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Mains 2021 - Strategy, Doubts, Resources etc

I am hoping to clear this year's prelims too (third attempt, if cracked, it will be my second mains). I got 111 in essay last time. I used whitener in that paper a lot but after coming out of exam hall I read on notice board that whitener isn't allowed. Could that have had any impact on my essay score (negative marking)? How to go to 130 and above in essay from 111?
There is confusion in my mind with regards to CAPFs and Paramilitary forces. Different sources mention a different list of forces under them. Can anyone please list paramilitary forces here? I have a list of 7 CAPFs already.
I am looking for a model answer pdf for GS 1 mains 2020. I am unable to get any such good pdf free on the internet (of a good coaching institute). Can anybody share that with me?
@Joeyisthebest thanks for your suggestions. I am self-preparing from home in Gujarat without any coaching. I am watching Prepladder's free essay videos. I hope that'll help me in this mains. 

2020 mains was my first one (second attempt), I found essay topics to be unfamiliar for me. I selected being human and social justice. In one, I started with quote and in another anecdote. I used subheadings in being human essay and I am still happy with my structuring of that essay. I think different topic and marks could have been different (in favour). I will like to incorporate your 'new dimensions' suggestion.


Guys are preparing wholeheartedly for mains, no comments from the past 2 days!!!

2 days before I took a lot of tension on myself regarding upcoming mains and my health suffered, now I have decided to not take that much stress, but prepare steadily!

@Strong hmm thanks for posting, this means next time I can also get above 120-130 from 111 in 2020.

Ideally how many mock tests of a single paper (mains) should be written considering we are getting only 13 days per paper? 
Any special thread for Geography optional students? for upcoming mains.
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