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The SFG Story for Everyone!

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So many people writing back from past times. This one member in particular I completely remember because he always wrote emails. Got an email last night at 1AM.

Those were great times!

Not every story is a success story. What also matters is putting up a very good fight and having a winning chance.

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There are so many stories to tell. There was once a time, when people wrote. Everyone wrote. Now everything is on video. There is a new generation of millennials born after 2000 who were born in an age of tick tock and reels.

They do not provide much avenue for story telling.

But then, we all have to adapt with changing times.

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@Neyawn Sir, 

Two requests/suggestions, if academy can implement them

1. Please provide weekly/ monthly corrigendum of corrections made in SFG as one stop pdf to refer. Sometimes Important corrections gets missed out because of notifications not visible.

2. Design a similar setup for Mains also. AWFG in the current form isn’t that rigorous as it should have been. 

a) Increase the number of tests - make it daily (6/7 days a week),

b) Increase the number of questions to 10. 

c) Increase the course duration till August end. 

Let the cost as well as fees escalate. But make AWFG more rigorous than SFG. Let’s us feel the heat in AWFG itself so that real UPSC Mains become the cakewalk. 

With Warm Regards

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But make sure u continue writing .
There are many secret ,silent reader of ur articles.
The testimony to this is after selection write up of toppers.

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@Neyawn I don't think storytelling will ever die. It is such a fundamental element of being human. Changing form, perhaps, as all things do. Having said that, truly wish people wrote and read stories more. Unparalleled charm! :') Loved this story and the photos!  

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I just read it after coming from sfg test and this blog really helped me to gain my lost confidence after scoring in 50s. Knowing that people went through same thing and same hard time is the better motivation than anything that actually helps… Thank@Neyawn sir for giving us this test series. also I can’t believe that how I’m waking up at 5 am which was almost impossible for me before but not anymore..

Thank you. Means a lot!



The story of yellow/orange girl, minal karanwal has inspired so many of us , back then in college to prepare for this exam.

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