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Daily Prelims test

Each day we'll do onE full test from available test series (websites, telegram etc) and post our analysis, our shortcomings and hopefully how we plan to improve upon them. It's an open discussion, as long as you write the test and share your score(only so that unnecessary chatter is reduced to a minimum)


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@sulawesi Bhai, On average I knew about 40 Qs in a paper which fetch me say 70 marks. Now barring few odd Qs,  I think and mark which decides the final score. In mocks this lot of Qs fetch me good marks and I score usually 120 plus but didn't work out when it actually matters( prelims, that too twice, first by 2 marks and second should be even lesser). By looking at your accuracy in this and previous paper,  you must be knowing 60 plus Qs. This time I am looking to score more in Qs which I knew certainly, can't left things on luck/guessing. Is it possible to know 60 plus Qs in Prelims?

in any paper, we cannot answer atleast 25 questions (i think, even the dabis and pradips cannot) . barring them, the rest 75 are those which are from our std books and current affairs. they decide our rank.   if we can revise our sources many times, we can ensure good strike. some other times, we'll have a 'gut feeling' (sort of), about an unknown answer. its a situational decision whether to follow our instincts or not. sometimes my luck went very bad and out of some 6 guesses, 5 were wrong., someother times it is reversed... so, we cannot say what happens on the sacred day. Revise--Revise--Revise.. never mind about the other 25...

These are the targets which i set for myself:-

>>>Aim for 75 bits straight attempt. at present, i am able to attempt 66-69 questions only. i have to improve this

>>>don't make more than 10% (of the attempted 75bits) mistakes   (6-7)..... now, my mistakes are within this range

>>>make a min 3 guesses and max of 5 guesses .... normally, I make 2 guess based answers. seldom i touch 5

>>>Don't cry over spilt milk (i.e. the other 25 azeeb' bits) .... since, I just need 110-115 score, i will never think about the 25 bizarre bits.
(I am only into CSE, this strategy may not work for IFoS cutoffs)

>>>don't take test series scores too seriously.... because they can be insanely difficult or easy. just use them to enhance knowledge base. (some coaching centres deliberately give unheard bits, just to showoff that , they are teaching all this stuff for their classroom students and the "test series only-students" (or the telegram/xerox centre students)   are missing something by not joining their classes.. this fomo is very dangerous trick. it helps them in advt. but it destroys our confidence.)     I know people who never exceeded 80 in vision/vajiram, but got selected at pre. similarly,people who consistently scored a triple digit score fumbled on d-day... so, nothing can be taken for granted. ** Every exam is unique in itself**  

>>>  if you feel that your basics are good, then don't take scores too seriously, and to put it in  the arnub style : ' "never ever ever ever ... look at scores.." focus on the content . for eg: immediately after solving tropics bit, look for countries on capricorn, cancer, equator, indian states on tropics. rivers on tropics ..... that's how test series should be used... so, in a way, a single bit leads to a 5 min revision.. it's immaterial whether you answered it right or not, what's imp. is whether you revised it again or not...    (this is what i personally feel,  once i become a dabi or a pradeep, i will make these as 10commandments and implement them strictly in my jurisdiction.!!!.)

all the best.

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Test 35

I found the test pretty good. Polity was relatively easy.

C-64 W-31 UA-5

Total 107.XX

Note to self:

- Read question properly, pay attention to detail. Every wrong answer costs you 2.66. Could make or break the score on D-Day.

- Don’t overthink options. Seems like Vision has bent my mind to think too much.

Few imp learnings among others:

GEAC only gives technical approval for GMO, final approval with Environment Minister.

UN Forum On Forests is under ECOSOC

Yogyakarta principles related to gender and sexual orientation. And are binding.

Abul Kalam Azad presided over Ramgarh Session 1940.

@Villanelle yes the Morocco question was wrong, Ecuador Niger and Morocco,tropic of cancer passes through none of them. 
About icc I think it can only prosecute individuals and organisations, and not states themselves.

I believe If your scores are consistently below 90 in coaching tests, then it is a problem. Then marks matter. But if not, then really as someone pointed out, these marks do not matter. :)

Hi fellow aspirants, yesterday a few of us attempted test 33 of GS Score.

Today we'll be attempting test 35(since test 34 is CSAT paper 2). Same timings 3-5pm. All tests available on website or telegram,post a comment if you're unable to find it. 

Cheers and let's make forum great again

I am in. I will probably do the test earlier but will start discussion post 5 pm only. :)
Can I participate? 

78 attempted- 63 correct 15 wrong, score 116. (Yesterday's score-99.33) - better selection of questions, and attempted more number of questions than yesterday (67).

Unattempted- Q1 Mekong- wasn't sure, Q7 too much info,Q11 wood's dispatch,Q17 wasn't sure if it was started by Vajpayee ji,q21- could have attempted,Q27(other liabilities-economics pending)Q302nd option February 2018 circular was in my mind ,31- could have attempted, Q34- rock systems,q35- 1st statement was doubtful.

Q51 and 52- was not sure,Q62- no idea,Q66 not clear about specific limits, need to revise, Q67no idea,Q74 no idea,q82 over cautious could have attempted, Q84 revise Laxmikant,Q88 no idea, 97 100 over cautious could have attempted

Incorrect-Q6 subsidiary alliance (did not read the 3rd statement carefully),Q32- types of trees,Q42ekarat,Q45thyagaraj Trinity vs purandardas-father,Q46had read somewhere Gandhara school adopted greek idealism (Apollo like figures) ,Q50thought padur was the largest,Q54forgot WTO didn't exist back then,stupid,Q59(didn't read it properly, interest paid*not received,Q72*(WhatsApp calls seem to take longer time in connecting, need to study about it),Q77President not governor ,Q86chandrabhaga is first in South East Asia, not asia,Q89incorrect was the keyword,Q92decrease in pH,Q96environment ministry final approval,Q98 legally binding

Paper was pretty much standard and on the easy side. Failed to read the keywords in question and statements, need to avoid such unforced errors.

Test 37 gs score , this week sometime we'll switch to insights full tests. 
@iskool guys the test series and solutions are available on all platforms, it's better if you can download them from telegram or websites like freeupscmaterials.org.
And about excel sheet, it's a hindrance to enter all that data, let's keep it simple and straightforward


This week going to give Insights test 26 and 27 + suggest me one more test@Chanakya as I have give csat also... 

So csat me i giving forum test 2 and 3

Sure let's start with insights 26 tomorrow. Cool?

guys, it would help if you keep updating your marks in this sheet for future references.


Also, did any of you write gs score open test. Are the solution and detailed analysis tab available now?

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