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UPSC Previous Year Questions: CSP 2021

One cannot place less emphasis on the fact as to how important it is to solve questions asked by UPSC Previously. In fact, UPSC tends to repeat from its own stock, verbatim. 

This thread, shall be solely dedicated for posting questions asked in CSP & CAPF.

I shall be posting questions here on a daily basis. Urge you all to answer these in all seriousness. Shoot doubts if you have any, wrt solving any question. 

Remember the idea is to solve them, again. Reading questions and solutions is NOT sufficient. 


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According to the Constitution of India, it is the duty of the President of India to cause to be laid before the Parliament which of the following? 

1. The Recommendations of the Union Finance Commission

2. The Report of the Public Accounts Committee

3. The Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General

4. The Report of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes

Select the correct answer using the codes given below

a. 1 only

b. 2 and 4 only

c. 1, 3 and 4 only

d. 1, 2, 3 and 4

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D. Chief secy is a political prerogative post. So it get appointed by the CM(Thru official appointment procedures) and s/he stays till the pleasure of the CM. Though there is a demand to give fixed tenure to Chief secy but no CM will love to do that, just like no central govt will accept sarkaria commission suggestions for Governor post !

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Can we start with this once again? It was quite useful. 
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From the point of view of evolution of living
organisms, which one of the following is the correct
sequence of evolution?
(a) Otter – Tortoise – Shark
(b) Shark – Tortoise – Otter
(c) Tortoise – Shark – Otter
(d) Shark – Otter – Trotoise
Can someone explain why its answer  is option b

Don't know. But a simple Fish - amphibian/reptile - mammal sequence can be used. But that's just a general rule. Could be wrong at cases. 

We have solved this question on the previous pages. The general rule how to solve these questions is this image: 

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Its D 

Oh but i would like to stick for a,bcoz source i refered gave imperial preference as trade related biases towards brtish prdcts.

Also forum test gave answer a

@Neyawn @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh can you pls clarify this.

A is correct. It was economic preference of "Imperials" over natives. Not related to political preference etc.

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Reviving this thread with CDS 2021
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Article 25 doesn't have anything to do with it. 

No it is used by sc in Emmanuel case of 1986

The Supreme Court of India found that the expulsion of school children for not singing the national anthem constituted a violation of their right to freedom of expression. Three school children were expelled from school after refusing to sing the Indian national anthem since it was against their religious faith as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their representative argued that the expulsion was an infringement of their fundamental rights to freedom expression under Article 19 and freedom of religion under Article 25 of the Constitution of India. The Court reasoned that a limitation on the right to freedom of expression must be based on a law with statutory force. Yet, there were no provisions of the law that obligated individuals to sing the national anthem and the State of Kerala’s Department of Education lacked statutory force to require school children to participate.

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B? Damn nice question. From what I've read, the basic structure of the constitution can be changed in the following ways: 

1. Formation of a new Constituent Assembly by the sovereign power(the people) to replace the old Constitution 

2. By revolution resulting in overthrow of the Republic established by the Constitution of 1950

The Parliament is merely a delegate of power under the Constitution, and therefore, it does not have the authority to destroy the fundamental features of the very document that: 1. Establishes it; 2. allows and legitimises the usage of legislative/constituent powers exercised by it. (Based on reading of Keshavanand Bharti and Minerva Mills)

Don't know which answer UPSC will accept as correct though. 

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From the point of view of evolution of living
organisms, which one of the following is the correct
sequence of evolution?
(a) Otter – Tortoise – Shark
(b) Shark – Tortoise – Otter
(c) Tortoise – Shark – Otter
(d) Shark – Otter – Trotoise
Can someone explain why its answer  is option b

Don't know. But a simple Fish - amphibian/reptile - mammal sequence can be used. But that's just a general rule. Could be wrong at cases. 

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@Masked_marvel Negative liberty is the notion that liberty is lack ofexternal restrictions. For example, most governments have laws that prevent one from taking hard drugs like cocaine or heroine. This would be an infringement on one's liberty in terms of negative liberty since there is a restriction placed on an individual. Whether the restriction is good for the individual or society is a null point (or a 'moo point' as Joey would put it lol) for proponents of negative liberty. 

Positive liberty is the notion that liberty is having thecapacity to act. For example, think of a Dalit and a so called 'high caste' during the early periods of Independence. While they both enjoyed the same legal and political rights, their capabilities to get a meaningful and decent job were entirely different. One could say that the members of the high caste have a higher amount of liberty than members of the Dalit community in terms of positive liberty. In this case, proponents of negative liberty would say they have the same amount of liberty. 

So while negative liberty is only concerned with political and legal rights while positive liberty is also concerned with socio-economic rights.

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which year?

CDS 2020

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The members of Constituent Assembly were

a. Elected by the provincial assemblies

b. Elected directly by the people

c. Nominated by the government

d. Only representatives of princely states


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Descent of the river ganga is also known as Arjunas Penanceis part ofGroup of monuments at mahabalipuram(unesco 1984) bulit by pallavas in 7th Ad.

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B? Which language is this. 

No crct answer isC.

Its tamil language the ecozones names are associated with sangam literature where whole region is divided into 5 tinais or ecozones.

1)Kurinji -Hilly region-Hunting & Gathering occupation. 

2)Palai -Arid zone-Raiding & Plundering 

3)Mullai- Pastoral Tracts-Animal Husbandry 

4)Marudam-Wet lands-Plough Agriculture 

5)Neital-Seacoast - Fishing  & Salt Making 

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@upsc2020 lik any river passing through national park even if minor u google??

No, I have jotted down the name of the river next to my notes for the Reserves and parks. I do not try and find any other info beyond the name. 

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Crowding out effect refers to how increased government spending, for which it must borrow more money, tends to reduce private spending. This happens because when the government takes up the major chunk of funds available in the banking system, less of it is left for private borrowers.

Crowding in – this relates to how higher government spending encourages firms to invest more.This is due to the income effect of higher government spending. If the economy is in a recession or below full capacity, expansionary fiscal policy can increase the economic growth rate and create a positive multiplier effect, which leads to greater private sector investment.

The Question has been directly framed from Economic Survey of 2017.




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Can anyone help me with a brief explanation for this one? TIA

Answer is C.

The Constitution confers the rights and privileges under Article14 on the citizens of India and to aliens. This explains statement 1 and 3.

Indian citizens living abroad are protected by the laws of the land of the country they are in. Essentially, the NRIs. 

All citizens born in India is a gibberish statement meant to be eliminated. 

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152. The Summary Settlement of 1856 was based on which one of the following assumptions?

A) The Talukdars were the rightful owners of the land.
B) The Talukdars were interlopers with no permanent stakes in the land.
C) The Talukdars could evict the peasants from the lands.
D) The Talukdars would take a portion of the revenue which flowed to the State.

@upsc2020 this one... 


The first British revenue settlement, known as the Summary Settlement of 1856, was based on the assumption that the taluqdars were interlopers with no permanent stakes in land: they had established their hold over land through force and fraud.

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16 c 

17 a

18 b 

19 dint understand question in totality..or I  need more patience don't know.

20 no idea at all..tell me how to approach logically.



For Q:20

Nagpur lies precisely at the center of the country with the Zero Mile Marker which indicates the geographical center of India. 

So for this question, you have to know two facts: 

1. Nagpur is called zero centre

2. You have seen the location of major cities on Atlas.

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UPSC PYQs are Goldmine !

Read 1st Reply.. Pavneet Singh (***ram Faculty on IR ) .. This shows importance of PYQs !! Best Wishes all here.. Keep it up ! Coaching Test series has very different utilities for different people but UPSC PYQs are only real saviours. Practice maximum and Find out the trends in them. You will feel enlightened while reading books post that phase ! ATB


#Sharing_is_Caring ???

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