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How much answer writing do you do?

@Usain_bolt I imagine it would be difficult to frame a whole 250 words answer in mind. As in, thinking about what examples, facts would you use to substantiate your points. How will you conclude etc. But if it working for you, great!

Yeah I understand. I agree that the thought process behind the answer is more important than the physical act of writing (although that has value as well, especially if exam is near). So what I am doing is actually in between what you do and proper answer writing. I type my answers on Insights. It takes just a little more time than thinking and there is no friction of scanning and uploading. Also, others can review your answers and you also have a record of all your answers.  
@Usain_bolt Also, glad to see you as well. I am doing better. Hope you are good too.

@Usain_bolt haha thanks. But nikli nahi nikle :P 

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