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Interview Transcripts of CSE/IFoS 2022

Board : r n Chaubey sir
30 Jan, 23
Forenoon session
B tech mechanical, SVNIT, surat
Optional - Mathematics
Hobby-watching gujarati movies

You have stayed in Gujarat bhavan?
What did you eat in breakfast?
Tell in brief about your academic background and work experience?
What do you know about crop insurance?
Does PMFBY got success?
What is exact method of PMFBY?
Who pays for premium?
What do you think regarding development vs environment?
With regards it to current times in india, we are headed towards envt or development?
India requires lot of energy and lack of energy is visible today like power cuts and our coal mines are in forest, so should we explore it?

what is soft power?
Can movie helps in softpower, in your opinion?
Bollywood movies are projected as soft power in past, but now many regional movies are promoted, didn't it means that we are diverting from mains things as soft power?
Conventionally people are saving by putting money in banks as fd, in gold but in recent times more other venues are there, what do you think about it, is there any danger?
Should we encourage people to invest more in stock market?

have you heard about Param Vir chakra in recent times?
Any name of Param Vir chakra awardee?
Where can we put zero in whole number or integer?
Does zero comes in natural number?
How zero and infinity are connected?
Do you know Newton's third law?
If I hit someone, then will it apply?
Then one should not hit somebody?

UN intangible heritage site given recently, do you know?
Any other things you can recollect about it?
Is there any intangible heritage in Gujarat?
You are from nit, why do you want to join civil service?
Where do you want to work after 10 years?
Do you know about 'inclusive education'?
Have you heard of 'inclusive school'?
Your favourite director in regional cinema? One movie ?
What is about that movie 'be yaar'?

Many are saying climate change is not real, how do you convice them in 5 min?
How can we say that current climate change impact is due to industrial revolution?
What is this 'two degree'?
PANEL - Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla (Retd.)


Satyavathi Mam Board
Btech metallurgy from NIT Trichy
Native : Salem ,Tamil Nadu
Hobbies : Mandala painting / reading fiction books
Work : Sidbi

For female candidates ( please remove your chain / earring/ ring ) they are asking ur to remove all ornaments including watch.,

Satyavathi Mam read out the DAF loudly and asked the following questions :
1) What are you doing currently ?
2) why this gap of 3 years since your last job
3) What made you choose civil service ?
4) Civil service is not just about IAS,
there are other services also ?
You can do much better in your current job ,why this ?
5) Why didn't you go to Core ? Why IT ?
6) Didn't you appear for Gate exam ?
7) Tell about Dravidian model of development that Tamil Nadu is talking about ?
8) how is it different from other states ? Why call it Dravidian?
9) What makes TN one of the leading states in economic and social indicators in the country ?

Member 2:
1) You become IAS and you are given a choice to choose between two districts - one where there is more communal tensions and another a border district with issues of drug and human trafficking- what would you choose ?

I chose border district siting few reasons.
2) Follow up question.but in case of choosing a communal violent district, if you bring communal harmony you can make a big difference.
I agreed to his point,yet chose to stay with border district as i felt the scope of development is more there.

3) Tell me the background of how Afghanistan evolved and what is the current relations of India with Afghanistan?

4) Tell me 5 interesting things about Salem ?

5) Tell me about mandala painting ?

 Member 3:
1) What lifestyle choices do you have ?
How will you lead your life in next decades ?
2) Will you be able to find the right partner who will agree with your way of life ?
3) Why dont you like a lavish lifestyle ? ( But many prefer it ,why don't you ?)
4) Tell me some new materials used nowadays ?

Member 4:
1) What schemes have Government brought for MSME's?
2) How is Mudra helping and how is it different ?
3) What do you know about semiconductors ?
4) What is opinion on Remote voting ?
5) Do you support it or not ?
What is it about ordinary residents and native residents ?

Member 5:
1) What do you do in Sidbi ? ( In your branch )
2) What are steps taken by Sidbi for antimoney laundering ?

Satyavati Mam :
1) what do you know about account aggregators ?
2) follow up - it will be useful only if they voluntarily provide info..
What would you do if people conceal info and how can you check money laundering?
Date and session : forenoon session, 30th January
Board: Satyawati mam
Optional: sociology
Computer science engineering
Home state : madhya pradesh
Relevant keyword from daf: worked as software developer in fintech, reading fiction, mindfulness meditation, badminton

As I entered she started reading out details from summary sheet/daf
1 . You are from computer science graduate, please explain me what is NFT?
2 . You have lived in x, y, z places ( places mentioned in daf) . Which is your favorite place and why ? 1-2 follow-up questions on this.
3. Since you are from IT background, can you tell me about the recent performance of IT industry and why declining?

1. Explain what is mindfulness meditation?
2. Are there different types of meditation? How do they differ from mindfulness meditation?
3. She asked something on the lines - there are many famous practitioner like sadhguru ( she took other names which I can't recall nor recognize) . What do they do ? Do you agree with their methodologies?
4. Both Delhi and Bangalore are metro cities and incidents take place even in Bangalore that imply it is not that safe for women? So why you think Delhi is more unsafe? ( This was continuation of question regarding the place that i liked- i had mentioned safe public space as one of the factor in my previous answer)
5. Can you tell me few shortcomings about Bangalore?

1. Few people say computers should not be included as engineering discipline. What do you think? Why ?
2. We hear a lot about AI, do you think AI can cause end of human civilisation?
3. Are there any laws/treaties to regulate AI ?
4. What is the trend of sex ratio in India? Is it increasing or decreasing? Why?
5. What can be done to improve sex ratio?

1. What kind of fiction you like reading?
2. Book you read recently.
3. Long question which I can't remember exactly, but the gist was --How female lead development can happen?
4. If you are posted in district, how to ensure that schemes for women are executed efficiently? (This too was long question, but gist was mostly this)
5. If you are female police official, how to ensure that women who are underprivileged and exploited are heard and get justice?

1. When you entered, you were nervous but after sometime you opened up , why did this happen?
2. You have lived in gujarat, can you talk or understand Gujarati? Can you speak a sentence in Gujarati?
3. District which share border with international territory, what additional challenges do such district face?
4. You would have read about Russia - Ukraine war. What are the challenges that Russia is facing?

Your interview is over. Thank you

1. few questions were long, so I may not have remembered exact question
2.  Not sure how useful it is going to be: but I was told in one mock that since you are female candidate, and if you happen to face a board who has female member- you might probably be questioned on women issues.
Board - M. Sathiyavathy
30 Jan 2023
Afternoon session
Background - Haryana, B.Sc. Physical Science, ICAS
Optional - History
Hobby - Reading fiction, cooking

Read through the DAF.
1.Should we merge all accounts services?
2. What services have been merged recently?
3. Has it been a good decision? (More counter questions)

1. What are green house gases? Give examples.
2. You mention you were the School Gender Champion. What is that?
3. Don't you think only boys/men need to be gender sensitised?
4. What is Gender Gap Index?
5. How has the condition of women improved in India?

1. What kind of fiction do you like to read?
2. What have you read recently? Who was the main character in that book?
3. What do you like to cook?
4. What got you into Mediterranean cooking?

1. 5 problems and 5 things that are good about your district.
2. Given a choice between serving in a border district, and a naxal affected district, where would you choose to serve? (Counter questions on why not border district, don't you think drug smuggling is an important issue harming the youth?)
3. What is quantum entanglement?
4. Why is it being talked about recently?
5. What are scientists saying about time and space with respect to it?

1. Give chronology of dynasties in India.
2. Give examples of surviving architectural monuments of these dynasties.
30th January Afternoon Session
Chairman- RN Choubey Sir
Malayalam Literature Optional
Economics Background
Kerala Home State

 • Introduction - Educational background and Work experience
 • What is licence raj system?
 • What is inspector raj system? Do we need a inspector raj system?
 • In Ukraine Russia conflict who is right and who is wrong?

Member 1

 • Favorite writer? Why?
 • Why High HDI in Kerala? From where did Kerala got money for such a development?
 • Did Malayalam Literature show any pattern in its development over years?

Member 2

 • Why only Kerala managed to get high HDI not other states like Punjab and Sikkim?
 • Agriculture to Service direct Jump. How it affected economy?
 • What govt has recently done to improve industrial development?

Member 3

 • Application of any economic theory in Agricultural sector for its development?
 • Reasons for air pollution in Delhi. What measures did govt took to control stubble burning?
 • Why the issue of stubble burning only affecting Delhi?
 • Environmental significance of backwaters in Kerala?

Member 4

 • Anything from Science fiction literature that later become scientific invention?
 • Real life application of any science fiction movie concept?
 • Conspiracy behind the origin of Covid pandemic?
 • How the conflict between development and environment led to the origin of corona virus?
31st January, forenoon session
Board = R N CHOBEY sir
Medical science optional
Home State= J&K

1.tell us about consumer protection architecture in India r a doctor, why civil services?
3.what do you know about Ross island, who is Ross?
4.who discovered the drug for malaria?
5.noble prize won by Indians (ist and latest)
6.what is monarchy? What factors pushed Nepal to democracy. watch science based documenteries , tell us which one u watch recently? usa and India space sector? What Indian can learn from it.
9.economic survey importance and it's tabling?
10. At one end we have this goal of inclusive growth and at other end we r focusing only on more n more investment in economy to boost GDP. How do u see the divergence?
11. Since independence many commissions and even niti ayog failed to address the problems of our agriculture . What according to you is the root cause ?
12.Suggest a solution that can address the three problems (land fragmentation, rising population, climate change)?
13.what do u know about FSSAI? It's functions.
14. How do we implement the vaccination challenge in India during covid times (initially)
15. What is your opinion as a doctor regarding 'emergency use authorisation' ?
16.why there is so much noise about covid vaccines
17.suppose you have to advice a covid vaccine to an individual , what would u advice covaxin or covishield.
18.presidential address to the parliament, unique thing this time?
19.saffron cultivation, it's flower, how it looks?

20.Your interview is over , would u like to b asked questions from any area we might have missed?

Your interview is over
Interview questions
Choubey sir's board
5th to enter
Optional: sociology
Home state: Kerala
Hobbies: Shyamaprasad movies , cardio exercise and meditation

1) About whether I had lunch( to make comfortable)
2) in 1 min about academic and professional achievements -( talked about patent)
3) About EVs having power to address pollution
4) Agree or disagree - Environmental protection is a conspiracy, to make rich countries richer and poor countries poorer

M1- Sir
1) automatic driving - why it didn't get picked up in a large manner
2) what all specification to be needed in self driving cars
3) How different softwares of different companies make a difficulty in implementing
4) Why cardio and meditation combination and how it help me
5) why only Shyamaprasad movies only

M2 - sir
1) Comparison of Kerala and West Bengal Population. Is the government due to politically consciousness people ( Rephrasing and follow up questions)
2) Whether Russian invasion accelerated arm access for Ukraine which was what Ukraine anticipated by NATO entry?

M3 - Ma'am
1) Which all activities conducted while being in the position of Women Development Cell Vice Chair
2) Why so many Engineering graduates coming to civil services
3) Whether as IT professional and patentee, my introduction to Civil Services a brain drain
4) What meditation means psychologically for me
5) If in services what can you contribute

M4 - Sir
1) What is CRZ
2) Why it is in place
3) what types of encroachment are being avoided by CRZ regulations
4) What is fussy logic
5) what is Moore's law
RN Chaubey sir
1 feb 2023 Forenoon
6th and last to enter
Around 30 minutes

Mathematics optional
IIT Delhi Btech Chemical engineering
Haryana state
Keywords : Playing Chess and captain of hostel team, Teaching and Mentoring, NSS

1. Tell me about your education and work experience
2. What is indus water treaty. Why news
3. Why inter state disputes arises
4. Should we transfer this matter to centre alone to decide

Member 1(lady)
1. Evergreen revolution : what why
2. Promote above how
3. Why haryana people selling land and moving out of this sector
4. Solve this as a policy maker

Member 2
1. Delhi new trucks new addition what is it.
2. Why we say EV less polluting even though electricity comes from thermal plants pollutes environment
3. Diesel exhaust engine
4. One more question I don't remember

Member 3
1. If rice causes soil degradation water table down, then should we limit it to only South region and not allow in north. Your views
2. Can state secede from union of states. How?
3. If no foreign involvement in this then should we allow to secede?

Member 4
1. Doctrine of "one innocent don't punish even though 99 criminals left unpunished". Your views
2. What Reforms needed for above
Odisha. NIT RKL, Electrical engg.
Psychology optional.
Work- Linde India. Recently selected in OAS.
Hobbies- Volleyball, teaching, photography
Sathyabati Mam board. 1st to go. Date 1st feb, afternoon.

M1-Since 5 yrs what are u doing.
Who do u teach.
What did u do in linde. What does it manufacture.
Difference between industrial and medical oxygen.
M2- KBK, Western odisha are backward. Why?
Improvement in malnutrition? How will u deal with disasters if posted in Balasore? What Rourkela is famous for?
M3- What's a lagoon, what's a delta. Major deltas in odisha. Famous Beach. Chandipur- what's the unique phenomena. Why?
What's a backwater. What sambalpur is famous for?
M4- how will u promote sports in backward region of Odisha? Why the setback for India in hockey worldcup? What other sports do u follow apart from Volleyball? U will soon join as an OAS officer. How do u look towards it. What will be ur focus area of work?
M5- emotion- earlier research about different brain regions responsible for it. What's the new trend?
Why is China so much interested in Askai chin?

Board: Shri Rajiv Nayan Chaubey
Forenoon Session
2nd to be interviewed
80% DAF based
Bio(only which all are asked ): IRS (IT), Hyderabad, Cooking, CSE, International Mathematical Olympiad, Google summer of code(GSC), Stray animal rescue and rehabilitation, chess
4th attempt, 3rd Interview(including this --- every time, Chaubey Sir chaired them)

 Chairman(C): You can remove your mask if you are vaccinated and comfortable with it
Then, as always explained the procedure of personality test and told that it is just a conversation etc.
1. I won’t ask you to expand your name but quickly tell us about your academic and work 
2. You are already having a laddu in your hand…. what else do you need on the laddu?
3. Why do you want to enter IAS?
4. As you are from Nagpur, there is this economic think tank which says that instead of direct 
taxation, if we tax all the transactions that are taking place, it generates more revenue and 
we won’t even be needing the direct taxation and in fact IT department……(Monologue of 2 min, but this is the essence)….What is your take on it?
5. Similar constraints are present in Direct Taxation slab too…. What is the way forward?
                                                                                                                       Member 1: (Gentlewoman)
1. East Godavari district is called Rice bowl of Southern India…. Have you seen cane cultivation there? (Rajahmundry is in my DAF)
2. Bamboo cultivation significance
3. Paper Industry problems and what can we do?
4. Speciality of Nagpur…. questions on orange cultivation and Nagpur climate….
                                                                                                                               Member 2:
1. You’re CS graduate…Self driving cars…can they be successful in India?
2. Possible challenges for Self-Driving vehicle in India
3. Why traffic sense is in disarray in India?
4. GSC…. why did you discontinue it?
5. NP complete vs NP hard problems
                                                                                                                         Member 3:
1. What do you cook?
2. Difference between normal and Dum biryani? Why is it so special?
3. It is Biryani only if it is Mutton Biryani…What do you say?
4. Why Nationalistic tendencies are increasing all over the world?
5. Only economic or there are other reasons as well?
6. If we reduce tax rates more people will be eager to pay taxes, then why don’t we do 
it?.....talked about Laffer curve and trade off between increased tax base but decreased tax 
revenue….didn’t ask further questions
                                                                                                                             Member 4:
1. View on taxing new sectors such as Agriculture….how can we do? 
2. What are the problems that would arrive?
3. Monologue on Nepal and Bhutan….Difference in democratic structures in both the 
4. Working principle of Mercury thermometer
5. Interesting fact about Shannon’s number 
                                                                                                                     Chairman: Anything you need to share?
I told about the Stray animal part and some discussion about it
                                                                                                                    Experience: Surprisingly they asked me from DAF, as in previous 2 times, it was completely random…duration is of 30-35 min…..Went well and the flow was without or with little turbulence….
                                                                                                                                   Keep in mind that having a DAF based and nice PT isn’t synonymous with good marks and random questionnaire doesn’t mean low marks….

Date of interview:- 1/02/2023 afternoon session.
Name- Naam me kya rekha hai .
Graduation and post graduation:- Biomedical science
Optional law.
Profession:- Deputy jailor.
Hobbies:- feeding stray animal , mimciking Bollywood artists.
Board: Sathiyavathi ma'am.
As usual start by ma'am reading daf to all members.
Ch. 1)Explain ur gap year mohit.
2 feeding stray is menace don't you think so.
Something continuous random question .
3 what is open jail. Do u promote it. What is critirea.
Cross question related to open jail only.
M1 movie based on jail he asked fortunately i have seen just 3 weeks ago. Do aankhey barah hath so he asked me to explain the content of movie that is based on open jail.
2 reformative steps related to jail.
3 kanjhawala case ( i said sorry sir)

M3 1)some procedural law which i said dont know again.
2)Special status for convicted prison inmates.
3)Decriminalization of law to reduce burden in jail.
M4) molecular biology is future ( biomedical science)
2)Ur review on India's stance on Russia Ukraine war.
M5 question related to traditional medicine.
Ayush homeopathy what is needed?
Some questions i am forgetting.
Over all cordial environment. Yes i said 3 4 times i don't know. Even fumbled in some question . However overall very good experience. Don't think about too much what u haven't done bcz u never know what question they might ask. Just control the controllables as said by Mahendra singh dhoni i.e daf in our case and 1 newspaper.
Thank you and all d best dosto.
Date/slot : 1st FEBAfternoon 2nd to go
Hobbies: reading non fiction, web series
Optional: pub ad
Board: R N Chaube sir
B/g : Computer engg.
State : Maharashtra

Briefly tell abt educational b/g nd work experience
Why pubad?
Major internal security challenges India is facing
Should we consider LWE as terrorist
Dhrug abuse in youth - how to handle( said treat them as victims nd then offenders. Then counterquestions based5 on this)

What is visual impairment(Written research paper. From DAF)
PwD act. Does visual impairment come under it? What are the criterias for considering VI as disability(DON'T know)
GI(Geographical Indication) tag - what is ? Why it's given? How It's given i.e process

Namibia or zambia is proposing to allow ivory trade coz they have large no. Of Elephants. Do you think it's justified? What are intl repurcussions?
Another Q don't remember now

M3: fully Technical
Chat GPT -
- who introduced
- do you think it will overtake existing tech like G assistant
- what are issues surrounding it

Cyber security
Explain entire status and challenges in context of India
How to address Cyber security challenges

Drug menace in Punjab.
 It's causes and It's link with Pakistan
Why it's a major prob there nd why not other border dists
Capital punishment. Lot of delay is happening in disposal of cases(tarikh pe tarikh). Should it be allowed or abolished

Chairman: from our side it's over. Do you have anything to say?

Approx time 30 mins

All the best for remaining candidates.

Thank You @⁨IPS Mahesh Bhagwat Sir⁩ sir, @⁨Abhishek Saraf IAS⁩ sir and other community members for guidance.
Satyavathi Mam Board
Dual Degree Electrical Engg, IIT Delhi
Native : Yamunanagar, Haryana
Hobbies : Reading Biographies, Meditation, Playing piano
Work : Intel, Currently in IDAS

Satyavathi Mam read out the DAF loudly and asked the following questions :
1) Tell us about the recent reforms in Railway services?
2) Give me your personal opinion on Railway services merger?
3) Okay, so you prefer specialists, then why do we hire generalists?
4) Apart from DM, say health secretary, power secretary etc, who is better suited for that job?
5) But Vallabhai Patel once said that If we hire all specialists, they would be undecisive and only generalists are capable of acting decisively, Was he wrong?

Member 2:
1) What is the difference between fine arts and conceptual arts?
2) Do you follow International relations?
3) Tell me the about Bangladesh?
4) Why do we make people fill all these, sports hobbies etc in DAF?
5) You are an IAS, if you suddenly get to know that you have to join one particular district within a month, What will you do first? (followed by What else twice)
6) Defence has the largest budget in country and is so important for the country, but you still want to join IAS, Which one do you think is more important?
6) If both are equally important, then why join IAS?

Member 3:
1) You have lived in Bhopal, what did you like about the place?
2) Apart from people, anything else- architecture wise?
3) You have mentioned reading biographies as your hobby, Which ones have you read?
4) Why do you read biographies specifically?
5) Which biography did you find most impressive and Why?
6) Okay, What did you learn from Dalai Lama's biography?

Member 4:
1) What is budget?
2) What about previous definition related to plan, non plan expenditure?
3) Why did we abandon planning commission?
4) So, how is planning done now?
5) Do we have a state budget as well? Are you sure?
6) What is climate change?
7) What is the main reason for it?
8) What is carbon sink?
9) Do you think artificial carbon capture is feasible?

Member 5:
1) You have lived in Chandigarh, what did you like about the place?

Your interview is finished, you may go now.

This is my personal opinion, but according to me, thinking a lot about everything in your DAF helps a lot. Interview preparation should ideally be 10% reading, 90% thinking.
Hon chairman R.N. Chaubey Sir
Hobby: playing harmonium,
Graduation Physics and statistics.
Optional- anthropology
State -Maharashtra
Date 31 Jan 2023 , Afternoon session.

Introduce yourself with work experience
Tell me Types of leaders
What type of leader was Gandhi ji?
What are the qualities due to which people followed him?

Evolution of two nation theory
Could it be avoided
How one could avoid it? What should have been done?
About NCC
Did you join
Certificates A B C
Their Details

Tell about leguminous crops, their benefits
What are biological control agents
Statistics use in agriculture
How do we calculate agriculture production in one area?

Tell us about famous bird sanctuary in your place
Controversy about harmonium
Alumni of your College
A recent and famous one ?
What is a Wrangler

Minister related to harmonium controversy.
Should govt provide services?
In which sectors should there be government presence?
Tell me Sectors where government, if present can bring some regulation or price stabilization.

Chairman it was a nice interaction.

Thank you.

Overall experience
Board was very friendly. No cross questions as such.
Wear your smile and confidence. All the best !

Utility of mocks:
Building spontaneity.
Two questions were repeated from mock directly which gave me confidence sitting there.
Sathyawathi ma'am board
In service - ICLS, Home State - Andhra Pradesh, Mechanical Engineering
1. What are u doing at present
2. What is the role of mca in ease of doing bussiness
3. Different cities selected for the rank and the last rank of india
4. Is the rank based on 2 cities give real pictures of indian states
5. How do u promote states role in ease
of doing bussiness
6. Centre state coordination regarding the same
Member 1
SFIO and role
Other mechanisms to detect fraud
How do u reduce shell companies by identifying them
Role of technology regarding shell companies
CCI vs Google issue
What is the specific model google follows in india which is not followed in EU
Member 2
Given 10 fielder positions
Do you have leadership qualities if any give instances
What is ur role in college fest
Member 4
What is the plight of farmers if capital is shifted
How govt compensates them
Life style of chenchus now (i said not sure )
Any tribe u study and their present life style
What all u study in anthropology
Member 5
If man fails machine saves if machine fails men die explain
Mnrega and allocation
Again capital discussion ( from previous member)
Rajiv Nayan Choubey Sir Board
2nd February
Geography Optional
Education - MSc Chemistry
Work - State Civil Service
Hobby - Travel documentary

Chairman -

1. Introduce with educational and work experience.
2. What's your opinion on farmer protest ? What are the 3 laws ? Why they opposed ?
3. What's your opinion on Encounter ? And follow up question. Judiciary is slow, need of immediate justice, encounter should be justiciable etc argument by chairman.

M1 -

1. What is your state law for prevention of land fragmentation ?
2. What will be the impact of Adani calling off FPO ?
3. What is Kekule's dream ?
4. Steps by Govt for tourism in budget. What will happen if tourism is given infrastructure status ?

M2 -

What is PM-KISAN ? What happened in budget on this ? Is it good ? From where this scheme was inspired from ? Why decreased allocation in budget ?

M3 -

1. Continuing from chairman's discussion about encounter, why to care for human rights of a criminal who have killed few policemen ? Doesn't it violate the human rights of the police ?

2. Human rights violation is a crime ? As per which law ?

3. What are 3 major internal security challenges in your state ?

4. History of naxalism, how it started in your state, what's the status now, how the change happened ?

M4 - (Ma'am)

1. What is the role of CAG ?
2. Does he audit PPP project ?
3. How the revenue sharing models work ? Give examples.
3. What is NFRA & ICAI ? Their role ?
4. Three application of Chemistry in daily household.

Chairman -

Anything you want to tell us ?

Summary : Nothing from hobby, achievement, work experience. Only one Q from home state, educational background. Mostly felt random.
Board: Raj shukla sir
Optional- Anthropology
Hobbies/interest-Helping parents in farming activities
Worked as software engineer and Panchayat secretary
Interview went well and it’s more than 35 minutes

1. Are you happy with new state Telangana?
2. Why you are happy? Any loss to Telangana?
3. Your opinion on 3 capital proposal of Andhra Pradesh? Any example in the world
4. Gender inequality reports-India’s performance-your opinion on that
5. Why Gender inequality still persists in India?- Show me where Gender inequality still present?
6. Negative list and positive list in defence sector?
7. Recent Govt steps to enhance indigenization of defence ?

1. Role of Panchayat secretary?
2. How you will transform the village? Hindrances involved in it?
3. How you will remunerate the farming?
4. Issues in agriculture?
5. How to shift the farmer from crop cultivation to Animal husbandry? Issues in animal husbandry? Recent govt steps?
6. What are the recent rural development scheme?
7. Why poverty still persists in India? What steps you will suggest?

1. Naxalism in Telangana? Is it reduced?
2. Why its reduced? Govt steps? Explain with statistics and examples?
3. Ideology of naxalism? Is it changed?
4. Tribes in Telangana?
5. Issues the tribes facing?
6. Social structure differences of tribal society with other society?
7. Issues in the panchayat raj system? What can be the possible solutions?

1. What is G20? Elaborate it more
2. How India can utilize this G20 presidency? What are the priorities agenda?
3. Current Issues the world is suffering?
4. Is Migration from telangana to gulf nations? Why its so?
5. What are migrant issues they are facing? How can we handle it
6. Any Central govt scheme that is implemented in the rural village that has a greater impact? Elaborate it?
7. Manufacturing process of Urea?
8. Is modern techniques in agriculture reduces greenhouse gases? Or enhances it

1. What is embedded system? Explain it with example?
2. National electronics policy? Its provisions
3. Steps taken by the govt to enhance the electronics base in India?
4. Green hydrogen, blue hydrogen and black hydrogen?
5. Why you resigned from software engineer?
6. Why you joined as a panchayat secretary?
7. Why you resigned from panchayat secretary? What you learnt from it?
2nd February 2023
Afternoon Session
Chaubey Sir Board
Home State : Haryana
College : Physics
Optional : Geography
Hobbies : Stargazing, Flute, Cricket
Other Keywords : Police, CAPFs

Chairman : You had lunch today? What? ( I said Poha). That is a breakfast item. We will arrange something for you. Please tell us.
1. Tell us your academic background and work experience. asked about delayed joining.
2. Asked about the reorganisation of states and what was the criteria .
2. What were the criteria used after that. Can you list them.
3. I mentioned development. So do you think we should create states like Marathwada or Bundelkhand. (Told them need to have more idea about exact development status to have a concrete opinion)
4. Popular opinion needs to be considered? Some political parties will always garner public sentiments.

M1 : 1. Adani withdrew FPO. Consequences on the Indian market. Told one (hawa me). About debt situation due to this (Sorry Sir No idea)
2. What is event horizon in blackhole.
This is a layman defination. Tell us the technical defination. ( Said Sorry)
3. What is Solar Cell. How does it work? (not satisfied)
4. What type of Stargazing you do? What do you see? Where do you live because it's difficult in Delhi. What are the possible hindrances in visibility.
5. You play flute? Got any training? (Said no)
6. Tell me about a few raags (told that I just know the name and not technical details)
7. Name a few flautists and tell us about them.

M3 : 1. America got independence using military methods. Why not India? And counter questions.
2. How much was the time gap between American independence and 1857 Revn. Do you think it is sufficient time for technology to evolve? Don't you think technology is evolving slowly these days?

M4. 1. You talked about states. Can states secede India?
2. Who coined this term indestructible union of destructible states (said Sorry)
The Chairman interrupted and asked about American Federation.
3. Can American state Secede? One state that tried secession.
4. When was AIIMS Founded. Who founded it and why was it Founded.
5. Have you seen Saptarishi. Can you name the Seven Rishis and their importance. (named all 7. Said sorry sir No idea about individual contribution but can tell you about Rishi Vashistha. Told him that)
8. This is very ancient. Tell me something recent. (Said Sorry)

M5 (Lady)
1. Is Delhi a UT or What?
2. What is the difference between Delhi, Puducherry and Haryana?
3. What is surface runoff. What are its consequences. How to control this.
4. How can we control it apart from agriculture.
We enjoyed talking with you. If you want to tell us about something that we have not asked. Please go ahead.

Mocks :
Good - Chahal, Chanakya Mandal, Ravindaran Sir O2O, Khan Sir O2O
Okayish - Only IAS, Unacademy, KSG
SN Feb 02

Sathyavati madam
PSIR Optional
Mech engg
Work - Sports authority
Football, silk farming, documentaries

Chair asked to remove mask. Read the DAF.

What doing since graduation?
What is your salary?
Ok gross salary?
What do you do in silk farming?
Which mulberry variety?
Which silkworm?
Difference between bivoltine, multi voltine?
Why bivoltine beneficial?

How will you use sports in IR to build support for India in UN?
Among brics, which sport would you suggest?
As a Pol science student how do you look at budget?
Main principles of budget?

Which documentaries you watch? Recent one?
(Cross questions)
Why adani withdrew fpo?
Why sino India relations at low?
What's wrong in having great power ambitions?
What issues if border is non demarcated?
Doesn't salami slicing happen at LoC?

M3 (madam):
Why Mysore is a planned city?
Why Bangalore was planned but now in bad condition?
Issues in Bangalore metro?
Role of mech engineers in construction of tall structures?

Killing silk worms is ethically wrong. Your opinion?
What budget has done to contain inflation?
How will it benefit the common man?
Why don't you just let the silk worm fly away. Then process it?

Ch again:
But stain can be cleaned right?
Told ma'am bleach agents can't be used on silk as it dissolves. So difficult

Most of my interview went on my DAF I felt. Board was cordial.Hope this helps other aspirants, just like the transcripts here helped me.
Board:Raj Shukla sir
Hobbies -watching war and biopic movies
Interested in reading social issues like child labour and homelessness

1.what is biopic movie
2. Dangal do you consider it as biopic
3.what was the challenges Mahavir phogat had to face
4. Why he could do ,and not me and you
4.1. Do you think anything has changed since Mahavir phogat in haryana
5. Which one do you think is more important communication or courage
6.Do you know field marshal manekshaw USA and China in political, military aspect?
8. So you think democracy is better than communism ?
9. Why do you think China is making incursion in india,do you US has a role in it ?
10. So should we come out of quad ?
11. What is diplomacy?
12. What should we do with pakistan ? Talk?
13. But they don't want to listen? Do you think our policy of not talking is right?

Many questions I don't remember

Member 1
1. What did you like in budget this year
2. Why government is not promoting currency outflow
3. High networth individuals are leaving country, what should we do ?
4.Are you in job or service

Many questions I don't remember

Member 3
1. What is your opnion on triple talaq
2. Don't you think ,husband won't he able to provide for women if he is in jail
3. What is your opnion on hijab issue
4. So why so much demand in hijab

Still some questions I don't remember

Member 3
1. If made IAS in some state ,what policy would you recommend to make it silicon valley like bangalore do you develop skills
3. Who was the chief guest in republic day and which country
4. Why is Egypt important
5. Do you think Egypt has a potential to become leader of Muslim world( I said every other country in middle want to become leader in  Muslim world )
6. Saudi Arabian prince has brought reforms what are they ?
7. What about reforms in social sphere?

Still some questions I don't remember

Member 4
1. Long question on Russia Ukraine war ,then asked you think it could have been avoided
2. How do you see zelensky as patriot or a person who brought ruin to Ukraine
3. Do you think Ukraine war has only 2 players or more
4. What should we do with pakistan ,economic crisis it is facing, should we engage ?

Still some questions I don't remember

Thank you . They said.

My remarks -It was more of conversation. Mocks grill but real panel wants to know your personality ,which you can express only if they make you comfortable by not grilling.

Board was cordial. Though some physical distraction cannot be over ruled.

Utility of mocks-
Give you idea of interview and some questions .

Insightsias vinay sir one to one.
Iasbaba mohan sir one to one.
Samkalp-santhosh ji daf analysis.
Vajiram-Ravindran sir

Any two of above would be preferable. Though all good

Panel mocks-

Bengaluru-india4ias ,shankar.
02/02/2023 afternoon,
2nd to go
Shukla sir board
Optional- Tamil literature
Graduation- BE, ECE
Job - State Civil services, Tamilnadu

You are already in Job, what is your present your role?
Is tamilnadu an industrial hub? Why?
What is so special about thirukural which makes it outstanding in tamil literature?
Allocation for MGNREGA is decreased in present budget? What is your opinion?
Govt is saying that demand has come down for MGNREGA and not proper assets are created everywhere?
What works are carried out under MGNREGA?
Why millets are stressed in agriculture nowadays?
What initiatives govt has taken to promote millets production?
Is millets used in PDS and ICDS?

Member 1
Budget allocation is increased for PM AWAS yojana. Do you think this will balance decreased allocation for MGNREGA? Labour component can be used?
What are the roles you have had so far?
What are the challenges you are facing when adapting technology at govt office?
Child labour is prevalent in tamilnadu especially sivakasi. What could be done?

Member 2
Proportion of women personnel in tamilnadu police department is around 30%, what changes it has brought?  Do they face hardships while balancing personal life?
Chennai is faced with water scarcity, what is being done to address it?
There are several road projects being undertaken by govt. Why?

Member 3
Why srilanka is in economic crisis? What is India's stance towards this situation?
What is 13th amendment in srilankan constitution? Is it implemented?

Member 4
Why DISCOMS in Tamilnadu are facing losses?
How to rationalise power subsidies?
What solutions can be offered to minimize losses?
What can be done to prevent power theft?
Satyavathi mam board
Graduation(2021)- humanities
Doodle art , jogging
Secretary, legal literacy club
Geog quiz contest
Mun women safety and security
Sociology optional

Satyavathi mam
-What were you doing from 2021?
-are you not planning to do post graduation?
- discussion on edtech sector
(Bcoz of answer to the previous question)
- why byjus growth declining?

-drug issue in Punjab reasons
- migration outside Punjab reasons
-as dm how would you nudge farmers for crop diversification
- rest questions I don't remember

-Bihar up migrants in Punjab ......
What are the demographic changes brought about by it - sociological analysis.
- contribution of Punjab in India's history.
- area being sown under different crops in punjab
-rest questions I don't remember.(sorry for my short term memory)

- what do you know about South India?
-rivers of South india-enumerate state wise
- difference between women safety and women security
-provisions of posh act

- why "humanities" subjects called so?
- what govt doing for drinking water security?
-why the contribution of househelps not included in GDP.?
- rest I don't remember

Satyavathi mam
-activities under legal literacy club.
I mentioned several laws like pocso
So next ques - have you heard about posco.( Not pocso)

Interview guidance sessions with utkarsh sir at SOMP really helped .
Also one on one session with khan sir and vinay sir also helped a lot.
Board - Choubey sir
Key words - Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan), mumbai , Volleyball, teacher
Date - 3 feb
Optional - Chemistry

1. What did you learn in you teaching career
2. How teaching teaches team work
3. Is the budget populist?

1. Govt's business is not to do business- explain
2. Is it right approach?
3. What are strategic sectors?
1. Why the battery size (actually referred to mobile eventually after a long monolog) in mobiles have reduced drastically?
2. What material in chips is used for heat management
1. Why do we import coal when we have so much coal already
2. What are issues related to it?
3. Where all coal is found in India
4. How to incentivize private sector to increase production?
1. What are probs of Mumbai? (Working place)
2. How to tackle slums?
3. Slum redevelopment will only benefit builders politicians and Civil servants. Is it right ?

Chairman - do you want to discuss something ?
Board- Satyavati madam
Key words- Haryana, Agriculture optional, Hobby- shooting Ball, whittling,
Attempt - 2nd
Graduation - Agriculture
Questions -
1 difference between whittling and sculpting
2 shooting Ball
3 tell me about agenda of meeting according to current scenario you will hold as agri secretary in GOI with VCs of agri universities
4 HR agri problems
5- whittling contribution in personality
6 palm oil cultivation concerns
7indian food self sufficient or not
8. Inflation vs hyper inflation
9 impact of currency printing by RBI

Board was expression less leaving 1 member who was chilled out
R.N.Chaubey sir Board
Feb 3 - afternoon session
1st to enter
Degree - MBBS
State - Karnataka
Optional - Medical Science
Hobbies - strength training, guitar, wildlife documentaries

Sir was cordial, asked me to relax and be comfortable. Asked me to introduce myself.

M1 -
1) Adani shares have fallen rapidly,
Do u think the government institutions like RBI and SEBI have failed to foresee this??
2) Why should government support Adani group? They r a private group?

1) What is trickle down economy?
When was the term coined
2) Has it been successful?
3) why is it not successful??
4) What is its alternative???
5) should government stay in business or not??
6) Shud govt stay in hospitality.. like IRCTC??

1) There has been changing of city names recently... Do u support it??
2) Does it have only intangible benefits? Or intangible benefits too?
3) V r seeing pollution of rivers due to solid waste... How do u analyze the role of Ganga action plan?? What was its budgetary allocation..??

1) Do we import coffee or export coffee??
2) Recently there has been allegations that too much caffeine in it? Does the coffee we export has caffeine in it??
3) What is the issue in coffee industry recently???
4) There was renovation around India gate... Do u think it's a waste of money??

1) Why is belagavi issue not solved from so long??
2) What type of guitar do u play??
3) How is it different from Spanish guitar??
4) Can Spanish guitar be modified to be used in hindustan music???

Overall pleasant experience, board was very cordial  Happy wid my performance,
Board - R.N. Chaubey sir
Optional - sociology
Chairman :
1. Tell me about educational background and work ex.
2. What does the company do.
3. What was the criteria for publishing articles on the company's portal (daf based)

1.Asked about some personality
( I had no idea about him )
2. Elaborated that person is a millionaire involved in collection and monetization of marine waste and views about him (daf)
3. Which type of protest a youth should follow greta's or his(above mentioned)
4. What was Gretas way of dealing with the environment.

 1. What was the amendment in the preamble.
2. Why it was done and weren't Indian society secular before.

1. Who is Aruna Asaf Ali (random)
2. Does MP have pm fasal bika yojana and states which didn't implement it and challenges to it.
3. What will you do to make it more attractive as a DM
4. What are the challenges of milk price rise.

1.Reasons for farm suicides.
2. What will you do to reduce it.

Do you want to ask us anything.

Utility of mocks:
Give it only for gaining confidence.
The actual interview is totally different from the mocks.

Recommended mocks -
Ksg and khan sir one to one, Ravindran sir one to one, vajirao mock, samkalp mock
Date: 3rd February, aforenoon
Satyavati Mam Board
5th to go @12.00pm
25-30 min
IT engineering
Keywords in DAF: AI, Engineer without Border(EWB), Cricket, Playing Cards, Zero waste lifestyle

Read the Daf loud
1. What cards game do you play
2. What is Zero waste lifestyle, how you practise
3. How it is diff from Minimalism
4. AI: Future and prospects
5. You mentioned challenges, What are they
6. How is racial bias in AI

Member 1
1. From EWB took to Border Security of India
2. Diff Border areas, how are they, what threats
3. What Tech India uses to secure borders
4. Tech in Umpiring in diff sports
5. Will it make Umpiring redundant

Member 2
1. Something with Marine security and marine borders
2. Economic significance of Marine borders in India
(I mentioned few, but forget trade and ports, he mentioned it)
3. What is the port system in India
Some other questions also, not able to recall

Member 3 ( Female from Kerela)
1. Where would you go for Tourism in India and abroad
I mentioned few, she said only these few, so large India
2. Nothing from South India you would like to go, Why?
3. Retirement age of different people are different in different areas, like in Kerela it's 56-58, some have 60,62,65 . What is your opinion, should it be made uniform for all
4.You are from IT, what is Smart IT in news
5. Have you heard about Hary and Williams (children of Prince Charles) : I said sorry with Smile, she also smiled
(Satyawati Mam started walking and stretching)

Member 4 :
1. Do you follow about Adani news, FPOs etc
2. Adani said it is against nation
Do you think what he says that India is Adani and Adani is India, what are your views
3. Have you heard about CBDC then long discussion on printing currency and online payment
4. We have UPI why we need CBDC 

Some few questions also , not able to recall

Thank you , Your Interview is over

Overall, very cordial board , they just wanted to discuss and get viewpoints, No factual and controversial questions
••Date and session of interview- 3rd Feb, Forenoon, 5th To go
••Board- Shukla Sir
••Optional- Economics
••College- DU / BA prog
••Profession (if any)- बेरोजगार
••Hobbies- Football, Strength Training, American HipHop


1.Famous things of your hometown
••Why in news recently
••Why are politicians able to become Don in Eastern up? {My hometown in Eastern UP)
2. Green Hydrogen Mission why?
••Hydrogen is energy carrier than how can we use it?
••Use cases of Green Hydrogen
••By when , we would be fully EV?
•• America has EV already, why we are running behind?
•• 3 Technologies in which we could become leader?

Member 2
1.Why did you take Economics despite no study Background?
••Your Favourite Area?
••What did Keynes Say?
••Recent Example of Keynesian Fiscal policy use?
••But it has adverse effects like increasing the inflation so much, then what we can do?
2. Not able to Recall 2nd Line of Questioning

Member 3
1. What is our BOP Balance right now?
••Why the outflow pressure in Capital Account?
••How can we stop NRIs/ HNIs from withdrawing money from market?
••Any steps taken recently in Budget for this?
2. Not able to recall 2nd Line of Questioning

Member 4
1. Football-So Qatar organised but HR violations and corruption etc, should we organise too?
••Some follow up Q on this,not able to recall
2. American Hiphop, why it is called the protest music?
••Does Racism still happens?
••Racism vs Casteism Compare?
••What Can America learn from India in affirmative action or vice versa? 

Member 5
1. What is corporate Governance?
••Any Laws related to this?
••Independent Directors?
2. What is Corporate Social Responsibility?
••how much%
••Threshold for CSR
••Why can't just govt collect all the CSR money in one fund , why does it ask the Corporates to spend it? 

Thank you. You may go

Your experience in interview-
••Members were receptive
••Shukla Sir had no expressions

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)-
 Time ho toh dedo wrna koi jarurat ni.
Graduation -EEE
Optional- Sanskrit Language and Literature
College- Bit Bangalore
University- VTU, Belgaum
State- Bihar(Nalanda)
Hobby- Reading Bhagavad Geeta

Chairman - You have chosen sanskrit as your optional and your hobby is Reading Bhagwad Gita
Yes sir

What is written in bhagavadgita apart from doing ur duty without expectations. Please tell us in 2 - 3 lines

What is the use of different yoga written in bhagavadgita as the society is moving towards materialistic things?

Students are moving towards STEM field, don't you think there should be a balance between science and humanities subjects.

Sanskrit grammar rules are applicable to every where, They r universal. which is not the case with other languages. Do you agree with this?

No body talks about reading Sanskrit in school these days. What is ur opinion. Why is it so?

Only in Bihar it is taught till 10th class. Is there any other states who is promoting Sanskrit in there curriculum?

Member 2- In defence sector, what are the efforts govt is doing in recent budget?

What is the status of Atmanirbharta in budget especially in defence sector?

Is Atmanirbharta means only to give projects to Tata and L&T?

What are the products India is importing from other countries in defense sector?

What are the things we are producing in defense sector under Make in India ?

Member 3- You talked about Dharma. Then what is Rajdharma

What is Rajdharma for bureaucracy?

Public servants are using 55 employees in their bunglow? How will they meet people? Is it Rajdharma? How will they follow Rajdharma?

you are from Bihar. Very populous state. Land holdings are very small. What r the steps govt is taking to solve the issues for small land holding farmers?

Are FPOs working good in Bihar?

Is it practical to combine lands to increase mechanisation in state like bihar where castes are prevalent? Brahmans don't want to share land with lower castes, bhumihar don't want to share land with lohars? Is it feasible to have FPO in Bihar?
Then what r other options u suggest to solve plight of small land holding farmers?

Member 4- what were the contribution of Visvesvaraya? Who was he?

India has signed FTA with two countries recently. What r the names? What is the reasons for signing FTA?

UK is negotiating FTA with India? How will it benefit India and Britain? Why Britain wants to have FTA with India..

India and china are fighting at borders and still the trade is booming between both the countries. Is it justified? What r the reasons for this trade.

Member 5-  you are an electrical engineer. What r the provisions introduced in budget 2021-22 in electrical domain?

What are the provisions introduced in budget 2022-23 in electrical domain?

Do you know about distribution companies?

Govt came up with delicensing of DISCOMS. What are the benefits of it?

What are the new technologies in electrical domain govt of India is focusing on?

Thank u

My observation - Shukla Sir board is very cordial. But it was very different than the mock interviews I attended. The five members of my board just picked 5 areas from my daf and current affairs. They just looked for balanced approach and not the depth of knowledge. I shared my transcripts above, though it is not the exact one but paraphrased due to memory limitations. It would be Better to prepare to handle unexpected questions.
All the very best to others🙏🏻
Date and session of interview- 3rd Feb, afternoon
••Board- Satyavati ma’am
••Optional- Sociology
    State- Punjab
••Electronics and communication.
••Hobbies- Kitchen gardening, reusing plastic

 1. What have you doing since 2019 ?
 2. What is Cancer express ?
 3. Why so many cancer cases in Punjab ? And subsidiary discussion on that led to water table dropping and further to cropping pattern of Punjab.
 4. Should government pass a law to stop rice plantation in Punjab. A discussion on this.
 5. You are collector how will you convince farmers to not sow rice.

Member 1
 1. Challenges of a border district and what will you do to solve them ( in context of Punjab) ?
 2. Gave a monologue on freebies. Then asked how will you convince chief minister that it is wrong. A bit counter questions on that. Can’t recall anything else.

Member 2
    1. What do you think about beauty pageants ? Counter questions
 2. Had Tibet been independent of China would our border situation have been better?
 3. Social problems of Assam.
 4. Since I couldn’t answer both the above questions then sir said you tell me which area you are comfortable. I said environment.
 5. One general question on environment initiatives and one counter question on electric vehicles.

Member 3
1. What do you envision future of electronics etc.
 2. Do you watch TV. I said no. From where do you get news then ?
 3. Do you know Doshi ? Who was he trained under?
 4. How are Punjab and Haryana sharing Chandigarh? It means no dispute between them ?
 5. Recent Supreme Court judgement on Chandigarh.

Member 4
 1. You are reusing plastic don’t you know it is banned ? A few counter questions on this ( I think many)
 2. When was single used plastic banned ? Are you sure ?
 3. Should ECI be given a role of censoring body for manifestos ( in light of excessive freebies? )
 4. What is G20 ? How is the president chosen ?
 5. If India has become president in alphabetical order only then why so much pomp and show on it ?

Then finally chairperson said thankyou and all the best.

Your experience in interview-
••Members were counter questioning a lot. Mostly on opinions.
••Satyavati ma’am was nodding in between.

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- Practice mannerism and staying formal through out the interview.
But the variety and nature of questions in interview is quite different from mocks.
Sathyavathy ma'am board
Date- 3 February, Friday
5th person to go in second half
Keywords from daf- Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Mechanical engineering
Hobbies- solo travel, learning new languages, visiting historical sites
Achievements- leadership experience, volunteering, sports, scholarship.
Work exp- HR consulting, SBI, ESIC, currently Sebi grade A officer

M1 (chairperson)
Asked me to sit down and read my daf aloud...this alone took about 2 mins..I was smiling and nodding the whole time
Started with Adani and Hindenberg saga, the FPO, SEBI role in it, why sebi hasnt given an official statement yet, etc
Then asked me what 2 reforms I would suggest in ESIC (previous job)
Based on my reply, cross questioning and slight grilling

You have done Mechanical engineering, right
Since Mech is an interdisciplinary field, what are the few areas that overlap with mech engg in practice
She went on about challenges of expanding Mumbai City since it's sandwiched between sea and western ghats
What are the possibilities in expanding the city towards the sea( I think she wanted to hear about sea reclamation and hence I answered accordingly)
Examples worldwide where it has been done
Have you heard of NEOM of Saudi Arabia ( I said no)
Floating islands anywhere ( I said I don't know)

What is black money
He went on about how black money has so much benefits , what do you think?
If I say that the development in last 10 years is due to black money only, what will you say
When I replied demonetisation and its role in curbing black money, he do you think that the black money that has become white due to demonetisation has been beneficial?

Asked more about my work at SEBI, department, which areas handled
Asked about foreign funding sources in reit and invit
P notes as a mode of funding
Since it's used to launder money, what are the steps taken by sebi
Initiative in budget related to p notes (allowing them in gift city)
How is the flow of tainted funds that comes in through Depository receipts and p notes controlled by there any multilateral and bilateral mechanisms
Wanted to know about tax havens
What if an entity channels black money into India through p will you deal with it

Israel Saudi rapprochement - reasons?
If India is exporting refined oil to usa and EU from crude sourced from Russia and USA is opposing, then what should India do?
Went on about how news channels are spreading filth, then asked me the reasons and possible solutions

Your interview is done
Board- Lt. General Shukla Sir
Optional- PSIR


Your experience in interview-
It was very cordial, it's difficult to say what they are thinking about our answers😅😅 very neutral emotions of panel.

Interview time -30 min
5th to go in afternoon session.

Wished Good afternoon Ma'am, Good afternoon Sir.
Chairman Sir told me to sit,
I said thank you Sir.


CH- International relations is your Optional?

CH-I was waiting for you I had one question for you I wanted to ask a person from IR,😅 ( he was asking questions in Hindi as well as English)

1) How technology is interlinked with IR?
2) What is 5G?
3) how it will affect USA and UK?
4) do you know about Russia-Ukraine war how Ukraine is sustaining this war?

5)do you know about killing of terrorist in Pakistan by USA using missile technology used in that operation? Tell me technology used by USA in that operation?

6) what is your hobby?
7) which style you practice in swimming?
8) Why India not performing well?
9) Why Western countries getting so many medals?
10) What India needs to do?
11) Western coach or Indian coach which you prefer why?
12) Even after reliance supported the football league India is not in world cup why?

M2 ( Ma'am)
1) is absence of career in SPORTS discouraging parents to encourage their children's participation in sports?
2) has IPL helped cricket ad sports n how?
3) is there any other sports where league is played?

4) have you heard about mission karmayogi? What is it?
5) what is the meaning of "rules based to roles based" governance?
6) what is iGOT platform? Further questions on it..

1) There was recently news about police inspector killing the minister in Odisha, what are the reasons for such incidents?
(Talked about mental health, regular checkups)
2) is it possible to check mental health of all police personal?
(Police going through lot of stress there is lack of HR in police etc problems)
3) even UP has 350000 police personnel that's huge number then why it's happening that they are overburdened?
4) why police personal are not concerned about people's problems? Why people fear to approach police?
5) your optional PSIR which thinker you like most? Further questions regarding their concepts.
6) Your district is draught prone so tell me what government is doing? And what has been it's impact?
(Told about scheme names n measures)
7) what is infrastructure under MGNREGA?
8) What has been it's impact?
9) what measures do you suggest?

(Both focused on mostly Pakistan issue from all the perspective)
1) Pakistan going through crisis good or bad for india?
(Talked about South Asia instability also)
2) the way India helped Srilanka Should India help Pakistan?
3) should India ask in return?
4) Why Pakistan not asking any help to China?
5) what big investment China is doing in Pakistan?
6) What India doing nearby Gwadar Port?
7) what if Pakistan is not ready to talk? N wants India to go back on ARTICLE 370?
8) issues between India and Pakistan?
9) what are other options India have if Pakistan not ready to talk? N there are no direct talks?
10) you are civil engineer so tell me like it's plumb Bob for checking verticality in one two storey building similarly for 150 storey building what is used?
Date and session of interview- 3/2/23 Second Half
Board- RN chaubey
Optional- No point in knowing. He didn't ask anything
College- ek IIT hai.
Profession (if any)- IPS hun.
Hobbies- Badminton.
Your experience in interview-

1. Why IAS?
2. ips UP vs IAS Mizoram.
3. Replacement rate and it's number
4. Why is it 2.1

1. Khelo India scheme.
2. Militarisation of Indian Police.
3. Some more questions.
1. Banning Of PFI and other. Relevance
2. Other groups banned? Specific Name
3. AFSPA. A little bit grilling. Didn't know the exact provision .

1. Need to study Physics chemistry Maths and Bio together
2. Tribunals
3. Need of tribunals
4. Tribunals in telecom sector
5. Power sharinf model in Telco sector
6. Different types of Model of revenue sharing
7. Name and define them

1. Malimath commision on Women specific ( don't know or remember)
2. Malimath on victim centric jurisprudence ( no clue)
3. Thermocouple ( Btech in mechanical- didn't know- sorry)
4. Btech project( didn't remember)
5. Adani and impact on society.
6. Some more counter questions.

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)-
For chaubey sir's board nothing is comparable. Interview is a different game altogether. Even in retrospect, i don't know if i could've performed better in these questions.
Board - Shukla Sir
Background - dual degree (Btech + Mtech) in civil engineering from an old IIT
DAF keywords - patent granted in treatment of water using solar energy and a medical device presented in the festival of innovation, Rashtrapati bhavan, student head of innovation lab at the old IIT
optional - chemistry
hobbies, leadership etc - no Qs asked
date time of interview - 2nd Feb forenoon (4th to go)

Panelist 1
The technology involved in Russia Ukraine war?
give examples.
Is technology democratising war between small and big countries?
Do you believe in luck?
Is it hardwork and consistency?
Give example from your life.
Does atmanirbhar Bharat means indigenisation of technology or corporatisation of defense?
Give example where both is happening?

Panelist 2
What was novel in your patent?
What is patent regime of India?
Is it improving?
What is hindering solar manufacturing in India?

Panelist 3
domestic violence on male. Should we have gender neutral law?
Should courts hear such pleas from males?
Why fires in buildings in urban area?
What can be done to reduce them?
Recent example of such incidents?
What technology can be used to reduce urban fires ?

Panelist 4
Explain your patent.
Why we still import solar panels from China?
Are we doing anything about it?
Why we have not been able to reduce malnutrition in India?
Suggest tech measures to reduce it?
IITs have failed the nation. Do you agree?
Okay they are contributing now. Why were they not contributing earlier?
Their contribution to society and the economy?

Panelist 5
At what height do we place reinforcement in a beam?
Why it is much below the center of the beam?
What is the use of reinforcement in the beam?
How reinforcement is done at the joint of beam and column?
Technology used in setting vertical alignment of Burj khalifa? Do you think we can use plumb Bob there also?
Date and session of interview- 01/02/23 Afternoon
Board- Shukla sir
Optional- History
College- IIT Madras
Hobbies- Hosting quizzes, pencil sketching
Your experience in interview- No pleasantries to make the interviewee comfortable. Expressionless faces. Slight smiles at times. Entire board was attentive to the answers. Overall good experience.
Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- Reduces the fear of facing the real board, expands the number of probable questions.

Chairman (DAF and random questions)
1. Difference between hosting and participating in quizzes {DAF}
2. Difference in skillset for quizzes and spellbee
3. Agniveer programme: is it good (few crossquestions including militarisation of society)
4. Why is USA an economic superpower?
5. Like like USA, should not India also bring in talents from across the globe to work for India (few cross questions)

Member 1 (lady member: questions on development - my graduation subject)
1. Difference between economic growth and economic development (few cross questions like which should be given more importance)
2. How to bring down inequality in society?
3. What measures will you take to bring down unemployment?
4. Is full employment possible?
5. What are the types of unemployment?
6. What is India's current unemployment rate? How much is this per cent in numbers?
7. How much is the educated unemployment in India?
8. Relationship between unemployment and khalistan movement in Punjab?

Member 2 (questions on optional history and DAF pencil sketching)
1. What do you mean by rewriting history?Do you agree with that? Any examples
2. History is always written by victors. Elaborate
3. What is your take on Malabar rebellion of 1921?
4. Where the mind is without fear and head is held high, to that freedom let my country awake? What do you understand by this?
5. What is the role of cartoons in society?
6. Name any Indian cartoonist and his famous cartoon

Member 3 (questions on Kerala and IR)
1. What methods can be taken from Kerala's promotion of tourism to improve tourism in India?
2. What are the problems faced by migrants in gulf countries?
3. What steps are being taken by the government to alleviate such problems?
4. Name the latin american leader who came back to power recently after jail term over corruption charges? What are his contributions?
5. What is BRICS?

Member 4 (12th standard science questions)
1. What is the use of a transformer?
2. Why does it take more time to cook food in higher altitudes
3. What is the principle behind a pressure cooker?
4. What is escape velocity? How much is it?
Board: Choubey Sir Board
Interview date: 03rd Feb
State: TN
Work: Indian Forest Sevice
Hobbies: Hydroponics
Optional: Agriculture

Tell us about your Work experience.
You are already in a good service, why you wanted to appear in the⁸ exam again ?
Your cadre allotment is done?
So now you got MP Cadre, if u get selected in IPS with Manipur cadre, what you will choose ?
What is definition of freebies? And should we regulate them?
Giving fold ring to women , will it be counted as freebie?

Member 1:
Partition of Bengal
Why we couldn't succeed in 1857 movement ?
Tell us about any women freedom fighters from karnataka ?
Tell us about some Women freedom fights from India who chose militant way of fighting?

Member 2:
There is alot of pressure given in coaching Institutes like civil services coaching, Kota institutes etc. Since you have worked in coaching institute, what changes you would suggest in education system to overcome this ?
What is PFI and SIMI ?

Member 3:

Already you were in group 1 service, then why you choose to give IFS examination again?
Tell me solutions according to you through which we can achieve evergreen revolution?

Member 4:

Tell us about hydroponics.
What are the advantages?
Some follow up questions
Is this scalable ? Can we grow it in large areas ?

Your interview is over
You want to tell us anything ?
Previously have given interviews, so how do you feel about your performance today ?
Thank you

(Few Questions I couldn't recollect)
Background :- Bsc physics, philosophy optional
3rd attempt , 1st Interview
2nd Feb Afternoon,
Hobby :- Vipassna, Guitar , reading self improvement books
Work Exp :- None
Board :- Choubey sir board
State:- Bihar
Extremely cordial board ... First minute was briefing, and then given choice to remove the mask

Chairman -
1) Tell us about ur academic experience and Work ex. If any .
2) Did u prepared from your hometown or Delhi
3) how do u see Growth and Development was reflected in Budget ,
Follow up on above
4) Where did u went for Vipassna
5) How Frequently you do Vipassna, Do you do it daily

M1 :-1) What reaction going inside sun ... It's getting Old etc ..
2)How long the sun will survive there has been concern regarding it . 
3)What is fission reaction
4) What do u know about controlled and uncontrolled Nuclear reaction
5)Difference between Fission and fusion reaction
6)Do u think that the reaction going on sun can be replicated on Earth ... (As recently China had done this )
7) Recently Adani has taken back its share and has promised to return the money of shareholders on moral grounds , what's your take on it..

M2 :-
1)What's your opinion on the NPS and OPS scheme .. why people are protesting it
2)We are a welfare state , don't you think demand for OPS is genuine
3)Don't u think we are a welfare state and demands for OPS is genuine(some follow up on same)
4)Agniveer had been in news..and lot of protest were going in Bihar , how it affects Army and what about those who will be left out post 4 years ..
5) What's the use of keeping them for 4 years , because the next substitute won't have that experience

1) Farms laws (name them ) and
2) protests ...what are the 3 farm laws and why the protest happened
3) The protest was confined to Punjab mostly
APMC if eliminated , why centre is doing so ..etc
4) Contract farming is still going there..then why we need farm laws
5) you have done NCC ... In some countries there's a mandatory military training you think should India also make it mandatory NCC training for youth

M4- (lady member )
1) Silk you know.. what kind of silk are there in India..and which silk is grown in Bihar
2) How is the law and order situation in Bihar
What will you do ,
3) if u are made the SP of a district to improve law and order situation in your district
4) What Tourism sector has got in the Budget
5) You know about the migrant crisis , as it happened many people returned back from all parts of India... What Bihar Government did to accommodate them
6) Also after covid, many returned , but those who stayed , Are they doing well
7) Which areas of your district is promoting Those who came back (I gave 1 recent case study )

In the last , Choubey sir asked to tell anything I wish to talk about .. anything from my DAf
I chose philosophy and how it has changed me as a person

He said..happy to hear that upsc syllabus has helped you to reshape you

The board was really cordial...very experienced people
In mocks I used to sweat a in real interview it didn't get that way

I was satisfied with the interview...
Background :- Bsc physics, philosophy optional
3rd attempt , 1st Interview
2nd Feb Afternoon,
Hobby :- Vipassna, Guitar , reading self improvement books
Work Exp :- None
Board :- Choubey sir board
State:- Bihar
Extremely cordial board ... First minute was briefing, and then given choice to remove the mask

Chairman -
1) Tell us about ur academic experience and Work ex. If any .
2) Did u prepared from your hometown or Delhi
3) how do u see Growth and Development was reflected in Budget ,
Follow up on above
4) Where did u went for Vipassna
5) How Frequently you do Vipassna, Do you do it daily

M1 :-1) What reaction going inside sun ... It's getting Old etc ..
2)How long the sun will survive there has been concern regarding it . 
3)What is fission reaction
4) What do u know about controlled and uncontrolled Nuclear reaction
5)Difference between Fission and fusion reaction
6)Do u think that the reaction going on sun can be replicated on Earth ... (As recently China had done this )
7) Recently Adani has taken back its share and has promised to return the money of shareholders on moral grounds , what's your take on it..

M2 :-
1)What's your opinion on the NPS and OPS scheme .. why people are protesting it
2)We are a welfare state , don't you think demand for OPS is genuine
3)Don't u think we are a welfare state and demands for OPS is genuine(some follow up on same)
4)Agniveer had been in news..and lot of protest were going in Bihar , how it affects Army and what about those who will be left out post 4 years ..
5) What's the use of keeping them for 4 years , because the next substitute won't have that experience

1) Farms laws (name them ) and
2) protests ...what are the 3 farm laws and why the protest happened
3) The protest was confined to Punjab mostly
APMC if eliminated , why centre is doing so ..etc
4) Contract farming is still going there..then why we need farm laws
5) you have done NCC ... In some countries there's a mandatory military training you think should India also make it mandatory NCC training for youth

M4- (lady member )
1) Silk you know.. what kind of silk are there in India..and which silk is grown in Bihar
2) How is the law and order situation in Bihar
What will you do ,
3) if u are made the SP of a district to improve law and order situation in your district
4) What Tourism sector has got in the Budget
5) You know about the migrant crisis , as it happened many people returned back from all parts of India... What Bihar Government did to accommodate them
6) Also after covid, many returned , but those who stayed , Are they doing well
7) Which areas of your district is promoting Those who came back (I gave 1 recent case study )

In the last , Choubey sir asked to tell anything I wish to talk about .. anything from my DAf
I chose philosophy and how it has changed me as a person

He said..happy to hear that upsc syllabus has helped you to reshape you

The board was really cordial...very experienced people
In mocks I used to sweat a in real interview it didn't get that way

I was satisfied with the interview...
Board- Lt. Gen Raj Shukla sir
Civil Engg
4th interview
No questions from the hobbies/interests

1)Which place are you from?
2)Why psir after graduation in engg?
3)Have you gained interest in IR?
4)There’s a diplomat called George Schultz. He has famously said that ‘Negotiations are a euphemism for capitulation if the shadow of power is not cast across the bargaining table’. What do you understand by this ?
5)Should we apply this in the context of India’s foreign policy in general and the neighbourhood in particular?
6)What is hybrid war?
7)Weaponisation of energy by Russia. Can we call it as a hybrid war ?
8)Does India practice hybrid war ?
9)there are 2 views. One is mother tongue based primary education and the other is purest form of Hindi which is close to Sanskrit and to many other Indian languages. Which one would you go for ?
10) Mother tongue - English - Hindi or Mother tongue - Hindi - English. Which order should we go for ?

1) Benefits of Mother tongue based education in primary level.
2) which language did you learn in primary level and were you able to grasp the subjects well ?
3) if anyway we are going to promote Hindi and English to everyone, should we teach these languages from the primary school level itself along with mother tongue?
4) what’s the scheme for skill development brought by your state and any scheme by central government for skill development ?
5) Did ITIs fail ? If not why Kaushal Vikas Yojana was brought in ?
6) Ayushmann Bharat scheme, It’s components. Is health insurance important?

1) Ethanol blending. What is it ? Why was it brought ? Was it successful?
2) Does it affect food security?
3) We have shortage of sugarcane. How are we going to produce ethanol ?
4) Bollywood. Does it affect the national integration or does it promote ?
5) what are the recent controversies surrounding Bollywood? What do you think about it?
6) National flag. It’s importance. Why are we seeing big flags in different places nowadays? ( DAF )
7) Any law or code related to flag ? It’s provisions ? ( DAF )
8) what does the Ashoka chakra represent? ( DAF )

1) Philanthropy . Difference between west and India. (DAF)
2) why not corporate entities other than Tata have social welfare foundation ?( DAF)
3) debate about end of socialism in early 90s. Victory of liberalism. What is neoliberalism ?
4) is India going towards neoliberalism?
5) what is India’s approach towards development?

1) why March past not allowed on the bridges ?
2) where do you place the reinforcements in the slabs / ceilings ? And why ?
3) how to maintain the verticality in the high raise buildings ?

Thank you.

Good luck to everyone.
Board- R N Choubey sir
Name- who cares unless it is in the final list.
Background - Physics , optional - geography
3rd Feb afternoon 5th to go
Hobby - watching Japanese anime, Running
Sports - chess and hockey
Extremely cordial board (well what can you expect from Choubey sir's board)


Wished everyone - Good afternoon ma'am, good afternoon sir.He asked me to sit comfortably and remove my mask
.Then a small briefing, - that this is a personality test not an interview, if you know the answer tell us.if don't honestly say no, you can even ask us to repeat.( And ofcourse his devilish smile😈
I said yes sir

Chairman - well introduce yourself in one minute and your academic background, work experience.
One question related to my name and one follow up question.
Difference between naxalism and terrorism.
Some counter questions.

Member 1- question on capital punishment
It's objectives, do you support, what happens if someone who got hanged but we later realised that he was innocent etc etc( on these lines)
Do you know about bare necessities index, i said no..he asked me to take a guess and what are bare necessities, why such a index, it's analysis
( Then he himself started telling me- and i was listening to him patiently).

M2- question on Kota coaching institutes. ( Neither I have a coaching background nor I belong to that state)
Suicides are happening, should we ban coaching industry in general ( including civil services coaching)
Counter questions on these , how will you reform education system
Role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Why we could not able to integrate Kashmir.

M3 ( lady member)