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Some tips on strategy and some general doubts

How to have the right mind in giving my best shot at clearing CSE-23?

Considering the following:

2015-Graduation(Mining Engineering)

2016-Failed at clearing the MA(Pol Sc) exam in JNU, skipped the CSE attempt as i wasn't confident

2017-Failed in prelims

2018-Failed in Prelims

2018-2019 - wrote a flurry of examinations but failed at all of them, started teaching tuitions to get some confidence back and earn money.

2019- skipped the attempt as wasn't sure of my preparation

2020-2021- Family went through a financial crisis so thought of helping them

December 2022-Situation stabilised

Started preparing again and want to give two serious attempts at CSE in 2022 and 2023.

Age - 30(Currently)



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