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Thread for sharing real world knowledge

The inspiration for this is this thread  started by @Neyawn. All of us possess some real world knowledge related to some aspect of GS syllabus. For example, IT graduates among us may know a lot about cybersecurity, someone from Chattisgarh may have some real world experiences related to naxalism. Why not share such experiences, stories and knowledge to make our preparation more concrete? This knowledge can serve as a strong scaffolding for all the abstract information that we put in our brains during our studies. We can have the following format for discussion:

Someone can post a question asking for some concrete information regarding some area of the syllabus. Anyone with that knowledge can reply. For example, as someone belonging to northern Rajasthan on the borders of Thar, I know very little about fisheries. So suppose I ask about the problems in fishing sector and someone from the coastal states can respond with their concrete experiences. At the same time, I can share something about things like traditional water conservation practices of Rajasthan. Let's cooperate and put our pre-existing knowledge to use.

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