[Official] AWFG for CSE Mains 2022 | Starts 16th June with entrance Test - Register now - ForumIAS

[Official] AWFG for CSE Mains 2022 | Starts 16th June with entrance Test - Register now

AWFG for CSE Mains 2022 | Starting from 16th June 2022

15th June Update:

Update #1

  1. Test will be conducted at 7 AM (In discipline mode). Also, there is flexibility to write the test between 7 AM to 6 PM.
  2. AWFG Test discussion will be held at 8:15 AM. Faculty will take it in Offline Mode. For Online students, it will be streamed live.
  3. No hard copy of solutions will be provided only solutions in pdf format will be uploaded on students' portal at 8 AM.
  4. Watch the video to know the entire process of the AWFG 2022 program: https://go.forumias.com/18b
  5. Enrolment is now open. Visit  https://blog.forumias.com/  to find your payment link.

Update #2

Dear Students, 

The results of the Entrance Test have been announced. The scorecards are separately shared on student's registered mail id's.

In case you haven't received your scorecard on your mail please write us an email at   farej@flaviant.com.

13th June Update:

Dear Friends,

The results of the Entrance Test will be announced by 15th June, 3 PM

12th June Update:

Dear Friends,

The 2nd Entrance Test of AWFG 2022 will be held on 14th June 2022, you can register through the below link:


Dear Friends,

We are all excited to inform you that registrations for AWFG Entrance Test for Mains 2022 is now open!

How to register?

Candidates must register by paying a one-time, non-refundable, non-transferable fee of Rs. 700 (Exclusive GST) by visiting the link: https://go.forumias.com/awfg22ent

Once registered, they will be added to the course “AWFG (The SFG for Mains 2022) - Entrance Test -11th June 2022 | 11 AM”.

How to write the Entrance Test? – both Online & Offline

Students will be able to access the Entrance Test online by visiting the course – “AWFG Entrance Test – Mains 2022” under My Courses at 11 AM on Thursday, 9th June. They will be able to see the Question Paper & QCA Booklet. It is recommended but not mandatory to write the Tests in QCA Booklet.  In case candidates send the answers in A4 Sheet they must contain the details as below :


  1. Candidates can write and submit the Test by walking into the Center between 11 AM to 5 PM on Thursday, June 11th, 2022, at New Delhi Center and Patna Center.
  2. Alternatively, candidates can submit the copies online on the Academy portal by 10 PM.
  3. Candidates who cannot write the Test on Sunday will be given a second opportunity to write the Test at a later day if they have registered and paid for the entrance Test.

How we will proceed after that?

  1. Results will be declared by 3 PM on 15th June. Based on the performance of the Entrance Test, students will be required to pay the fees. Candidates must pay the fee by 15th June 11 PM to be able to write the Tests from Thursday, June 16th.

How it will work?

We shall be conducting AWFG Tests on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday ( T, T, S ). The program is open to all candidates.

Test Papers will be released every T, Th, and S at 7 AM, and candidates are expected to write them flexibly between 7 AM – 6 PM.  Tests have to be written on the same day. No Test Papers and solutions will be provided to students who miss the tests on the designated days. They may access the same from the Academy portal thereafter.

At 8 AM the discussions and Solutions of the test will be uploaded on the portal.

The solution will be provided only in soft copy form no hard copy of the Solution will be provided.

No evaluation will be provided. Candidates are expected to do peer evaluation. It is recommended that candidates form small groups and do self-evaluation.

Will the Answer Copies be evaluated?

No. They also do not need to be uploaded back on the Portal

What is the fee structure?

  1. For candidates who will figure in the Top 100 in the Entrance Test based on internal grading, a fee of Rs. 1000 exclusive of GST will be payable, and For other candidates, a fee of Rs. 4500 inclusive of GST will be payable. This has to be paid Only One time. There will be no renewals.
  2. Candidates who are part of MGP 2022 and 2023 will have to pay a flat fee of Rs. 1500 inclusive of GST, irrespective of their group. They can do so by visiting the Center or by making an NEFT payment and dropping a mail to admissions@forumias.academy.

Payment Links for AWFG 2022

Payment link for entrance Test   

Important Links :

  1. Announcement & Noticeboard Link –Click Here
  2. Calendar Link – https://go.forumias.com/letscrackupsc
  3. Link of Channel for Regular Updates: https://go.forumias.com/awfg2022channel

Important Dates :

  1. Registration Opening Date for 1st Entrance Test: 5th June, 10 AM 
  2. Registration Closing Date for 1st Entrance Test: 13th June, 11 PM
  3. Entrance Test-2 Date:14th June, 11 AM
  4. Entrance Test Submission Deadline ( for online students only ) :6 PM, 14th June
  5. Result of the Entrance Test: 13th June, 11 PM
  6. Result of the Entrance Test: 15th June, 3 PM
  7. Commencement of AWFG – first Test – 16th June, 7 AM, Thursday
  8. End Date of AWFG –2nd August 2022
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@ThePrince Sure dude if you find others ping me 



Any senior who has made notes of the topics of awfg last year. Would you please share?

@AzadHindFauz @sjerngal @LetsGetThisBread @babu_bisleri or anyone?

Joining for the first time 😬

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@ThePrince  Count me in.

When does it start? Where do I find the questions?
@SatyaVasanth you can find it under "my courses" 

Is there some place where good copies of awfg will be shared? Like last year..

after registration, where can we find the awfg entrance test for today?, it is not there in the "my courses" section


I am not able to find the link for uploading the answer sheet for AWFG Entrance. Does anybody know how to d it? 


@forumiasacademy  i just received a mail regarding submission of test by 6 but the information on portal is still reflecting that we can sumit the test by 10pm on 14th June. 


@forumiasacademy  i just received a mail regarding submission of test by 6 but the information on portal is still reflecting that we can sumit the test by 10pm on 14th June. 

Same case here... I planned to take the test in the evening just bcoz i knew if i take it in the morning , i would keep going over it again and again till submission time.

@forumiasacademy @Neyawn Please look into it.


Yes@Neyawn , till noon it was showing 10 PM to be the deadline however rn I don't find any option for submission.
Please sort it out.

@lawliet +1. I thought I'll upload by 10PM but no option is there to upload.@farejul sir do the needful.

uploading link is not being shown.

@farejul @Neyawn 

I am a working candidate.Kindly allow me to submit the test. Earlier it was showing 10 P,now got a mail for 6PM.

Is it too late to register now? I am unable to register
uploading link is not there..... how to upload the answer script

@farejulPlease provide some sort of solution

If anyone is going through WYSK, please let me know. I have a few questions that I'd like to discuss.
3 toh baj gaye :|
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Has the result been announced for AWFG2? 

It was supposed to be announced at 3PM ?

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