Interview Transcripts: CSE/IFoS 2020 - ForumIAS

Interview Transcripts: CSE/IFoS 2020

An attempt to crowd-source transcripts for future reference and use

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I tried to compile them here -

Candidate from Maharashtra

PT on 2nd August FN

Manoj Sony Sir Board

Qualification: BSc, MBA (Finance), CAIIB.

Optional: Public Administration

Place: Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Work Experience: 5 year + experience and last assignment was Assistant Manager in Public Sector

Bank. Now fully preparing for civil services.

Hobby: DIY, Quora and Teaching.

I am not mentioning some of questions which were related to very personal information.

Well questioned are not in sequence too. But written for separately for chairperson and other members.

Chairman Sir:

1.Tell me about yourself in 40 second?

2. Why did you leave your public sector bank?

3. Wasn’t it possible to prepare with public sector bank job.

4. What did you learn from your two year stay in Tamilnadu while working in bank?

5. Civil Services is of lot of uncertainty. Do you have any plan B?

6. Being from humble background how did I contribute to your Society. Especially in Taluka or



1. Why do you want to become IAS?

2. You are science graduate and you can use your science knowledge for administration?

3. You got two now national level prizes for optimizing banking operation? What was it about? (I just

told topic and asked do he want me to explain in details. He asked me to explain). I explained my work.

4. What learning from of Shivaji Maharaj can be useful in present governance system?

5. Why higher cases of COVID in NAGPUR?

6. Do you know a writer who writes on Shivaji Maharaj? (I did not remember. I said I am not able to

remember his name.)

7. What is Afghanistan issue? How do you see India’s role in it?

8. Why banks are making lot of NPA (told them in policy issue and operational issues format)

9. Should governments go for privatization of bank?

10. Why NPA is lower in Private bank and higher in Public sector bank.

11. How do you see banking after 10 years when privatization and merger is going on?

12. Why Videocon group has failed (it was continuous question to IBC reference in one of my answer)

13. Asked me to explain DIY (Hobby). What innovations I did in It. He asked can you explain them. ( I

told one. He asked me one more )

14. He said will it be right to call them DIY? ( as per my understanding there are part of DIY. But sir,

if other name available please suggest me. He smiled)

15. How we are performing in Disaster management and what we can learn for future? ( I mentioned

DM in one of answer related to Diversity of work of IAS


Background in Mechanical engg, MNNIT Allahabad

Work ex- Tata Motors, New Delhi

Native- Gorakhpur

Optional- Philosophy

Prof Manoj Soni Sir Board, 2nd Aug, afternoon shift

First in the group


Asked to remove mask to verify photo.

1) So 'my name', How is life?

2) So you left your job in TML after a couple of years to prepare for civil services, are you also giving

other exams?

2) Why philosophy as optional, was it due to interest or a tactical decision?

3) Name six schools of Indian philosophyi.e. saddarshana, in order. Name various Vedantic schools.

4) After more than 70 yeras of independence has India been able to fully utilize its soft power?

M2(Lady member)

1) Meaning of name.

2) Tata leader who inspired you most. What was most prominent leadership lesson you learnt from


3) What strategies would you follow to promote soft power in abroad?


1 - Does your interest extends to sociopoltical philosophy also? What is the relation between

democracy and socialism? Have read book titled 'democratic socialism'(also mentioned writers but i am

not able to recall)?

2- What is the relation between FR and DPSP?What happens if conflict arises? Name the judgements

related to it in order.

3- How EVs benefit in reducing carbon emissons?


1- Why the EV market is not picking up?

2- Continuing with Constitution, what provisions for Power devolution between centre and state? What

happens in case of conflict?

3-What are various environmental protection laws in india?

4- What is the forest cover in india? What's the trend, by how much it has increased?


1-What do you like to read? Favourite biographies. What other writers do you read?What about poets?

So you like purist poems?

2-You are also interested in philosophies of other nations. Which ones? What about Sartre? Have you

read philosophical books like that by ayn rand?

3- In what groups of people you can classify the population in Gorakhpur? What about for someone as

development office?

4-In reference to your statement on diaspora, what do you think are reasons for attacks on indians in

african continent?


Board :- Manoj soni sir

Time duration - 35 to 40 minutes


1.Meaning of my name

2.Have you heard of Azeem o shan Shahansha song?

3. Seen film jodha akbar?

4. You studied in Mahatma Gandhi University. Tell me why Mahatma Gandhi is great?

5. Is Gandhian Economic model practical? Why, why not?

6. Tell me three things that u can do practical with Gandhian economic model?

7. Define yourself

8. What qualities you have that take you to greatness?

9. Name 5 areas of your interest? ( most of questions asked by board members revolved around these

interests areas of mine)

*Member 1*

1.Medals for India in Olympics?

2. why india weak in sports?

3. What's the relation of sports with education?

4. You studied electronics and communication engg. Is Social media good or bad?

5. What's the issue going on now regarding privacy?

6. Explain pegasus controversy

7. If transparency is necessity in public affairs , why issues?

*Member 2*

1. Why kerala good in education?

2. Why people moving gulf if its that good?

3.Impact on tourism due to Covid

4. What shd be done to improve tourism sector

5.Kovalam resort condition

6. You studied in Jawahar Navodaya vidyalaya. What are it's positives?

*Member 3*

1.Why 'Bin Latheef' in name!

2. Explain the social development indicators of kerala.

3. Why then people moving to gulf?

4. How can kerala's economy be made better?

5.What you will do as an ifs officer to make the situation of NRIs better?

5. Even small and poor countries like Ghana plays football? Why football not getting momentum in


*Member 4*

1.Why your profile says that you are an educator? ( educator at kerala state civil service academy

mentioned in DAF). What you have to do in Kerala State civil service academy?

2. Why you didnt work as engineer? Why turned into civil service?

3.Whats ur father and mother doing?

4. Favourite football club? (said FC Barcelona)

5.Why arsenal in decline? ( seems member is Arsenal fan)

6.Why keralites not joining army ?

7. Why spice trade from Malabar declining?


Board : Air Marshall Ajit Bhonsle Sir

Order : 4th in sequence

Academics : B Tech in Computer Science from IIT Hyderabad

Work Experience : Worked for 2 years as Software Engineer at Flipkart

Optional : Political Science


- Read my DAF out loud - IIT, Flipkart, Hobbies, etc

- "You must be very popular in college"

- Who was your best friend in college?

- If we call and ask him to tell good things about you, what would he say?

- What are bad things about your friend?

- What is the most important thing in communication?

Member 1

- How has India's journey been in EODB? What are our challenges?

- Mention few factors of EODB

- Have you invested your money anywhere? How did you invest and where? [Along with other things, I

mentioned cryptocurrency here]

- Differences between shares and mutual funds

Member 2 [Lady]

- You worked at Flipkart, how did e-commerce revolutionise the marketplace?

- Aren't these big companies a threat to retail stores?

- You mentioned investing in cryptocurrencies, what is RBI/Govt doing in regulating cryptocurrencies?

- What are the pros and cons of investing in cryptocurrencies?

Member 3 [Lady]

- *She Corrected my answer on regulation of cryptocurrencies*

- How did covid 2nd wave affect us?

- You are from Warangal, why was Warangal in news recently?

- How does a site get recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Site?

- What is the other site that got this status along with Ramappa?

- Who are "Covidiots"?

Member 4

- You studied Computer Science, what is Quantum Computing?

- How does Quantum computing affect encryption technology?

- What is the difference between Gandhi and Marx? (one more follow up question on this topic)


Air Marshal Bhonsle Sir's board.

Date of Interview: 02-08-2021 forenoon

profile- Btech ECE

Home State Uttarakhand

Hobbies Cooking and movies.

History Optional

work ex : IT Sector and currently in govt job (ASO)


What do you know about Dholpur House? Why are there so many houses in delhi like Hyderabad

house, bikaner house.

do you cook by watching YouTube videos?

Which movie watched recently?

Justice bhandare's article something reg india not doing enough for its daughters. where not doing


M1: Why you left private sector job?

Difference between private sector and public sector?

what are your views on lateral entry? will it change the government work culture?

M2:you are an ece engineer what will happen to the world when we remove plank's constant?

what are different schools of historiography?

what was Marxist school's view on 1857 revolt?

do u agree with their view?

M3: what is limited at the end of a pvt company's name?

what is a listed company? Differences bw private sector and public sector?

what is your view regarding privatisation?

which indian psu did not perform well after privatisation?

M4: Need of independent directors in pvt companies?

Who was Jim Corbett?

why tigers become man-eaters?

Chamoli disaster happened? why such disasters are happening? so shall we stop all the development

works in backward hill areas? how to prevent such disasters?

Ch: What is Mission Karmayogi? what is the difference between rule based and role based model?

Can the cloudburst be controlled using Doppler radars?


Why was your Start-up called that?

Explain the gap in your DAF

Three places that you worked on? What role? Work ex?

Health care - kerela, mp : which one better?


Is Economics an exact science?

What is economic scenario post covid? What was it last year?

Is the figure of de-growth right, because informal I'd not really a part of calculation ?

What is a strategic alliance that has recently been news?

Which country will hold influence in Afg? Who will hold power?

How India shall solve the Taliban issue of islamic radicalisation?


Start-ups, why rising in Banglore and not in Mumbai?

Is Existence of mentorship a growth factor?

Railways privatisation - what advantage?

- but if is is still mired with delays and bad service, who will pay more?

- how to better manage privatisation?

- why do airports have carpet, when so hard to clean?

What is Quilling? (Hobby)


Why stock market so erratic?

What has SEBI done to avoid scam?

Why is stock market so bullish with the current economic situation?

Do you think alpha, beta gives good perspective of stock market happening s?


Farmers protesting, why?

What to do then? (don't make MSP statutory) Board Satyawati mam - 35 minute



Bsc IT

In food business since last 10 years

Manager at RBI past six months

Sujata Mehta madams board


1. Introduce yourself

2. Tell me something about your business.

3. Why do you want to join civil services leaving ur business

4 .why corona cases are rising in Maharashtra


1. What should be done to propel economy

2. What measure have government taken

3. LPG reforms

4. Rbi functions

5. Rbi government controversy

6.. historical importance of pali district .( My home town )

7.mumbai corona model

8. Monetary policy and fiscal policy.

Some counter questions wer der ..mostly it was on economy business and RBI


Board - Manoj Soni Sir ( 5 Members )

3rd August, Afternoon Session - 1st to go.

Piyush Kumar Rai

Graduation- BTech, Material Science and Engineering IIT Kanpur

Optional - PSIR

Hobbies - Listening Talks on Advaita Vedanta and Reading Non Fiction Books

1. What's going on in life?


2. Advaita Vedanta - Philosophy of Shankara, Right! Very unusual for a young person!

3. Your graduation subject is a very specialised subject with high demand, why do you want to join


4. Which of the following subject are you most comfortable with - PSIR, Agriculture, Forestry etc. -

follow up on IR!

5. So, There is a concept called Thucydides trap in IR, have you heard of it? What is it?

6. Do you think this was applicable to India-China Relationship in recent times?


1. After IIT, Why IAS? Don't you think it's a waste of a seat!

2. You are a sports person, volleyball! You Run Marathon too! What is the best timing? Do you run


3. What do you think of Odd even scheme, do you think it worked well!

4. Why is zomato IPO getting oversubscribed! Don't you think it's a risky thing?

5. Why did you change your school after 10th ( JNV Ballia to JNV Pondicherry).

Wanted to ask few more, I guess! But Soni Sir reminded him of time!


1. Have you heard of Max Muller? Translated upanishads!

2. What do you think of disinvestment by government? Some areas where we shouldn't disinvest?

3. Does genetics have to play some role in sports? Why do you think we aren't doing well? Offer some


4. Are you following olympics! What happend in today's match!

M4 -

1. Have you heard of Badrayana? What does shankara has to do with him?

2. Have you heard the name of Plato! What's the name of his book? What is he talking about?

3. Brahma Satyam, Jagat Mithya! Tell your interpretation of it!

4 - Russia, France and Isreal - Indian Relationship[1]A follow up question on - Economic Dimension of the relationship!

M5 ( The only lady member)

1. Why IAS, IPS over IFS when you have good knowledge of IR?

2. You didn't work after graduation, didn't you ever think of it!

3. What are the similarities between Machiavelli and Chankya?

4. Why do people put Machiavelli ahead of Kautilya?

Soni Sir : Best wishes, your interview is over.

PS- Will update, in case I remember any question that I forgot to add.

Candidate's optional is economics.


Vyas Sir panel

1. Niti Ayog freight policy - have you read about it ?

- India at OECD about global minimum corporate tax

- follow up question on Treaty Shopping

- CAD comment.


2nd member:


- 5 trillion dollar economy, when will we achieve and at what rate

- Stock market boom despite lockdown.

3rd member:

- what is Resistance training?

- K-DRAMAS and their reflection of the society

( was asked about gender discrimination also)

- Why is K-pop so much out there/ why is the following so high?

4th member:

- Energy policy in India -Why is India not doing Renewable energy?

- Difference between nuclear fission and fusion

- AI/ blockchain, what are these technologies?

5th member:

- Afghan Peace process, is us troop pullout valid?

- what India should do?

- Aspirational youth and Depressed Youth of india




- one word answer: How will you fix the civil service structure esp police, how to make it more



- “3 schemes”- differenciate- UDAY/ UJALA/ UJWALA

—the end—

Interview lasted for 20-22 minutes



Maths and computing, IIT kharagpur [2019 graduate]

Board: Manoj Soni Sir

Afternoon, 2nd in order.


How is the name of your village pronounced?

Are you the first person from your village to appear in the CSE interview?

Which basic facilities are available in your village? Which are lacking?

Suppose a person from your village has gone to the USA and earned a lot of money and gives you 50

crore to bring development in your village. You have to spend it within 5 years. Tell me your priorities.

( 5-6 minute long discussion on various issues I mentioned. He insisted on specifics like how much

exactly I will spend on which projects and how I will implement it.)

Member 1:

Carrying forward the discussion on your village, tell me what is the potential of mustard oil production

in your village? Will you include it in your list of projects?

What about fisheries?

What is Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan? What is the National Rural Health Mission?

What is the Indradhanush mission?

(Forgetting few questions. I will update as I recall.)

Member 2: [Lady member]

Why did you join NCC?

What are the aims of NCC?

What did you learn from NCC?

What was Ramanujan's contribution? What is so special about his achievement?

How will you use mathematics to solve the problems of your village?

Member 3:

What is the status of sanitation in your village? Will you include it in your list of projects? [with

reference to the last question by the chairman.]

So many IAS/IPS from Bihar, but development has still not come in Bihar. What are the reasons?

The problems you mention are known to people in Bihar, still no action has been taken. Why?

What do you understand by development?

How to achieve practically what you said? [I had emphasised inclusive and participatory development]

What parameters will you use to measure this kind of development?

Define sustainable development.

Why is air pollution such a big issue? What should be done so that industrialization takes place and air

remains pure too. [He was talking in the context of Bihar’s industrialization.]

What is the greenhouse gas effect?

Member 4:

Why is the Siachen Glacier important to us? Why do we have armed forces in such extreme


Not even a blade of grass grows over there. Do you think it is justifiable to spend so much money in

that region?

Why has the defence budget not increased as a percentage of GDP in so many years? What do you

recommend regarding an increase in budget?

What are the challenges in defence budget expenditure? [discussion on revenue expenditure vs capital

expenditure issues. ]

Chairman sir: We wish you best of luck. Your interview is over.

I thanked the chairman and members.

Panel was cordial and gave me ample time to frame my answers.

PS: Few questions might be missing. I will add them later when I recall. During the interview, a mask

is mandatory but face-shield is optional.


Board: Sujata Mehta ma'am

Duration: 30 mins

Date: 03/08/2021

Maharashtra/MBBS/IRS IT/Geography


Tell me about yourself briefly. When did you finish your graduation? Were you in IRTS before? What

are you doing currently?

1)Due to recent changes in income tax law which reduced the window for reopening of past cases, a lot of reassessment notices are being issued suddenly. Are you aware of this issue? What is your view on  that.

2) Don't you think IT department has very adversarial view of taxpayers. After so many years of

independence is this still okay.

3) Why so less number of taxpayers in India, do you think it is related to how taxpayers are treated by tax department.

4) Do you think income tax department is sensitive about this issue.

5) Do they sensitise you in academy regarding how taxpayers should be treated, is that a part of your


6) Are the measures taken by department in this regard adequate? Are they working?


1)What is Demographic Dividend?

2) Where does India stand in this case?

3) What are the steps being taken to take advantage of India's demographic dovidend

4) What are your views on government mandated population control measures. Do you think it can



1) What measures are being taken by income tax department to increase the tax base

2) How many people declared income above 5 crores in last 3 years. Based on the these numbers do

you think these measures seem to be working then?

3) Petrol prices are rising steeply, there is so much uproar over it. What are the reasons?

4) Do you think government should pass on the benefit of lower crude oil prices to common people


1)'Vivaad se vishwas' Is it successful?

2) 80% of total income tax is paid by 20% taxpayers. In this case do you think we should exempt

remaining 80% population from paying direct tax as they are paying very insignificant amount as it is.

Will this work?

3) Some economists demand abolition of Income Tax altogether, what's your view on that.

4) Some economists suggest income tax is government mandated forced labour. Do you agree with this view?


1) What do you understand by quid pro quo. Isn't it inherent between taxpayers and government?

2) Did you study mathematics in school? Do you remember that formula (a+b)^2.

3) What are various landholding categories in India?

4) What is share of India in global land? Share in global population? What are corresponding figures

for China?

5) Do you remember the PURA scheme. What is it?

6) What is reverse migration? What are the reasons?


1) What are your views on Aarey metro controversy. Should they go ahead with the project

2) What about the alternative land for the project, shouldn't they go ahead with that instead of aarey land.

3) What do you understand by intergenerational equity.

Thank you. Your interview is over


Date of Interview: 03/08/2021 - afternoon shift - 3rd to go.

Board: Air Marshal A S Bhonsle

Optional: PSIR

Edu: BA, MA - Pol Sc


- Greeted and Welcomed. Told to take off the face shield.

- Talked about long names (as my name is one of the long ones)

- Suryavansham and Agneepath discussed to bring me to comfort zone

- What is your aim in life, except your career goals?

- How have you been trying to achieve that?

- which 2 qualities of yours can I learn about, from outside your DAF?

- Why did you not join the NDA?

- Since you have already qualified both CDS and NDA in the past, what is the difference in the crowd

that applies for these exams - now vs then?

M1 (Lady):

- What is unique about diary writing?

- What reflections does diary writing bring in your life?

- Assume you are the incharge officer of a department, and a junior lady approaches you suggesting

that she has faced sexual harassment. What will be your approach to the issue?

- What are the issues faced by women in your district?

- What are the changes you would want to bring to improve the conditions of ladies?

M2 (Lady):

- What is a meaningful change, as per you?

- What has been your contribution to the society in the 2nd wave of pandemic?

- How is WHO being criticised for pandemic response?

- What is the take of EU, USA, and the west towards pandemic response by China?

- What are the theories of origin of the pandemic?

- What is the current status of the pandemic origin tracing?

- What are monoclonal antibodies, and how useful are they?

- Why are we unable to get Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in India?

- What are some issues with Covaxin?


- What are salient features of Madhubani paintings?

- What are salient features of the work of Raja Ravi Verma?

- What is NAM, and is it losing relevance now?

- Should India continue with the idea of NAM, or drop it?

- What is your opinion on “dynamic neutrality” and “peaceful co-existence” regarding NAM? Should

we remove these words?

- What is identity politics and what are issues with it?

- Is identity politics detrimental to democracy?


- What was your job profile in [one of the previous firms]?

- What is an audit committee?

- Who can be a member of the audit committee?

- What are the things you will take care about while making an overseas offer?


- What do you think of the quote “When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be


- Can you repeat your opinion on whether identity politics is detrimental to democracy?

- it was a pleasure talking to you. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

This is where the interview concluded


Sathiyavathy mam board

Background -

BTech in Mech engg

Masters of Public health

Worked as Chief Ministers fellow (Govt of Maharashtra)

Currently working as Health and wellness officer.

Optional - History

Positions - social service coordinator, sports coordinator, alumni commitee representative

Hobbies/extra curricular - Public health intern BMC Mumbai, worked with Chief minister CSR cell

(Govt of MH) , Jagriti yatra participant, Practicing Hath yoga asana.

Chairperson -

(Mam read out whole DAF in start.)

What were the subjects that you studied during Masters ?

Did you studied gender as a subject (had it in my PG) ?

What is Chief minister fellowship?

What work did you do during your fellowship?

Roles and responsibilities

You are from public health background, tell me your view on UP population draft bill? Do you support it?

What is TFR India right now?

What is our TFR aim?


Follow up - if you don't have such bill then UP will take many more years to stabilize its population

than othe r states .. wont it be imbalance ?

Member 1 -

Let's talk abt history.

What do you like the most in ancient history? (Said Ashoka and his Dhamma)

Tell us something abt Chandragupta, bindusara, ashoka. (Open ended Q to tell whatever I know)

Who was chandraguptas guide/mentor ?

Mention some of the books written by Chankaya

Why ashoka embraced Buddhism ?

Tell us something abt vedic period.

Buddha got enlightenment. What do you mean by that ?

Member 2

Continuing with history, at what point of time Marathas reached at the zenith of their empire ?

We have seen lockdowns in COVID. If 3rd waves comes do you thing complete lockdown will help?

We also need to take care of our economic considerations.

Member 3

What measures are needed to strengthen rural health systems?

Told abt few things.

Then he asked me to specifically pin point measures in every field I mentioned.

Do you think pandemic like COVID can be handled at village level? At PHC level?

What is history ?

Isn't history means interpretation?

Member 4 -

What is euthanasia?

How can we increase income of rural households

Air Marshal Bhosale Sir Board
Interview date : 20/08/2021
Computer science, PSIR backgrounds
DAF included Smart India hackathon, Publishing a research paper, etc.
Why was Smart India hackathon about
How is it organised?
Which ministry gave you the problem statement
What was it
How did you win the price in the innovation category
What if you are the head of an organisation and there are allegations of corruptions from your staff members how will you act in the situation?
Organisations that can be approached to tackle corruption in bureaucracy
How do you look at yourself as a leader
What would you like to inculcate in your team( qualities)
Name any scheme that gas greatly affected the rural population in India( i talked about Swach Bharat Mission)
What was the research paper about?
Was your AI Machine intelligent
How did you construct the algorithm
What is nano technology
Unit of nanotechnology
What are basic parts of a computer
Compare the basic parts of the computer to human body
Basic difference between human body's working and working of a computer
How do neurons work
How does current flow in a computer
What is blockchain
Most important feature of blockchain
Is blockchain used in govt right now
You talked about Swach Bharat Mission, what to do if no one is using the infrastructure
Do you know any refugees from the North east
What is India's law with respect to refugees
Do you know about Chakma Refugees
Any idea how India is tackling Incoming afghans in India , are everyone getting preferred or only certain religions
What is man in the middle attack
Crypto firm that was recently hacked
Suppose you are India's representative to kabul, what would be your topmost priority there
Will you return to India like the way current diplomats are returning
Suppose you are leading a team of 4 members who are on a mission to evacuate Individuals from kabul, who will be those 4 members and how will you carry out the mission
Date - 20 Aug 2021
Board - Air Marshal Bhonsle Sir
Time - Afternoon session. Last to go. Approx 30+ min
Home state- Maharashtra, Pune.
Btech Computer Engi -2018
Nirma University Ahmedabad
Optional- Anthropology
Work ex - Oracle - GIFT city Gandhinagar
Areas of interest- Game dev, teaching

So you graduated from Nirma.Tell me 5 qualities of Karsanbhai Patel?
Do they teach students these things?
Which is your one lifelong learning from your GIFT city's work experience?

1. You did computers right.Tell me what is cryptography?
Then he talked 2 min about keys in cryptography etc and said leave it.
2.What will be the impact of quantum computing on cryptography?
I told about cryptography breaking and superposition
3.What is superposition?
4.Suppose you have 8 bits in quantum so how much possible 1/0 combination can be possible?
I again said about superposition and said I don't know the exact no because it will be too much higher than 2 to power 8
Not satisfied.
5.What is Ct scan ? Full form
6.Which rays are used in it?
7.Tell me 3 uses of nuclear energy?

Member2 -Lady
1. What is big data?
2.Suppose as a DM you have to manage migrants labours data how will you form an accurate database?
In one of the point I talked about feedback and missing links
3.How will you take feedbacks?
4.Now let's move on over data.
Women work force participation ratio in India is very low.Tell me laws for increasing that?
5.What is gift city?
6.What is so special about it?

1.Where do we find naga tribe?
2.Do they found outside India also?
3.Recent constitutional amendment related to them
4.PM on this independence day said about collective power of small and marginal farmers what does he talking about exactly?
5.You mentioned nuclear isotopes for cancer earlier tell me law via which any hospital or clinic can use them?
6.What is the tech behind MRI?
7.One very special thing about Gift city? I mentioned one and he said no.He was expecting about some special solid waste management there.

1. What have you done about game development?
2.Why we need ease of doing business index?
3.So as you mentioned about 10 parameters let's talk about registration of property.
4.Why it is needed and it's importance?
5.Tell me 5 major problem India is facing?
6.Why cooperative movement was successful in areas like milk but not in land ?

Chairman sir-
1.What will you do now?
I said that I will go and celebrate my friend's bday
3.Convey wishes from my side also.

Your interview is over.Best of luck.
Keywords from DAF: BTech Computer Science, IRAS, PSIR, Chess
Bhonsle sir board
What is anti chess?
What do you think is easier, chess or anti- chess?
M1 (ma’am):
tell 3 significant international events that happened in August
tell 3 significant domestic events that happened in August
what accounting reforms railways is doing to improve public service delivery
what problems do MSMEs face in India? 
M2 (sir):
how is Internet governed?
what is DNS?
how many routes are there in DNS (don’t remember this question exactly or what he wanted to ask, I said idk)
does India has cyber security policy?
what is critical information infrastructure? who decides what would be included in that list?
M3 (ma’am):
recently PM announced 75 new Vande Bharat trains. Does it require new tracks or can it run on old ones?
is railways budget deficit or surplus?
you are already in the services. Do you think civil services require reforms?
M4 (sir):
it is said that white has an advantage in chess because of first move? Why is that? 
what is Big Bang, black hole? how can we say that universe is expanding?
you studied CS. Should I ask you about database management?
What are your plans for today?
Thank you. Your interview is over.
Date - 18th August 2021- Forenoon session- Last to go ( 1.05 pm)
• Board- Dr TCA Anant sir
• Background - B Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
• Optional- PSIR 
• Home State- Maharashtra
• Time- 25-30 mins

• DAF tags- Quizzing, Bharat Scouts and Guides, Head of an event, Calligraphy, Fighter jets

Read out only educational qualification from DAF.
• What have you been doing since graduation (2018) ?
• Other than preparation ? What else ?
• Any community participation ?
• What did u do in Covid related works ?
• Why did u choose PSIR ? 
( M 4 interrupted. Chairman asked me to answer him )
• Follow up questions on this 

M 1
• What is 'The Argumentative Indian'  concept ? Who gave this concept ?
• Is it good to be argumentative ?
• Should civil servant be argumentative ? 
• Does it mean obstructionist ?
• Do u support bifurcation of Maharashtra ? Asked me to justify my stand ?
• Why Pune and Mumbai have higher covid cases ?

M 2
• Long questions on Sugarcane, Sugar industry and diversion of water resources. 
• Current stats on farmers' suicide.
• Suppose you are an officer in charge, how will you oppose strong sugar lobby, liquor barons ? Any steps taken on this ?
• What can be done in Marathwada ?
• Question on resource transfer.

M 3 - lady member - very soft spoken, unable to hear her question.
Asked her politely to repeat the question. She removed her mask and asked me to remove my mask.
• Afghan issue - Impact on India's international standing, Impact on Pakistan's standing.
• Sudden withdrawal of USA from Afganisthan ? Why so much hurry ? Is it fair to leave all armed vehicles, infrastructure ?
• Do you think Biden is a weak president ?
• On one hand many states are bringing population control policies/bills and on other hand we are allowing Refugees. What is the way forward ?

M 4
• Asked about my interest in fighter jets
• Why India could not develop commercial aircrafts' engine as many countries have done that eg Brazil- Embraer ?
• What Boeing is doing in India ? Which parts of aircrafts are we producing right now? 
• Your first preference is IAS. Suppose you are SDM of your district for 6 months, what are your short term priorities ?
• Quickly tell any 5 major much needed power sector reforms ?

Your Interview is over. You may leave now.
Relevant Profile: Optional – PSIR; B.Tech (Avionics, IIST), MBA (IIM Bangalore), Management Consulting, Currently in a Startup, Ranchi (Jharkhand); ISRO project on Power Distribution Systems, University Cricket teams, National Model United Nations, Playing Tabla, Reading novels about Intelligence Agencies. 
Board – Air Marshal Bhonsle Sir; 18th August; 5.05-5.35 pm (5th to go) 
1. You have a beautiful name, what does it mean? Who kept it? Do you think name is important? Does it reflect upon the person? 
2. Is that so, if it’s not important, and only deeds and achievements are important, then would you like if parents would have named you Shakal, Mogambo or Shaitan Singh? Agreed that he is a war hero, but Shaitan Singh from name seems like a ‘Parakrami’ person, what about you? 
3. Your grades were high in IIST, were you a topper there? I have visited that institute; it is a unique one. Tell me, how it has shaped you? What changes did you experience in yourself, studying there? 
4. What position did you play in the cricket team of IIMB and IIST? 
5. Give me a brief description of Tabla as an instrument? Have you learnt it professionally? Tell me about the origin of Tabla? 
M1 (lady member): 
1. Our PM talks about aspirations of Youth and achieving them in the next 25 years till our centenary celebrations of independence. Taking your own example, what are the aspirations of the youth of our country? 
2. How will you create an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in our country? 
3. What are the reasons for drug issue in the youth? What should we do as a society, as a family to tackle it? What is the government doing with its laws and agencies?  
1. Since your optional is PSIR, tell me, can a state government amend laws made by center on issues in the concurrent list? 
2. Recently our PM chaired a meet in UNSC, what was it about? How many pillars given by him? Broad contours of the pillars? 
3. What is the difference between Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific concepts? 
4. Why do you only read novels about intelligence agencies, why not actual books written by former operatives? If you have read real books too, written by operatives, tell me their names and authors? 
5. What is counter-intelligence? Which are the foreign intelligence agencies which have significant presence in our country? You have read their books, tell me at least a few from them? Ok, what is the full form of ISI? Why is it called Inter-Services Intelligence? 
6. Haven’t you read books by foreign intelligence agency operatives? Ok, so tell me two famous operations of Mossad? 
7. As an MBA and a consultant, tell me, how should I decide which hybrid annuity product should I invest in from a range of products? 
M3 (lady member): 
1. Since you are from Ranchi, tell me why the great PSUs of Ranchi are in a state of decline? 
2. Has Jharkhand benefitted from its separation from Bihar? Tell me from economic, cultural, political, LWE perspective? 
3. What do you think about Vodafone Idea going under and Telecom market becoming a duopoly? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What will be its implications? 
4. What was this National Model United Nations? Which country did you represent and what was the theme? 
1. I see that your grades were high in IIST, were you a topper there? (Exactly the same question as Chairperson Sir) 
2. Why did Chandrayaan 2 lander fail to do a soft landing? But the flight was automated, why did we need constant monitoring of Altimeter data? 
3. Tell me about your project in ISRO? 
4. Tell me the difference between a Missile and a cannon? What about tracking in a missile? What about control and guidance systems in missile? 
5. What taals did you learn in Tabla? Why only comfortable in Teen Taal and Kaharwa Taal? Why not Dadra, Jhaptaal and Ek taal? But you have learnt it professionally, so you should be comfortable in all of them? (Full on grilling for 2 minutes).
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