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EWS Related Thread - Criteria, Documents, Queries and Discussions

@Neyawn  Sir, please help. I have the same problem. My EWS certificate was issued on 16.3.19 whereas the cutoff date (as per UPSC notification) is 03.3.19. The designated officer was on leave so the whole process got delayed. To resolve this I was provided with an acknowledgement slip dated 02.3.19(which is just a day before the cutoff date). I was told by the circle officer that I can show the acknowledgement slip's date and get the benefits. 

Should I use the acknowledgement slip's issue date for filling the date of EWS certificate? Or should I visit the UPSC facilitation centre to change my category back to general? Please help.

@Osho please read 2020 in place of 2019 wherever 2019 has been mentioned 

@Menchester14@ from where did you get a confirmation that UPSC is not accepting EWS Certificate issued by CO ? Do you have anything in written or your notion is entirely based on hearsay ?

@Menchester14@ damn this is f@#ked up. I think it's easier to qualify this whole exam than follow the instructions laid by UPSC/DoPt. Idiot officials can't even clarify everything in notification and later cause tremendous problems for aspirants. Man... it's been 72 hrs since i have studied anything.


@Matrigupta thanks for update. I belong to Jharkhand and my certificate is issued by Circle Officer. I also have a certificate issued by DM. But that is dated much after the closing date (3rd March).

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