[Official] Interview Transcripts of UPSC (CSE) 2019 - CSE & IFoS At One Place - ForumIAS

[Official] Interview Transcripts of UPSC (CSE) 2019 - CSE & IFoS At One Place

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Board : Sujata Mehta maam 

Mechanical engineering, table tennis and job in Automobile Sector


You're an engineer what drove you to civil services?

Why is it that the people in rural areas tend more towards civil services and people from urban areas have inclination more towards the other fields ? What shapes their choices?

If you had to choose one sector in civil services which would you choose ?


Let's talk about jhabua ? There is a royal head even today. Do you think they have not done enough for the people of jhabua ?

What are the reasons for its backwardness? 


I will continue with TT. If a junior player comes to you for advise what advise would you give him?

As a mechanical engineer where do you see car industry 5 years from now ? 

There has been changes in our culture due to various factors.

Have you heard of phoolan devi. She killed 18 people. Is killing right in your opinion ?


Do you know about nirbhaya fund ?


Mid day meal scheme ?

Issues in higher education sector?

Does your college has any link up with the industries. 

Do you know about naxalism ?

There is a unique characteristic associated to it in india . Do you know that ? 


Name some female parliamentarians?

If I had to buy a car which one would you suggest under 10 lakh?

As a female you chose mechanical, but women usually go for other branches like circuit branches. 

Some questions I am unable to recall.


Interview Questions from 17th Feb:

1) Recently, a Badminton player got a national

2) award, who & what is that award?

 2a) Mary Kom got award, what is that?

3) Who received Bharat Ratna recently?

4) A female Hockey player received an International award recently, what is it?

5) Why sports other than Tennis, Cricket, Badminton are not gaining popularity?

6) Social media - opinion (Good/Bad)?

8) What should be the priorities of a young civil servant placed at a responsible position in lower level, say District Magistrate/ Collector?

8) Should Betting (in sports & in general) be regulated - opinion?

9) Media is invading privacy (individuals, institutions) - what should be done?

10. Do you think Corona virus is a biological weapon by China..

11. Are international bodies- UN, WTO losing relevance !? What's there future.

12. Politics is art of possible. What's your view on this.

13.Did you visit all NE states.

14. What are some issues faced by NE states- individual. 

15. Is changing parties after elections legal, ethical.

16. How would you categorise  a society developed. Tell indicators.

17. In civil services you will face issues. What are they. How will you deal them.

18: contribution of agriculture is very less to gdp, tell me why we are not possible to increase contribution 

19: what is institutional credit and priority sector lending

20: brexit and it's impact on EU and

 reasons for brexit 

21: did  UK join brexit earlier whole hearted

22: opinion about ASEAN

23:  regional grouping is better or bilateral relations are better for our country

24: why quality of engineers is not up to mark as per industry standard

25: tell me about samagra shiksha abhiyan and  how it is helpful to increase quality of primary education

26:tell me at least 5 reasons for farmers suicide 

27: their is repeated drought and floods in India, tell me how garland of canals can help to solve these problems


Much useful@Arrokoth . Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh, if you are reading this, please add Interview Transcripts here?


Transcript of interview 2020

Background- Scientist - ISRO


Chairman, 2 male members and 2 lady members

Chairman - What’s your responsibilities in Isro?

Give a brief description of yourself.

Why civil services?

Which projects are you currently working on?

You were Event organiser for Cultural and Technical fest at college. Which events you organised?

M1- why did Chandrayaan 2 could not land?

What are future missions of ISRO?

What is the budget expenditure for ISRO?

Why do we need to do huge expenditures on space missions?

M2 (Lady member) - You write poems. Which topics are your favourite? Recite some lines of your poem for us.

What other creative works you do?

What’s your assessment of work done by you?

M3 (Lady member 1) - If you’re a civil servant, what one step you would take to improve economy?

(I said provide right set of skills to make people industry ready)

What skills you’ll give? Will it be same for rural and urban population?

What are some problems in corporate governance?

Will teaching ethics to them is a sufficient measure?

Give some details about Coronavirus.

Is the allegation of it being a bio-weapon true?

M4- what is the main problem in doubling farmer’s income?

What are some schemes in this year’s budget?

What are some commercial satellites of ISRO?

How does Isro prioritise it’s missions?

What are some laws for corporate governance?

What is contingency fun of India?

How is it utilised?

Who approves the expenditure form CFI?

Chairman- Thank you  It was nice talking to you. You can leave now.


Interview date :17/02/2020

Afternoon session (mine was 2nd in line)

Total time: 29minutes (I timed it :p)

Panel : TCA Anant ( 2 of the 5 members were women)

Chairman started reading my DAF....u have done Btech from DTU....there after u have worked as an engineer in Qualcomm..till March 2018...then u left?

1. What is Qualcomm? What does it do?

2. What is internet of things?

3. Why is it a future technology? Every technology is evolving, when would u say that it has arisen?

4. What is 5g?

5. What did you do in the 5g project?

M2 : 

1.  So u are from Delhi..what would be the advantages if delhi is given full statehood?

2. Aadhaar case and privacy at supreme court verdict? Could u elaborate on that..what was the verdict?

3. What is the diff between sagarmala and bharatmala? 

4. What other initiatives do you think will help India achieve $5tn economy?


1. So u've done electrical engineering. Tell me how is hydroelectricity produced?

2. What about run-off the river projects? 

3. What is the megawatt rating of a hydro plant?

3. What is the max amount of power that a hydro power plant generates? You know about max capacity hydroplant in India or the world?

4. What is mini hydro? Do you know thr diff between mini hydro and large hydro in terms of MW ? 

5. What is the FUNCTIONAL (said it 2 times) difference between mini hydro and large hydro?

6. Ok let's come to electronics...I have two questions..what is the difference between GSM and CDMA?

7. Is the CDMA technology in use anywhere? Where is it maximum used? 

8. Has India used CDMA technology at any point? 

9. U have been in Qualcomm which is a very big company..why did you leave your job.? You must be getting a very high pay...

10. You know what is the AGR issue? What exactly is AGR? in one line..tell me what is the controversy? 1999 revenue  sharing model..what was before it? So if a telecom company has no profit, it did not have to pay charges to govt ? But presently all telecom companies are in losses, how to revive them? 


1. U play acoustic drums? So can you tell me what is the difference of frequency/vibration to a listener when he listens to a string instrument and a percussion instrument?

2. U are from Delhi and u have done elctrical engineering as well, we are pushing for electric vehicles and we also have CNG vehicles. Can you tell me what is the difference between them in terms of the pollution? 

3. You like philosophy also? Which philosopher do you like the most? Why? 

4. Have u heard about dashnami order which Adi shankara had established? What is it?

5. Do you know the story of how he went to the Himalayas?

6. Who is your favourite in Western philosophy? Why? 

7. Have u heard of ...... (some psychologist name).

8. Cyber crimes and security threats are increasing nowadays. We also have an IT Act..u must have read about the act... Do you think our IT Act has enough provisions to tackle these issues of future? 

9. So you are saying that the laws of Macaulay were also sufficient enough?

10. You chose philosophy as optional despite doing electrical engineering. Can you tell why so many engineers dread taking their own subjects? 


1. U have written "team head for social- development projects". could u tell about it? What did you do? Were they implemented in Delhi? 

2. Have u heard about SHGs in rural India? What is their significance? 

3. Suppose u are a district head. What would be your priority areas for women of rural areas? Tell us what comes immediately to your mind...just 3 points..

Chairman: okay Thank you. You may go now.


11/02/2020 IFoS interview Board: Manoj Soni Sir

Background: Mechanical Engg. from IIT Bombay,

home state Kerala,

hobbies: watching american satirical shows, listening to opera music, following football, online chess

Chair: 1. You have had a long wait, (I was 5th in the session) would you like some tea? What were you during the waiting time? 2. What did you read in the newspaper? What caught your attention? 3. You like watching American Satirical shows, which shows do you watch? 4. Is ‘Friends’ satire? 5. Why is IIT Mumbai, still named Bombay? 6. How do forests help in improving the quality of water? 7. You have good forest cover in your state. Is it the highest? M1: 1. What is an ecosystem? 2. If I write with my pen, biotic and abiotic factors are interacting, is it an ecosystem? 3. What happens in an ecosystem? 4. What are the ecosystem services in agricultural land? 5..What are the dominant crops in Kerala? 6. What do you know about silent valley? 7. What are the different types of forests in Kerala? 8. Where else do you see Tropical evergreen forests? M2: 1. Place of Birth Thrissur, why is the festival famous? 2. What about the environmental impact of firecrackers? 3. What is CRZ? 4. Have the restrictions been eased? Why do you think so? 5. What happened in Kerala floods? 6. Kerala is a high literacy, tech-savvy state. Why do mining, deforestaion, quarrying take place? Is it a governance deficit? 7. Can’t we use technology to stop this quarrying? How can we do so? 8.What are the concerns with respect to Mullaperiyar Dam? M3: 1. Where do you find the best forests in India? 2. I say climate change is hoax. What do you think? 3. Don’t you think it’s a natural process? 4. What changes have you observed with regard to climate change? 4. What is your analysis of the Kerala floods? Don’t you think dam mismanagement is the main cause? 5. Recently a few buildings were demolished in Kerala. What is your opinion? 6. What is your opinion about the parading of elephants in Thrissur Pooram? Chair: Thank you, all the best.


18/ Feb


-You are from IIT. Why waste public funds doing engineering when you have to prepare for IAS?

- So many IITs opening, dont you think it will dilute quality of education

- views of bridge course for doctors


- source of Corona virus, name of city

- how did it get its name

- why Kerala is reporting so many cases

- how did kerala prepare for it?


- tell me difference between 2G, 3G, 4G

- what is a diode, what is semiconductor ( grilled me on electronics )

- why we use AC power

- do we have 100% rural electrification , what is the issue with electrification definition


- why IAS?

- which IAS officer inspired you ( based on my answer )

- your priorities as DC of your district

- how will fight situation of flood in your area

- reason behind floods, settlement on enbankments etc


- why do people in Bihar go for Civil Services

- Why Bihar remained backward

- Nalanda library, who built, destroyed

- significance of falgu river, curse of falgu, ramayan reference

- significance of bodh gaya, same baynya tree or new one, place at which ashoka fought with odisha


- what quality do you think should a bureaucrat have?

- you may leave now, you interview is over.


Board - pk joshi

Date 18th Feb. Afternoon


Worked in infosys - why u left. 

Different types of educational Board apart from cbse. 

Compare two states on various parameters

Human development Index


Chilika lake how tropical cyclone affects it and what u can do it to protect it. 

Saura tribe in parlakhemudi. 

Tribal issue of odisha

Naxal issue of odisha


Infosys mysore learning centre

How you managed everything with tight training schedule

4 years gone after you left your job don't you feel exhausted. 

Women in army

Women reservation needed

Internet protection

Sarba shiksha abhiyaan


Migration taking place from odisha what will you u do as dm. 

Construction activity vs agriculture

Technology use in administration and how to deal with unproductive employees



Airforce stations where your father served. 

IAF- Assam station which station name it and which fighter aircraft it has. 

Bihar migrants from Assam what you will do as an district admin. 

Qualities of your FATHER and what u learnt from him. 

Name the eminent personality who has contributed a lot in republic of India and his father was in British army (br ambedkar) - gave two hints but was not able to answer. 

What u have learnt from br ambedkar

Chairman- your interview is over. 


IFoS 2019 interview transcript 

Board: Mr. R.N.Choubey 

Date 10th Feb 2020 , Forenoon 

Chairman : 

1. Tell me about your academic and pofessional experience in a minute.

2. Why did you then choose Forest service ? 

3.Coal mining vs Forest conservation in the back ground of our energy needs . 

4. What is the hydel power potential of India and how much is being utilised ? 

5. Large hydel projects or many small hydel projects to meet energy needs .

M1 : 

1. Tell me about endangered species

2. How will use your Production Engineering knowledge to increase productivity of forests ? 

3. Tell me about Shola forests 


1. Why is there a slowdown in automobile sector ? 

2. Why is there a slowdown in the economy and its reasons .

3. What should be done to increase the purchasing power of people ? 

4. What factors are responsible for increasing the growth rate of the economy? 


1. Natural resouse use is low in India why is it so ? And how do we improve it ? 

Chairman : Thank you . Your interview is over.


MSc Biotechnology Optional- Zoology and Forestry

Interview date- 

10 February 2020 

Time :1pm

Panel-Sathiyavathy Mam


1) what u did after your MSc please tell me in sequence.

2)why aren't you working full time anywhere and only part time jobs?

3) what made you turn to forest services?

4) how is biotechnology useful in forest services?

5) what was your research project? (Worked on effect of tinospora cordifolia plant on diabetes mellitus)

6)does jamun seed also have any relation to diabetes? 

Member 1

1) Tell me something about mangroves in Mumbai? Are they increasing or decreasing? Any problems with mangroves?

2) what projects are being taken up by India for climate change? By Maharashtra?

3) any thing by Maharashtra for forest conservation?

4) schemes in Maharashtra for health sector?

5) medicinal plants name any five.How can tribals help in this area?

Member 2

1) which bt crops are there in India?

2) why don't we have other bt crops apart from bt cotton?

3) how as forest officer u will help in development of botanic gardens?

4) tell me some biotechnology parks in india. What do they do?

5) why india is chosen for clinical trials by foreign companies?

6) why students dont want to pursue career in research and just join govt services?

Member 3 (he grilled me the most)

1) difference between botanical gardens and herbal gardens

2) which bodies are working for biodiversity at different levels? At which level do people contribute? What do they gain out of it?

3) various adaptation and mitigation steps for climate change?

4) contribution of biotechnology in food crops? How can they be useful in future?

5) what are clones? How can they be useful in forestry?

6) can biotechnology be useful in tree improvement? Any recent examples from India? 

7) how will you identify which tree to use for tree improvement program? How will you propagate these species faster?

8) tell me about micropropagation. Can it be used in forest tree improvement?


Board - Satyawati Mam

No of members 3+1

Background : textile technology, management consulting rajasthan,chittorgarh, railways

CM : read the whole daf loudly for 2 mins

1. Man Animal conflict

2. Ecotourism

3. How to boost livelihood opportunities for fringe communities?

4. How to escape forest fragmentation problems

5 what kind of jobs gets created by ecotourism

6 it seems that ecotourism is indeed the cause of man animal conflict? Isnt it so?

7. Why coming from railways to forests?


7. What is chittorgarh famous for

8. Padmavati issue? Do u think she was real?

9. People are becoming extreme and becoming violent?why

10. GI. Forest products with GI. Tell some beneficts that accrued to nilamber teak n sandalwood after GI tag

11. Development due to cement industry can be there but its problems are also many. Quote some

12 solve silicosis by forestry

13 which species you wil plant in ur area


14. Rajasthan. What kind of forests as per champion classification

15 name species of each

16 sand dune stabilisation. Technique

17. Cold desert vs hot desert difference

18. A few questions on traveling

19. Monkey issue and animal culling 


20. Iucn

21 forests travelled 

22 keoladeo. Problems. Trees there.

23. Have you seen anogiessus

24 biodiversity of eastern rajasthan

25 animal train collissions

26 sariska problems


: B.  Tech  in  Material  Science  and  Engineering,  IIT  Kanpur Hobby  -  Reading  Books  on  Human  Behavior From  Lalitpur,  Uttar  Pradesh BB  Vyas  Sir  Board(11/02/2020)

Chairman:  Your  face  seem  familiar,  have  we  met  before? So  you  are  from  IIT,  what  do  you  think  about  so  many  new  IITs  coming  nowadays?  Isn't  quality decreasing? Do  you  think  studying  Human  Behavior  is  a  science? Difference  between  morality  and  ethics? M1-  Can  you  name  some  Human  behaviorist? Can  you  tell  me  what  is  Fight  or  Flight  response?  Name  the  hormone  responsible Mechanism  by  which  hormones  influence  us? Which  gland  is  master  gland? What  is  biodiversity? What  are  it's  various  components? Which  one  do  you  think  is  most  important?  Why?  Few  follow  up  questions. M2  -  What  is  Environmental  science  and  Studies? What  is  an  ecosystem? What  is  the  work  of  WCCB? Which  act  governs  it? Which  section  of  act  is  regarding  punishment? Where  is  it's  headquarters? What  is  the  punishment  for  wildlife  crime? What  is  the  most  difficult  aspect  in  controlling  wildlife  crime? What  is  India  per  capita  energy  requirement? Why  does  the  USA  have  such  high  energy  consumption  per  capita? M3  -  Can  you  explain  Material  Science  and  Engineering? Is  it  a  core  branch? What  were  your  optional  subject? What  is  climate  change?  Is  it  real  or  hype? What  is  Carbon  Footprint? Recently  Gurugram  Metropolitan  Development  Authority  has  taken  some  steps  regarding Carbon  Footprint..do  you  know  about  them? Should  India  make  so  much  effort  in  Climate  change? Few  follow  up  questions  regarding  this.

There  is  a  concept  of  Think  Locally  and  Act  Globally,  Think  Globally  and  Act  Locally,  Think Locally  and  Think  Locally,  Act  Globally  and  Act  Locally,  which  of  the  following  do  you  think  is best?  And  the  reason? Chairman:  Thank  you  Prateek  your  Interview  is  over.


11th Feb 2020

Board: Manoj Soni Sir

Background: Home state  Odisha, Btech Biotechnology, Former Software engineer


1. Tell us briefly about your journey since graduation

2. Why software engineer after biotechnology

3. How agroforestry can help in doubling farmer income

4. Problems related to agroforestry


1. Ex situ and in situ conservation

2. Application of biotechnology in forestry 

3. Features of national parks

4. Benefits of Mangroves


1. Forest and wildlife resources of Odisha

2. Olive Ridley turtles

3. Why an officer of biotechnology background should be selected instead of forestry student

4. How often do you go to gym(hobby)

5. Do you go for jogging also?


1. Is timber smuggling happening in Odisha

2. How timbers are smuggled

3. What does anglo-vedic mean(dav school)?

4. How would you explain to a layman about forest resources of Odisha

5. Tribal knowledge about forests


Background – B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering

11th February 2020

Board – B.B. Vyas


1.What have you been doing since your graduation?

2.Have you also applied for other exams?

3.Tell me about shell companies and measures taken by government to tackle it? (Work experience)

4.Question on Bombay High? (Work experience)

5.Reasons for push towards Gas based economy? (follow- up from last question)

6.Schemes of govt. to promote gas in India

7.Shilpgram (Cultural festival of hometown)

8.Kathputli and Handicrafts promotion measures (follow-up)

9.Explain this quote “Celebrate diversity, unity follows” (pointing towards a calendar hanging in the room on which the quote was written)

10.Schemes of the govt. to promote unity in the country.

Member 1

1.What is biomolecule? (He himself explained)

2.Elements of biomolecule, in our body, etc. (He himself kept explaining and asking further questions)

3.Cell theory and details.

4.Types of protected areas in Rajasthan

5.Names of national parks in Rajasthan

6.Actual geographical area of forest cover in Rajasthan, not in percentage terms.

Member 2 

1.Forest near your college, reasons for man-animal conflict.

2.Examples of environment conservation movements in India

3.Why Bhutan is a net carbon-negative emission country?

4.Are Indians undisciplined? Should military training be made compulsory for all the citizens like in Singapore to make them disciplined?

Member 3

1.When UPSC IFS interviews started? When getting over? No. of candidates? 

2.Why so many candidates from Rajasthan?

3.Difference between conflict and war?

4.Difference between protection and conservation?


 11/02/2020 IFoS  interview Board:  Manoj  Soni  Sir Background:  Mechanical  Engg.  from  IIT  Bombay,  home  state  Kerala,  hobbies:  watching american  satirical  shows,  listening  to  opera  music,  following  football,  online  chess

Chair: 1.  You  have  had  a long wait,  (I  was  5th  in  the  session)  would  you  like  some  tea?  What  were  you during  the  waiting  time? 2.  What  did  you read in  the  newspaper?  What  caught  your  attention? 3.  You  like  watching  American  Satirical  shows,  which  shows  do  you  watch? 4.  Is  ‘Friends’  satire? 5.  Why is IIT  Mumbai,  still  named  Bombay? 6.  How  do  forests  help  in  improving  the  quality  of  water? 7.  You  have  good  forest  cover  in  your  state.  Is  it  the  highest? M1: 1.  What  is  an  ecosystem? 2.  If  I  write  with  my  pen,  biotic  and  abiotic  factors  are  interacting,  is  it  an  ecosystem? 3.  What  happens  in  an  ecosystem? 4.  What  are  the  ecosystem  services  in  agricultural  land? 5..What  are  the  dominant  crops  in  Kerala? 6.  What  do you know about  silent  valley? 7.  What  are  the  different  types  of  forests  in  Kerala? 8.  Where  else  do  you  see  Tropical  evergreen  forests? M2: 1.  Place  of  Birth  Thrissur,  why  is  the  festival  famous? 2.  What  about  the  environmental  impact  of  firecrackers? 3.  What  is  CRZ? 4.  Have  the  restrictions  been  eased?  Why  do  you  think  so? 5.  What  happened in  Kerala  floods? 6.  Kerala  is  a  high  literacy,  tech-savvy  state.  Why  do  mining,  deforestaion,  quarrying  take place?  Is  it  a  governance  deficit? 7.  Can’t  we  use  technology  to  stop  this  quarrying?  How  can  we  do  so? 8.What  are  the  concerns  with  respect  to  Mullaperiyar  Dam? M3: 1.  Where  do you find  the  best  forests  in  India? 2.  I  say  climate  change  is  hoax.  What  do  you  think? 3.  Don’t  you  think  it’s  a  natural  process? 4.  What  changes  have  you  observed  with  regard  to  climate  change? 4.  What  is  your  analysis  of  the  Kerala  floods?  Don’t  you  think  dam  mismanagement  is  the  main cause? 5.  Recently  a  few  buildings  were  demolished  in  Kerala.  What  is  your  opinion? 6.  What  is  your  opinion  about  the  parading  of  elephants  in  Thrissur  Pooram? Chair: Thank  you,  all  the  best.


Board: Smt. M. SATHIYAVATHY Ma’am

Optionals: Agricultural Engineering and Forestry

Graduation: B.Tech(NITK Surathkal, EEE)

Date: 11-February-2020(Afternoon)

Last to enter. Around 25 to 30 minutes.


Showed me my picture. Is this you?

Started reading my DAF(Education, Hobbies, Achievements etc.).

What are you doing since graduation?

When you resigned from IOCL?

What are you doing since then?

Why forest service?

Did you qualify for CSE Interview?

Environment vs Mining debate.

Should mining be allowed in forest.

You are DFO, what will you do when Environment and Social Impact Assessment allow for mining ?

So, how ecological value and economic value are factored?

Will you give clearance as a DFO?

Dhanbad is famous for mining. Have you visited any mine?

Is it open cast or underground?

How open cast mining impact forest?

How can we overcome the challenges?


What is your optional?

Tell me about topics which you read in Agricultural Engineering?

Are Solar pumps good?

Can we replace all Electric pumps with solar pumps.

What are the challenges of Solar pumps? What if weather is poor and it is not able to produce electricity?

So we have to use traditional measures as well?

How to conserve water resources in field?

You can also add micro irrigation technologies like drip and sprinkler for water conservation.


Tell me specific areas in the topics of agricultural engineering?

What is the other name of food processing? Is it food technology?

How much food is wasted in India?

What are the challenges to food processing?

What is a watershed?

So it has a single water drain channel?

How will you manage watershed?

Are trees capable of ground water recharge?


What are the documents which a forest officer follows for management of forest and wildlife?

Is working plan used for wildlife management?

What are the factors to consider before making the working plan?

How working circles is divided?

Have you heard of Saranda forest?

What is it famous for?

Tell me qualities of Sal tree

How is it regenerated?

How is controlled burning helpful?

Do you know about its flower and seed.

Anything in addition to Sarhul festival

What is the most intriguing thing  about Sal flower and seed? About its Phenology?

Have you seen Sal tree?

Colour of Sal bole?

Surface of bole? Is it smooth or not?


Thank you 

Your interview is over.


Background:B.Tech(Chemical engineering)

Optional: Sociology

Hobbies: Following F1 Motorsport, Teaching children

Interview date 18 Feb 2020


Morning session 

Third person to go 

Time :11 AM


1-Why did you opt for sociology even after having an engineering background?

2-Whats the name of your college?

(Passes on to M1)


1-What is there for the farmers in the recent budget?

2-Tell me about kisan rail.

3-What is net neutrality?Is there any authority to regulate it?

4-What can we do to control the bourgeoning population?

Follow up questions

5-What is national biofuels policy?

(Passes on to M2)


1-what is vivaad se vishwas?

2-what is the difference between chemicals and petrochemicals?

3-What has the government done to help the working class?

4-Tell me about codification of the labour laws.

5-Tell me any labour law that has led to relief to working class.

(Chairman interrupts and passes on to M3)


1-Have you read this book called(forgot the name)...it is about Hyderabad ?

2-Why do you like teaching the children.

3-What is your opinion regarding private coaching and tuition?

4-what can we do to improve the education system

5-what will you do as a DM of a district to improve the education system?

6-some other follow up  questions

(Passes on to M4)


1- So you like F1 racing....why?

2-Can you tell me which Indian company currently has an F1 team (humbly told that it's Formula E and not F1)

3-What is the current scenario of F1 in India?

4-Any prominent Indian racers?

5-Whats the future of F1 in India?

6-ok tell me what is WTO?

Follow up questions

7-What is piracy in oceans?

8-Why is there conflict in Africa?

9-What is a blood diamond?

10- Can you tell me which element was discovered recently that is more precious than diamond?

Some casual words from Chairman

Chairman: your interview is over ... thank you.

Very cordial board (especially the chairman....he was smiling throughout the interview)


Board : Bhosle Sir 

State : Madhya Pradesh (Ujjain)

Optional : Commerce (CA)

Hobby: Football, Meditation


Asked about Pele (football legend) health and financial issues.


AGR issue is going on, I think this is all fault of Chartered Accountants. They advise them to not pay this dues.

All this billionaires, the top 10 percent are accusing the system that it has allowed them to garner so much wealth, while at the same time they are doing nothing about it. Don't you think it is hypocrisy from their side?

Leaving aside those who are doing charity, but what about those who are still accusing the system and not even doing charity.


What is difference between LCD and LED

Why so much frauds recently in your profession, what do we need to do?


Tell me about Ujjain, what is so famous about it?

Who is one of the most intelligent personality from Ujjain?

What government is doing to preserve our heritage and culture?

Why should we preserve such heritage? (I told about this is part of values system and rich culture)

We can protect monuments and architectural sites, how do we protect this value system you are talking about?

How this heritage sites are linked to our folk culture? 


Tell me positive and negative about Internal rate of return?

What are your service preferences?

Why IAS as 1st?


You talked about Mr Ratan Tata, tell me who has taken over him in charitable purpose? (Mr Azim Premji)

Have you visited last Kumbh Mela? Tell me how will you organize next Kumbh, what will be your priorities?


Background :civil engineering 

Optional - sociology 

Hobbies-cricket and football 

Home state -Delhi

Board -Bs bassi sir


1. Is it your photo,-   cant see clearly said yes, but it wasnt me,  again showed me,  i said no sir. He smiled and talked in hindi 

2. Why you want to become Ias. Sir joked in between gundagardi to nhi karni.. everyone laughed


1. 27 october 1947 what happened? 

2.  Tell me something about 1947-48 war.

3 when un convention was signed


1. Contributions of mn srinivas

2. Delhi is called rape capital, what we need to do. 

3. Interstate migration is a issue. 

4. Question on mgnrega

M 4

1. How to do rain water harvesting in village. Follow up question on this.

2 indian economy and issues with it.

3. Some civil engineering marvel that inspired you.


1. Prefabricated  structure 

2. Benefits

3. Any specific example.

Chairman again

Tell some other building. I mentioned qutub minar etc.

How arches are bind


Wanted some specific name.

Replied - i would definitely read this sir.thanks sir.

Showed me photo again and smiled.

Bassi sir was repeatedly sleeping and not maintaining eye contact.

Overall a good experience.


Board Smita nagraj madam

Fore noon session

~30 minutes

20 02 2020


What are the employment avenues available for a history post graduate?

Why did you not go into the history research field?

Why should we do research if that creates controversy and disturb harmony 

Which history do you like most?

What's the one lesson modern indian history teaches us?

Was india a nation before britishers came here

Member 1

Who are anganawadi workers?

Icds ?

Pocso act?

We pressurise girls to behave in "proper manner".

Is it time now to pressurise boys?

Member 2


Farmers suicide reasons 

History repeats itself explain

Explain Unity in diversity (it was written on the calendar on the wall )

Which book did you read recently

Member 3

History is written by the winners , what's your advise to the losers?

Tell us about current economic scenario in India

Corona impact on economy

Is Fiscal deficit under control?

Are you aware of the recent debate on real fiscal deficit numbers being suppressed 

Member 4 

Tell us about Mihan project 

Name 5 problems before india

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