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Mains 2019 Preparation and Discussion Thread

Now that 1 week is over, it is time to shift focus to Mains. With barely 103 days left there is no time to waste.

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@walterwhit3thank you dude!?good luck?


@John_Titorno brother, that's the issue;Quite confused whether to go for this attempt or take a break!


After graduating from Nit jamshedpur in 2015 i got placed in tcs. Left the job , went for preparations for ssc and cat. Got 94 percentile in cat. But being a general candidate landed nowhere.
In the meanwhile tried hands in Jee coaching industry.
Started my upsc journey in july 2016. Failed by 4 marks in prelims 2017. and by 2 marks in 2018 prelims. Gathered all the strength and gave prelims 2019. Cleared it by margin. Failed badly in paper 1 of my physics optional.
It's really difficult to see the pain of parents. Preparing solely for upsc though increase your chances of qualifying, but puts financial burden on parents, who are reaching their retirement age. After preaparing for upsc, it's really difficult to go back to the job world, which we left confidently to crackupsc.Toall those who failed in mains, please weigh your chances and the opportunity cost involved.


@HaeckelI have also cleared with anthro...whats your plan about anthro preparation for interview?


anybody having idea about forest result's date?


@nikhilrai0827880congrats bro .. time milne pr btana optional ki kya strategy thi..


first mains with anthro . couldnt clear it , despite putting efforts . i feel i took anthro without proper research and may be i am not much competent in it . i am getting doubts about my optional , dont know if it is temporary or it will eventually lead me to change my optional just after first mains .
i am hearing from peers that anthro performed poor this year , so also getting underconfident for next attempt with anthro .
last 2 year was full time preparation , but financial pressure forced me to take up a 4600gp post through ssc cgl and next attempt will be with job . anyone any suggestions on changing the optional ?


travelling on rajdhani from patna to new delhi..anyone on train???


@johnwickIn my practical opinion, if one is not comfortable in one optional despite giving it enough chances, and can altogether give substantial number of hours to another subject, the optional MUST be changed. The only thing is needed : NOT to repeat the mistakes of previous optional and courage of conviction too.

If at all you want to change optional, please go through detailed syllabus of every optional (among your choices). If the very syllabus gives you some hope, then search for its Ease Of Content Availability (EOCA) and skeletal strategy from selected and NON SELECTED ONES TOO (mains appeared though).

After all this, if it gives a sense of confidence, go ahead with the NEW OPTIONAL, else stick to the previous one and try looking at it from altogether a different perspective.

(Albert Einstein : It is insane to expect different results, by repeating the same mistakes.)

All the Best !


@johnwickHey bro... Don't come to any conclusion that any optional has not performed well based on few seniors's mains result, as the same depends upon their performance in not only optional but as well as GS and Essay as well as compulsory language papers. If you have already completed the syllabus of current optional, you have an edge to improvise and write articulated answers with rich quality with thinkers, examples , structure , also this gives you edge to write writing practise with a test series for more improvisation and timely paper completion and chances are more that you may land in 300+ if you write the same optional in next year CSE vis a vis a new optional.

SO be wise before you change your optional. All the Best?


Is it true upsc is reducing seats around 670 in 2020.(As per TG IndiaBhai channel)


@WelcomeHomeFrankNumber of people called for interview is around 2.5 times the number of vacancies. Since 2304 people have qualified, there would be about 920 vacancies.


@abhinav23raj436i am talking abiut next year. CSE 2020


@WelcomeHomeFrank150 less for sure. There will be no railway services. IRMS recruitment will be separate from cse and will start from 2021. There will be no recruitment to railway through any exam in 2020. Syllabus and format for Irms will be announced this year(2020) for 2021. Non tech Irms will most likely be held in manner similar to ifos. Common prelims with cse but a separate mains conducted by UPSC. From 2021 onwards cse aspirants will have an additional opportunity of Irms along with cse.
The 180 ias and 150 ips recruitment which began in 2013 will end with cse2019. Govt has to take fresh decision on that. No fresh news on that yet. The ias plus ips vacancy which was 3000 in 2013 now stands at 1400 ias and 900 ips. So, my guess is that the govt may continue with 180 and 150 for some more years until the deficit is bridged.


@RaufNaThanks for the info man


@vision2020Its getting tougher year by year


Forest Mains Results Out!!


@abhinav23raj436there are 936 vacancies and the ratio is same as that of last year ×2.45

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