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Scoring low and feeling demotivated

I am scoring between 40-50 in test 2020 it will be my third attempt.should I skip this attempt?



This is definitely a difficult moment. I don't want to suggest anything right now with only 10 days to go for the exam. Let us discuss your mock test scores.

Why are you scoring so low in mocks? Is it because your static is weak? Is it because you are not able to manage current? What subjects are strong and what subjects are weak?

Mocks are not a very good indicator of success in Prelims. In one of the pinned threads, people have mentioned that they scored 120+ in all mocks and yet couldn't clear Prelims. One of the previous year toppers mentioned that he scored only 68 in the last open mock and yet scored 130+ in Prelims.

I would suggest using mocks to only see where you are lacking content wise, otherwise the marks just don't make any sense.

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