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Thread for those struggling with handwriting speed

If there are others like me who are struggling to finish papers due to slow handwriting, here we can discuss issues, exercises, pens etc. which can be helpful.



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I was also struggling for making notes for prelims from the hindu newspaper …. this year I switched the CIVILSTAP current affairs test series and SUNYA notes ,now this year I believe that I will be able to tackle currents for prelims nd also can write answers daily for optional.... and gs properly …….all the best to all

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@Yo_Yo_Choti_SinghThough I am questioning you a bit more but you know we have very few saviours like you who give us much attention !

I am reading for G1 for past some days and previous year questions from almost all parts of sllyabus in this paper are so diverse that they dont seem to provide us readymade information at all .

Culture is so vast and questions so detailed .

Geography - I dont think anything much comes from ncerts or Gc .

World history - I have revised Vision's important topics but questions are much out of box .

How to handle it .

Your experience must have let you understand some nuances about it may be ?

How much time should I devote to GS 1 given that it is my first attempt and I have not revised GS much as of now .

And , though I have read few parts of the paper , I am not getting confidence to go for writing GS 1 test . Should it be skipped till we revise well since this paper is very factual.

  1. Gs1 is only 1/4 of entire GS. So give it time accordingly. Same applies to portions within GS1. At max 10 questions from Art and Culture, Modern, And World History etc. About 5 6 from Geo and rest from Society. So dedicate your time proportionately.

  2. Game is not of absolute but of the relativity. MIND IT. you have to just be above average in all rather then Topper everywhere.

  3. For world history identify core 25 30 topics and make an A4 sheet for that. Then leave rest to God and keep revising those. Agar usme se koi fass jaaye to do best. Otherwise finish it for 2 3 marks with flimsy knowledge or even leave it if its totally out of capacity of you.

  4. Art and culture is always boring. But in mains focus on core thematic understanding. Leave rest to God.

  5. Modern history should be entirely on tips. No question should go unattended here.

  6. Geography and society - best area to show your expertise. Very much static and direct questions asked in these. Refer NCERTS + Vision test series model answers of 3 4 years in hard copy on these portions. Keep revising it day in and day out.

  7. Do cover specific topics mentioned in syllabus like socialism/ urbanization or women organization or industrial revolution etc. You will certainly get some questions from these specifically mentioned topics.

  8. MOST IMPORTANT - Do write tests and questions regularly. There will be no day when you become perfectly ready for GS1 as such. Its vast ocean. Write well those you know, learn well those you dont know or know less. But DO WRITE.

  9. You will score best in GS1. Dont ask me reason. Just ping me the day you get your marksheet. My experience?



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@Yo_Yo_Choti_SinghWhat simultaneously writing exactly mean ? You write half part of one question , then move to another and so on . Again coming back to it , woukd take time - turning pages , you would refer to question a little as you must have been carried away by other question.

Can you throw light on this ?

And others too ?

Make keywords as headings and leave adequate space in between.. do this heading exercise for all questions.. thereafter start filling the gaps at maximum speed.. ur aim should be writing few lines in each heading rather than furnishing one two answers fully.. use minimum words to say things.. just keep enriching as and when u recall some good point in previous question/headings.. use all ur fingers to keep tab of exact pages.. it helps.. try it back home for 10 minutes (3/4 questions) .. try to write something for all + maximum overall. It helps. ATB?yu

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