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Official Thread for Public Administration Optional - Questions & Answers

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let's start with 2020 paper 1. what do you guys say???


introduction鈫 minions talking about how during first half of 20th century, PA maintained politics-administration dichotomy. but afterwards, scholars started emphasizing on role of PA in policy formulation (e.g. second hoover commission, Nicholas Henry).


1. role of PA in exploring complexities in policy formulation:

  • strategic design of PP to fulfil the requirement
  • feasibility study of PP
  • incorporation of societal values & public opinion in PP formulation
  • incorporation oftechnological innovation, technological changes, global best practices in policy design

2. role of PA in exploring complexities in policy implementation:

  • using field knowledge in policy implementation (PI)
  • using latest technology, ICT, best practices in PI
  • PI within the bound of constitutional and legal laws
  • involvement of third sector in PI
  • exploring administrative complexities like delegation, coordination, subordinate legislation to improve PI

conclusion鈫 minions talking about how increased aspiration of society made the field of public policy vast and how PA has tried to fulfil the needs of society using its expertise in both policy formulation and implementation.


introduction鈫 minions talking about how Taylor was focusing on lowest level (shop floor) of the organization to improve efficiency. his observation made him develop principles of scientific mgmt which he employed at the shop floor of his company.


core theoretical framework in SM:

  • Development of a True Science of Work
  • Equal Division of Work & Responsibility between Worker & Management
  • Mental revolution
  • Division of work
  • scientific selection & training of workers

application aspect of theoretical framework in SM:

  • functional foremanship
  • motion study
  • time study
  • fatigue study
  • differential piece rate plan
  • He standardized all tools of workers
  • work study and work measurement

conclusion鈫 minions talking about how his undifferentiated theoretical aspect and application aspect in scientific mgmt made it easier to follow and apply by the managers and companies of his time which culminated into scientific mgmt movement.


introduction鈫 in a Law, executive is provided with some discretionary power to handle extraordinary circumstances. However, when this discretion turns into arbitrariness to get personal gain or favour someone, then this leads to poor governance.


however, discretionary power is a necessary evil because of some -ve chara of RoL such as:

  1. excessive formalism leading to delays and red tapism
  2. functional rigidity may cause goal displacement
  3. RoL is inherently conservative and status quoist
  4. its complex nature makes it difficult to follow

conclusion鈫 CoC and CoE for executive are necessary to ensure that the discretion is used responsibly and the arbitrariness in the application of RoL is minimized.