidence, calmness and consciousness are the KPI.

Best Wishes to everyone!
Board: Shri Rajiv Nayan Choubey ji
Date: 01/03/2023, afternoon, 3rd to go
Graduation: B.Sc ( Biology)
Home town, State: Delhi
Work: in GST appeals
Hobby: nothing asked

Chairperson: Remove your mask if you don’t have any covid symptoms. We are friendly people and want to have a friendly conversation with you. We want you to be honest, tell us clearly if you do not know anything. Nobody can know everything.
Tell us about yourself in 1 minute your academic and work background. Focussing majorly on your work background
Tell me exactly your work profile
What is natural justice
Long monolouge. Is natural justice anti thesis of contempt of court

Member 1
Small monlouge. Can a person with kidney stones eat millet
Can a person with hypothyroid eat millets
Which millet production is highest
Which state. Why
Chairperson interrupted in the follow up question and asked next member for her turn.

Member 2
What is watertable. Is it different from underground water
Why water table is depleting. What can be done
How much time top soil takes to build ( i said it takes a very long time)
Land degradation neutrality target is 2030. Will India be able to achieve it (sarcastic as per my previous answer)
How can soil erosion be prevented
Percentage of women in India
What is gender discrimination, equity and inclusiveness
Sex ratio of your state and all over india

Member 3
Tell me about Asean
Tell about India- Nepal issues?

Member 4
How is GST distributed with states
Is compensation cess still levied
Why sex ratio of your state is so low
Specific reason

Anything you would like to tell or felt that we have left out.

The board was overall cordial. No comparison to mocks. It took almost 20 minutes. All were constantly keeping an eye on wall clock.
Utility of mocks: just for confidence building and to remain focused.
Date and session of the interview - 02/03 and forenoon
Board - R. N. Choubey
Optional - Sociology
College -
Profession (if any) -
Hobbies -
Your experience in interview - Enjoyed the process. But one can’t predict how it will go.
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any) - Unacademy was really nice, very sincere team and good panelists. Other coachings (Rau’s, Vajirao and Reddy, Chahal, Samkalp, Ravindran Sir) were also decent.



1. Tell us about your academic background and work experience
2. Tell us about your two weaknesses
3. What are different kinds of leadership?
4. Which kind are you?
5. Which kind was Mahatma Gandhi?
6. When NCM was stopped due to Chauri Chaura was he being a leader or dictator?

Member 1

1. What is PM Gati Shakti?
2. How many departments are involved in it?
3. Which sectors are in focus?
4. What is total value of Gati Shakti projects?
5. What is the difference between Look East and Act East?

Member 2
1. For disaster management should we have regional hubs or decentralised?
2. What is green energy supply chain?
3. How will green energy be transported?
4. What is OROP controversy? Why is a similar demand not being raised from civilian counterparts?
5. What are electoral bonds?

Member 3

1. What is the relevance of SAARC? (This question + next two were DAF based)
2. What are we doing for connectivity with neighbouring countries?
3. What’s your opinion on other such frameworks like ASEAN? What can we adopt from these for SAARC?
4. What are the various regulators for different sectors?
5. Has IBC been effective or not?

Member 4

1. Why was UN formed?
2. What are dispute resolution mechanisms of UN?
3. Is UN relevant or not?
4. At times bilateral treaties are violated and we impose sanctions. How can these be curbed or imposed well?


Interview is done. If there’s any part you would like to discuss then pls tell.

We are happy to talk to you. You may now leave.
Name : Chariz ,the pokemon
Board : Smita nagraj mam
date :03/03/23
last to go
time :27-28 min
work ex : (kaam de do koi pls🥹)
keywords: Bharatpur , sociology , MNIT

u have gained some weight ?
me : This photo was clicked few days back (🥲🥲🥲 pani se bhi weight badh rha h🥲)
Chair : Don't mind it ,
chair: what are u doing these days ?
me : (avoided copy evaluation , as mam ne grill kia tha kisi ko )
Chair : Ur name reminds of our soft power , do u consider bollywood as soft power
me: yes mam , culture , affinity , etc etc
mam : does bollywood show our culture
me : ( fass gya , ) said something mam nodded
mam:do u watch movies
me: (sci fi dekhta hu vo Indian shi nhi banate) Not much etc etc
mam: still ur fav movie
me: shushant movie about college life v etc etc (chichore ab yaad  aai)
member 2 : kai poche
me: no sir sharrdha bhi thi usmai(🥰🥰🥰)
member 2: that is kai poche
mam: Sushant ki death m itni arrest vagerah kyu hui thi .
mam : social media - info / misinfo
me: (balanced like everything should  thanos ka bhatija🫠) upto us to verify
mam: how will u control narritive , in case of law and order issue will u cut internet
me : shuru m kaat denge , local janta ko sath lenge , narrative bhi humara hi rahega
mam : thank u beta

member 1:
1.What is famous about bharatpur
2.which bird is that national park famous for
3.why is it not coming (bird)
4endogamy , exogamy
5., honour killing kyu karte h
man marrying man, who will produce child ( do socio analysis )
ispe lambi charcha
6. what is generation gap
7. how is it used for marketing
8. give example
(standard questions standard answers )

m2 :
1. MNIT full form
2. who was madan mohan malaviya
3. KK/PK malaviya kon the (i said sorry )
member : U don't know this
me i will read
1-2  yaad nhi aa rhe

m3 (tried to grill par m jinda laut aaya )
1. What are MSMEs
2. why govt is focussing on them
3. issues
4. bus 2 hi ( yaad hi ye aaye )
5. credit ke liye scheme
6. why banks still not lending
7. ur suggestions for MSME

1. inflexion point meaning ( ye galat bta dia although bol dia ki nhi yaad aa rha 🥲)
2. Independance par We went for public sector , was it wrong(nhi jab jaruri tha )
3. so where did it went wrong ( missed the bus , and now late to party )
4. what is current strategy (privitastion and divestment , benefit btane lga)
5. tell exact and clear cut
6. maximum number of units in trategi sector allowed (i said 4 or 5 )
sir: yes is 4
7 .current growth rate of india
8. growth rate needed to be developed nataion ( said sorry but gave amrit kaal data by 2047 -26 trillion )
9. what was china growth rate during its rise
10. do u think we can achive double digit growth ?

1. suppose PM call u( big smile on my face) , will u say exact same to him or will be just optismstic
me: mam , boluga ho skta h , bus bhadia h silght tinkering chahiye humko , and fir toh hum pakka bann jayege
mam: haste hue , u have  bureaucratic way of expressing
what will the tinkering ( emphasis se pta chala ki fass gya🥲)
me: proper implemnentation etcetc
mam: u cannot say that
me : Demographic dividend , 1-2 cheez aur
m4: this is too common say something new
me : as outsider of govt i feel our strategy and schemes are well thought off and if given a chance i will learn things in training and posting and that will give me better ability to  answer this(kuch alag sa yaad nhi aa
ya common point unko sunne nhi the🥲
ab yaad aaya blockchain ,AI,Quantum fekna h🥲)
mam : final is u will tell me about shortcomings if u find any
me : yes mam
mam: smiling , ur interview is over

thank u bola sabko

board was cordial , 1 member tried to grill


chanakya mandal

can give

to avoid
ksg , vajiram , chanakya academy , study iq,rau

one on one
khan sir , Aptiplus , vinay sir,kaptaan bhaiya

discussion with pooja mam helped a lot ( transformed answering style )
yo (hindi wale bhaiya ki best wishes)
Date -22/2/23
Keywords - Rajasthan, NIT Bhopal, web series , reading self help books , PSIR , Electrical engineering

Smitha nagraj board
Why don't u just read books , web series gives a biased and narrow perspective?
Differentiate between movie and web series ?
Which part of your personality you want to improve?

U read books , name the book u read on IR
Don't u consider Brahma chellany as hypo realist or hawk ?
Why u read his books ?
Is India really have any foreign policy on Pakistan

RRR dekhi h ( nahi dekhi )
Pathan ha
Tum MP se ho kya controversy h
Kyu esi actor k sath Aisa hota h
My name is Khan me bhi esi k sath kyu ho rha tha
Movie is hit , don't u think as a society we are wrong
U r from Delhi why low voting in Delhi
Okkey u are from Rajasthan steps govt has taken to tackle solar e waste
2 priorities of u to popularise EV
Koi element Mila kya h , kaha Mila , lithium me kya special h
Don't u think we are late for Lithium , future me kya soch rhe h
Sodium ion battery ka kya jhol h
Gf / wife h , how u tackle loneliness in your long journey of preparation
Who is jon mearsheimer
Which big IR event is going to happen
Next day which summit is happening
What the agenda
Why despite will of West and East , we are not able to resolve debt crises
Which international mechanism to resolve debt crises
Are self help books really part of literature

Board - theek tha sajjan log lag rhe the , aaram se answer complete karne de rahe the

Utility of mocks - Dena chahiye, some repeatitive questions and framing of answers .

Note - mask utarne ko nhi bola , no intro , no. why IAS
Board: Shri Rajiv Nayan Choubey ji
Date: 03/03/2023, morning, 3rd to go
Graduation: MBBS
Home town, State: Tamil Nadu
Hobby: nothing asked

Chairperson: Remove your mask if you don’t have any covid symptoms. We are friendly people and want to have a friendly conversation with you. We want you to be honest, tell us clearly if you do not know anything. Nobody can know everything.
Tell us about yourself in 1 minute your academic and work background. Focussing majorly on your work background
Tell me exactly your work profile
Administrative reforms needed in system
Has UN failed in Russia-Ukraine war
Utility of UN
How were the P5 chosen? What reforms needed?

Member 1
What is right of nature?
What is advantage of including it in Constitution?
What is biosphere reserve?
What is it's difference with national park?
How many BR present?
Name a few
India is most populous country now. Should we adopt one child policy?
Number migrants due to Ukraine war

Member 2
On research
-diff btwn methodology and methods
-types of research
-diff btwn bibliography and reference

Member 3
Tell about India- Nepal issues?
Kalapani dispute
Greening of supply chain logistics

Member 4
Diff btwn socio economic indicators in TN and Bihar(lived in both)
Freight equalisation policy and details
How to improve soil health in Punjab, Haryana?

Anything you would like to tell or felt that we have left out.

The board was overall cordial. It took almost 30 minutes. 
Utility of mocks: to know how to face the board. But questions were quite unexpected. Better to go with open mind instead of expecting questions from DAF.
Date -24th Feb 2023, Afternoon, 2nd to go
Time - Aprox. 20 Mins
Chairperson - R N Chaubey Sir
District/State - Gurugram/Haryana
Optional -Geography
Graduation - Bachelors in Architecture
Hobby (in DAF) - Dry Pastel Sketching, DIY Repairs, Learning about electronic Gadgets
2nd Interview, Recommended for services in CSE 2021

Chairperson -
1. In 1 minute, tell us something about your academic background.
2. What kind of freelance work did you do?
3. Macro-indicators of our economy, GDP rate and Growth rate are measured at nominal rate or real rate?
4. Tell us a major scheme related to health sector and mention its salient feature/s.
5. How much is the budgetary allocation for health sector in 2023-24 budget?
6. If you were health secretary, where would you want to spend the health budget, in PHC and govt hospital OR in paying insurance to private hospitals? And then follow up questions and discussion...

Member 1 -
1.some question, answer to which I didn't know... hence i forgot the question as well.
2. Do you know what is EEE? (again didn't know)
3. (after his explanation) Out of the three - Engineering, Enforcement and Education, which one do you think is the most important?
4. What is Junk Food? How do we stop/prevent people from eating Junk Food?

Member 2 -
1. Do you know what are surgical strikes? Surgical strikes done by India was a right action? should we take more such actions?
2. While starting any business, in your opinion, profit making should be the focus or rotation of the money should be focused more?

Member 3 -
1. What is Khaap? Do you think their existence is right?
2. What is CUET? Do you think it is a step in right direction?
3. In your view, CUET will reduce the importance of school education and specially class 11th, 12th? Will it lead to blooming of coaching institutes?
4. We hear about the phrase 'Democracy is in danger'. Do you think Democracy is really in danger?

Member 4 -
1.some question again, answer to which I didn't know... hence I forgot this question as well.
2. What is National Monetization Pipeline?

Chairperson -
- We have asked what we wanted to. do you want to say anything?
- Are you feeling comfortable?
- Your interview is over, all the very best for future.

MOCKS - Didn't give even a single one.
EXPERIENCE - Pleasant. Peaceful. Inspiring.
1st March 2023 , Afternoon Session
Keywords: Anthropology, Cooking , Uttarakhand

1. What have you been doing nowadays?
2. You didn't take placements? Why?
3. Ajayy Banga
4.long monologue, don't remember related to competition and brain drain
Member 1 (Lady member)
1. Ecofeminism
2 .Chipko movement
3.Why famous chefs are mostly male but cooking is generally associated with women. ( some follow up questions)
4. Who is GB Pant ji , contributions to Indian Independence movement

5.Situational based question:You're a bureaucrat in MOWCD Will you fudge funds for their welfare
Follow up questions related to integrity
Member 2
Let's continue with integrity
1. What is integrity?
2. Qualities of a good leader
3 . What kind of leader are you
(Gave 3 options) then some discussions took place
4. Sustainable development, Green energy , National Green Hydrogen Mission, questions related to Hydrogen,
5. What is electrolysis, explain process of Hydrogen extraction

Member 3

1. Why women in hills are very hardworking ?
2. Outmigration in Uttarakhand
3. Ghost villages , causes and revival solutions
4. Himachal , NORTH East, Uttarakhand development comparison
5. Boosting economy of hill people solutions

Member 4

1. I'll ask a factual question, gave 2 hints and said an artistic personality lives there ? You might have visited mussoorie a lot , tell me whom I am talking about
I said Sir , Ruskin Bond
He smiled and Said yes
2 . Who's he ? Tell me about him
3.which all books have you read ? (Ruskin Bond's)
Name them , narrate a story , I gave some gist for the same
4 . Balancing development and environment in Uttarakhand, give causes and solution

Chairperson: Okay thankyou, your interview is over

Utility of mocks : Confidence building, some questions got repeated
Overall experience was good
Write your comment…