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Strictly Prelims 2022 - The Random Repository

If there is one thing that I have understood after reading hundreds of reviews over the net after the prelims in the past days, it is that "prelims 2021 was not difficult, but random and being random is worse than being difficult" [ quoting someone on the forum, Idk who that someone is, 'someone' if you know who you are DM for credits :p] 

I am starting this thread to beat that randomness, to what level will I be successful only time will tell! 

So, here's the Idea: 

1.  "Humans are meaning making machines, seeking order in chaos" ~ Edward Snowden 

        How much ever random the paper might appear, it is gonna be in someway linked to something that we know.

        For example: I read someone on the forum telling they could answer the lemon grass being a mosquito repellent question because their dad planted a lemon grass plant in their house

    So on this thread, let us all share what we learn in our everyday lives, don't worry about it being irrelevant, just share. For all I understand, everything is relevant in prelims in someway or the other.

2. If we can keep our reading wide, reading all angles of a certain news item, we can cover a lot of surface area.

   Example for keeping the reading wide: SC and the firecrackers manufacturers case 

        what case: Arjungopal Vs UoI

        what's banned: Fire crackers with harmful chemicals [Lithium, arsenic, barium, lead] - what's allowed:Green crackers- who researched on green crackers:CSIR-NEERI- who certifies green crackers -PESO[under DPIIT - also gave guidelines for O2 cylinders transport in 2nd wave] - how are green crackers different: theyhave additivestheysuppress the dusthence less emission [Green crackers also called SWAS, STAR, SAFAL crackers] 

    why are those chemicals used in the firecrackers:Barium saltsare used to givegreen colorto the crackers [Metal salts give colors to the crackers] - Do we havebarium reservesin India: It naturally occurs in the mineral form ofBarium sulphate[Barytes] -Mangamapet in cuddapah, AP is the singlelargest barytes deposit in the world[ AP accounts for 94% of country's baryte reserves and India is one of largest producer and exporter of barytes ] - Source: Indian Minerals Yearbook, 2015 

    This is what I mean by covering a lot of surface area through one news item. 

    This sure is gonna take a lot of time for a single person to do it. But imagine what will the result be if 10's of aspirants combine their knowledge!

3. Let this thread become a repository of all things prelims 2022! 

   Request:Please strictly stick to talking about your everyday learnings and findings only on this thread, so that by the time we write prelims it becomes easy for us to revise from this thread

"Chance is hugely significant in biology. In fact, the presence of apparent randomness in so many aspects of biology - from mutations in DNA to the chance involved in that one sperm reaching that one egg that became you - suggests that randomness is useful, even necessary, in very many cases" ~ Alice Roberts

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  • Black rhinoscan live to be 35 – 40 years in the wild.
  • Gestation lasts approximately 15 – 16 months, and mothers give birth to one calf every 2.5 – 3 years.
  • Females and sub-adults generally are social, but bulls are typically solitary.

I believe this is the wrong approach going after the gestation period of animals. Last year, the Elephant question was in the paper because in Kerala a pregnant elephant died after eating crackers. It is not all completely random.

We need to go into the reason for the question to better understand the pattern. 

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Right to seek default bail under section 167(2) CrPC is a fundamental right under Art 21 - Delhi HC

Courts must inform undertrials when they can seek bail.

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Kindly, make this thread active and co-operate eachother to conquer 2022.
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