[Official] SFG 2022 - Level 1 | Calendar & Noticeboard - ForumIAS

[Official] SFG 2022 - Level 1 | Calendar & Noticeboard

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you are excited about tomorrow's SFG 2022 Level 1 Entrance Test. All the best to all the aspirants!!


Dear Aspirants, 

We will follow a pattern for everyone's convenience. After every test, if anyone has any doubts/queries/issues please submit the same by 11 am using this link. https://go.forumias.com/sfg22error 

We will respond with the additional explanation/Corrigendum by 4 pm and release the results by 5 pm on a daily basis. 


Dear Students,

We have taken note of all your doubts. You have raised very pertinent doubts on the same questions. The team is analyzing the issues and will be providing a corrigendum/explanation. We will accept the changes/errors or provide a detailed explanation. 

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