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CSE 2022: Plan/ Strategy/ Daily Routine

Initial analysis ->I'm cracking this year's prelims too. If that happens, it will be a hatrick of Prelims for me- 2020, 2021, & now 2022. It was very hard for me to come out of the Personality Test atmosphere, and focus back on the exam after Final Result 2021. I have no choice but to make this attempt the best attempt.

And here I come again. 

Fourth Attempt.

1st, 2019: Failed Pre. (1.xx less in CSAT, 3-4 less in GS)

2nd, 2020: Cleared Pre, Failed in Mains 548

3rd, 2021: Cleared Pre, Cleared Mains 700, Failed in FR (43 marks less than cut-off)

4th, 2022: Cleared Pre.  

Congratulations Europol for the hatrick of the prelims. You have the potential and you can do it. Learn from your past mistakes and give your best this time. :)

As always, I am feeling pain for my close friends who could not do it this time, but never give up guys. We are in 'God's waiting room'. 

@Pam123 Few days have been full of mixed feelings for you. But I'm sure, rest of the year will be very peaceful and enjoyable. Real fighters never give up.

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