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Can Speaker's decision to certify money bill come under judicial review ?

Is the speaker.s decision to certify a bill as a money bill under the scope of judicial review ? 

With the validity of aadhar bill being a money bill being considered, but the constitutional articles saying otherwise..



1. Money Bill's Scope and Ambit wrt Aadhar - The matter is sub-judice. Court has referred it to a 7 judge bench. 

2. Status as of Now:

While, pronouncing the verdict of Aadhar being a money bill, SC has stated, that Speaker cannot go beyond the  scope of A. 110 and is bound by the Constitution. So the matter can be subjected to judicial review. 

Now, Article 110 (3) clearly states that with regard to the question whether a legislation is a money Bill or not, the decision of the speaker is final and binding. Here one has to read it in conjunction with Article 122 which prohibits the courts from questioning the validity of any proceedings in parliament on the ground of any alleged irregularity of procedure.

So, the matter is still not very clear and the inferences are just base don judicial pronouncements. 

@upsc2020 hmmm.. thanks.

The status is still not clear. We can only hope that we don.t get this in this prelims. :P

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