[Official] ForumIAS SFG 2021 - Level 1 Details and Important Updates - ForumIAS

[Official] ForumIAS SFG 2021 - Level 1 Details and Important Updates

Hi, my score in test 3 is 74 and my percentile is around 72. When I see the detailed analytics it shows that Top50% have a score of 88. How is that to be interpreted? cause technically with 72 percentile I am the part of Top 50%. I am not sure who to tag but@root @Neyawn @Thinker are the popular ones so please help out here.

@Becksammy10  Contingency fund, be it state or centre is held by Exec. You can remember the logic like this -- It is a form of check and balances as if legislature has access to Consolidated + Contingency then it may be prone to misuse. It's like Fixed Deposit(secret money) that we have at home, just imagine if we had access to all the money at home, probably be bankrupt by this time. Therefore, Contingency is held by Finance Secy(an expert) on behalf of the exec head(Pres/Gov) to cater to a crisis like situation if it may arise.
@Becksammy10 Whendo you need the legislative approval? As far as I am aware it isafterthe debit has already incurred from the Contingency Fund. And the options and Laxmikant clearly use words "exec can makeadvancesout of contingency fund" to point out that it isdifferentfrom the way money isappropriatedout of Consolidated Fund. Hope this helps.

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