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Confused to leave it for year or stay in the game to give 2022 ?

Hi everyone i am confused after two attempt to wheather go for other exam and give 2022 or take a break I exhausted after 2 failed prelims.. what to do and how do i approach for next..




Hi there! Whether or not you should give this exam or move on (because I hate the word giving up) to other things is entirely upto you, contingent on certain factors:

1. Does this goal still hold some meaning to you? Do you feel like giving up because this goal no longer resonates with you or are you tired of studying for the exam?- in case of the former, i would suggest moving on to other things that provide your life with meaning or value. If you’re tired of studying (because prelims tends do that) then pursue your hobbies, or do a short internship, travel for a couple of months, do anything that will take your mind off studies and help you give a little more perspective regarding the preparation itself.

2. Do you have some sort of backup? Ideally after 2 attempts of not clearing prelims I would advice you to look for a backup. A backup takes the edge off the exam and the whole prep itself. It gives you another channel to divert all that anxiety and god forbid if this journey doesn’t work out, you at least have a decent job/ career path that you actually enjoy besides UPSC. It took me 3 attempts to realise that.

3. Age is a factor. Younger people (early 20s/ fresh graduates) can afford to not have any sort of backup immediately; but if you’re in your late 20s, society, and most importantly, you yourself aren’t going to be kind to your “unemployed” tag. 

4. Other socio-economic pressures related to dwindling savings, debts, family situation in general is something you should factor in before taking this decision. If things are looking tight, look for a job, write other exams in the earnest and then prepare side-by-side for UPSC.

If you do choose to stay on in the prep, you should analyse where you missed out, what you could have worked upon, wha you could have done differently. It took me 2 failures at prelims as well to figure that out.

if you do choose to move on, please understand that it doesn’t make you a lesser person, or somehow not good enough. This exam is not a judgement of your fullest abilities, your intellect, or your capabilities. You just had a bad day on the day of the prelims. At the end of the day, this is just an exam, just 100 questions, just another job that can fulfil you. You tried and thats what counts.

Hope this is somewhat helpful or useful :)

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in the similar situation 

@LetsGetThisBread Thanks For your valuable answer 🙏

Hi, I gave 4 attempts from 2018-21, appeared for Mains in 2019(couldn't clear then) and now 2021(might not clear). so taking a break in 2022 and preparing for 2023(with different optional) as last attempt. At the same time I appeared for SBI PO interview last week and gonna appear for Maharashtra PCS(for 2022) as backup at age of 25. See if my course of action helps you in a way.
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